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Running Association

Mick Hanney


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Volunteer Record (non-running)

2024BallineddanRace Director
2024Croghan HalfRace Director
2024Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2024Dargle Four PeaksFirst Aid Officer
2024Annagh HillRace Director
2024Maurice Mullins 50KLaptop Operator
2024Wicklow Way HalfLaptop Operator
2024Sliabh BuiFirst Aid Officer
2023Powerscourt RidgeLaptop Operator
2023Nav Challenge 3 - TicknockFirst Aid Officer
2023Wicklow Way Race (pre-entry approval required)Helper
2023Kilmac Running Festival - Womens Night ChallengeLaptop Operator
2023Stone Cross to Lug - RelayHelper
2023Dargle Four PeaksFirst Aid Officer
2023Log na CoilleHelper
2023Glendalough Tucker TrailHelper
2023Glendalough Clover (Relay)Helper
2023Slieve Bloom Half-ish Marathon (25KM)Laptop Operator
2023Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2023Fraughan Rock GlenHelper
2023Prince William's SeatLaptop Operator
2023ScalpLaptop Operator
2023AughavannaghRace Director
2023Belmont and Little Sugar LoafShadow laptop operator
2023AnnacurraRace Director
2022World Masters - wmmrch2022.ieHelper
2022Nav Challenge 2First Aid Officer
2022Mountain Meitheal FundraiserFirst Aid Officer
2022Glendalough Tucker TrailHelper
2022Coillte Crone CaperShadow laptop operator
2022Dargle Four PeaksHelper
2022Great Irish Trail RunHelper
2022Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2022Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2022Mount LeinsterFirst Aid Officer
2022Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2022Carrick MountainFirst Aid Officer
2022Wicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)Helper
2022Circuit of AvonbegFirst Aid Officer
2022TinahelyFirst Aid Officer
2022Maurice Mullins UltraHelper
2022Wicklow Way HalfRace Director
2022Annagh HillDeputy Race Director
2022Trooperstown WinterHelper
2021Kilmac Running Festival - Paddock LakeHelper
2021Clonmel (pre-AGM race)First Aid Officer
2021Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2021Nav Challenge 2First Aid Officer
2021Maurice Mullins UltraHelper
2021Wicklow Way HalfRace Director
2021Nav Challenge 1First Aid Officer
2021Annagh HillRace Director
2021Glendalough Tucker TrailHelper
2021BrockaghFirst Aid Officer
2021ScarrFirst Aid Officer
2020Maurice Mullins UltraDeputy Race Director
2020Maurice Mullins HalfRace Director
2020DrumgoffDeputy Race Director
2020Log na CoilleRace Marker
2019DrumgoffRace Director
2019Wicklow west map for Nav challenge 3Race Director
2019Dublin mountains map for NC2Race Director
2019Nav 1 OwDeputy Race Director
2019Lugnaquilla Glendalough laminated mapRace Director
2019unlaminated lug glendalough mapRace Director
2019Glenmacnass Handicap in aid of Mountain MeithealLaptop Operator
2019Glendalough Tucker TrailHelper
2019Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2019Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2019Annagh HillDeputy Race Director
2019Maurice Mullins HalfRace Director
2019Maurice Mullins UltraRace Marker
2018Djouce Rememberance RaceLaptop Operator
2018Nav Challenge 3 CroghanRace Director
2018Downshill Leinster League raceRace Director
2018End of League BBQRace Director
2018Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2018Maurice Mullins HalfHelper
2018Glendalough Tucker TrailHelper
2017Ironbridge Nav Challenge 1Race Director
2017Log na CoilleHelper
2017Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2017Maurice Mullins HalfHelper
2017Annagh HillRace Director
2017Trooperstown HillLaptop Operator
2016Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2016Carrick MountainFirst Aid Officer
2016Maurice Mullins HalfHelper
2016Annagh HillRace Director
2016Trooperstown HillHelper
2016Brockagh BurstLaptop Operator
2015Nav challenge 3 Annagh HillFirst Aid Officer
2015The Sugar Bowl - BBQRace Marker
2015Wicklow Way RaceHelper
2015CarrauntoohilFirst Aid Officer
2015Glasnamullen and an anti-clockwise lap of DjouceFirst Aid Officer
2015Wicklow Way TrailHelper
2015AnnacurraRace Director
2014Nav challenge 2 - Croghan MountainRace Marker
2014Brockagh - End of League HandicapFirst Aid Officer
2014The Sugar Bowl - BBQHelper
2014BallinastoeFirst Aid Officer
2014Circuit of BrockaghHelper
2014Wicklow Way UltraHelper
2014Wicklow Way TrailHelper
2014AnnacurraRace Director
2013Brockagh - End of League HandicapRace Director
2013Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2013European & Youths TrialLaptop Operator
2013CarrauntoohilFirst Aid Officer
2013Wicklow Way TrailHelper
2013AnnacurraRace Director
2012Slievenamon End of season raceLaptop Operator
2012World Trial GlenmalureHelper
2012Djouce trailHelper
2012The Sugar Bowl - BBQLaptop Operator
2012BallinastoeLaptop Operator
2012Mount LeinsterLaptop Operator
2012Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2012Log na CoilleHelper
2012International Youth CupHelper
2012Circuit of GlendaloughDeputy Race Director
2012European & Youths TrialsFirst Aid Officer
2012Glasnamullen and an anti-clockwise lap of DjouceHelper
2012Carrick MountainRace Director
2012Bray HeadFirst Aid Officer
2012Tonelagee and Clockwise lap of the LakeRace Director
2012Trooperstown HillLaptop Operator
2012Annagh HillDeputy Race Director
2012Ticknock WinterFirst Aid Officer
2012Howth WinterFirst Aid Officer
2011The Sugar Bowl - BBQFirst Aid Officer
2011Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2011European TrialHelper
2011Prince William's SeatFirst Aid Officer
2011Bray HeadFirst Aid Officer
2011Tonelagee and Clockwise lap of the LakeRace Director
2011Wicklow Way TrailHelper
2011Maulin Winter League RouteRace Director
2011Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2011Annagh HillDeputy Race Director
2011Ticknock WinterHelper
2010CANCELLED Charles Barrington MemorialHelper
2010Devil's GlenRace Marker
2010End of League HandicapRace Director
2010Hellfire and BrimstoneFirst Aid Officer
2010Bray HeadHelper
2010Carrick MountainDeputy Race Director
2010MaulinRace Marker
2009Bray HeadRace Director
2009AnnacurraRace Director
2008Stone Cross to Lug RelayHelper
2008Crone Wood (European Trial Up/Down)Laptop Operator
2008Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2008CorrigFirst Aid Officer
2008GOAL Relay Race - Killiney HillRace Marker
2008WL Prize-GivingHelper
2008Carrick MountainDeputy Race Director
2007Djouce HandicapHelper