Irish Mountain
Running Association

General Mountain Running Safety Information and Requirements

Please read carefully the following information and requirements before you take part in a race. Have a safe and enjoyable run!!

  1. Runners are primarily responsible for their own safety and take part in Mountain Races at their own risk.
  2. Runners must be members of the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA). Membership forms are available at any race start.
  3. Runners must sign an entry list at the start of every race, when they will be issued with a race number.
  4. Runners must be aware that Mountain Races are run over rough, uneven, and slippery terrain, may involve steep ascents and descents, and routes can be in close proximity to cliffs.
  5. Runners must be aware that descending runners always have the right of way.
  6. Runners must be aware that weather conditions at the start of a race, are no guarantee of the conditions later on in the race, or at a different point on the race route. A clear mountain at the start of a race can be covered in mist with visibility down to 5 metres within a short time.
  7. In the event of bad or changeable weather conditions, runners must carry additional equipment - e.g. rainproof gear, whistle, food, map and compass.
  8. Not all race routes will be marked. If the route is not marked, runners may require navigational skills and familiarity with a map and compass.
  9. All runners must report to the finish marshal whether they complete the full race route or not. If you do not cross the finish line at the end of a race you must confirm that you are safe with the finish marshal or any IMRA official. Do not leave a race location before confirming that you are safe.
  10. The organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry in a race to any individual.
  11. A copy of the official IMRA safety policy in PDF format is available here.