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Race Marker Responsibilities

Race Marking Guidelines

Race Marking Guidelines Poster

Some routes are marked, others not. A Race Marker is obviously only required if the race is publicised as a marked route.

The race route should be finalised well in advance of race-day and there should be no need for last-minute changes to the route or start / finish areas, baring unforeseen circumstances such as tree-felling.

Marking of the route should be completed well before the start of the race, so that there is time to update the Race Director on any issues encountered before the race starts. Typically it takes 4 times the winner's time to mark a route, though this estimate should be further confirmed when the route is recced. A circular route takes longer to mark than an out and back route, so in this case it is often better to have 2 markers who mark in different directions.

Normally, the Race Marker can run in the race if they wish.

Their responsibilities are to:
Niamh O'Ceallaigh34 timesYes
Mike Long24 timesYesYes
Peter O'Farrell20 timesYes
Henny Brandsma18 times
Gerry Brady18 times
Alan Ayling18 timesYes
Mike Jordan18 times
Rene Borg15 timesYesYesYes
Paul Mahon14 timesYesYes
martin hennessy12 times
John Bell11 times
Diarmuid O'Colmain10 timesYesYes
Caoimhin MacMaolain10 times
Hazel Thompson9 timesYes
Joe Lalor9 timesYes
John Fitzgerald9 timesYes
Vivian O'Gorman9 times
Greg Byrne8 times
Brendan Delaney8 times
Stuart Scott8 timesYesYesYes
Peter Bell8 times
Connie Dottino8 times
Brian Mullins8 times
Fidelma Ayres7 times
Mick Hanney7 timesYesYes
Eoin Syron7 times
Bernard Fortune7 times
Graham K. Bushe7 times
Dermot Murphy6 timesYesYesYes
Paul Keville6 times
Adrian Hennessy6 times
Adrian Tucker RIP6 times
James H Cahill6 times
Warren Swords6 times
Liam Vines6 times
Mikey Fry6 timesYes
Conor O'Meara5 timesYesYes
Cormac O'Ceallaigh5 timesYes
Brian Furey5 timesYes
Tom Blackburn5 times
Robert Cunningham5 times
Thomas Galvin5 times
Paul Duggan5 times
Brían O'Meara5 timesYes
Conor Nolan5 times
Paul Nolan4 timesYesYes
Brendan Doherty RIP4 times
Zoran Skrba4 timesYesYesYes
Mike Cunningham RIP4 times
Brian Fennessy4 timesYes
Gareth Little4 timesYesYesYes
Kenneth McCarthy4 times
Barry Hartnett4 times
John Hayes4 times
Patrick Lambert4 times
Liam Bowe4 times
patrick Rowe4 times
Rory Connor4 times
Andy Keeling4 times
Jim Fitzharris3 timesYesYesYes
Martina O'Kearney3 times
Caroline Reid3 timesYesYesYes
Aoife Joyce3 timesYes
Andreas Kusch3 timesYes
Lindie Naughton3 times
Derek Livingstone3 timesYes
Rachel Cinnsealach3 timesYesYesYes
Richard Kieran3 timesYesYes
John Kelly713 timesYesYesYes
Barry Moore3 times
Des Kennedy3 times
Owen Boyhan3 times
Angus Tyner3 times
Niall Corrigan3 times
Iosac Coleman3 times
Brian O Murchu3 timesYes
Pádraig Muldoon3 times
Paddy O'Shea3 times
Brian Buckley3 times
derek walsh3 times
Ross Fitzgerald3 times
Pavel Bodi3 times
Kevin Lenihan3 times
Jason Collins3 times
Peter Doyle3 times
Terry Lawless3 times
Gerry Lalor2 times
Beth McCluskey2 times
Justin Rea2 timesYes
John Farrelly2 times
Paul Smyth2 times
Moire O'Sullivan2 times
Jason Kehoe2 times
Patrick Ryan2 timesYes
Barry Minnock2 timesYes
Roman Gregus2 times
John Hallahan2 times
Seán Harte2 timesYes
Kate Cronin2 times
Ger Griffin2 times
Colin Doyle2 timesYes
Mike Thompson2 times
Keith Ryan Limerick2 times
Odhran Hendley2 times
Hilary Jenkinson2 times
Paul Joyce2 times
Jeff Swords2 times
Ted Feehan2 times
Zoe Tyner2 times
Keith O'Shea2 times
Catherine Devitt2 times
Nora Lalor2 times
Declan Wrynn2 times
John Lynch2 times
Kevin Bell2 times
Shay Foody2 timesYes
Eoghan Moloney2 times
Matthew Branch2 times
Trevor Woods12 times
Val Jones2 timesYes
Andrew Trafford2 times
Keith Mulvey2 times
Jane Griffin2 times
Gerard Griffin2 times
Paddy Bourke2 times
Paul Minogue2 times
Cormac MacDonnell2 times
Gary Healy2 times
Gordon Place2 times
Martin Briody2 times
Ann Margaret Lynch2 times
Paul V Mitchell2 times
Igor Gonzalez-Guridi2 times
Anthony Cornforth2 times
Brian O'Shaughnessy2 times
John Murray2 times
Donal Collins2 times
Laura O Driscoll2 times
Enda Cloake2 times
George Flynn2 times
Tim Grummell2 times
Richard Leahy2 times
Derek Hunter2 times
Turlough Conway2 times
Michael McSweeney2 times
Graham Porter1 timeYes
John O'Reilly1 time
Zoe Melling1 time
Tony Kiernan1 time
Kevin Keane1 time
Colin Murphy1 time
Kerry Marie Keating1 time
Gordon Douglas1 time
John Barry1 time
Robin Brady1 time
Conor Murray1 time
Doug Corrie1 time
John MacEnri1 timeYes
John O Connell1 time
Jimmy Synnott1 timeYesYes
Hugh McLindon1 time
Jason Reid1 time
Archie O'Donnell1 timeYes
Tony Doolin1 time
John Greene1 time
Niall McAlinden1 time
Aaron O'Donohue1 time
Eugene Brady1 time
Robert Caffrey1 time
Ian Conroy1 time
Kieran Rocks1 time
Brendan Lawlor1 timeYesYes
Eoin Fitzgerald1 time
Tim Flaherty1 time
Aidan Blake1 time
Amidou Dembele1 timeYesYes
Maeve O'Grady1 time
Paula Keohan1 time
Paul Tierney1 time
Shane Doyle1 time
Mick Worrell1 time
Tamas Farkas1 timeYes
Kieran Collins1 time
Brian Flannelly1 time
Sam Scriven1 timeYes
Orla McEvoy1 time
Vincent O'Sullivan1 time
Colm Mullen1 time
Gavan Doherty1 timeYes
Rosalind Hussey1 timeYes
David Higgins1 time
Oran Murphy1 time
Niamh Hartnett1 time
Aideen Keenan1 time
Jeff Fitzsimons1 time
Bronagh Cheetham1 timeYes
Robert McEvoy1 time
Colm Phelan1 time
Kevin Cronin771 time
Barry O'Brien1 time
Patrick Lonergan1 time
Deirdre Finn1 time
Anthony O'Reilly1 timeYes
Yvonne Brennan1 time
Ruth Lynam1 time
Laurence Quinn1 time
Andre Van Barneveld1 time
Anthony Whelan1 time
Ivan Mahon1 time
Jarlath Hynes1 time
Paul Grant1 time
Paul Flood1 time
Martin Cooney1 time
Jay Edwards1 time
Anna Fahy Ryan1 time
Ronan King1 time
Syl Ivers1 time
Nora Lalor1 time
Briody David1 time
JohnPaul Mills1 time
Tony Sullivan1 time
Michael Kilkelly1 time
Austin Browne1 time
Kastytis Bereznocenko1 time
David Bawden1 time
Bill Barry1 time
Damien Holian1 time
Niamh Garvey1 time
Robert Carney1 time
Colm Ryan1 time
Stephen Cleary1 time
Rian MacMaolain1 time
John Oflynn1 time
Martin Hennessy1 time
Paul Kelly1 time
David Briody1 time
Colm Mac Carthy1 time
Sandra Byrne1 time
Conor O'Farrell1 time
David Gill1 time
Robert Costello1 time
Aidan Coffey1 time
Michael Foley1 time
Robbie Williams1 time
Margaret Casey1 time
Kieran Morrisroe1 time
Linda Rowden1 time
Michael J Kelly1 time
Adam Bushe1 time
Dariusz Gazdowicz1 time
Roger Tegart1 time
Ken OMahony1 time
Mícheál O'Mullain1 time
Tom Lupton1 time
Donncha Murphy1 time
Valdas Tilunas1 time
ciara largey1 time
John Condon1 timeYes
Danny O'Connell1 time
Conor Keane1 time
Hannah Gibney1 time
Paul Duffy1 time
Michael O sullivan1 time
Michael O'Donoghue1 time
Paul Mahon1 time
Stefan Hamilton1 time
Avril Challoner1 time
Tom Mcloughlin1 time
Owen Fenton1 time
Maeve O'Grady1 time
Pádraig Somers1 time
Matthew Sammon1 time
Dara O'Brien1 time
Barry Williams1 time
Gaelan Elliffe1 time
Karina Jonina1 time
John Kinsella1 time
Daniela Boehm1 time
Paul Higgins1 time
Orla Crosbie1 time
Eoin Mac Mahon1 time
Caroline O Sullivan1 time
gary relihan1 time
Noelle Foley1 time
Frank Coughlan1 time
Mary Louise Ryan1 time
Peter Gibson731 time
Adam Flanagan1 time
Conor O Neill1 time
Jorgan Strathman1 time
david yelverton1 time
Richard Kilfeather1 time
Raymond Cummins1 time
Thomas Phelan1 time
Donal McMorland1 time
Darragh White1 time
Tom Downes1 time
Phil behan1 time
Derek Hay1 time
Eiviltas Evan Radavicius1 time
CHRIS donovan1 time
Gerard Harrington1 time
Durand Bernard1 time
Cyril Fogarty1 time
Joseph Boyle1 time
Simon Mangan1 time
Brendan Collins1 time
Steven Byrne1 time
Liam Mooney1 time
Thomas Phelan1 time
Ruth Candon1 time
Jerome McCrickand1 time
Catch Doolan1 time
Barry O'Neill1 time
Patrick Curley1 time
Leo Donlon1 time