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Samuel FoxJul 21 2021, 11:35amGood morning. Has there been any discussion on the entry criteria for the race this year - will it be the same as previously, a 50k ultra or more? I am just trying to plan ahead to make sure I can cover any qualification criteria - there are slim pickings for longer races!
Jeff FitzsimonsJul 22 2021, 9:14amHi Samuel, yes, we are retaining the 50k ultra minimum criteria for this year. BUT given the year that 2020 was and 2021 has been to date we will accept a finish in a running race of 50km or more in any of 2019, 2020 or 2021 as a qualifying race.

I hope that's clear.
Samuel FoxJul 22 2021, 9:48amThat's great, very helpful thanks!
John McCannJul 22 2021, 1:13pmHi Robbie and Jeff
Are there plans to reapply for UTMB qualification points this year? Long story short, I am trying to move my registration for UTMB to 2022 but I will need additional qualification points in order to do so. The Wicklow Way Race used to have 5 points available so hoping to target this race to secure the necessary points.
Phil behanJul 22 2021, 2:49pmI take it those who registered for 2020 will still be valid for entry in 2021 ? I cant remember if I requested a refund or just kept it rolling on to 2021.Either way I'm in, been waiting for this since 2019 :)
John Murphy74Jul 22 2021, 3:09pmI was just thinking the same thing Phil, if I remember correctly it was a choice?
Pól Ó MurchúJul 23 2021, 12:02amHi John (McC),
That would be the plan alright. I was only discussing this with Robbie the other day and trying to pull together GPX for the routes that we will be submitting for approval. Hope to get boxed off in the coming weeks all going well.
@ Phil & John there should be a mail going out I. The coming days about deferred entries. Been working on updating the list with those that had refunds and moving the rest to the relevant races. The mail will offer those that can’t make it a final chance to get a refund and those that want to keep their entry will automatically be registered.
Paolo GirolamiJul 27 2021, 12:26pmDoes anybody know if the 2021 race will start in Clonegal, as planned last year, or in Marley?
Robert WarmanJul 27 2021, 2:00pmWill there be water available at the CPs or do we need to be 100% self-sufficient?
Dave EvansAug 12 2021, 8:04pmHi guys just enquiring as to what the format is hoped to be for this year? Will it need to be totally self supporting etc?
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 12 2021, 8:19pmHi all, apologies for slow reply. I am taking on RD duties again this year with Robbie. Race is most likely a Clonegal start at 21:00 as opposed to the previous 24:00. I am speaking to DLR Council tomorrow to confirm.
Yvonne WalshAug 15 2021, 2:14pmHi when does entry open? Thank you
Eoin KellyAug 17 2021, 9:35pmThinking of giving this a go this year. Just completed the tucker trail and really enjoyed it. Not sure that I had another 50 km in the legs at the end though. So........... Anyone got any compelling words of advice either way?

Do it because after 80 km the next 50 are easy sort of thing!
Brian KitsonAug 17 2021, 10:50pmShur lookit, there’s always a bit of risk when stepping up a level but the longer you go the more the game becomes about dealing with small problems before they become big ones. Keep actively managing your effort level, nutrition, kit and internal dialogue and there’s no reason you can’t keep tipping away til the end. If it doesn’t work out for you this time you’ll have learned something of value for your next crack at it.
John Murphy74Aug 17 2021, 10:59pmEoin, I'm making the step up too and I haven't had the tucker trail experience. If it all gets too much we can stop for a pint somewhere!
Phil behanAug 18 2021, 12:02amEoin, was with running with yourself and Karl for most of the Tucker Trail. I’ll be doing this too in Oct and happy to team up again if you want ? P
Avril ChallonerAug 18 2021, 1:57pmEoin I had only done a 80km before I did the WWR a few years ago and survived the extra 50km. Focus on getting the first 80km done, then you'll soon get the excitement of hitting the 100km mark just and once that wears off you will be so close to the end it would be a pity to not finish!

Get an overnight recce in if you can (i.e. start Friday night and run to Sat morning) just to test the body out. I'm sure you'd find company if you posted here. It lets you test out the feeling of running all night and how it impacts nutrition etc.
John J BarryAug 18 2021, 5:23pmEoin,
It's a great event and worth trying. Doing the 80k is a great stepping stone. The night time recce was recommended. But more importantly if you can to recce the whole route in daylight (say over two days which is also brilliant training for the event). One doesn't really want to be second guessing themselves on the route since it's not the best marked route. Nav errors by athletics during the race are unfortunately common.

There is usually a recce using car drops / bus. Keep your eye on the forums.
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 23 2021, 11:13amHi all,

update on the race as follows.

1. Direction of South to North with start at 21:00 in Clonegal on Oct 15th and final cut off in Marlay Park at 18:00 on Oct 16th. I'm just awaiting final confirmation from DLR Parks in respect of Marlay but should remain as stated.

2. Race entry will open in the next few weeks, once final confirmation of point 1 above is received.

3. Normal process applies for pre-approval to enter, send an email to with the following details

A. Your name
B. A link to qualifying race result, you must have completed a 50km or greater running race in 2019, 2020 or 2021. Stretching this qualifying criteria out to 2019 to account for the year that 2020 was, so if you're depending on a 2019 race to qualify please be honest with yourself in assessing your readiness for 127km now.
Eoin KellyAug 23 2021, 2:16pmThanks for all the tips guys. I've sent the email with my qualifying race so step 1 is done. Just have to convince myself that it is a good idea and then secure the relevant permission slips from home.

Pretty sure I won't get an overnight run done in advance, i don't have anyone crazy enough to do that with me and no way my wife will allow me off for an overnight run by myself. She wouldn't sleep and then we would both be tired and grumpy the next day!

I'll recce the bits of the route that i'm not familiar with over the next few weeks though, and maybe try for a day doing half of it, from glenmalure back to marlay.

Hopefully be on the startline, and if I am I would be delighted for some company Phil.
Paul BurchmoreAug 23 2021, 2:54pmI recce'd the first 25km of the route yesterday, as I am unfamiliar with that section, then walked/ran back to the car at Clonegal so a nice 50k training outing. Was glad I did this as there were a few quite tight climbs that I would not have expected so early on. So much for my "easy" pacing strategy!
If anyone is looking to run the section around Raheenakilt next weekend, I saw signs saying it was closed due to a local car rally or some such carry on.
Took longer to drive to/from home in Fermanagh than actually spent running so I won't get down to that end of the route again before the big day but will be at the Maurice Mullins in a couple of weeks.
I think the suggested night time runs are important, and will be doing a few more of those in the coming weeks.
Good luck with the training!
Mick HanneyAug 23 2021, 3:39pmFair play Paul. I would suggest that a recce of that part of the route is essential if you are not familiar with it. There are junctions were it is possible to go astray as the signage might be not totally clear, or covered over by vegetation.

I was helping out last time out at Ironbridge and I recall a no. of runners missed the cut-off time there as they had gone astray between Shillelagh and Tinahely, so its easily done, if you are not somewhat familiar with the trails. Add to that the darkness element....
Alain DouglasAug 23 2021, 4:01pmHi Paul,
I'm going to be coming from Belfast to do the Wicklow way so maybe we can meet up do a few night time long runs in the next few weeks in Northern Ireland?
Roelie SmitAug 23 2021, 4:02pm@ Eoin Kelly - I'd be crazy enough to join you for a night recce of any part of the course. Not doing the WWR myself, but if you're looking for a recce buddy let me know (for night or day recces). So long as you don't have any of Viviene's bananas and run away from me again.
Roelie SmitAug 23 2021, 4:04pm*Vivian*
Avril ChallonerAug 23 2021, 4:15pmEoin if need company I can join you provided there is a date that works. I even had a tracker (from my dog) that would give your wife a live location so she knows you are still moving. I'm sure a few more would also be interested. Send me an email if you want to arrange
Phil behanAug 23 2021, 4:31pmHi all, if any night recce's are taking place please let me know. I'd be familiar with most of the route but could do with a bit of a refresher, also based on Mick's post below. Thanks.
Paul BurchmoreAug 23 2021, 4:38pmYou are spot on Mick, once you hit the first section of trail at around 4km there are 2 or 3 turns with no signs where you could easily take the wrong option - I did at least once :)

Thanks Alain - i'm sure we could find a suitable bit of forestry somewhere handy for some night runs. Whatsapp me on 07900 263960 to see if we can find some times.
Eoin KellyAug 23 2021, 7:01pmAwesome guys, I'll shout here if and when i have the requisite forms completed in triplicate and stamped by the management ;-)

I'd say a recce from clonegal heading north might be a good idea. I'm around this weekend and away after that for a couple of weekends. Could look at doing a good stretch if we had two cars, one left in clonegal and run to another a few km north?

Once school starts back i'm good for Fridays too for long runs.

I'll keep this updated.
Samuel FoxAug 23 2021, 7:55pmThanks for the update. Still undecided if I will go for this October, or perhaps wait for a summer race, in the case that this race may rescheduled in 2022 to its usual calendar spot of June?

Just reading through the comments RE pre race recce. Probably opening up a can of worms here, and apologies for the endless posts no doubt previously - but this is GPS allowed, meaning I can use the gpx file I have if in doubt on unmarked junctions? Am I correct?
Seán HigginsAug 24 2021, 10:34amI’m also keen to get a night run in over the coming week. I certainly need to recce Clonegal to Tinahely and ideally to Glenamlure.
Anne LyonsAug 27 2021, 11:37pmHi I can also go to Half way mark if need for water etc
Mick HanneyAug 28 2021, 8:03amHi Anne, We are ok in terms of volunteers, we will have 2 at Crone. Thanks for offering.
Thomas DonohoeAug 30 2021, 10:19amgreat race, thanks to all the volunteers
Avril ChallonerAug 30 2021, 11:28amHi, Seán Higgins and I are planning a recce of the southern end of the route on the night of Sept 16th (Thurs night). Aim is to get a good chunk from Clonegal up to Glenmalure done, potentially cutting out the first few km of road.

Anyone who would like to join us is very much welcome to and we can organise the details via email (
Kazimierz PawelczakSep 1 2021, 8:04pmquestion to the organizers. Is WWR a qualifying race for UTMB? I don't see this run on the UTMB website as a qualifying ...
Robbie WilliamsSep 1 2021, 8:44pmYes it’s awaiting approval for 4 points
Kazimierz PawelczakSep 1 2021, 9:36pmWWR didn't have 5 pk last time? something has changed?
Eoin KellySep 2 2021, 5:33pmGetting closer to committing to this race (and possibly getting committed too if my wife has any say in it!).

Doing the night recce with the hardy souls above so that should give a good idea of the fun involved. It'll be Circle K breakfast rolls for the kids school lunches on the friday morning after the recce i would imagine ;-)

As always, thanks all for the advice and support.
alan murphySep 4 2021, 11:21pmjust wondering will be 4 utmb points this year and not 5 like before cheers
Richard NunanSep 5 2021, 8:11amApproved for 5 points
Ricki WynneSep 7 2021, 3:28pmIs there a gpx file for the Wicklow way race , thanks
Clare KeeleySep 7 2021, 5:32pmHi Ricki, there have been a few changes to the route recently and a detour that has been there about a year that looks like it could be reverting back to original route soon so anything you might get has the possibility of being inaccurate. Its way marked, head up and eyes open and you will be grand. Well done in Kerry! Clare
Gerard KeoghSep 8 2021, 11:17amRecently send my pre race info, how many participants will it be capped at
Robert JankowskiSep 9 2021, 8:54amHi, can we get some more race info anytime soon? 5 weeks left to the race, kit requirements, check points locations, what crew stops are allowed, other important info, registration location and time? Thanks
Gordon PlaceSep 9 2021, 9:32amHi Robert, plenty of info on the previous years pages on kit and check points, pacers etc, 2018 was last from Clonegal. Likely to be much the same even if reg info has to be updated
Jeff FitzsimonsSep 11 2021, 11:22amRD UPDATE

Hi all, I will be reviewing qualifying races submitted and looking at deferred entries over the weekend. Expect to see replies to your emails and updates on this thread to address race details in the next few days.

Jeff FitzsimonsSep 14 2021, 11:01pmRD UPDATE

Emails have gone out this evening to those who submitted emails to get pre-approval of their entry in the race. If you have sent these details previously and did not get an email from please send a new mail to that address.

Thanks, Jeff
Mick HanneySep 21 2021, 6:52pmAdded my name there Jeff to assist. Raheenakit perhaps?
niall gillickSep 23 2021, 4:57pmHi Jeff I never got email about race and have sent two emails, cheers whenever you get a minute
Mick HanneySep 23 2021, 8:14pmThe large detour sign at Mucklagh hut is removed.
And there are no diversion signs from other direction either. I would suggest therefore that normal race route applies past mucklagh.
The only slight confusion at Mucklagh is 2 way marked posts, one pointing up the resurfaced track (the proper direct way) and another way marking post pointing right, a leftover from the diversion. This one can be ignored.

The unnecessary trail resurfacing at ironbridge is complete too.
christian headleySep 27 2021, 5:32pmHello, is a support runner allowed from Crone Wood onwards? And to confirm (because the race details have changed) is the race starting at 8pm or 9pm? Thanks!
Denis HoganSep 28 2021, 5:10pmHi Jeff, Haven't received email on race information as of yet. Just looking to clarify race entry is all good from deferring last year.
Lillian DeeganSep 29 2021, 3:22pmHey Denis, great to see your looking for another rattle on this one. As it stands your name is not on the start list though.

In July, I sent out a dose of emails to people who had a 2020 entry. Only a handful of people replied by Aug. 6th as per our ask. Apologies if I've missed your reply from that correspondence.

Our entry list for Oct.15th only includes people who have been in touch saying they are looking use their deferred entry.

I will follow up on your query my end and send you an email as soon as I can.

Should anyone else have a query relating to their deferred 2020 entry, can you email me

I would like if our race director Jeff did not have this added issue to manage along side all of the prep work he has to contend with for a long distance event.

Thanks all - Lillian
Eoin KellySep 29 2021, 3:57pmCompleted the night recce with some great company above a few weeks back. It went great and convinced bith me and my wife that it's not such a crazy idea! So thanks to Avril etc for organising.

Ran from Crone wood to the barrier at the downhill side of curtlestown on Sunday as that was the only trail section outstanding that i hadn't run in recent times. Was very familiar once on it though, and have done it before on the mountain bike. Shorter than i was expecting at 10km but still the final kicker up towards fairy castle to deal with.

Question for the experienced people though - i haven't been on the section from Marlay to Fairy Castle (well i have been but, not on purpose following the WW and not recently). Is this section easy to follow? Not sure i'll get it recced but if it's tricky i'll burn some brownie points and make sure it gets done!

Really looking forward to the race now. Hope the admin is not too much of a nightmare for the organisers!
Adolfo GarciaSep 29 2021, 6:58pmHi Lilian, I've not received any email regarding this race. I've emailed back and haven't got a response yet. Am I ok with my entry for this race?
Richard NunanSep 29 2021, 8:08pmHi Eoin,

It goes left before fairy castle and easy enough to follow.

I would do the back gate of Marley to the finish if you get a chance. It can be confusing.
Jason WebbSep 30 2021, 6:49amHi all, can I just check how people are planning to get to Clonegal? And if anyone would be interested in getting a shared coach to the start line?
Eoin KellySep 30 2021, 10:53amThanks Richard, I'll get it checked out after work some day in the next two weeks so. Definitely don't want to be getting lost that close the end.

Jason - i was assuming I would be asking someone to drop me down. My dad has just about gotten over getting lost in the boonies and stuck in a ditch in my van on the way home from dropping us to the start of the recce a few weeks ago, so I was going to float the idea to him again! If he is available then there will probably be 4 spare seats going from kilcoole area via wicklow to clonegal anyway. I'll post up here when i have made a plan. Probably next week.
Jason WebbOct 1 2021, 9:26amHi Eoin, that would be great if he doesn't mind me tagging along, cheers
Colin CaseyOct 1 2021, 1:01pmHi Jeff,

Is the race start 2000 as per event page or 2100 as per your post in the forum in late August?


Robbie WilliamsOct 2 2021, 3:55pmRace start 8pm
Robert WarmanOct 2 2021, 4:17pmDoes anybody know what the situation is with drop bags? How many, size allowed and do we bring them to the start? Many thanks, Rob
Robbie WilliamsOct 3 2021, 8:52amHi Lads

We will update events page on next 48 hours with:

Cut off times

There will also be a detailed email going out to all those who have sent in the race qualifying criteria.

Registration will open probably tomorrow and will close on Thursday evening or Friday. (Will post all here)

Generally all drop bags (not too big) are out in designated areas at start of race and Marshals bring to said points.

Runners should understand that the race is self sufficient. Water will be available at the checkpoints.

All other info will be set out in next coming post/email.

And once again..8pm start in Clonegal so registration from 6:30pm Clonegal

Thank you
Jackie ToalOct 3 2021, 11:59amJason, I would be interested in shared coach or lift? I can do a lateral flow test before and give towards petrol. I am hoping to give the race ago all being well logistics suit.
Robbie WilliamsOct 5 2021, 8:55amRegistration is now open and will close next Friday 8th 10pm.


Thanks All
Mark ByrneOct 5 2021, 9:52amHi.
Mandatory kit requires a map of the route. Is there a particular one that should be carried or can someone provide the best one available?
Avril ChallonerOct 5 2021, 10:11amif you don't already have other maps you can buy a specific WW mapbook:
Eoin KellyOct 5 2021, 10:30amEntry paid for.

Looking forward to it. Brilliant.

Have maps down to glenmalure, and the wicklow way map book - should be sufficient.

Looks like sheet 50, 56 and 60/61 will cover it too
Ronan O'GradyOct 5 2021, 11:11amHi all,

Just in relation to maps of WW. Is it sufficient to have maps downloaded of the route on your phone for ease of access to them at night

Ronan O'Grady
Gary Mason81Oct 5 2021, 12:30pmShould we have received an email today also?
I got the email accepting my entry criteria a while back. But nothing today in relation to mandatory gear etc
Emma HandOct 5 2021, 1:27pmHi,
I tried to purchase an entry, but it didn't allow me.
Can I call someone and give credit card details?
Paul BurchmoreOct 5 2021, 1:42pmI just noticed the 'purchase event entry' button has just appeared on this race for me, when it was previously 'entered' or something like that.
I am a deferred entry from last year and had a confirmed place email previously.
Not urgent, sure you have better things to be at but please let me know if there is anything for me to worry about (other than my sore knee and the prospect of the race itself :) )
Robert WarmanOct 5 2021, 2:09pmHi Paul, check you’re still logged in on the site…button changes if you’re logged out. Rob
Gordon PlaceOct 5 2021, 2:18pmEmma, check other recent forum posts for instructions if you having issues with payment
Robbie WilliamsOct 5 2021, 2:43pmAny map containing the Wicklow way 1:50,000 or larger

If you can’t purchase, you may not have filled out the criteria EXACTLY as in the race payment notes (special consideration to how phone number in inputted)

Mandatory kit etc and checkpoints email be with you shortly
Eoin KellyOct 5 2021, 3:17pm

OS maps 50,56 & 62 it seems are the ones needed
Paul BurchmoreOct 5 2021, 3:29pmThanks Robert - yes I checked, am logged in to the site. I wonder if my entry from 2020 is linked to my 2020 race number... not sure how these things work so I'm just guessing :)
Robert JankowskiOct 5 2021, 7:30pmIs there a carpark in Clonegal to leave car till Sunday? Any update about check-points location? Same as usual?
Robbie WilliamsOct 5 2021, 8:20pmPaul
Make sure ye have a valid 2021 number to race
Robbie WilliamsOct 5 2021, 8:29pmHave just updated the checkpoints snd the cut off times there lads.

Note the change of Iron Bridge to new checkpoint 4km further on course. Forestry entrance GR (086 867) osi 62
Paul BurchmoreOct 5 2021, 9:14pmThanks Robbie, yes I have race number '207' for 2021.
Checking my purchase history it shows me as purchasing the '2020 cancelled' event. I opted to defer that into this years event.
Pól Ó MurchúOct 5 2021, 9:50pmHi Paul, You requested a refund for this race which is why you were removed from the entry list. The refund was requested on 03/08/21 at 18:14 in response to the email sent to all deferred entries. I don't have anything to say you changed your mind after this date or requested an entry...Your refund hasn't been processed yet so if you are still looking to run then you might let us know and we can add you back in. Otherwise the refunds will be processed in the coming weeks.
Paul BurchmoreOct 5 2021, 10:16pmThanks Pol.... aha now that makes sense. I had requested a refund via the google form because it is my 25th wedding anniversary that weekend and I didn't dare ask my wife to crew for me to celebrate the occasion. A couple of days later I mustered up the courage and asked her if she would crew...she said she would (I know !) I emailed Lilian to ask not to cancel my entry after all. To try to keep things simple for you guys I did not re-submit the google form but Lilian was to make a note. So, my fault for faffing about but yes please put me back in for this one. Many thanks.
Pól Ó MurchúOct 5 2021, 10:34pmwow...fair play...brave man! You better get her something nice for're back in! :-)
christian headleyOct 6 2021, 12:50pmGreat to have more detail, thank you.

There are others asking about maps, I personally would rather not buy maps for this, I'm presuming these digital maps printed out would suffice? They are clear and accurate, and I've used them to walk the WW.
Alexander MuhlwaldOct 6 2021, 9:12pmHi All,
I am having difficulties arranging transport to the start line in Clonegal.
Is there anyone going from the Clonmel area or from Kilkenny, who could give me a lift?
Pavel BodiOct 7 2021, 10:10amHi Alex
I'm going from Kilkenny Friday afternoon, I could give you a lift.
Text me for details. Thanks
Alexander MuhlwaldOct 7 2021, 1:25pmHi Pavel,
Excellent. Thank you so much!
I sent you a txt on Messenger,
or here is my mobile no 086 8295914
Alain DouglasOct 9 2021, 11:51amDoes anyone know if we are allowed pacers to join us for the later stages of the race? I remember reading about this for previous years but can't see any info on it. Thanks
Gordon PlaceOct 9 2021, 2:46pmIf you go to the IMRA events page, top right there's a tab to pick the year. Go to say 2019 and the hit the WWR event details and there's info there, or try 2018
Juraj KarcakOct 10 2021, 11:50amHi fellows runners.

I'm trying to organise my transport to start in Clonegal. I live in Longford and planing to go tu Dublin friday where I like to live my car maybe in Marley park... Would anybody give me a lift from there?
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 10 2021, 9:50pmHi all, the list of runners entered are as listed below. If you are not on this list please DO NOT TURN UP IN CLONEGAL expecting to run!

Aaron Montgomery
adam groucott
Adolfo Garcia
Adrian Hennessy
Alain Douglas
Alexander Muhlwald
Alistair Hodgett
Andreas Maly
Andrew Hayes
Angela Flynn
Avril Challoner
Barry Drennan
Bill Barry
Brian hutchinson
Brian O'Grady
Caroline Reid
Christian Headley
Ciaran Croke
Clare Keeley
Cliff Bailey
Colin Casey
Colm Newport
Conor Keane
Conor O'Neill
Damien Ward
David O'Halloran
David Caulfield
David Harmon
Declan Core
Declan McGuinness
Deirdre Galvin
Denis Hogan
Duncan Barrett
Eimear Deegan
Emma Hand
Emma Jennings
Eoin Kelly
Fabio Baltieri
Gary Mason
Gerard Tully
Henry Fleming
Ian Tumulty
Irene Finnegan
Jackie Toal
Jadon Thomson
Jason Webb
Joe Berney
John Carney
John Murphy74
John conway
John Boyle
John Williams
John McCann
Julie McNamee
Juraj Karcak
Karen Duggan
Karl Richards
Kazimierz Pawelczak
Ken Brereton
Liam Costello
Liam Vines
Lonan O Farrell
Lorcan Fagan
Máiréad O' Keeffe
Mariusz Podraza
Mark Byrne
Myles Barnes
niall gillick
nicola cleary
Owen Fenton
Paolo Girolami
Patricia McLoughlin
patrick Rowe
Paul Burchmore
Paul Tierney (Tipp)
Paul Duggan
Paul Kelly
Paula Wright
Pavel Bodi
Phil behan
Piotr Bergel
Ray Cullen
Raymond Cummins
Raymond Lawlor
Richard Cooper
Rob O'Reilly
Rob Priestman
Robert Jankowski
Robert Warman
Ronan O'Grady
Rui Lamy
Sarah Clarke
Seán Higgins
Shaun Stewart
Stefan Hamilton
Stephen Mc Cabe
Steve Hogan
Steven Byrne
Thomas Lawler
Thomas Domican
Thomas Roche
Thomas Klimas
Tom Downes
Eoin KellyOct 11 2021, 10:10amThanks Jeff,
I think I was secretly hoping for a glitch that would mean my name wouldn't appear on the list. However, no such glitch, I'm on the list and will be at the start line.

I had a funny thought on this the other day. I have a tiny little electric car for commuting to work, and this race will mean i am going to run further than I can drive in my tiny car on a single battery charge!

My kids thought that was pretty cool, and also pretty insane.

Ah well, roll on Friday :-)
Shaun StewartOct 11 2021, 10:21amHey All.. same query as Juraj.. travelling down from Donegal to Clonegal! Ideally I would like to leave my car at the finish so if there's any spare seats going to the start I'd appreciate it..
Phil behanOct 11 2021, 10:42amHi all, and thanks again for making this happen. With the deferrals from the last cancellation I'm sure it hasn't been easy. Huge well doe for making this happen. I just have one quick question, do we leave all our drop bags at the start in Clonegal ? I take it we should try to keep them to a manageable size? I also take it each drop bag will then be located at the checkpoints on the event details page ?
John McCannOct 11 2021, 12:20pmHi All, would anyone happen to know what time the gates are locked in Marlay park on Saturday. Just wondering where to leave my car. Thanks in advance
Jason DowlingOct 11 2021, 12:30pmHi John,

Open hours taken from:

September 9am - 8pm
October 9am - 6pm
November - January 9am - 5pm
February - March 9am - 6pm
April 9am - 9pm
May - August 9am - 10pm

Hope that helps,
Mark ByrneOct 11 2021, 2:01pmHi.

Just wondering if we are to use our existing 2021 race numbers or will specific numbers be issued for this race?

Thanks Mark
Owen FentonOct 11 2021, 4:51pmHI Jeff - I had emailed to say i was not running and wished to donate my money to IMRA. I will be crewing instead. Happy of luck everyone.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 11 2021, 5:16pmWe will issue numbers specific to this event but your result will be logged against your IMRA profile so will carry through to your profile.
Robert WarmanOct 12 2021, 8:12amHi Shaun Stewart - did you get a lift sorted or do you still need one from Marlay Park? Rob
Shaun StewartOct 12 2021, 10:24amHi Rob.. thanks, get me on and I'll give you a call back.
Stephen Mc CabeOct 12 2021, 2:33pmHi Jeff and Robbie, many thanks for making this race happen. Just a few questions re bag drops.
I presume there are bag drops brought to all the checkpoints from clonegal so we label them appropriately?
Will there be any bags brought back to Marley Park?
Will there be any food other than water at the checkpoints?
Should I just be reading the 2018 forum information and use that?
John conwayOct 12 2021, 2:55pmhi all

just wanted to double check and make sure its ok for a crew. I.E instead of using the bag drop, my GF will be at the checkpoints with my bag instead. thats ok isnt it?
Paul BurchmoreOct 12 2021, 3:23pmJust picking up on John’s point… are there any specific rules for crew, e.g. are they able to meet a runner at points on the route that are not checkpoints?
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 12 2021, 11:19pmExternal support is permitted but at the designated CPs only. Drop bags will be transported to the CPs. Water will be provided at the CPs. Finalising the detailed document on this all now and circulating to all entered by email so that your support can have it all in one place.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 13 2021, 12:36amRace briefing document has been emailed to all just now.
Kazimierz PawelczakOct 13 2021, 6:53amJeff i don't have it ,race briefing document,
Robert WarmanOct 13 2021, 8:33amHi Jeff, many thanks for the race briefing, all very clear. One quick question, will drop bags be transported to the finish afterwards or do we assume they’ll be disposed of? Reason for asking is if, for example, I switch head torches halfway through, could I leave it in my drop bag at the next CP? Thanks
nicola clearyOct 13 2021, 8:58amI didn't receive race briefing. Can someone forward it on to me please Thanks
nicola clearyOct 13 2021, 9:17amGot them, thank you!
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 13 2021, 10:30amDocs sent on to those who were missed on the original mailing, apologies.

Robert, cannot guarantee to get drop bag contents to the finish.
Eoin KellyOct 13 2021, 12:04pmThanks Jeff et al for the detailed email.

Any idea if there will be a tracking link that can be shared with enthusiastic supporters so they can follow progress on the day?

Barry DrennanOct 13 2021, 12:09pmRE Glendalough CP:in Race briefing.
Just to check for those not familiar with the route...
We are going South to North so we will pass Round Tower before getting to the CP at the visitor Center. its the opposite in the race brief.

"The Glendalough CP is in the car park beside the visitor centre in Glendalough.
Runners: Please note that if you make it through Glendalough with the round tower behind you but have not passed through the CP then you have missed the CP. Please be sure to check in with the CP."
John CostiganOct 13 2021, 12:27pmHi Folks, I'm posting this message on behalf of Emma Hand, who is doing the WWR, but is having trouble accessing the this forum.
Emma would like to know if anyone is interested in car pooling? Or failing that if she could get a lift either ftom dublin/bray to clonegal on Friday or from marlay to clonegal on Saturday and would contribute towards petrol.
Her phone number is: 087-six eight four nine two three five.
Phil behanOct 13 2021, 3:45pmThanks for the update lads. Very comprehensive. I’m also looking for a lift. I’m in Raheny and can get to places in Dub if required. Thks. P
Adolfo GarciaOct 13 2021, 4:07pmIs there a place where we can park in Clonegall? Thinking in parking there and then take the bus to Ferns and from there take a taxi to Clonegall.
adam groucottOct 13 2021, 5:37pmHi race director's,
Will printed copies of these maps pass the kit requirement?
Kazimierz PawelczakOct 13 2021, 6:13pmthanks Jeff I got an email but can you tell me why is my name not on the start list? Kazimierz Pawelczak
nicola clearyOct 13 2021, 6:34pmHi Jeff, my name is not on the list in the race briefing but is on the list in the forum. Hoping I'm good to start!
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 13 2021, 8:31pm@Nicola and Kazimierz, you're confirmed as starters

@Adam, yes, hard copy of those maps are acceptable.
John McCannOct 13 2021, 8:46pmHi Jeff, I didn't receive the email. Can you send to
John McCannOct 13 2021, 9:04pmHi Jeff, I got the email forwarded and I'm not on the list of starters on the word doc but I am on the list in your post above from 10th Oct so hope all is okay. See you Friday
Raymond CumminsOct 14 2021, 1:25pmI am just wondering if there is a link to the trackers please? Sorry if someone has asked this already. :-) Thanks
Alistair HodgettOct 14 2021, 1:30pm looks right I think?
Raymond CumminsOct 14 2021, 1:39pmThanks Alistair. :-)
Colin CaseyOct 14 2021, 2:00pmHi Jeff/Robbie,

Firstly thanks for organising this race and apologies for the question in advance.

My number (19) on the tracker circulated a short while ago is different to my number (21) on the detailed race briefing. Which should I use for the purposes of marking my drop bags (which will have my name but just in case someone just looks at the number and takes it in error)?

Thanks for your assistance.

Pavel BodiOct 14 2021, 3:48pmI'm not received email with race briefing, would someone send me copy on, please. Thank you
Pavel BodiOct 14 2021, 4:05pmI've got them, thank you Raymond .
Raymond CumminsOct 14 2021, 4:12pmYou are welcome Pavel.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 14 2021, 8:16pm@JOhn & Pavel, apologies, you're on my start list but I've left you out of 1 communication or another. Apologies

@Colin, use the number you have been issued by me please.

Sorry for any confusion.
Paul DugganOct 14 2021, 9:49pmHi Jeff just checking I’m the same as John,I am on the list on the forum but not on the email. I had the email forwarded to me.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 14 2021, 10:27pmHi Paul, have you on the list. Not sure why you were missed on the email. Apologies
Paul DugganOct 14 2021, 10:42pmNo bother thanks Jeff
Robbie WilliamsOct 15 2021, 8:24amRace Tracking :
John WilliamsOct 15 2021, 9:46am
Roelie SmitOct 15 2021, 10:17amGood luck to everyone taking part tonight and through tomorrow. Enjoy.
Gary Mason81Oct 15 2021, 2:12pmIs the water at checkpoints for emergency use only?
Will we supply all our own water in drop bags?
Alistair HodgettOct 15 2021, 3:46pm@Gary I am assuming it's the same as previous years, there is water available to refill bottles etc at each checkpoint
Richard NunanOct 15 2021, 5:18pmBest of luck to the 100 odd souls that take off from Clonegal tonight !
Hope you all get home tomorrow before the rain starts tomorrow evening !

Easy it goes at the start, don't let those roads fool you, its a long way home to Marley Park !

Enjoy !
Laura FlynnOct 16 2021, 5:20pmWell done to all who took part today. It’s a huge achievement even for those who had to bow out for various reasons. I ran last 23k from Crone to Marley this morning and had to lie down for two hours after that. It’s so impressive to have run 127k through the night.
Also impressive is the amazing volunteers many of whom were out there at aid station from very early morning to late afternoon. Couldn’t be done with you all.
Most of all, hats off to Jeff and to Lillian for the many hours of work in the background.
Phil behanOct 16 2021, 6:02pmWhat a great race ! Thanks so much too all the volunteers and organisers ! I’ll definitely volunteer next year. BTW, did anyone see the stars near Glenmalure? Made my night ! Incredible.
Myles BarnesOct 16 2021, 7:41pmThanks Jeff, Lillian and all the volunteers for giving us a brilliant race, the race was well organised and there was amazing support at the checkpoints with water filling and general support. Had a blast!
Thomas RocheOct 17 2021, 7:35amThanks to all the organisers and volunteers who gave up their time for a great event
Ronan O'GradyOct 17 2021, 8:08amThanks to all the organisers, marshals, fellow runners and their support crews, for making this a truly exceptional event. We were blessed with the best weather, the best help and support, the best scenery. Unfortunately this time I didn't finish with knee injury but I will be back in May to see it through.

Thanks Again

Gary Mason81Oct 17 2021, 8:35amAs a crewless runner i want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers at every check point. It was amazing to feel like i had a crew every time i stopped. Everything done for me & then politely told to jog on, no hanging around. Thanks for giving up your night so we could enjoy ours.
It was an incredible night
Alain DouglasOct 17 2021, 9:28amThank you to Jeff and his amazing crew for putting on a great race. You guys at the checkpoints kept me going. It was great to run and chat to a few of you along the way. The body is bits today but the heart is full!
Karl RichardsOct 17 2021, 9:50amA massive thank you to Jeff, Robbie and the huge number of volunteers. You really helped us all throughout the race. You made what we ran possible. Hope you catch up on your sleep.
Alistair HodgettOct 17 2021, 10:42amThank you to all of the volunteers for making this race happen, and happen to such a high standard. I really enjoyed the extended hours of running in the dark and the great chat along the way from Ray, Christian, Adolfo (on the detour) and Henry along with others. Although I DNF'd (again....more lessons learned) it wasn't for lack of encouragement from the volunteers at checkpoints - thanks for the cheerful welcomes. And a massive congratulations to all runners on what you achieved.
Julie McNameeOct 17 2021, 11:49amGreat event. Thanks a million to all the volunteers for all their support and encouragement along the way. If anyone finds my drop bag from CP2 could you please let me know and I’ll get it picked up. Thanks
Stephen Mc CabeOct 17 2021, 11:50amA huge thanks to Jeff, Robbie and, of course, JB Malone for making this event an unforgettable night out!! Thanks to all the volunteers for selflessly giving their time all night and well done to everyone who toe’d the start line. See you all in the hills soon
Mark ByrneOct 17 2021, 1:01pmThank you to Jeff, Robbie and all the volunteers. IMRA surely know how to put on a great event. It was an epic race. My 1st time doing it. Haven't made up my mind whether I'd do it again. Maybe when the pain subsides.
Thanks again for everything
Seán HigginsOct 17 2021, 1:40pmTo Jeff, Robbie, Lillian and all the volunteers it so humbling and life affirming to experience your help and thoughtfulness during this wonderful race. I am so grateful to you. The companionship of the fellow runners is very special in races like this, well done to you all.
Colin CaseyOct 17 2021, 3:24pmThanks a mil to Jeff, Robbie, Lillian and all their super volunteers for giving up their time so we could all have a thoroughly enjoyable outing in the mountains. It is much appreciated. Thanks
Raymond CumminsOct 17 2021, 4:06pmWhat an incredible experience it was. :-) Thanks Lillian, Jeff and Robbie and the other people whose names I don't know but including Mick Hanney who I saw too at the start. It was some challenge to do it with so much darkness. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Thank You All!!!!!!
Robert WarmanOct 17 2021, 4:24pmI’d like to echo all of the thanks to the organisers and CP crews and also to the various runners who kindly pointed out when I was going the wrong way! (Happened far too often, tbh!) Great event and my new favourite race bling too.
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 17 2021, 4:39pmRace results can be seen at

They will be available on the imra event page in a day or so once I get to it.

Well done all who started, congrats to all who claimed their piece of stone in Marlay and thanks to all the volunteers and others supporting runners on the day.
Paul BurchmoreOct 17 2021, 4:39pmEchoing everything already said. My wife and I had a great night out celebrating our wedding anniversary:)
Thanks to all the volunteers and organising team. You even got us better weather than we could have expected.
John MollohanOct 17 2021, 7:21pmSome photographs up there now from yesterday.
Well done to you all.
Stunning winner's time for an October WWR !
Angela FlynnOct 17 2021, 8:23pmThanks so much to all who made this magic event happen..Even though I did less than half, I'm still on a high..I'm not sure I ever appreciated the amount of work that goes into organising this event, before, during and after, not lest the volunteers that put in some long stints at the check points..But a special mention has to given to Robbie and his apprentice young Dean. Travelling up from Cork with his dad and being very competent at Marley recording the results..he stared this aged 6 and being 13 is well on his way to eclipsing the master..
Adrian HennessyOct 17 2021, 9:21pmHas to be said that this is one of the most difficult races to organize and marshall with runners spread out all over Wicklow, 11 hours of darkness and no sleep. Thanks a mill to Jeff, Robbie, Mick and all the others who made this happen.
Barry DrennanOct 17 2021, 9:25pmThanks Jeff, Robbie and Lillian and all the volunteers. Absolute legends
Máiréad O' KeeffeOct 17 2021, 10:55pmJust wanted to say a huge thanks to volunteers, organisers runner's kindest of all we meet very grateful especially Dean for wicklow way man
Seán HigginsOct 18 2021, 9:23amJohn Mollohan I’ll never eat better orange segments than those on Saturday. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
Eoin KellyOct 18 2021, 10:15amJust adding my thanks to those above. What an event! I really enjoyed it, in a weird and painful way. The organisation was fantastic, not too much red tape at all, nice and relaxed and friendly too. The marshals at the check points were amazing. No need for crew when you have such wonderful people guiding, helping and pushing you on!
130km is a hell of a long way on foot, so I'm feeling very proud of myself at the moment, however i'm acutely aware that i would not have got to the finish without the help of all the marhsals and fellow runners along the way. Looking forward to many more long distance events.......... (in a few months ;-)
Patrik AlbertssonOct 18 2021, 10:16amJulie! I have your bag from CP 2, and some other bags with clothes , socks and bottles. If anyone want their stuff from CP 2 you can whatsapp me on 0872518331.
Joseph BoyleOct 18 2021, 10:51amCP5 photos uploaded, apologies for the ones missed due to phone running out of charge.
Julie McNameeOct 18 2021, 10:59amThat’s great Patrik thanks
Colm NewportOct 18 2021, 11:44amThanks Jeff, Robbie, Lilian and to all the volunteers who made this event happen. You obviously have a direct line to the weatherman. It was an incredible event and a privilege to be able to take part. Big thanks also to Paul Kelly for the final few clicks and the chauffeur delivery back to the car.
Sarah ClarkeOct 18 2021, 2:15pmJust to add another thank you, amazing experience for my 1st IMRA race, absolutely made by the people I met along the way (not the Bull though .. could have done without that!) One I won’t forget, nor will my feet!!!
Paula WrightOct 18 2021, 2:28pmThank you so much everyone! It was a steep learning curve for someone who barely has done any trail running and decided to jump into the steep end of it. I felt like Moses coming down the Dublin mountain one being You shall not get lost and another being You shall not stop (thanks CP5)! I definitely will be back when my quads will forget what happened. I loved it! Xxx
Ian TumultyOct 18 2021, 3:17pmMany thanks to the organisers and volunteers for the long hours they gave up to help others.If anybody lost a ledlenser headtorch,I have it,found on the hill  at oldbridge.Bit smashed up after it's fall but still working.Get in touch to arrange getting it back. Tks
adam groucottOct 18 2021, 4:37pmI'd just like to echo all the thanks to the volunteers and organisers. Thanks for a great event. I'm still in shock with how lucky we got with the weather in October!
Jeff FitzsimonsOct 18 2021, 8:43pmHi all, I just added a photo to the event page, at this link

It shows some of the stuff I have from the weekend. Anyone wanting to claim some please email and we will sort a way to get it back to you.

Caroline ReidOct 18 2021, 9:19pmMany thanks to Jeff, Robbie, Lillian and all the volunteers for the amazing job they did in putting on Wicklow way 2021. Big well done to everyone that too part.
Brian FlannellyOct 19 2021, 6:54amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Bill BarryOct 19 2021, 11:24amHi guys,
Firstly thanks to Jeff and his team.
I’m just wondering if anyone has my drop bag from CP2, I didn’t make it there (I’ll be back).
It’s an Ironman plastic bag with gu flask and drink flask.
Patrik AlbertssonOct 19 2021, 8:16pmHi Barry, i got your bag from CP 2,
Whatsapp me on 0872518331 to arrange pickup.
Also got a bag named Sarah Clarke with lots of clothes if anyone knowes to contact her