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Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 6 2019, 12:52pmFull details and route maps for the new courses for this race are now up on the events page. This will be the first race of the 2019 Leinster League.

Please note the new 2.65kms (165m) route for under 16s and encourage any younger runners who might be interested to come along on the evening. There are separate prize categories for u16 short course runners for this race. The junior race starts at 19.35.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 10 2019, 4:32pmEntries for the Bray Head race (Wed 15th May) are currently open. They will, of course, close by 6pm on Tuesday - so please enter early to avoid disappointment!
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 13 2019, 3:14pmI have enough volunteers for the Bray Head race now. Thanks very much to all who have stepped forward. Some of the upcoming LL races are still a bit light on volunteer numbers, so please consider one of these instead if you have not already been accepted as a volunteer for this Wednesday.
Dave DochertyMay 14 2019, 8:18amCaoimhin, could you contact me regarding the race kit handover please. docherty.dave at g mail dot com.
James HigginsMay 14 2019, 10:42amWhy has the traditional finish to the Bray Head race been moved a further 250m along the beach?

Seems a bit pointless, unnecessary and doesn't add any value to a MOUNTAIN race.
James HigginsMay 14 2019, 10:45amWhy has the traditional finish to the Bray Head race been moved a further 250m along the beach?

Seems a bit pointless, unnecessary and doesn't add any value to a MOUNTAIN race.
James HigginsMay 14 2019, 10:46amWhy has the traditional finish to the Bray Head race been moved a further 250m along the beach?

Seems a bit pointless, unnecessary and doesn't add any value to a MOUNTAIN race.
Tim ChapmanMay 14 2019, 12:04pmBray head as a mountain is a bit of a stretch. Hill at best.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 14 2019, 12:05pmChip timing will be in use at the Bray Head race tomorrow. Please bring your timing chip with you if you have one. If you do not have a chip, or if it needs to be set up for 2019, please see Jason at the registration area when you have signed in. Thanks.
Brian KitsonMay 14 2019, 1:13pmHi James

Innovation is seldom pointless if the intention is to improve.

While the last 250mtrs will be tough, the beach finish will ensure that, for the first time, runners will experience the exhileration of seeing the finish line far below when they arrive at the summit cross on Bray Head.

It works the other way too as both spectators and runners taking a recovery dip in the sea at the finish line will have a great view of the drama provided by those racing across the beach towards the line.

Finally, there's also the simple elegance of running from the summit all the way to the sea.

Keep an open mind, you might like it.

Mick HanneyMay 14 2019, 2:11pmI remember the Bray race finishing down along the promenade years back, so one could argue that we are going back to tradition.
Brendan LawlorMay 14 2019, 2:48pmGallop along the beach at the end will do you no harm @James Higgins.. then into the sea with ya to cool you off!
Robert CostelloMay 14 2019, 5:45pm@James. I’d recommend volunteering for a role other than just helper on your next volunteer role so you can appreciate the level of work and thought that goes into a race, particularly one with a new innovative route like this. Maybe then you would then think twice about branding it as pointless.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 14 2019, 6:49pmJust a reminder that registration will close just after 7pm tomorrow to enable the laptop operator to get to the race start.

Please don't forget your jackets, race numbers, race vouchers (if applicable) and timing chips (if you were given one). Bring a printout of confirmation of purchases where necessary.

The forecast for tomorrow is currently very good.
James HigginsMay 14 2019, 10:24pmThanks to those who replied on the point I raised. The prize for the best one goes to Brian and yes, as you suggest I will keep an open mind! I might skip admiring the view from Bray Head though :)

I am looking forward to the race and especially the new route (although not the last additional 250m!) I have to point out that back in the day the innovators in IMRA at the time moved the start and finish back to the barrier. This was to done as it was felt that this part of the race was not in keeping with the objectives of the association i.e. to promote the sport of mountain running, hill running, and trail running.

Lastly, the reply from Robert criticising my volunteer roles was condescending, presumptuous and inaccurate. Your comments about me were not in keeping with the Forum Netiquette.

I have a lot more experience (and appreciation of what’s involved) in organising races than what is listed in my profile. I didn’t state that the “new innovative route” was pointless. I was referring only to the move of the finish line down the beach – a point I still adhere to but appreciate others may differ.

Responses like these which attack the poster as opposed to the point(s) that poster has made are a reason that so many don’t post here.
Andrew MendelsonMay 14 2019, 11:11pmIs UTMB less of a mountain race because it starts and finishes on the streets of Chamonix?
Andrew HanneyMay 15 2019, 8:47amLet’s just get on with and enjoy a great race. Looking forward to it.
Gordon PlaceMay 15 2019, 8:56amWe're in for a hot finish Andrew if as much effort goes into this infamous last 250m!
Robert CostelloMay 15 2019, 9:15am@james you may have missed my point. When you describe a route or part of a route as pointless you are undermining the hard work of the people behind that route. Your profile points to a lot of races and the minimum level of volunteer roles each year to get a race prize. If that is not the case then I stand corrected and apologise. Happy to have a conversation rather than an exchange over this forum as often it can be a better more civil way of getting views across.
James HigginsMay 15 2019, 11:00amAgree Rob, happy to discuss some old IMRA values over a pint! :) Likewise as my initial post has annoyed you and probably others then please accept my apologies. It was made to ask a question, not provoke a reaction.
Laura FlynnMay 15 2019, 11:42amNo harm to point out at this stage that the a member's profile on the website currently only shows their non-running volunteer record (ie it does not show their where they volunteered and also ran). In that respect therefore it may not be a true reflection of the individual's contribution, as I believe to be the case here.
Not too keen about the wee sprint on the beach myself at the end but it should be a bit of fun!
Here's to a great first night of the Summer League.
Alan AylingMay 15 2019, 1:23pmWhile running back over the top I would plan on concentrating on marking tape and staying upright. Not much time to go getting all exhilarated by the view of finish far below...

I suppose one could occupy ones mind with musings on whether the finish is small or far away.
henry barryMay 15 2019, 4:07pmWill there be a secure bag drop area at this evenings race .Thanks
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 15 2019, 4:23pmHenry - yes. Runners can leave their belongings in our reserved area in the Martello, which will be supervised during the race.
Lillian DeeganMay 15 2019, 5:02pm.
Hi everyone,

With tonights race kicking off the LL, I'm on to say I've a grand collection of vouchers (uncollected winnings) to pass on to a great number of ppl. If you think you might be someone who didn't manage to collect your winning prize from any of the Winter Spring or Trail League races - could you let me know and I'll get same off to you.

Any unclaimed prizes will go back into the voucher kitty from mid June.

And while I'm on - I'd love to reclaim my car boot space -
If you are someone who has not collected your End of Year (2018) prize item - can you get in touch. Unclaimed items will be used as odd spot prizes as the year runs on otherwise.

I'll be at Bray Head tonight - seek me out if either of the above topics relate to you.

Good luck tonight Caoimhin, you've a great weather one for the 1st of the season.
Mick HanneyMay 15 2019, 10:56pmBig thanks to Caoimhin and his super team for a great event. The first Leinster League race, with the sizable crowd it attracts, is daunting but the event was flawlessly ran. The new route - on which you all worked so hard - was a big success. It had something for everyone. It even managed to attract Sean Hehir over to the dark side of the hills :-)
Well done all involved.
Luke McMullanMay 16 2019, 12:15amHi Caoimhin + Team,

Thanks ever so much for putting on such a great show. It is very much appreciated by all us athetes/mountain enthusiasts.
Wonderful start to the year. Here's to the rest of the season.

Brenda MalleyMay 16 2019, 12:51amMany thanks for a brilliantly organized race
I need to correct my finish time please - number 1951 - I had an unofficial early start as I’m the slowest runner on the course. My correct time was 1 hour, 28 minutes, 33 seconds.
Andy KeelingMay 16 2019, 6:55amGreat race last night. Really enjoyed it even with the beach ending and cooling post race leg dip.
I'm afraid though that my finish doesn't seem to have been recorded. I displayed my number (though folded down in size) on my shorts and definitely heard two different people shout it out correctly as I passed through the cones and onto finish mat with my chip. I was then seated to cheer Dan Barry cross the finish. I make my time somewhere around the 37:40 mark. Is there anything that can be done?
Again. Cheers to the organisers for a lovely race
Peter BellMay 16 2019, 7:35amBig thanks to Caoimhin and his team, that was a fast ,fun race. Alot of effort was clearly put into it. Beach dip was great too. Well done to all the winners. Roll on next week.
Simon McdowellMay 16 2019, 8:12amHi Caoimhin, Thank you for a great event last night. Not sure why but unfortunately my time does not appear to have made the results list. My race number is 2369 and I heard it called out as I crossed the line. Is it possible to update the finishing list.

Leslie HanczMay 16 2019, 8:17amHi,
I was at the bray head run yesterday but my name doesn’t seem to appear on the results online, my race number is 2365.
Thanks Leslie
Conor O'FarrellMay 16 2019, 8:39amHi All

Results are now up. We’ve had some minor complications with the new chip timing, mostly around our own sign-in processes that we aim to improve to assist the the system in the coming weeks. We had a considerable number of runners that either ran without a chip, or ran with an old unregistered chip.

In future, we will be ensuring that all runners will register for each and every race with both their chip AND signature. We appreciate your patience with this, but with races of over 250 runners it can only serve to improve the end result we are trying to achieve with quick and accurate results.

On another note, I’d like to thank all the volunteers for a great race. In particular for my on selfish point of view; Jason on laptop and the finish spotters had a tough night tonight with the large numbers, so thanks to everyone. Without these people, it would not be possible to post up the results in such a timely manner.

Please email any results queries to

Andrew HanneyMay 16 2019, 8:44amWhere did all those people come from? Especially those young and faster ones! They all came out to do Caoimhin’s super Bray route. Well done to Caoimhin and helpers for a race race. I’m really liking the changes to courses, it’s a bold move but we get to see different aspects of the mountains and it really worked here so fair play. And an ice cream at the end... suddenly it was all worth it. A few people posting about race results... those queries should be addressed to the results secretary on the contacts page.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 16 2019, 8:52amThank you very much to all of the volunteers at Bray Head last night. They were a brilliant bunch of enthusiasts to be working with. Many were multi-tasking all evening as we were probably a few short for the night that was in it.

A special mention to Jason on the laptop. The fact that he and Conor were able to get any sort of results out last night is something of a miracle. There were lots of people who ran without 2019 validated chips - not necessarily those whose results were affected. There are errors and omissions in the published results - but this has nothing to do with the laptop operators.

As stated, please email results queries to

Finally, thanks to Brian Kitson, who acted as Deputy RD last night but was really co-RD. He gave up a lot of time and put a lot of effort into ensuring it all went as well as possible, both yesterday evening and throughout the weeks leading up to the race. It is very much appreciated.

Thanks all!
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 16 2019, 9:03amCategory prizes for Bray Head will be published here in a few days time when the results have finished being amended. Lillian has the vouchers and they will be available to those on the published list at upcoming LL races.

I am sorry that we could not present these last night. Thanks.
John B RiordanMay 16 2019, 9:09amOutstanding evening, course, weather, atmosphere and of course turn-out. Many thanks to Caoimhin, Brian and all the team for pulling it all together so well. John & Cuan R
James ClancyMay 16 2019, 9:32amMassive thanks to Caoimhin and his super team for such an incredible night last night, amazing new route and so well organised.
James ClancyMay 16 2019, 9:32amMassive thanks to Caoimhin and his super team for such an incredible night last night, amazing new route and so well organised.
James ClancyMay 16 2019, 9:32amMassive thanks to Caoimhin and his super team for such an incredible night last night, amazing new route and so well organised.
Ross FitzgeraldMay 16 2019, 9:57amWell done Caoimhin, Brian and crew for a cracking evening on the hills, a superbly organised and enjoyable route that had a bit of everything from start to novel finish.
I’m sure we can all forgive a slight delay as results are amended, given the numbers and logistics on the day, so well done again to all involved.
Sure after running in the glorious sunshine, followed by a dip in the sea and ice cream to cool down afterwards what more could you ask for…
John CondonMay 16 2019, 10:14amThe trail gods were smiling on us yesterday. What a great event. Many thanks to Caoimhin, Brian and the rest of the crew. The ice cream was a genius touch. Roll on Ticknock
Brendan LawlorMay 16 2019, 10:36amWhat a great event last night, big thank you to Caoimhin and all his crew. The finish at the edge of the sea was inspired and the blossoming bromance between James Higgins and Rob Costello will be a thing to watch in the years ahead!

One major complaint however.. I didn't get a Higgins 99 !
Laura FlynnMay 16 2019, 11:34amThanks and well done Caoimhin to you and your team of helpers last night. New course and 99s were very well received and a nice nod to Higginsgate.
Laura FlynnMay 16 2019, 11:38amThanks and well done Caoimhin to you and your team of helpers last night. New course and 99s were very well received and a nice nod to Higginsgate.
Alice ClancyMay 16 2019, 3:13pmA huge thank you to Caoimhin and team - the event was so well organised yesterday and the new route is brilliant - very challenging, and with something for everyone from long flat running to the lovely technical descent....and that slog along the beach stones was very funny... the finish seemed so close yet so far! well done all, Bray was a great start to the leinster league!!
Mick HanneyMay 16 2019, 8:46pmSuper race reports. Great to have a report from the top of the podium, well done again Luke!
Rachel LeaneMay 16 2019, 10:41pmMy first IMRA race of the year and I will be back!!! Last night was just amazing, super route and so well organised!! Thanks to all for the hard work involved in making this happen.
Alan AylingMay 16 2019, 10:42pmNice one Mick for bullying Luke into writing such a fabulous report! :-)

Two rather different literary styles, but Mikey's & Luke's reports really captured that race brilliantly. The hardship, the elation, the camaraderie. It's sooo good to be back at the Leinster League. A long winter of waiting and dreaming of this...

Caoimhin is probably tiring of the praise at this stage (deserved though it is). So instead I'll throw him a challenge: someone who can do something as cool as that with Bray Head can surely come up with a route that actually works on Howth for next year? ;-)
Paul GrantMay 17 2019, 5:57pmThanks to Caoimhin and co for organising a great race. The new route is a definite improvement to avoid the usual bottleneck. The route was really cleared marked and well marshalled. I didn't love the last section on the beach but at least every step on the stones was a step closer to an ice cream cone! The post run 99s were the best IMRA innovation in years!!! And fair play to the hardy souls who went for a swim, my feet and legs were numb after 2 minutes in the Irish Sea.
Jean O'NeillMay 17 2019, 9:40pmRegarding results, I did not run 45.58 minutes as shown. That would be amazing for a 73 year old! I started at 19.24. I tried to give my time in, I ran 61.47. My number is 1281.Thanks for a great race/course, really good. And I had an amazing swim afterwards!
Caitlin BentMay 18 2019, 12:27pm@ Jean, you need to e.mail to adjust results.
Lillian DeeganMay 18 2019, 1:13pm.

You did write your info. on a bingo ticket for me while we tried to sort the results for prize giving in the Martello. I don’t know what happened to that little bit of paper. You may have noticed while at the table, we were having a bit of a hard time trying to sort the results to get PG underway. For a finish, we had to down tools owing to a multitude of entry and finisher errors.

And on the off chance you might not be aware, please see detail to follow regarding self timing and early starts. This msg applies to all who go out ahead of the mass start at any given race.


Re: Early Starts & Self Timers - I wish to remind all of the following early year message: and at some point we will start to apply the 30 minute mention.

Specifically for Self Timing, please note - No IMRA member is insured to self time at any IMRA event. And aside from the insurance issue, self timing causes havoc when trying to collate results, Bray Head being a great example of same.

We are all about trying to make things easier to manage for everyone. In order to do so, we need all members cooperation if we are to move forward to here. Help us to help you!


PS - The above repeated Early Starts Jan. 2019 Forum link reads as follows:

Please note that early starts are only offered for longer races. And for runners who expect to be 160% or more of winner's time. Early starters will be given their race brief and let off 30 minutes before the main race, mass start. If you are taking an early start, please be sure you sign-in with an "ES" at the reg. desk and be at the start area in time for your race brief. Anyone who takes an early start will be accounted for at the finish with the given grace period of 30 minutes only - no in between timings, no self timings and the like.

The above is being asked for to allow the finisher logging be done on the laptop with relative ease. And to allow for the results to be published, error free, as best we can.

Co-operation with the above would be most welcome - thanks all.
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 21 2019, 10:08amAs far as the amended results are showing, the following are the prize winners from the LL race at Bray Head last week:

M1 - Luke McMullan
M2 - Ruairi Long
M3 - Sean Hehir

F1 - Kate Cronin
F2 - Niamh Corbett
F3 - Liz Wheeler

MJ (Long) - Cuan Riordan
FJ (Long) - None

MJ (Short - U16) - Cathal MacMaolain
FJ (Short - U16) - Raynah Byrne

M40 - Peter O'Farrell
F40 - Sinead Flynn

M50 - Eoin Keith
F50 - Laura Flynn

M60 - Conor Nolan
F60 - Mary Collins

M70 - Patsy McCreanor
F70 - Jean O'Neill

Well done all! Prizes can be collected from Lillian at upcoming LL race.
Jean O'NeillMay 21 2019, 1:22pmRe early starts, I didn't know those rules. I'm sorry if my action caused the lap top operator problems. I gave my time to one of the finish officials who noted it.
Jean O'NeillMay 21 2019, 1:22pmRe early starts, I didn't know those rules. I'm sorry if my action caused the lap top operator problems. I gave my time to one of the finish officials on the line who noted it.
Lillian DeeganMay 21 2019, 1:42pm.
No probs Jean.

Conor is working on something at the moment to help spread the word for everyone in a bid to generally aid at race Reg. time right through to ease of result publishing. I live in hope, will you join me ;)