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Mick HanneyAug 17 2018, 8:55pmStart location T 153 714

Start point has limited car parking so if people can carpool from Woodenbridge hotel that would be great. Said hotel would be a nice spot for after event nourishment.

Can webmaster please add me as RD so I can edit race details etc. Thanks.
Mick HanneySep 1 2018, 12:02pmThe short course will be on good quality hard packed trails.

The long course will cover the same ground as the short course PLUS stretching out further to offroad to reach more distance/climb. Some of this, depending on route choice, can include some fence crossing. Important this is done with care and fences are left as we find them.
Sandra PegmanSep 3 2018, 5:27pmHi Mick. Just a quick question about the after event nourishment- are you going to bake those delicious date cakes you made for the event last year? They were delicious!!! ;)
Mick HanneySep 3 2018, 8:26pmI hope to bake some goodies alright, depending on how long it takes to put out controls :-) Others are welcome to bring some treats along for the volunteers / finish line post-race chat.
Andrew HanneySep 3 2018, 10:16pmAt the Nav 2 finish, we discussed your renewed use of your bike and made some conclusions about how stretched out the course will be :)
Mick HanneySep 4 2018, 10:08pmThe map is ready and we are all set for the final nav challenge on Sun.
Hopefully the weather will play ball.
Course should allow for good running and plenty of route choices and nice views.
If purchasing an entry please do so early.
Carpool if you can.
Mick HanneySep 5 2018, 5:13pmForecast for Sunday is promising.
07:00–13:00 Cloudy. 10° Dry. Gentle breeze
No matter, don't forget your jacket. And your race no.
Please pay in advance or have your vouchers.
No cash payment on the day.
Michael MelnychukSep 6 2018, 6:19pmHi everyone :) Sorry for the dumb question lol , but what is a Nav Race? I signed up not really realizing. I'm assuming you find marks on a map with a compass? So not strictly on the trails?
Mick HanneySep 6 2018, 7:11pmFrom the Beginners Link on the home-page.
This is a series of three races which in total distance come to 50km, each one longer than the last. To complete the challenge you must do all three. These races are open to mountain navigators only. The only information you have in advance is the starting point and the distance. Route details are issued 30 minutes before the start as a list of grid references which you must visit in order by a route of your choice. All runners must carry a map, whistle, compass, water, some food and a waterproof top irrespective of weather.

At the start of these events competitors are given a map with Controls marked on it that need to be located. Navigation is free choice. Short course and long course options available.
Michael MelnychukSep 6 2018, 7:35pmOh ok thanks Mick. Is it ok to do the race even though I didn't do the first two, just for the craic? I've done a good bit of orienteering and I've got the gear.
Mick HanneySep 6 2018, 8:36pmNo problem. No onus on having other races done. The longer route will be more taxing. At registration the runner will opt for their preferred course - short or long.
Michael MelnychukSep 6 2018, 8:44pmCheers Mick!!
henry barrySep 7 2018, 9:49amI'm looking for a navigation buddy for Sunday I did Nav 1 but took a lot of hard options and ended up completing 4 kites in 2hrs 30 mins . i hope to run the full this sunday .
Mick HanneySep 8 2018, 4:10pmFor those planning to do the Long course tomorrow, recommended kit should include a phone, water and food to keep your energy levels up.
Mick HanneySep 8 2018, 4:53pm1 hour left to buy any event entry.
William DevasSep 9 2018, 9:02amApologies having signed up yesterday I am now not going to be able to make it.
Mick HanneySep 9 2018, 5:45pmGreat event this morning. 53 entrants which was great. We had just enough maps to go around. Shall do a race director report in due course. Was great to hear the reaction of runners afterwards. The trials and tribulations of right and wrong choices. We were lucky with the weather. Big thanks to Gavan in the background helping with the maps; to Laura with Coillte permit and Clare for help before, during and after with controls, support and nice chocolate treats.
Congrats to Shane and Roisin, Long course winners.
Also to Maike for her 100th race.
And to Ruairi and Aisling, short course winners.
Mick HanneySep 9 2018, 5:46pmResults have been sent onto our ever helpful records secretary for upload in due course.
Mick HanneySep 9 2018, 5:56pmMap excerpt added to Event maps. Short Course was 9 controls, free choice. Long Course was all controls bar 1.
Andrew HanneySep 9 2018, 8:09pmReport up, no laughing please. :)
Mick HanneySep 9 2018, 8:20pm"The funny thing is, during all the struggles through the trees and gorse we could see the turbine that we had to get to. "

Having been that soldier while doing recces, I was envisaging this happening. Not only can you see them, you can hear them!

Sorry I did laugh, but nothing personal brother :-)
James H CahillSep 9 2018, 8:41pmThank you Mick, Claire, Paul and Luke. Great day in the hills and among the turbines of Croghan. Super day out and great fun.
John MurraySep 10 2018, 10:19amSuper day yesterday running around Croghan Mountain and Windmill Farm! The noise of the blades in the wind as you run under the turbines!

Great place for a Nav Challenge with a million different route choices, with some nice open mountain running, steep rocky climbs/descends and nice forestry for those brave enough to cut through them. :)

I thought I was running a good long course race till I was approaching the finish line and in counting my controls realised I missed one control! Luckily it was the only one across the road from the start line but meant a further 1.5km with Gordon tracking me down and taking me at the last 100m!

My first time doing these Nav Challenges and have to say they are great craic. Highly recommend anyone who hasn't done them to give it a much fun!

Thanks Mick, Clare, Paul and Luke for organising a super event. Much appreciated!
Mick HanneySep 10 2018, 7:31pmReport added from RD perspective.
Alan AylingSep 11 2018, 10:25amGreat event, really enjoyed it. Clever planning, with 4 realistic choices for the control to leave out on the long course, tons of route choice on both courses and a pleasant absence of head-high bracken...

A minor point for the future: the map had printed on it a scale of 1:25000, but in reality was more like 1:20000, having been zoomed a bit from the EastWest original.
Joseph BoyleSep 11 2018, 2:40pmMick, you asked for a report, sorry so long winded but it did take a long time to complete the course.
Shane LynchSep 11 2018, 9:26pmI have added to the list of race reports. Thanks Mick, Clare, Paul and Luke for fine planning, volunteering and baking!
Clare KeeleySep 12 2018, 7:18pmVolunteer report just up now. I really enjoyed reading all the others! I took some pictures on the day but I cant find the cable to hook to lap top so the friendly fellows in the computer shop are getting me one! Once I get them loaded I will pop them up. Mostly people looking at maps! clare
Karen DevenneySep 13 2018, 8:01pmThanks to Mick & co for closing out the Nav series in great fashion. Results are now up, please email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie if any issues
Mick HanneySep 13 2018, 8:52pmWe are aware that a few results are missing (for the new race nos issued). Shall address in the coming days. Thanks.
Mick HanneySep 18 2018, 12:48pmThanks Karen for ironing out a few quirks with the results. All done now.

Congratulations Shane Lynch with a commanding win in the Navigation Challenges.