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Gavan DuffyJan 1 2018, 7:30pmAre you guys working behind the scenes to get the option to puchase memebership for 2018?
Pól Ó MurchúJan 1 2018, 10:12pmJaysus Gavan calm down...It's only the 1st of January...not a race for 2 weeks...some of us are still in denial that it's January at all...

But for those who just cant wait to get their membership in early it's now open! As are vouchers for 2018 and Howth Race Registration Get them while they're hot!
Richard LeahyJan 2 2018, 10:45amis a new chip required for this year or can we just use the one from last year?
Bronwyn Murphy-WhiteJan 2 2018, 12:26pmHello! I just signed up for the Howth race and was wondering what time registration opens at on the day? Will we collect our race numbers there too? Thanks a mill :)
Kate O'MahonyJan 3 2018, 11:07amJust wondering if a 2017 race voucher can be used in 2018? Thanks!
Andrew HanneyJan 3 2018, 11:24amYes you can use your 2017 voucher Kate.
Kate O'MahonyJan 3 2018, 3:15pmSuper, thanks Andrew!
Derek O'SullivanJan 8 2018, 2:19pmcan we use our 2017 timing chip?
Paddy O'SheaJan 8 2018, 10:28pmHow do I purchase IMRA membership for my son and daughter (14 & 12)? Do I have to set up a separate MYIMRA account for each? There was no option for multiple purchase of membership when I renewed.
Paddy O'SheaJan 8 2018, 10:29pmHow do I purchase IMRA membership for my son and daughter (14 & 12)? Do I have to set up a separate MYIMRA account for each? There was no option for multiple purchase of membership when I renewed.
Paddy O'SheaJan 8 2018, 10:29pmHow do I purchase IMRA membership for my son and daughter (14 & 12)? Do I have to set up a separate MYIMRA account for each? There was no option for multiple purchase of membership when I renewed.
Graham K. BusheJan 9 2018, 12:09amHi Paddy, you need to set up an account for each member. I've done it the past couple of years for my 2 son's. I used my gmail for one and my hotmail for the other (each member requires a unique email address). Membership and race entry fees will be based on their ages so you can enter their details correctly.
Stuart ScottJan 9 2018, 9:08amHi Paddy, Graham, I've no idea if it'll work with the IMRA site but if you have gmail addresses, you could set them up using the '+' feature that gmail supports.

E.g.,, will all redirect to the same location in gmail so each one could be used as a separate account on the IMRA site.
Paddy O'SheaJan 9 2018, 10:57amThanks for the advice, I'll try the + option in Gmail, it would make things easier.
Joseph BoyleJan 9 2018, 2:32pmPol,
Disappointed to see that the general registration only started at 100 this year, I got on early to get a good number and ended up with 105. How much does it cost to get a number below 100???
Being a nerd I copied all the numbers onto an excel sheet to see if the rest were in order and I note that there are two groups of two with the same number.
I don't want to list any names but there are two 522's and two 541's.
Gavan DuffyJan 9 2018, 2:50pmHa that's gas! I was at the same craic to get a low number, and got 111! I logged in early last year and got No. 9. I thought if I logged in at a min past 12 I might get No. 1!
Pól Ó MurchúJan 9 2018, 3:10pmIt was Gavan's impatience that drove me to it :-) haha. You could be onto something there though. How much would you pay for number 1? Because being president certainly isn't worth the hassle that comes with the number! Now behave or you'll also get 541 :-)
Ray LinnJan 10 2018, 9:11pmFolks,,, Bought membership and entry for Howth. I don't have a chip. Do I need also to buy a chip?

Laura FlynnJan 10 2018, 9:25pmChips will be given out at Howth Ray.
Ray LinnJan 10 2018, 9:42pmThanks Laura,,, much appreciated!!
Pól Ó MurchúJan 11 2018, 2:59pmRegarding Chips for 2018 if you ran in ran in 2017 and still have your chip please bring it along to your first race. It will need to be assigned to your new number but will work fine. If you have not run in 2017 or before you will be given a new chip. If you have lost 2017 we can arrange to replace this. Many thanks.
Tim ChapmanJan 11 2018, 3:04pm2017 and 2018 ??
Pól Ó MurchúJan 11 2018, 5:06pm??? thats what I said...
Laura FlynnJan 11 2018, 9:21pmWe’ve a great team assembled for Sunday so thank you all.
It’s going to be busy with more than 90 pre-registered and probably another 90-100 turning up on the day. I’ll allocate roles to all volunteers tomorrow.

To all runners, system is the same as in previous years :

1. Collect your new number.
2. Collect your new chip or have your old chip reprogrammed.
3. If pre-registered go to that table and sign in...your name will be on a pre-printed sheet.
4. If paying with voucher go to that table, have card punched and sign in.
5. If collecting new voucher please bring confirmation email.
Evan WrightJan 12 2018, 11:39amSorry if this is an obvious question/answer.

I purchased annual membership online last night for €10 and got the confirmation email containing my race number.

Is that all I need to bring to Corrin Hill on Sunday? Do I get race number & timing chip on the day?
John CondonJan 12 2018, 11:58amHi Evan,

That's all you need for signing up alright. For the race, be sure to pre-register on line or alternatively, you can purchase a 10 race voucher and collect at the race.

Seán HarteJan 12 2018, 12:06pmEvan, for races in the Munster Leagues there's no pre-entry available. You just have to turn up with the confirmation email and €5. You'll then be given a race number that you hold on to for the year. Also, there's no chip timing in Munster League races.
Seamus O'ConnellJan 12 2018, 12:06pmEvan,
You will be able to pay on the day at Corrin Hill.
Just bring your proof of registration and you can collect your number at the race
Evan WrightJan 12 2018, 1:50pmThanks guys, much appreciated :)
Laura FlynnJan 12 2018, 7:12pmI’ve allocated the following roles to volunteers. As always, if anyone has any problem let me know:

CAR PARK - David Rouse. Be nice to the golfers and avoid parking on race route.


PRE-REGISTERED RUNNERS table - Grace Egan and David Pender. Make sure everyone signs the sign-in sheet and does so legibly.

VOUCHERS TABLE - Renata Rogic and Joseph Boyle. Make sure they sign their name and against the pre-printed list.

NUMBERS - Vivian O’Gorman, Edward Murphy and John Ahern.

CHIP table -

FINISH CHUTE - Grace Egan and Edward Murphy; David Pender and Joseph Boyle

MARSHALLS - Mary Collins, Jeff Swords and Brian Farren.

If you could be there by 9.30am please. Mary, I know you’ll be later and that’s fine. ANyone else with a difficulty just let me know and we’ll work around it.
Brian FarrenJan 12 2018, 9:29pmHi Laura, I have an ankle injury. I wonder could you give me a volunteer role with less walking, if possible. Thanks
Laura FlynnJan 12 2018, 10:09pmNo problem Brian. I need a Marshall for the turn around 200m from the finish to prevent people running in to the golf course. Would that suit? You wouldn’t need to arrive until 10.30 or so as it will only take a few mins for you to walk there.
Conor O'FarrellJan 12 2018, 11:26pmWhat time does registration close. The first dart doesn’t get to Howth until 10:05.
Gavan DuffyJan 12 2018, 11:35pmHi Conor, are you coming from Ratoath on Sunday?
Conor O'FarrellJan 13 2018, 1:06amHi Gavan

No, I’ll be heading across from the southside on public transport.
Laura FlynnJan 13 2018, 8:41amRegistration will close at 10.45 Conor.. hopefully that will give you enough time.
Paul PageJan 13 2018, 11:55amFirst time doing an IMRA race tomorrow so forgive me if this is a stupid question -just wondering is there any supervised area where runners can leave a bag? Travelling by train to get there and wanted to leave a fleece and some tracksuit bottoms somewhere for after the race.
Brian FarrenJan 13 2018, 12:04pmHi Laura, I can do that, thanks.
Laura FlynnJan 13 2018, 12:06pmYes Paul, you can leave in registration area. While it should be safe enough, we don’t accept any responsibility so best not to leave anything too valuable in it. I can hold your wallet or phone for you if you like.
Paul PageJan 13 2018, 12:40pmBrilliant, thanks Laura. Looking forward to it!
Barry PhairJan 13 2018, 3:27pmHi, this will be my first time doing an imra race.

Is there a bag drop at the race? I'll be travelling by public transport.
Mick HanneyJan 13 2018, 8:29pmBarry, some people leave stuff at start/finish line at their own risk. Or, ask a fellow runner if you could stash your bag in their car. People would be happy to help. Cheers, Mick
Barry PhairJan 13 2018, 8:37pmThanks Mick.

I don't know how I didn't see the two messages directly above.
Kevin MarnaneJan 14 2018, 2:42pmThanks for another great race guys! Fun as always!! Organising the weather for the day was probably your crowing achievement! Impressive!
Pól Ó MurchúJan 14 2018, 2:52pmHope you all enjoyed today race. Thanks to Laura for doing RD. Very well organised race.

Provisional results up. A few errors to be corrected but if there is anything that you notice please pop us a message pol.omurchu @ Thank You.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJan 14 2018, 3:13pmThanks Laura and volunteers for a great race today. Really enjoyed it.
Mick O'CeallaighJan 14 2018, 3:38pmMany thanks to the kind lady who covered my entry fee. Had a very badly organised morning. If you want to pass your details onto the admin or something I'll gladly cover your next race, thanks again. Mick.
Paul V MitchellJan 14 2018, 3:46pmHope the girl who fell near the start is ok.
Derek O'BrienJan 14 2018, 3:56pmGreat race today, thanks to the organisers. I forgot my watch today, what was the exact distance?
Luke McMullanJan 14 2018, 4:23pmHi Pol. Sent you an email as well there. I seem to be missing from results. Luke McMullan 270 and Emma deBarra 944. Many thanks Luke
Sarah SteerJan 14 2018, 5:34pmThanks very much indeed to the IMRA mechanics, Viv and Brendan, for coming to my aid earlier!
Malgorzata SadowskaJan 14 2018, 5:53pmGreat craic! Thanks to the organisers!!
Pol, I’ve dropped you an email too, I seem to be missing from the list (Malgorzata Sadowska - 961) so as my friend Seamus (Seamus Byrne - 960). It would be great to know the scores. Thanks! Gosia
Ian HarrisonJan 14 2018, 6:45pmHi Pól, also sent an email there about my results.
Andrew WhiteJan 14 2018, 6:45pmThanks Laura and volunteers for the usual great race to start the year.

Delighted to be first ould lad!
Laura FlynnJan 14 2018, 7:45pmAs Race Director I want to say a huge thank-you to the great team I had around me today for your contribution to a really enjoyable day out. Each and every one of you were so willing and patient and good-humored.....thank-you for making my job so easy. Thank you also to Jim Fitzharris for a stepping up to RD Hellfire next week and giving me one less thing to worry about.

We had a few hiccups which is be expected. Main one being the fact that some 10-12 runners took the incorrect route home. As it was the first race of the year and I was of the view that the impact on the overall placings was not considerable, I made the decision, rightly or wrongly, to allow the results to stand. IMRA policy going forward however, as was ventilated at length on the forum last year after Djouce, is that the onus on the runner is to know the route so, going forward, if you go wrong, you will be DNFed.

We also had more runners come home than we sent out!, This is a perennial problem and the reason is quite simple. People rock up too late to register and they decide “ ah sure I’ll join in anyway ..what the hell”. They then proceed to run the race and run through the finish line delighted with person today even shouted out a number, totally confusing the recorders. I don’t know what the answer is but no harm that you’re all aware of it.
Despite this I think we all had a great day so well done to all legitimate participants today and heres to a great year ahead.
Brendan LawlorJan 14 2018, 8:09pmWell done today Laura and all your helpers- great start to 2018!

‘Bags’ ‘Mugs’ ‘Art O Neill’ O Murchu was looking none the worse for his great AON finish the day before- El Pres is hard core!
John MollohanJan 14 2018, 9:22pmSmashing job today. Thanks to all. An fhoireann is fearr....
Pól Ó MurchúJan 15 2018, 12:00amI've amended and added a few results which needed amending or adding but if there's any I've missed can you let me know pol.omurchu @ Also if I mailed you in relation to a query you might respond so I can fix.
Many thanks,
Paul PageJan 15 2018, 2:46pmThanks to all the volunteers who helped make my first IMRA run such a good experience. I put up a race report in the report section, very much aimed at those who like me, may have been curious about these races but didn't feel confident enough to transition from road to mountain running. Hope it might encourage others to give it a go!
Richard MoriartyJan 15 2018, 5:34pmGreat report Paul...reminded me of how I felt after my first run!!..welcome to the club
Richard MoriartyJan 15 2018, 5:34pmGreat report Paul...reminded me of how I felt after my first run!!..welcome to the club
Trevor KerleyJan 15 2018, 8:33pmBrilliant report Paul. As others have said it takes me back to my first few races. Usually it's the front runners who write the reports so refreshing to read yours. Keep it up
Paul PageJan 15 2018, 9:05pmThanks Richard, thanks Trevor, much appreciated.
Paul PageJan 15 2018, 9:05pmThanks Richard, thanks Trevor, much appreciated.
Paul PageJan 15 2018, 9:05pmThanks Richard, thanks Trevor, much appreciated.
Paul PageJan 15 2018, 9:05pmThanks Richard, thanks Trevor, much appreciated.
Laura FlynnJan 16 2018, 7:00pmDid any of the volunteers take away the sign in sheets etc from Sunday by any chance. If so can you email me at my Imra email address please. Thanks
Alan KilbrideJan 26 2018, 1:20pmGreat race report Paul!

I've showed it to a few people who are thinking of joining as well and they found it really useful!
Paul PageJan 27 2018, 9:50amThanks Alan - hopefully it will encourage a few more to have a go.