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Jean O'NeillJul 13 2013, 9:48pmI wish to volunteer as a non-runner for this event. Don't know how to access 'my IMRA'.
Richard NunanJul 14 2013, 8:43pmI have added you Jean, Thanks
Vivian O'GormanJul 15 2013, 11:58pmHi Folks,

Just need a First Aid Person and if someone wants to go for a walk a Summit Marshall.

Race registration will be at Fentons from 11am. It will close at 12.30pm.

If volunteers can be at Fentons as near to 11 as possible that will be grand.

Any early starters can go between 11 and 11.30am

It is a good 10/15 minute walk from Fentons to the start of the race so give yourselves plenty of time to register and get to the start.

The race route will NOT be marked so please have a map of the course and a compass with you. Despite the fantastic weather - which is looking good for Saturday - there is still a chance of mist on top of Log. Also have a longsleeved rain jacket with you as well. We'll make a decision on this at the race start.

Prizegiving will be at Fentons after the race.

Bring your own water and please take all your rubbish home with you.
Vivian O'GormanJul 16 2013, 12:00amCan somebody accept me as Race Director for this race. I can't accept anybody otherwise - Thanks
henny brandsmaJul 16 2013, 8:50amHi Vivian.
If you can givev me a lift,i will do the summit marshall job,
regards Henny.
Richard NunanJul 16 2013, 8:57amDone their Vivian, Thanks
Vivian O'GormanJul 16 2013, 11:39amThanks Henny and Richard. Still looking for a First Aider.
Jean O'NeillJul 16 2013, 1:55pmRichard, Thank you for adding me to the volunteer list. This volunteering is a requirement for league prize--I didn't realise until last week that I needed TWO non-running ones. So please can you notify the powers that be? Thanks.
Vivian O'GormanJul 16 2013, 8:25pmThanks for that Paul. I will have the first aid bag with me on Saturday.

I now have enough volunteers.
Gary RevinsJul 16 2013, 10:00pmHi. I'd like to give this race a go but it will be my first attempt. I haven't even walked/hiked this mountain. Would it be irresponsible to take part? I could tag along with a group.
John J BarryJul 16 2013, 10:24pmGary, you know your own abilities better than anybody here.

Are you fit enough for a challenging Irish Championship race?

The nature of championship races are small fields spread across the route.
There will not be 'groups' to follow. If fact you may not have anybody to follow after the first couple km.

One must be able to navigate along the entire route.
Gary RevinsJul 17 2013, 6:41amHi John. Thanks for replying. I would be fit enough alright but the navigation is the thing. I have no experience with navigating. Think ill give it a miss. Don't want to be getting lost up there.
John J BarryJul 17 2013, 8:17amGary,

Can you make Wednesday evening races? They are far better suited for casual hill runners that do not have the experience of wide open empty mountains.

Declan ByrneJul 18 2013, 6:53amSorry vivian, had to un-volunteer for saturday due to work,i was down for non running helper. Sorry about the late notice.
Vivian O'GormanJul 18 2013, 1:33pmWeather looking good for Saturday. But still be prepared for mist on top of Log - so don't forget your map and compass, longsleeved top, sun cream and water.

Remember to bring all of these to the race start which is a 10/15 minute walk from race registration at Fentons. Race start time is 1pm.

Thanks for letting me know Declan. Sorry you have to work! But I still have enough volunteers.
Ger PowerJul 18 2013, 5:34pmHi Vivian

If you want someone to replace Declan I an available as a non running volunteer.

Daniela BoehmJul 19 2013, 7:07pmHi,
if anyone wants a lift to the race tomorrow: we'll be leaving Ranelagh (passing through Terenure/Tallaght)at 10.30 and have space for one more. Daniela zero86two 016784
Cormac MacDonnellJul 19 2013, 7:31pmHi Vivian,
Might it be possible to post a bit more info on the race route ? the map is pretty basic and information on race route seems limited ? Cheers Cormac
Gerard CunninghamJul 19 2013, 9:18pmCormac

if you click on the events tab and select an earlier year you may get more details. A map of the route from previous years is at the link below. I can't vouch that the start/finish is the same but it gives you a rough idea of the route and the main changes in direction and gradient
James H CahillJul 20 2013, 6:29pmThank you to Vivian and all the volunteers for a great race today (and especially for the additional water at the end - it was much needed). Perhaps, the dial on the oven that was Log Na Coille today could be turned down a notch or two for next year
Mick HanneyJul 20 2013, 6:54pmWell that was hot! A faint breeze was all that protected us from an all out baking but it was still hotter than I can ever recall running in. The ground was as ground as its ever going to be and the views were tremendous.

Thanks Vivian and crew. Particularly Henny for the lonely station at the top and Paul Nolan for patching up my scrapes at the end.

Congrats Brian on another win. A close run thing pipping Diarmuid in the closing stages.
John CondonJul 20 2013, 7:37pmMany thanks to Vivian and the rest of the crew. That was a race I'll not forget for a long time.
And of course many thanks to Daniela for the delicious cakes.
Michael BligheJul 21 2013, 8:44amFair play to everyone for running in that heat yesterday - tough race!

Just a query on the results as I'm sure I finished ahead of at least 2 people who are currently down as finishing ahead of me. Unless I was hallucinating...which is a possibility!

Thanks to all for a great race.
Conor MurphyJul 21 2013, 1:30pmFound that fairly savage, scraped into top half but bonked on way down.

Think I'll remember the dip in the river Ercus found, and the poppyseed and lemon cake that tasted wonderful, all that went before wax a bit of a blur.
caitlín BentJul 21 2013, 1:52pmAfter what seems like my 1,000th time on " Lug' i'v never experienced such heat! But it was all worth it for those cool lagers and Daniella's lovely homemade cakes outside Fenton's:) Thanks to all who made it happen again.
Val JonesJul 21 2013, 2:43pmI don't think there was anything wrong with the results, Michael. We weren't under pressure at any stage, the only thing I might have missed is adjusting an early start time but I think I got them all. The time was taken as you passed the laptop table - most who had finished were recovering in the shade just before the finish.

Great admiration for all you guys who did the race in that heat and recorded good times
Brían O'MearaJul 22 2013, 3:53pmThat was bloody hot. Hottest hill run I've ever done, anyway. Enjoyable all the same.

Thanks to Vivian and the volunteers on a well run event.