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European & Youths Trials

Trials for European Championships
Saturday 9 June, 2012
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
7 (1,3,3) - Easy Terrain, >500M ascent, >10Km
Race Marking:
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
GPS Allowed:
Entry details:
No entry details have been entered for this event yet. Entries for league events usually open a couple of weeks before the event
Getting There:
Upper lake Glendalough car park and from there walk across to information centre (200m).
Organisers Instructions:
Senior men: Short lap then two long laps (11,350m & 545m climb)
Senior women: Short lap followed by long lap (6,550m & 320m climb)
Youths and Juniors (boys): Three short laps (5,650m & 295m climb)
Youths and Juniors (girls): Two short laps (3,700m & 195m climb)

The trials will be held on a figure 8 type course with both loops run in a clockwise direction. The start of all races will be on the Wicklow Way at a track junction on the eastern side of the Poulanass waterfall. The route initially climbs up a zig-zag forest road. When this path meets the Wicklow Way, the short lap turns right across the two bridges and then descends on the forest path on the western side of the waterfall (not the WW steps path).

The long lap does not cross the two bridges. Instead turn left when the first climb meets the WW and then take a quick right turn (after 50m) onto a narrow mountain trail (this is a short cut off the WW). When this rough track rejoins the WW, turn right (uphill). Follow the WW when it turns right at the next junction. At the next junction the WW takes a sharp left towards Mullacor. Do not take this sharp left turn. Instead the trial course keeps right to head back towards Glendalough and descend as per short lap. The finish of all races is where the forest road meets the WW at the foot of the steps.

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Youths International selection criteria: Two girls and two boys teams of three runners each. First three in Youths trial and three others based on trial race and mountain running and cross-country/road performances in 2011/2012. All selection is subject to the athlete being capable of finishing within 5% of the trial winners time and 15% of the international race winners time. Only athletes who meet the criteria will be selected. Selected athletes should be registered with Athletics Ireland.

For European and Snowdon selection criteria, see IMRA pages for those events.


Volunteers (Non-Running)

You need to have done 2 non-running volunteer roles in a calendar year to qualify for end of year prize

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Volunteers (Running)

Check with race director if they have a need for people volunteering and running. Race directors need a minimum number of people available throughout the race to make the race work so non-running volunteers are preferable. While it can be helpful, volunteering in a volunteer and race capacity does not count towards qualifying for end of year prize

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