Irish Mountain
Running Association

Virtual Relay Charity Race #2 - Mountain Rescue


Team NameClubRace timeHandicapRunning time
1Silent Hill0:56:410:00:000:56:41
2Free Bird1:02:050:00:001:02:05
3Free Willy1:02:140:00:001:02:14
4Over The Hills And far Away1:03:070:00:001:03:07
5I Want To Break Free1:03:480:00:001:03:48
6The Hills Are Alive...1:08:030:00:001:08:03
7Brokeback Mountain1:09:570:00:001:09:57
8Notting Hill1:11:170:00:001:11:17
9Caught In A Trap1:11:180:00:001:11:18
10Joe Versus The Volcano1:11:250:00:001:11:25
11River Deep, Mountain High1:13:330:00:001:13:33
12Set Me Free1:14:080:00:001:14:08
13Running Up That Hill1:14:430:00:001:14:43
14A Walk In The Woods1:15:300:00:001:15:30
15Googling Movies With Hill In The Title1:16:270:00:001:16:27
16Wide Open Spaces1:16:510:00:001:16:51
17The Great Escape1:16:510:00:001:16:51
18The Hills Have Eyes1:18:580:00:001:18:58
19Born Free1:21:520:00:001:21:52
20The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine1:22:070:00:001:22:07
21Rocky Mountain High1:25:120:00:001:25:12
22Escape To Victory1:27:240:00:001:27:24
23Run To The Hills1:29:390:00:001:29:39
24Cold Mountain1:30:290:00:001:30:29
26Please Release Me1:34:090:00:001:34:09
27The Oregon Trail1:40:400:00:001:40:40
28House on Haunted Hill1:51:170:00:001:51:17
29I'm Free to Do What I Want2:00:400:00:002:00:40
N/CI Think I'm Alone Now1:29:17-1:01:580:27:19

Leg 1

NameNumberCatTime% of WinnerTeam
1David Power1241M350:17:39100%Silent Hill
2Rich Costelloe2604M450:17:46101%I Want To Break Free
3Torben Dahl2596M400:18:33105%Free Willy
4Philip Cohen1818M0:18:43106%Freedom
5Eoghan O'Gorman921M0:20:42117%Running Up That Hill
6Martin O'Donnell2609M0:20:50118%Wide Open Spaces
7Ger Donaghue2209M400:20:56119%Over The Hills And far Away
8Seán Peyton498M0:21:15120%Googling Movies With Hill In The Title
9Graham K. Bushe966M500:21:40123%Born Free
10Daniel Byrne2528MJ0:21:49124%Free Bird
11Dylan Whelan2588M350:22:14126%Joe Versus The Volcano
12John McCann849M450:22:53130%The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
13Stephen Brennan601M600:23:03131%The Great Escape
14Dave Docherty816M400:23:09131%The Oregon Trail
15David Connell1060M350:23:25133%Brokeback Mountain
16Igor Gonzalez-Guridi1722M450:24:07137%River Deep, Mountain High
17Laura Flynn1F550:24:58141%Caught In A Trap
18Martin Butler1400M550:25:14143%Cold Mountain
19Lorna Buckley1371F0:25:54147%A Walk In The Woods
20Aisling Corkery1630F400:25:57147%The Hills Are Alive...
21John O'Donovan1711M0:26:38151%Escape To Victory
22Berndt Heim1611M500:27:15154%Rocky Mountain High
23Leo Mahon1360M700:28:14160%Notting Hill
24Jenny Uí Shé1486F450:29:00164%The Hills Have Eyes
25John Shiels1038M500:29:32167%Set Me Free
26Noel Barron446M450:37:41214%Please Release Me
27Phil behan713M350:42:31241%Run To The Hills
28Gordon Place409M451:02:27354%House on Haunted Hill
29Michael O'Rourke166M401:02:27354%I'm Free to Do What I Want

Leg 2

NameNumberCatTime% of WinnerTeam
1Shane O'Reilly823M0:17:51100%Notting Hill
2Tim Charnecki1041M450:19:28109%Silent Hill
3Rian MacMaolain1429M0:19:40110%Over The Hills And far Away
4Mick Hanney364M500:19:57112%Free Bird
5Ronan Hickey2603M400:20:37115%The Hills Are Alive...
6James Sharkey2545M350:21:01118%Free Willy
7Eoin O'Neill896M450:21:17119%I Want To Break Free
8Sallie Ennis1207F400:21:27120%Set Me Free
9Tiarnan Johnston2552M400:21:57123%Joe Versus The Volcano
10Jeff Swords1737M400:22:51128%The Hills Have Eyes
11daniela lubiscakova1047F0:23:02129%Caught In A Trap
12Niamh O'Gorman90F350:24:06135%Run To The Hills
13Conor Nolan1082M600:24:13136%House on Haunted Hill
14John J Barry263M550:24:52139%Rocky Mountain High
15Barry Crosse814M400:25:39144%The Great Escape
16Miriam Maher6F450:25:45144%Cold Mountain
17Alicia Christofi-Walshe566F400:26:03146%Escape To Victory
18Aileen Bright1697F400:26:47150%Googling Movies With Hill In The Title
19Dee Bohan1234F550:26:48150%Brokeback Mountain
20Alice Clancy247F400:27:06152%Born Free
21Alysha Hutchinson1812F350:28:07158%A Walk In The Woods
22Vivian O'Gorman1302M650:28:11158%River Deep, Mountain High
23Joyce Tracey1176F450:29:22165%I'm Free to Do What I Want
24Dan Geelon1508M600:29:46167%Wide Open Spaces
25Joan Stapleton861F550:30:55173%Running Up That Hill
26Darron Tracey1175M450:31:13175%Please Release Me
27Rachel Cinnsealach543F400:34:44195%The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
28Darren Hickey196M0:35:48201%The Oregon Trail
29Cian Charnecki1698M140:45:56257%Freedom

Leg 3

NameNumberCatTime% of WinnerTeam
1Martin Cullen2506M350:19:34100%Silent Hill
2Richard Nunan11M500:19:44101%Brokeback Mountain
3Thomas Galvin1606M500:20:19104%Free Bird
4Eoin Syron1717M350:21:15109%River Deep, Mountain High
5Shay Foody1585M350:21:29110%The Hills Are Alive...
6John Langenbach1131M400:21:29110%A Walk In The Woods
7Ronan Lynch267M500:22:31115%Over The Hills And far Away
8Patrick Kissane404M350:22:40116%Free Willy
9John Bell1745M400:23:02118%Run To The Hills
10Pól Ó Murchú2M400:23:06118%Running Up That Hill
11Ben Conroy1572M500:23:09118%Set Me Free
12Orla McEvoy1036F400:23:18119%Caught In A Trap
13Mike Jordan826M350:24:30125%The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
14Brian Farren1071M500:24:37126%House on Haunted Hill
15Stephanie Bergin2614F400:24:45126%I Want To Break Free
16Niamh O'Ceallaigh1759F400:25:12129%Notting Hill
17Paul Sweeney366M0:25:15129%Please Release Me
18Seán Manning766M450:26:15134%Wide Open Spaces
19Pat Cadogan1105M550:27:07139%The Hills Have Eyes
20Anne Hodge2345F450:27:14139%Joe Versus The Volcano
21Conor O'Farrell666M450:27:19140%I Think I'm Alone Now
22John Fitzgerald833M650:27:54143%Freedom
23Emer Conroy1684F400:28:09144%The Great Escape
24Daniela Boehm1727F400:28:25145%Googling Movies With Hill In The Title
25Andreas Kusch1270M500:28:51147%I'm Free to Do What I Want
26Henny Brandsma2280M700:33:05169%Rocky Mountain High
27Stephen O Keeffe773M350:33:06169%Born Free
28Karen Devenney78F400:34:43177%Escape To Victory
29Maike Jürgens924F350:39:30202%Cold Mountain
30Brian Fennessy1622M400:41:43213%The Oregon Trail