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Virtual Relay Charity Race #2 - Mountain Rescue

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Conor O'FarrellMay 20 2020, 1:39pmOh, lookie what we have here!
Dave DochertyMay 20 2020, 3:08pmGood man Con. Fair play. Should be fun.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 6 2020, 12:54pmJust a quick message to remind you all that the above virtual relay is on this week. Run to take place over Tuesday or Wednesday 5k distance and with the revised rules on lock-down some may even be able to get to the mountains. Money raised from this will be donated to Mountain Rescue so a very worthy cause and one that any of us who use the mountains regularly could find ourselves needing so day so please support.
Dylan WhelanJun 7 2020, 6:29pmHi it says on the event page that times must be submitted online.
Just wondering where? I don't see a link?
Richard NunanJun 7 2020, 8:00pmHi Dylan,

I am sure the page will be updated shortly - but judging by the last race - you would send the email as outlined below

In your email (to, please include:
- Your 2020 race number.
- Your race time.
- A link to your run (Garmin, Strava etc.), if possible. I know not everyone uses the fancy GPS watches, but I thought it would be nice to share for this event if you have one that I could put in a race report.
Upload a photo of you doing your run in the event page.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 7 2020, 9:20pmHi Dylan, I think Connor will be putting up a link once the race opens for running where you will input your result but as Richard said page will be updated with full instructions shortly.
Conor O'FarrellJun 7 2020, 11:06pmHi All

I will be emailing a link to a submission form to all participants once registration closes. Times and other details need to be entered into the form.

Henny BrandsmaJun 9 2020, 1:20pmHi Connor, did this morning my virtual 5 km run, but can't find any link to download my time. Any idee anybody what to do.
Regards Henny Brandsma race no. 2280.
Conor O'FarrellJun 9 2020, 2:35pmHi All

I sent out a link this morning, you should have all got it. I will resend it again shortly, just in case.

Ger DonaghueJun 9 2020, 2:54pmGreat I've not received a link either. Thanks.
Jenny Uí ShéJun 9 2020, 3:27pmHi Conor I didn’t receive a link either but can
Send to results@imra is that ok?
Henny BrandsmaJun 9 2020, 5:53pmHi Conor, until know still did not receive link, so just posting my time and race number for today's run.
Time Marley Park run 33.05.
Henny Brandsma no. 2280.
John FitzgeraldJun 9 2020, 6:26pmHi Conor.
No link received. My time for the 5K run 27.54.
Race number 833. John Fitzgerald
Graham K. BusheJun 9 2020, 7:20pmI thought I was in the same forgotten list, until I realised that my email provider had sent the message to "junk". Some others may need to check their folders for the email. Fingers crossed and best of luck to all.
Thanks to the committee and Con for organizing.
Conor O'FarrellJun 11 2020, 9:59amHi All

I'm still waiting for 10 or so times to be entered. Please enter ASAP. I will post the results up once I have them all, or I will cut off at 6pm this evening. If you have any difficulty posting them to the link, please email to

Dylan WhelanJun 11 2020, 9:49pmI replied but can you make sure you received it please
Henny BrandsmaJun 11 2020, 9:52pmHi Conor, just looked through the results of mountain rescue virtual relay race, could not find my name in the results, same applies for John Fitzgerald, neither of us received a link so posted our times on the forum, any way great to be out again after my knee operation and a great well done on race direct this event for a very good course.
Henny Brandsma.
Lillian DeeganJun 11 2020, 10:04pmGood man Henny.

Great to hear your back with running legs. I miss the ailment on and off chats :) Continued good health to you.
Conor O'FarrellJun 11 2020, 10:42pmLeave it with me Henny. I’ll get ye added in a bit.

Alice ClancyJun 11 2020, 10:46pmThanks Conor for the much needed midweek motivation!
Mick HanneyJun 12 2020, 1:26pmThanks for organising - any incentive to keep us training and racing is welcome and always good to help these good causes.

Just a thought, for virtual race 3... if only time is taken into account then getting out onto hills is probably discouraged, unless a formula can be found for Time + meters gained to better balance it out in the hill runners favour. Any thoughts?
Gordon PlaceJun 12 2020, 1:52pmBut it might discourage the downhill road lads ;)

Too much science for me to work out but something like Strava's GAP?
Michael O'RourkeJun 12 2020, 2:04pmThe results submission form asked on this occasion for elevation. I don't recall that being requested for relay #1 presumably because it would be difficult to muster vertical in a 2k race especially with radial restrictions precluding getting on to hills for many entrants. I'm wondering what was done with the elevation figures from this week? Were they tabulated in some way? Alice and Emily posted a race report with route descriptions so maybe those plus vertical figures could be collated and posted on the forum this time too. Just a thought.
Gordon PlaceJun 12 2020, 2:25pmSeeing as it's only a bit of craic to keep us going, maybe #3 could be the team with the most elevation gained? I know not everyone has access to a steep hill but it is only for the fun of it and there's always the stairs....
Conor O'FarrellJun 12 2020, 6:37pmHi All

If there is anyone left to submit their times, can you please do so. There are incomplete teams and it would be nice to get them all included.

Gordon PlaceJun 12 2020, 7:52pmHi Conor, I neglected to say thanks earlier! Thank you and everyone involved for the motivation and fun
Dylan WhelanJun 13 2020, 1:03pmThanks a million for taking the time to organise
Hope a few Bob was collected.
Just one question maybe I missed it, how do you know which team you are on?
John FitzgeraldJun 19 2020, 10:51pmHi Conor. Looking forward to the next Virtual Charity 5K on the 24th.
Can you put Henny and my times on the results for the race on the 9th.

Henny. 33.05 Race no. 2280.

John 27.54 Race no. 833.

Can't wait to get back on the hills again.

Thanks Conor.