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John Dempsey79Feb 28 2012, 2:02pmAnyone able to tell me how I go about entering a team into this please?
Stuart ScottFeb 28 2012, 2:09pmHi John,

I haven't officially opened entries yet, but send me an email on stuart D-OT scott A--T imra DO-T ie. I can't reserve places but I will let you know when I am accepting entries so you can get the form in then.


John Dempsey79Feb 28 2012, 2:13pmThanks for the swift reply Stuart, email sent
Hopefully see you 26th May
Dermot MurphyMar 20 2012, 9:57pmNow accepting entries for the relay.
Derek CharlesMar 21 2012, 1:26pmHi Dermot,

Previously entries went to Joe, with a list of runners and entry fee. Where can I send both this year. Thank you.
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2012, 1:32pmPlease send to Stuart Scott. On the events page, there is a link to the registration form - Stuart's contact details are on that.
Derek CharlesMar 21 2012, 2:14pmThanks Dermot
Stuart ScottMar 21 2012, 2:56pm***WWR near to capacity!***

Hi all,

Since I put the entry form online (see the link in the Race Details above) I have received a phenonemal number of entries. Unless we solve the parking problem, there's not many more teams we can accept without damaging the viability of the event.

For all entries from now on, please email me a completed entry form (address is above) and I will let you know when to send a cheque.


Stuart ScottMar 22 2012, 9:51am*** ENTRIES CLOSED ***

Hi all,

As of 2am last night, I had 17 paid-up teams, 10 emails saying the cheque is in the post and interest from a further 17! I expect more in this morning's post too.

Therefore, I'm afraid I have to close entries. I'm amazed at the level of demand this year.

Those who emailed, if I don't have the cheque by Saturday morning I will have to release your place. For everyone else, please keep an eye on the forum and I will let you know if places become available.

As it stands, we are already going to have a major parking issue at some changeovers and I am looking at ways to address that.

I will post the confirmed entry list and the waiting list in a few days.


Jeff FitzsimonsMar 22 2012, 10:45amStuart, sounds like you're swamped with work, fair play to you for taking it all on.

My suggestion for a partial resoluion to the parking problem would be to enforce a requirement on each team to have a designated driver, or drivers, for the day.

Details of these individuals could then be put in the car pool system maybe and have them keep their cars as full as possible all day as they follow the race.

I know in the couple of years I've raced the relay part of the craic is following the race, so for those of us who don't make the grade for a team can maybe play our part that way.
Paul JoyceMar 28 2012, 10:34pmHi Stuart,

Fair play to you for carrying the torch from Joe and Nora, who burned it long and brightly.

Any chance of letting those that got in, knowing so? I'd like nothing more than to throw my weight around with a captain's swagger, but those darned minion's won't recce unless they know their team is confirmed.

Ronan HickeyApr 4 2012, 1:17pmFair play Stuart for ensuring this amazing race continues! Any sign of a list of the final confirmed teams? I need to put names to these 29 Voodoo dolls I bought.

Stuart ScottApr 5 2012, 1:19pmHi all,

Sorry for the quietness of late. The list of confirmed teams is available above so those voodoo dolls can now be put to work Ronan! I won't publish the runner names yet as they're bound to change - some seem to have offered themselves to a few different teams so it'll be interesting to see the bribes come out now!

I will need a few marshals on the day. If you can help out, please let me know.

Regarding parking, if we could restrict teams to one car each at the chokepoints (Curtlestown, Lough Tay, Oldbridge and Ironbridge) we could open the race up to the few extra teams on the waiting list. Jeff's designated driver system would work well, but needs support from everyone. What do you think? It is also conditional on having enough marshals to 'encourage' sensible parking. Or if you know anyone with a spare field to hand...

For the teams that got a place - congratulations and happy recce-ing! Remember, recces are compulsory unless you can read (and carry) a map. It's not fair on the marshals who have to wait around, or your team mates.

Paul NolanApr 5 2012, 2:45pmLEG 5 RE-ROUTING

Due to planned tree felling activity in the Pollanass area the WW is to be temporarily re-routed with the change to come into effect in the next few weeks.

Gareth LittleApr 6 2012, 12:47pm
I'm doing a recce of leg 1 tomorrow if anyone wants to join me? It will be an out and back run so it will be ~30K in total.


Gareth - garethlittle at
Turlough ConwayApr 6 2012, 5:43pmA few years ago, In mind of IMRA members giving something back to the environment where we enjoy our sport, 4 of us (Christina Sherlock, Caroline Reid, Brendan Doherty and myself) took a day to clean up the area on Leg 2 around the Glencree river which had been subjected to severe littering and dumping by campers.

This year, to keep the positive action towards our environment going, could i suggest that all team captains ask team members reccing to carry a bag with them for collecting any odd bits of litter spotted?

It seems a very easy way to get and keep the Wicklow way spotless and clean and would be a not insignificant gesture from us for the good of all people who use it.

Hope this meets with support from our team captains.

Mick HanneyApr 6 2012, 10:42pmLimiting cars to 1 per team is problematic. A more realistic option is to post car pooling details, so runners running the same leg share to minimise car use. Closer to the day when people are more certain of the legs they need to run this information could be shared perhaps with a view to cutting down on traffic.
Stuart ScottApr 8 2012, 6:49pmHi Mick,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'd considered that before alright but as you know, car pooling is very hard to enforce and also we wouldn't know until the last minute. And I think the camaraderie of teams traveling together is one of the great things about the race. There's no reason why carpooling couldn't be used in conjunction with another method though - there'll always be runners who'd prefer to head home early. - and it's something which should definitely be encouraged.

Stuart ScottApr 19 2012, 4:16pmHi all,

With just over a month to go to the WWR, I'd like to mention a few things:

1) VOLUNTEERS - we still need a few more marshals on the day. If you missed out on a place, would you consider helping out instead? Please sign up on MyIMRA or let me know by email (and if you've a particular changeover in mind).

2) RECCES - Can I remind team captains that all runners need to recce their leg in advance (or carry an up-to-date map). This is for the sake of your teammates and the marshals but it is also an important safety issue. This applies even if you have run the same leg in previous years as the Coillte beavers cause regular diversions!

3) ROUTE CHANGES - If there are any significant changes that might cause confusion, please post details here and I'll try to compile a list (thanks Paul for kicking it off).

4) MAPS - If you have an up-to-date GPS track of the legs, send them on too and I'll see if I can map them.

5) LITTER - The forum has been very quiet but I'd like to endorse Turlough's recceing-binmen suggestion. The future of the race is dependent on the goodwill of many different parties and this is a great way to make a positive impact.

6) SUBS - There are still a few blanks on some of the teams. If you missed out and are looking for a run, feel free to post here with your vital statistics and some lonely team captains may come looking!

Mick HanneyApr 21 2012, 11:11pmTraversed some of leg 7 today near Tinahely. The gates I encountered where padlocked shut. 1st time I've seen that. Maybe they heard about gates being left open in relays before :-) In any event there are stiles beside the gates in question.
John Dempsey79Apr 22 2012, 10:59pmRan leg 1 yesterday, only 2 little scraps of wrapper to be picked up - looking good and litter free
Brendan CumminsApr 27 2012, 10:29pmHi everyone, female runner who missed out on a place would be available to stand in (or run) if a team is stuck, call Brendan 086 8290316
Paul JoyceApr 28 2012, 4:49pm
Boards team (1st in 2010, 3rd last year) have a couple of open spots for fast M's, on a racing team that is aiming to be among the medals again. Anyone who'd like to put their ability to good use on the day, please contact me at joyceart AT gmail DoT com, thanks!
Turlough ConwayMay 1 2012, 11:01am"Ran leg 1 yesterday, only 2 little scraps of wrapper to be picked up - looking good and litter free"

Good man John, not much effort but needs doing and well done. Keep the eyes skinned for the rubbish on your Recces folks! Thanks
james cottleMay 2 2012, 12:11pmRough and Ready may have an unexpected slot for a vet runner in the WWR. Likely leg would be Leg 4 (Oldbridge to Glendalough), but we can be flexible. Please contact me on if interested.
Frank BurkeMay 3 2012, 9:56pmJust wondering if there is a WW sign missing from the early stage of leg 5, after you cross the river over the wooden bridge. There was some white signage indicating no traffic.

Have satnav file created of the start point of each leg if of any use to people when collecting or dropping off teammates.

Stuart ScottMay 8 2012, 12:54pm*** ROUTE CLARIFICATION ***

Hi all,

In response to a query on another thread, I'd like to remind runners that the WW must be followed as signposted, unless specifically listed above in the Organiser's Instructions section. The Leg Descriptions document is a little out-of-date so I think this is the simplest solution.

Also, no shortcuts are allowed and teams risk being disqualified if reported. Not that anyone would of course...

If captains can remind their teams I'd be grateful.



Ian ConroyMay 10 2012, 9:29pmAm hoping to recce both the 6th and 7th legs (well, a few of us are - I'm not doing both) - wondering does anyone fancy it? Planning on meeting at Ironbridge at 11.00 am on Sunday...
Mick HanneyMay 10 2012, 9:50pmIan, I'm not in a position to run the recce of leg 7, but I could collect a couple of runners at the end of leg 7 (at Crossbridge) and drop ye back to Ironbridge if that helps. Let me know in advance if you need me. Cheers. Mick, 086 8539554.
Ian ConroyMay 10 2012, 11:36pmNice one Mick, sure I'll give you a shout tomorrow if it turns out we need you. It is very tricky organising all these recces though. Logistics!!
Mike JordanMay 11 2012, 10:14amHi Ian. I was planning on recce-ing Leg 7 on Sunday. Just sent you an email using the email address you have on MyIMRA. Let me know if you get it. Cheers
Caroline ReidMay 11 2012, 12:30pmAny leg 2 runners doing a recce this weekend or before the relay? Our Leg 2 runner would like to do the leg again before the relay. Can you contact me on 0864035910.
Many thanks
Stuart ScottMay 11 2012, 4:08pm*** UPDATED INFORMATION ***

Hi all,

4 important notes this weekend:

1) PARKING RESTRICTIONS - In order to reduce our impact at the 4 chokepoints (Curtlestown, Lough Tay, Oldbridge and Ironbridge), single-occupancy cars will not be allowed access these locations. Though allowances may be made if the incoming and outgoing runners agree a 'car handover' too. This is to reduce the time cars will be left unattended - last year some were left sticking out like dislocated thumbs hours after everyone else moved on so hopefully we can avoid that!

2) RECCES - With only two weekends to go, there's not much time left. If you have trouble with the logistics and don't feel like running double the distance, post a message here (as others have done) and hopefully get a chance to run with and/or knobble your competition.

3) VOLUNTEERS - any other helpers please?

4) UPDATED TEAM SHEETS and MEMBERSHIP FORMS - can team captains start sending on teamsheets once they're finalised so I can input them? And membership forms too for anyone without a 2012 race number.

Thanks everyone,

Catherine DevittMay 12 2012, 5:32pmPlan to recce Leg 8 during the week (either Monday or Wednesday). Anyone want to join me?
Brendan CumminsMay 14 2012, 8:41pmDue to an injury picked up at the weekend one of our runners is out
so we have a place available leg 5 or 6 optional call 086 8290316
Gareth LittleMay 14 2012, 9:39pm
Looking for a leg 2 or 5 runner for my team. Doesn't matter if your slow or fast! Give me a shout.
james cottleMay 15 2012, 9:19amAnd we're still looking for a vet for leg 4. Anyone interested please contact me on
Gareth LittleMay 15 2012, 12:17pm
Found my new leg 2 runner. Thx, Gareth
Henrik PetterssonMay 16 2012, 11:45amHi,

I'm available for a leg (long or short) if you are missing a runner. Please text or call me on 0831351161.

Mick HanneyMay 17 2012, 8:54pmSaw a few vehicles parked at the Derry river near Tinahely. Sincerely hope they aren't imra people doing recces. Parking is forbidden there and parking in unauthorised places on the way can cause access issues.
Jason KehoeMay 18 2012, 3:32pmAnyone doing a Leg 6 Recce this Sunday or early Saturday morn? Either and out and back or leave a car at finish.

Brendan CumminsMay 18 2012, 5:10pmHi Jason
One of our guys is doing leg 6 Sunday
Call me on 086 8290316
Dominic HoranMay 20 2012, 8:28pmHi All,

Due to some injuries and clashes Sli Cualann are in need of a leg 7 runner.
If anyone is available you can contact me on 0872905391 or dom dot horan at gmail dot com.


Sean EganMay 21 2012, 12:08pmHi,

At the end of leg 2 there is a new section of track which cuts a few hundred metres off the trail.
Should we be taking this new trail, or turning left and following the old WW signs?

Thanks, Sean.
Stuart ScottMay 21 2012, 2:49pmHi Sean,

You must follow every WW post you see and avoid shortcuts. So unless they've moved the signage, you'll have to follow the old route. Sorry!

Sean EganMay 21 2012, 4:27pmPerfect. Just wanted to make sure.

Thanks, Sean.
Ronan HickeyMay 21 2012, 5:00pmSorry..just to double-check. I thought for Leg 2 when I recced it that the WW signs were pointing along the new blasted out track. So we should take that new section of track, right?

Sean EganMay 21 2012, 5:33pmI believe the signs still point to the old track (well they did 10 days ago).
Have they changed or was I not paying enough attention? :-)
Sean FoxMay 21 2012, 10:06pmI recced leg 2 last Thursday and was under the impression the route was to follow the new section. I assume the section was done so all walkers, etc would follow.
john fitzgeraldMay 21 2012, 10:20pmWill there be a mass start at Drumgoff like other years?
Dominic HoranMay 21 2012, 10:33pmTaking someone on a leg 5 recce tomorrow at 5 from Glendalough if anyone wants to tag along.
Eoin KeithMay 21 2012, 11:42pmI happened to be cycling past the end of leg 2 this evening, so I went and checked the marking. The WW is currently marked as it's original route, and not onto the new track. The new track actually has tape across it's southern end. However it does look like it is ready to go and the WW could be re-routed any day.
Angus TynerMay 22 2012, 8:30amI'm passing end of leg 2 on Thursday and Friday and can check if route has changed.
Jason KehoeMay 22 2012, 8:43amSpeaking of shortcuts, on Leg 1 emerging onto the tarmac Pine Forest road there are two options to emerge, the WW and another shortcut. Both were used last year either wittingly or unwittingly. About 20~ - 30~ seconds to be gained.
Sean FoxMay 22 2012, 11:56amI'm doing leg 2 but I was wondering were there any leg 2 runners getting a lift from the start of leg 1. I was thinking of leaving my car near the start rather at Lough Tay (less parking). I have travel sorted for the return.
Sharon LuceyMay 22 2012, 3:29pm"From Beer to Eternity" are looking for a Leg 3 runner if anyone is interested in a run on Saturday?
Gearoid RyanMay 22 2012, 3:47pmHi, I'm looking for someone to run leg 5 instead of me. Drop me an email
gearoid D-OT ryan A--T gmail DO-T com or text me 0871348026 and i'll give you the details. thanks.
Jean O'NeillMay 22 2012, 9:57pmSharon, I would love to run Leg 3 on Saturday. I haven't done it before. Jean
Gareth LittleMay 23 2012, 9:26am
Hi all,

I'm looking for a leg 2 runner as our current guy has picked up an injury. Looking for a male or female, slow of fast.



Simon MondsMay 23 2012, 10:06amHi Garreth,
I'll do leg 2 if you can't get anyone else for it. I did leg 1 last year but have covered leg 2 as part of the Wicklow Way Trail. Contact me at mondsieAThotmailDOTcom or text me on 0879136551.
Niamh O CeallaighMay 23 2012, 10:42amLeg 6 runner sought. Call or text me on 0 eight 5 one 4 four 5 two 0 nine.
Tea and flapjacks will be provided!
colin doyleMay 23 2012, 2:40pmMASS START DRUMGOFF ?? This is the second time this question has been floated ...Does anyone Know?? And if so what time?
Stuart ScottMay 23 2012, 2:46pmSorry Colin, the message got mixed up with all the discussion over shortcuts :-)

Yes, there will be a mass start at 1315 at Drumgoff, as per usual.

Please can everyone keep an eye on the forum tomorrow evening as I'll post the final briefing then. And keep the new member reg forms coming in - at quick glance I've 142 outstanding. I'll be at the pub later if anyone wants to pass them on.

Mike LongMay 24 2012, 1:35pmFolks
Sorry about the late request but I picked up an injury at djouce last night and therefore looking for someone to run leg 6. Drive down and pick up will be provided. If anyone available contact me on
Sharon LuceyMay 24 2012, 4:45pmHi all,
Sorry for short notice but we are looking for a replacement for our Leg 1 runner if anyone is interested? Transport and yummy treats provided! If available, drop me an email: sharonlucey A--T gmail DO-T com
Angus TynerMay 24 2012, 5:01pmThe end of leg 2 has not changed as of thursday afternoon.
Still tape across southern end of new path and no new direction indicators (yellow man) I didn't go to the other end of new path
Ronan HickeyMay 24 2012, 5:27pmThanks for checking Angus. So it's stick to the original path then. It's going to be some day judging by the weather forecast!

Sharon LuceyMay 24 2012, 7:21pmRunner found. Thanks!
Stuart ScottMay 25 2012, 12:59am*** WWR FINAL BRIEFING ***

Hi all,

Please can all team captains ensure their teams are familiar with the below, particularly the section on parking. With 35 teams, this is a major event which will cause considerable disruption to locals and their goodwill is essential to maintaining the future viability of the event.

1) MEMBERSHIP FORMS - I am still missing forms for 76 runners. Please get them to me electronically by midnight Friday or else hand them in before race start. If I do not have signed forms for ALL team members by 7am, the team will not be allowed run as it will not be covered by insurance. Check the team list above to ensure I have the correct details.

2) TEAM NUMBERS - Your team numbers are listed in the Excel file above. There are no bibs so give this number to the marshal at the stage ends, otherwise your times may not be accurately recorded.

3) MASS START - Takes place at Drumgoff at the usual time of 1315. Other than this, teams cannot start a leg until their incoming runner has arrived.

4) ROUTE - You must follow every WW post you see and avoid shortcuts, however appetising they look. The only exception is Leg 8 which leaves the WW at Stranakelly Cross and will be marked.

5) TEAM CHANGES - Team members or running order can only be changed by email up until midnight Friday (i.e. 12am, May 26th) - the RD occasionally sleeps! Altered teams after this time will be N/C. No changes will be allowed at race start.

6) SAFETY - Each team must have their own support crew and is responsible for their own safety and first aid. However, any incidents should be notified to the RD immediately (text 086 8539-259). TAKE CARE CROSSING ROADS (cars are bigger).

7) WEATHER - Unless something displeases the weather gods, they will give us sun and high temperatures. Ensure you are adequately prepared!

8) PRIZEGIVING - In Kenny's in Shillelagh around 1615.

9) PARKING - As a general rule, please carpool as much as possible and do not leave cars unattended for a long period of time, except in the villages. Leave a gap every 5 cars and obey the instructions of the marshals. Specific leg info is as follows:

a) Kilmashogue: No problem, but best not to leave a car overnight.

b) Curtlestown: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. There is very limited parking and blind bends so find a nice straight bit of road and walk back. Move the car on as soon as possible. Please do not block other cars in as the area is popular with walkers.

c) Lough Tay: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. Again, there is limited parking and blind bends so find a nice straight bit of road and walk back. Move the car on as soon as possible. Please do not block other cars in as the area is also extremely popular with walkers.

d) Oldbridge: Single-occupancy cars not allowed. Do not park at the crossroads under any circumstances. Turn right and there are a couple of parking areas up the road (about a 5min walk). Again, move the car on as soon as possible.

e) Glendo: No problem. The changeover is on the Green Road (a few minutes walk away from the interpretative centre).

f) Drumgoff: TBC. Obey the instructions of the marshals. The changeover will be just after the crossroads.

g) Ironbridge: Single-occupancy cars and large vehicles/vans are not allowed under any circumstances - the road is very narrow. Please leave a gap every 5 car lengths. A few years ago a timber truck and trailer needed to get through and could not - keep this in mind!

h) Crossbridge: Parking in Crossbridge only. Absolutely no parking at Derry River bridge (even for spectating) and no cars up the narrow laneway that runners take to handover. Leg 7 is across private land and permission to use this can be withdrawn at any time and is dependent on these agreed parking arrangements being followed. This was why Leg 7 had to be extended a number of years ago.

i) Shillelagh: Finish in Kenny's pub.

10) Any questions, please ask them through the forum. And if you've read this far...enjoy it!

Rosemary MonahanMay 25 2012, 9:26amHi Stuart
Does the earlier posting regarding allowances for single-occupancy cars if the incoming and outgoing runners agree a 'car handover' (at Curtlestown, Lough Tay, Oldbridge and Ironbridge) still hold?
Stuart ScottMay 25 2012, 9:39amHi Rosemary,

Yep that's fine. Obviously it's better with another driver but I know it can't be avoided at times!

Nora LalorMay 25 2012, 11:26amBest of luck everyone so glad im not seeing ye off at 7am. Weather looks good so remember the sun cream, hats and WATER
Jean O'NeillMay 25 2012, 12:07pmSharon-not sure did you get my email this morning-I can't run Leg 3 tomorrow. So there is a vacant slot there. Team is 'From Beer to Eternity'
Peter DelmerMay 25 2012, 12:58pmBest of luck to everybody (especially Athenry).
Anyone know a good cure for heat exhaustion? I may not make it to the pub at the end and was thinking of wearing my beer hat to sustain me en-route. :-)
Brian o'shaughnessyMay 25 2012, 3:30pmI recee'd leg 2 a couple of weeks back, near the end after passing Malone monument I was a bit confused - go left along what looked like a new track with trees planted either side and brought me to the carpark as planned - but just to be 100% is this correct or should I have went straight on? I know some discussion above but just to be sure?
Stuart ScottMay 25 2012, 3:57pmBrian, as said before you must follow the WW posts. The new track has not been implemented yet. However, the old track does a bit of a loop around to the left at that point - i.e., you don't cut straight onto the road at the monument. It's easy to get distracted so just keep the eyes open!

Brian o'shaughnessyMay 25 2012, 4:10pmThanks Stuart
Paul JoyceMay 25 2012, 6:43pm
*Derry River No Parking*

I put out "No Parking" signs at the bridge over the Derry river near the end of leg 7- there are directions there to the agreed carpark closeby at Crossbridge. Please co-operate, every year it seems some runners decide the rules don'r apply to them, and park around the bridge anyway. As I put out the signs, I was chatting to the farmer over whose land we will be running. He said he'd have no problem next year with opening a field by the river for cars- if the bridge is kept clear this year :)
Derek CharlesMay 25 2012, 7:40pmHi Stuart,

Team Endeavour has a new stage 3 runner, its Gerry Lalor, Vanessa is injured. Sorry about this late change. Thanks again for organising a great event.
Derek CharlesMay 25 2012, 7:40pmHi Stuart,

Team Endeavour has a new stage 3 runner, its Gerry Lalor, Vanessa is injured. Sorry about this late change. Thanks again for organising a great event.
Brendan LawlorMay 25 2012, 9:02pmSo who's gonna win? Hard to see beyond Rathfarnham..Peter O Farrell didn't make the cut I believe ..WTF???

Weather could play its part..will be hot out there, enjoy it everyone!
Mick HanneyMay 25 2012, 9:28pm@Paul. Thanks. That sounds great!

The rivers at leg endings are perfect. I paddled a bit at Ironbridge this evening and it was just great.

NO PARKING ALONG CROSSBRIDGE LANE. At start of leg 8 there is a single track lane leading to the start of this leg. Its wide enough for just one car so no parking please and driving along it is ill advised as there'll be runners in the way! I'll be marshalling there early and taking notes :-)

A big thanks to Stuart for organising this great event and organising the great weather!
Dominic HoranMay 25 2012, 10:20pmBest of luck everyone, I'll be heading from Wicklow Town @ 7am and heading to oldbridge for a 40 min towards and then taking a running from Oldbridge to Lough Tay, post here if I can help with logistics.
Dominic HoranMay 25 2012, 10:22pm**Must read my posts before before hitting submit** :o)

Best of luck everyone, I'll be heading from Wicklow Town @ 7am and heading to oldbridge for a 40 min run towards Roundwood and then taking a runner from Oldbridge to Lough Tay, post here if I can help with logistics.

Eddie DalyMay 26 2012, 7:42amBest of luck all teams and especially Pascal and The French Connexion. Allez,allez!
Mick HanneyMay 26 2012, 8:22amGood luck to all. The leg 1 runners can retreat for a well earned breakfast now.
John KellyMay 26 2012, 4:28pmRan the first leg this morning and even at 7 the heat was an issue. God help the poor guys out there now. As always a great event thanks to all who helped with the day.
jenny mccauleyMay 26 2012, 8:18pmThanks to Stuart Scott and all helpers and managers for a great event today! I took some snaps, you can see them on <a href="">Google+</a> or on facebook <a href="">here</a>.
Sharon LuceyMay 26 2012, 9:32pmBig thanks to Stuart & Co for all the weeks of organising and planning that went into giving us such a great day out! Much appreciated.
Brendan LawlorMay 26 2012, 9:39pmThe young pretender assumed the Lalor crown with great success today - thank you Stuart and all helpers for another great event
Rob McEvoyMay 26 2012, 9:52pmYup thanks to Stuart and all who helped to make today such a great success. From all the Cork Orienteers :-)
Niamh O CeallaighMay 26 2012, 10:01pmSuper day. Thanks to Stuart and co.
Dominic HoranMay 26 2012, 11:11pmSuper day well done everyone, a few pix here:
Warren SwordsMay 27 2012, 10:41amThanks to Stuart and co for a great day's racing. Amazing organisation. Well done to all team captains too. Pity about the weather ;).
Niamh HartnettMay 27 2012, 12:16pmGreat day yday! Many thanks Stuart for pulling it all together.
Stephen WalshMay 27 2012, 7:18pmGreat day yesterday, thanks to all involved. Particular thanks for arranging the additional teams, it really added to the atmosphere and competition; hopefully it can be continued next year.
Brian O ShaughnessyMay 27 2012, 10:57pmwell done imra, Stuart and his team. Thanks for a great day
Stuart ScottMay 28 2012, 12:45amHi all,

Results for the WWR are now up on the Event Page. Congratulations to Ratharnham who took the podium with a comfortable lead, and The After 8s and All the Presidents Men who battled to take 2nd and 3rd respectively. Overall there are some very impressive times, especially as the heat tipped 25 degs in places! Despite concern about a couple of runners, missing car keys and an airborne car, the day was pretty uneventful as a whole.

I'd like to thank all the volunteers; you put a huge amount of effort in and without you there would have been no event. In particular, Kieran Rocks, Jim Fitzharris, Lindie Naughton, Maria Dolan, Mick Hanney, John Moore and Joe and Nora Lalor who spent hours manning changeover points and everyone else who helped out in whatever way.

Thanks too to all the teams for their cooperation with parking. We had more teams that we should have had (due to the panicked weekend of entries!) so there was huge potential for problems. Fortunately none materialised and all went well. Having said that, a few cars were badly parked at Curtlestown (at least it was early morning), and Jim had his work cut out at Oldbridge (thanks Jim!).

LOST PROPERTY: A (very) pink jacket left at Lough Tay, and a running top stripped off at Curtlestown. Rachel Cinnsealach drew the short straw and will bring them to Brockagh so post here or let her know if you'd like to reclaim them.

If you notice any mistakes in the results please let me know (and blame the Ospreys...).


Eileen WalshMay 28 2012, 9:30amTo Stuart and all the volunteers, many thanks for a great day. It was a super event to take part in. From team Mostly Walshes.
John GreeneMay 28 2012, 9:59amThanks to Stuart and all his helpers. I enjoyed leg 5, especially the 2nd half downhill.... Was this the hottest temp for an imra race yet?
Ronan HickeyMay 28 2012, 10:27amAs always, the best race of the IMRA calendar. I never thought I'd wish for rain on race day but I could have really done with a mid-leg downpour! Massive thanks to Stuart and his team of volunteers.

Jason KehoeMay 28 2012, 10:45am
Stuart, I hope you and your volunteers enjoyed the hard work put in and knowing that everyone had a great day out in the hills. The key word you mentioned was "uneventful", long may we continue to have uneventful races! We had an awesome day out with all our friends so well done!

Derek CharlesMay 28 2012, 10:51amStuart
Just to say thank you and thanks to all the volunteers for a great event. Thank you from Team Endeavour.
Caroline ReidMay 28 2012, 11:27amA MASSIVE thank you to Stuart and his fantastic team of helpers from Dunboyne AC. Most of our team were new to mountain running and everyone had a great day! Thanks again :o)
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 28 2012, 11:51amStuart, as people have already said, well done. Can only have been very stressful. Take June off then start planning for next year. :)

And while I'm here can I make a nomination for Looner of the Relay? Caroline Reid, exactly how many legs did you run?
Caroline ReidMay 28 2012, 12:00pm:o) 3 legs - Leg 1, 3 and 7 but in my defence, Leg 1 wasn't planned :o)
Mick HanneyMay 28 2012, 1:42pmWell done Stuart & co. and great job pulling those results together so quickly.

Some fine times in those legs despite the challenging conditions.

Congratulations to Rathfarnham who were clear winners on the day and they were obviously well honed with their recces and their logistics.

Personally I'm delighted to have had input into the 2nd place team and I think its great for IMRA that 2 of the 3 podium spots were made up of IMRA runners as against out and out club runners, not that I have anything against club runners :-), but its good to see hill runners have their day in the sun (pardon the pun).
bridget MurrayMay 28 2012, 8:24pmHi, stuart, had a great day thank you all. One little error in results my name should read MURRAY not MURPHY (TEAM 34 ATHENRY AC)F40.
jarlath hynesMay 28 2012, 11:24pmThanks Stuart & team for all your hard work.

What a fantastic event on a beautiful day.

From a very happy crew a Le Chéile well done.
Mick HanneyMay 29 2012, 4:35pmI volunteered and then did a race report. Does that count as 2 volunteer spots? Joking!

Good report Gerry. Barry started his leg 8 at the new leg start in 2008. Efforts are underway to move that start back to the river (touch wood).

Is there any intell as to where teams went wrong on what legs? It would be useful I guess for other teams recceing in the future.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 29 2012, 5:11pmMick in reply to your question, "Is there any intell as to where teams went wrong on what legs?".

Probably by relying too heavily on road runners! ;)
Ronan HickeyMay 29 2012, 5:20pmRecce yourself before you wreck yourself!

If we made any mistakes, we'll be keeping the lid on them and hoping other teams make those mistakes next year! But to be honest I think the only legs that were dicey out there were mine.

Pascal PragnereMay 29 2012, 10:42pmThanks a lot Stuart from all the French Connection Team!
We enjoyed our second participation even more than the first one last year! Plans are already ongoing for the third one.
After some discussions with runners at some relays, it seems that some would be interested to come and do a trail or a relay in our town or region...
The first one is a trail in the city of Albi, where the theme is Ireland this year (don't ask why)
And the second here is a very nice relay across the Gaillac vineyards, on the day of the new wine release. 18th November 2012, it's not updated yet.
The next one is a winter relay in the Sidobre hills (Montagne Noire).
(no, I don't get commissions from the tourist board!)
All the best,
suzanne kennyMay 30 2012, 12:13pmPascal those events sound amazing! Very tempting!!! Well done everyone who raced in that heat ...can only imagine how tough it was!
John RoweMay 31 2012, 5:20pmThanks to Stuart and his team for making Saturday another memorable day for all of us. Great work. Trim AC
Stuart ScottJun 5 2012, 11:45amHi all,

I've uploaded the final WWR results now. The only corrections are Caroline's 3 legs (only 5 more to do next year!) and a misspelled name. Anyone good with graphs / animations to show how the positions change over the course of the day?

Regarding the debate about runners getting mislaid, the best solution I can recommend is to carry a photocopy of a map. With the pressure of the race (and possibly the team captain!), anyone can miss a turn and no amount of recces will solve that. But at least with a map you can always work out the quickest way back and avoid the hope-for-the-best-but-end-up-in-the-next-village approach!

Getting lost is part of the fun, but it does have a serious side when it comes to safety - a search for a missing runner once they've deviated from a marked route (and potentially suffering from heatstroke) is not an easy undertaking.

Glad everyone enjoyed the day anyway. Who wants to do next year? :-)

Mick HanneyJun 6 2012, 12:05amHere's an attempt:-