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Fergus ByrneMay 9 2012, 3:13pmI have a question about the return route off of Blackhill. Do we needto visit the bomber site on the way back as well? Its not mentioned in the race details so I would just like to clarify

Dermot MurphyMay 9 2012, 3:19pmThe two compulsory points are the summit of Black hill and the summit of Mullaghcleevaun itself. Black hill summit must also be passed on the way back. You can leave the grass track before the bomber memorial site on the way up to Black hill and also by pass on the way back so there is a choice between further distance but on a better track.
Fergus ByrneMay 9 2012, 3:21pmCheers Dermot
James CurranMay 11 2012, 8:32amWhere do we get maps of the route? For Tonelagee theere maps on the site.
Dermot MurphyMay 11 2012, 9:10amThe best maps to use are either the Harveys map or the OS maps (number 56).

Any other suggestions?
Greg ByrneMay 11 2012, 9:24amI find the East-West maps pretty handy. The West Wicklow chart will cover the area of the race tomorrow and plenty of other nice runs...

Available through Great Outdoors, possibly also other outdoors stores and Easons & other bookshops.
Stuart ScottMay 11 2012, 9:30amI find the Harvey's has better contour detail (for open mountains) and the EastWest excels with paths and tracks. If you're feeling flush buy both, but as Greg says, the EastWest will serve you best in the long run!
Gareth LittleMay 11 2012, 9:33am
"Follow the grass road to the Hampden Bomber Memorial at O033089 and go directly west to the top of Black hill from there."

I think this should read "Follow the grass road to the Hampden Bomber Memorial at O033089 and go directly east to the top of Black hill from there."

So east instead of west.


Dermot MurphyMay 11 2012, 9:36amGareth, that's correct - updated on event page now.
Aidan BligheMay 11 2012, 10:28amHi Aidan,
What time do you need us there to help out?
Dermot MurphyMay 11 2012, 10:53amRace director Aidan Roe can confirm the time, but expect he will want registration to open around 10:30am, so be there 5 minutes or so before then.

To all - please take note that registration will close at 11:30am in order for everyone to get to the start. And bearing in mind the current discussion on car pooling - absolutely NO PARKING at the race start.
Aidan RoeMay 11 2012, 1:55pmSorry Folks no computer access for the last few days.

Volunteers, could you please be there for 10.30. should be plenty of time.

Please bring usual gear for open mountain race and carry it for duration. weather looks OK for tommorow so should be fun. Snorkel and fins might be a good idea crossing between Black Hill and Mullaghcleevaun (they wont be mandatory)

there will be no summit marshal on either top.

No cars please at race start, the road is very narrow and theres no room. Can runners please follow posts from start up onto "Green Road" and same on return. this is an agreed access route across private land onto the hills and owners wishes should be respected.

Registration will close at 11.30 so i can get to start. Anyone looking to start early needs to let me know b4hand and keep track of there time.

see yous all tmw.

BTW I love cake, and my love of cake can be reflected in your results.

Aidan Roe

Aidan RoeMay 11 2012, 2:36pmwont have access to web so my phone no is 0eight7 988one39eight if any one needs anything.

karl walshMay 11 2012, 2:52pmhi

just wondering is there anywhere suitable to lock a bike near race tomorrow

Aidan RoeMay 11 2012, 3:09pmkarl
will wach bikes at start line.
James CurranMay 11 2012, 4:01pmGreat thanks for replies on maps
Dermot MurphyMay 11 2012, 7:01pmWe have had late notice that there is a Communion on at the church beside Zellars tomorrow - registration will be moved to the school up near the shop. Please try to avoid parking at Zellars as much as possible. A marshal will be there to direct traffic in the morning.
Derek KellettMay 12 2012, 5:00pmLads, great fun today really enjoyed. Thanks for patching me up, the triage nurse was suitably impressed. Nicely done.....
Dermot MurphyMay 12 2012, 5:51pmGood to hear you are OK Derek!

Great day for a run in West Wicklow today. Many thanks to Aidan Roe for organising it - great job with the late change in registration and parking details!
Alan AylingMay 12 2012, 5:52pmEpic race, not a fire road in sight :-)
Thanks Aidan & Co.
And also thanks to Gareth & Barry for the toughest finish battle I've had in a good while (well, since the Hodge/Ayling battle of Annagh Hill)... let's see how Glenmacnass works out...

Derek - heal soon mate!
Richard NunanMay 12 2012, 7:14pmWet slog out there today in the sunshine, made it a tough coursebut still elements of enjoyment !! Thanks to Aidan, Nora, Catriona and Co.

Gareth LittleMay 12 2012, 8:43pm
Agreed Alan, that was quite a battle. Let alone the last few k which was flat out speed I think we were no more than 50m apart for a good 8 or 9 k!

Anyway, great race today. You gota love the 100% open mountain races, they are quality. Leinster champs races are just streets ahead of Leinster league races, fact!

Thx Adain and co and looking forward to trying circuit of glennacannass with a hangover next weekend! ;)

Alan AylingMay 12 2012, 9:38pmExcuse in nice and early!!
aidan roeMay 12 2012, 10:30pmDerek glad the leg is OK, your knee looked like a second arse when you got to the finish. Bet the nurse was impressed with the patchwork.

Thanks again to volunteers, Paul, Aidan Catriona and 2-1 and everyone else who helped out today.

@alan, yep looks like gareth is making excuses already. Beer is not an excuse.

great afternoon out. well done folks

derek kellettMay 12 2012, 11:28pmThanks All.

Aidan, took the doctor over an hour to clean it out with a scrubbing brush, nothing more could be done on the hill, again nicely done.

Stuck up a photo on Facebook to encourage fellow paddlers to do the REC 3. They actually thought it was my face.

I don't know how to take that, guess I'll blame my Father.... Poor Mick.

After today really looking forward to getting back.
Aidan RoeMay 14 2012, 9:23amFinally

I'd like to thank Sean Murray for the heads up on Friday evening and for kindly letting us use the old school building for registration. it got us out of a bind. Thanks Sean

Aidan Roe
Zoran SkrbaMay 14 2012, 9:29amThanks to Aidan and the volunteers. Was another great event. Sorry to hear of Derek's injury. Get well soon!
Caitlín BentMay 14 2012, 12:22pmYes. Thanks to Aidan and all helpers for 'a lovely afternoon on the West Wicklow Hills'. Did you supply the Cuckoo Song too?:) First I heard this year!