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peter gillespieApr 5 2011, 12:11pmcan i enter this race on the day
Gerry BradyApr 5 2011, 7:50pmYes entry on the day. Runners should be born in 1994 or 1995. Please use the map on the event page to get your bearings for the relative location of the road you will be driving in from Laragh to the lake car park (entry t othe car park is on the north side of the valley), and the location of the start which is on the south side of the valley on the Wicklow Way route.
Gerry BradyApr 8 2011, 9:18amCan volunteers be in the Upper Lake car park between 10:45 and 11:00. Assemble on the WW side of the car park. Preview of the trial race here,
Gerry BradyApr 9 2011, 4:20pmPhotos and race report with results up. Official results via laptop in next few days. Thanks to athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers; and also to National Park for permit.