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Mick HanneyJan 26 2011, 11:39amContrary to the race notes this race will be as the heading suggests i.e. a clockwise lap of Lough Ouler. Apart from that its the same fun (and pain) as last year. I'll update the notes in due course.

A recce in advance of the race is advised particularly if you are new to this kind of unmarked race. The mandatory kit rules will be in force. At the Race Director's discretion, if the weather is fine on the day the rain coat might be optional. You need to bring the mandatory kit with you for registration. Any kit started with must be carried for the duration of the race. Failure to finish with the mandatory gear is grounds for disqualification at the race directors discretion.
Mick HanneyMar 11 2011, 2:25pmA reminder that the route this year is different from last year. A recce of the route in advance is advised. Very wet underfoot on Tonelegee. Grippy trail shoes advised. This kind of event is volunteer-light in terms of its needs but I'd be grateful if someone would do summit marshall.
Greg ByrneMar 13 2011, 7:20pmFabulous route, hiked it today and while I hope the race director does not get the full four seasons of weather on the day, the route is a classic. I thought it was good last year, but the change of direction should add to the excitement on the day. The steeper descent off the top and the route choice from the lake up to the ridge should cause many places to be swapped. A good recce will be well worth it, even if it is just to enjoy the mountain.
Mary CollinsMar 22 2011, 3:13pmHi Mick
I am pretty sure that I would be available to be a non running volunteer for this event on April 17th and would as such be able to act as summit marshall.
I will confirm nearer the time if that is OK with you
Best wishes, Mary Collins
Mick HanneyMar 22 2011, 3:31pmThanks Mary, much appreciated.
Mick HanneyMar 30 2011, 9:28pmThe map on site at the moment for this event is last year's which was anti-clockwise. I'll put up the clockwise version in the coming days.
Mick HanneyMar 31 2011, 12:04amProper map up, quicker than I hoped. Thank Eoin.
Mick HanneyApr 4 2011, 10:40pmPlease note the mandatory kit requirements for the Leinster Champs races. Failure to have these mandatory items could result in disapointment at registration.

When you reach Tonelegee peak both on the way out and back you will be fortunate if like last year its a clear day and you can see for miles. If the cloud cover is low you should take a compass bearing from a safety perspective and to save you time in the long run. If you follow someone you shouldn't automatically assume that they are headed the right way :-)
henny brandsmaApr 5 2011, 12:53pmHi Mick.
If you need more volunteers,i can give you a hand,as i wil be there anyway.
Regards Henny.
Mick HanneyApr 5 2011, 1:39pmThanks Henny. Add yourself to the volunteer list on myimra if you can.
Mick HanneyApr 8 2011, 2:16pmHenny are you okay doing summit marshall for this?
Mick HanneyApr 8 2011, 3:18pmI need a non-running first aider for this race please? A good opportunity to get your non-running volunteering in early in the year.
Mary CollinsApr 8 2011, 6:46pmHi Mick
I can do that if I am not needed as marshal on the day--or at finish line for times etc . Anyway--I guess you can decide each persons role once you know how many non running volunteers sign up and assign tasks as appropriate--but I am happy to do any of above. Mary Collins
Mick HanneyApr 8 2011, 7:45pmThanks Mary.
Mick HanneyApr 11 2011, 1:53pmPlease make an effort to car pool to this race if you can. Parking at the Wicklow gap is limited after all.

Please familiarise yourself with the planned route which is unmarked and the mandatory kit requirements.

With luck the weather gods will smile for us. If so please bring along a packed lunch and we can have a post race picnic overlooking the Wicklow mountains.
Mick HanneyApr 12 2011, 1:44pmThanks to the volunteers that have stepped forward so far. Ideally I could use 1 more non-running volunteer please. If you are injured at the moment or will have done the WAR race on Saturday this might just suit you. We've only a few in no. so far which is fine, but if there is a 1st aid incident we are winging it.
Mick HanneyApr 13 2011, 9:58amI've enough on the volunteer front now thanks.

This is a last reminder on the mandatory kit. If you don't have the mandatory kit you shouldn't expect to be allowed to register for the race. As we've seen in recent days the weather can change dramatically.

In addition intending runners should also bring along a hat and gloves and a decision will be made on the race morning as to whether that is needed too. Thanks in advance.
henny brandsmaApr 13 2011, 4:51pmHi Mick.
That,s ok i will do the summit of Tonelagee.
regards Henny.
Mick HanneyApr 13 2011, 4:59pmThanks Henny. No giving people directions mind, thats their job :-)

Last year's event will give runners an idea of the expected times. If for whatever reason you feel you will be slow getting around and want to do a slightly earlier start, thats fine. Please consult with me first so I'm aware of it, thanks.

Expect the ground to be wet underfoot so good grips are a must.
Justin ReaApr 14 2011, 12:55pmOh, the quandry! To skirt the lake and ascend onto the shoulder, or take the O'Farrell line, and stay high?

Last year I came down off the shoulder early and found the path by the lake (as did Mick), but had to skirt some rough stuff to get there. Peter kept high and would have covered more ground, but at pace.

It all changes, turning the race around, so the carefully assessed recce from last year is less useful.

Decisions, decisions . . .
Ken CowleyApr 14 2011, 1:47pmNever mind route directions, how about driving directions?! I haven't been down that way in a while, can someone tell me how far along the Wicklow Gap is the carpark?
I'm presuming (from Carrickmines, Jct 15 M50) I would just drive down the N11 and to Laragh and then across?
Maybe an hour all told?


Mick HanneyApr 15 2011, 8:22amWith respect Ken you are asking for directions to a well known car park which is on a map near Laragh, when the event you are going to requires navigation particularly if cloud cover is down?

I only see 1 carpooler so far (thanks Ronan). Can we do better than that?

@volunteers. If I haven't already spoken to you can you be there for 11, thanks in advance.
Ken CowleyApr 15 2011, 10:17amMick,
And with all due respect back.. it's simply that I haven't been down that way in a couple of years, and don't remember exactly how far along the Wicklow Gap the car park is (it's a very long road), and I want to be sure of getting there in plenty of time for Registration. Google and AA Roadwatch don't specify the car park, so I thought I'd use the forum to ask, not unreasonable I think.
With regard to the race itself, I ran several unmarked Championship races last year, and I have been up Tonlegee more than once in the past, and I have map and compass skills (albeit very moderate skills!), and will be bringing a map of the route with me when running.
Looking forward to it.
Ronan HickeyApr 15 2011, 10:26amKen,

The carpark is shown on this map marked by a yellow pin.

You can click on satellite and zoom in to get a closer view. If the first carpark is full then taking the next left after it will bring you to the overflow carpark.

Ken CowleyApr 15 2011, 10:29amThanks for that Ronan, will check that out re the car park.
Had been hoping to get down and do a recce of the route in the last week or so, but just didn't have the time.
Mick HanneyApr 15 2011, 10:47amThanks Ronan.

Sorry Ken, but as a Race Director you can probably see where I'm coming from when I see a question like that coming through. Good to see you've previous experience at such races and I hope you enjoy the day.
Peter O'FarrellApr 15 2011, 11:41amA google map directions asking man at the circuit of avonbeg last year spent hours and hours enjoying the countryside before finding the finish, you can appreciate this year's race director being a tad concerned about anyone entering an unmarked naviagation race asking for interweb directions to the startline.

In fairness though half the field nearly missed the start of one of Joe Lalor's nav challenge races a few years back by parking at the wrong carpark :)

Justin ReaApr 15 2011, 2:20pmA grid reference for the registration always used to be on the event page. Here you go (from Plug this into your GPS ;-)

normal Grid Ref = O 075 001
10 digit Grid Ref = O 07563 00199
Latitude = 53.04166 (north)
Longitude = -6.39611 (west)
Latitude = 53°2'30" (north)
Longitude = 6°23'46" (west)
Tetrad = O00Q

This avoids the question "Which car park on the R756?"

Navigation is minimal for this race, except for mist/low cloud where you should have the compass bearing for leaving the summit (both times). Otherwise it's:

^ Hill
v Lake
^ Hill
v Car Park
Mick HanneyApr 15 2011, 2:45pmI wouldn't say nav was minimal. People (and I include myself in this from previous races) get into the habit of following someone ahead. There is no guarantee that they are leading you the right way :-). This is particularly true on the return leg where runners will no doubt be stretched out. If you are heading the wrong direction you could miss the trig point, or be heading down towards the Brockaghs! Out and back you should run past Henny at the summit, thats a basic requirement of the race. The forecast for the weekend is encouraging so far. Again, I'd encourage people to bring a packed lunch so we can all lunch post-race with splendid views of the Wicklow mountains.
Diarmuid O'ColmainApr 15 2011, 4:23pmI'll be driving to the race from the Wexford direction on Sunday morning if anyone is looking for a lift from the South. Call me on oh87two4133oh3
aidan roeApr 16 2011, 10:34am@ Peter. theres nothing wrong with using google map. I use it all the time, in this case it doesn't show the waterfall or river. Aidan.
Turlough ConwayApr 17 2011, 4:15pmThanks to Mick and co today for organising a great race. What a good route. Every part a test. Great duel at the front with Colm's young legs edging out Paul Nolan through the last summit, but a great return debut by Paul.
Ken CowleyApr 17 2011, 4:21pmAgreed. A sensational route and a truly proper mountain race. As a middle-to-latter end of the field plodder (improving tho hopefully) it was very very tough despite the good conditions and given that it is not overly long in terms of kilometres. Exilarating though, and well done to all the volunteers, especially Mary who did a great job patching up what I believe was the only injury in the whole race.
Colm HillApr 17 2011, 4:32pmPN is a very scary mountain runner.
If he was 22, I shudder to think at the time he would run a route like that in.
john greeneApr 17 2011, 4:48pmthe best 6km run in the country. thanks to Mick & organisers. do i get anything for being 26th three times in a row?
Mick HanneyApr 17 2011, 6:00pmThanks to the volunteers today, particularly to the non-runners. Mary, Torben, Rachel, Paul and Henny. Thanks too to Dermot at registration for getting things going.

Well done to all competitors, but particularly to the winners. Special mention to our junior runner Brian today who had a fine run in the top end of the results.

Tony I hope you have a quick recovery.
Richard NunanApr 17 2011, 6:49pmWhat a fantastic route - couldn't believe it was only 6km. Thanks to Mick and the Volunteers for a great race and nice buns :-)
Niamh O CeallaighApr 17 2011, 7:56pmSuper race. Next year could we let each runner decide whether to go clockwise or anticlock. Would make it exciting and all about route choice.

Huge thanks to volunteers - especially Rachel, Sinead and Mary for so kindly babysitting. We SO appreciated it!!
Ronan HickeyApr 17 2011, 9:41pmthat is a BRILLIANT idea, Niamh..just laughing thinking about it...could be a little dicey passing each other on the narrow paths around the lake but that would make for a fantastic finish, as you suddenly meet a nemesis you didn't even know you had when you hit the Trig point from different directions!

Great race and a great course, regardless of the direction you do it in!

Mick HanneyApr 17 2011, 9:44pmInteresting suggestion Niamh. Comparing this year's and last year's results one could be forgiven for suggesting that the anti-clockwise route is faster. That could be just perception and it could be pretty much the same. Different days bring different ground conditions and weather so its always hard to make these comparisions.
Colm HillApr 17 2011, 9:48pmWords can not describe how awesome that race would be!
Brings the term race tactics to a completely different level.
With the mist down... runners splitting... I'm getting excited even thing about the prospects of such an awesome race
Theo MooneyApr 17 2011, 10:32pmi was gutted to find out that i couldnt make it to this race. B-E-A-utiful day for it........if anyone is up for a post-recce (HA) i will be heading out that way during the week for the same route.
TONY BERKERYApr 17 2011, 10:48pmThanks to all the organisers today. Special thanks to Mary, Henny, Adrian & Ken for helping me off the mountain, and the mystery walker who gave me his stick which was a Godsend. It seemed like a marathon getting back up from the lake and then down to the carpark! Not too serious an injury of my badly twisted ankle I feel, 3 weeks I reckon. Which will be helped greatly by Mary's first-aid afterwards and injury management tips, much thanks Mary.
John LangenbachApr 17 2011, 11:42pmThat was another very enjoyable race on what was my favourite last year. Don't know which is faster (other things being equal and the going was definitely heavier today), but I definitely preferred the anti-clockwise version - for the more rougher but not so steep descent and the wider choice of routes to the water crossing. In fact as I said to Niamh earlier, if I had a free choice, I'd want to go down and up that side and avoid the steep side altogether.

Glad you're OK Tony - didn't envy you that journey back with a bad ankle. I was tempted to ask for a walker's stick and I wasn't even injured.
Jason KehoeApr 18 2011, 11:16amSounds like it was just as great as last year.

@Niamh - what would you suggest calling your proposed route choice for next year?

'Tonelagee and the tick/tock Lake'???? ;)
Gareth LittleApr 18 2011, 1:36pmFantastic race! Now I get what all the fuss was about last year. This was definitely one of my favourite races to date. Thanks to Mick and co for the seamless running of the race from start to finish.

PS: Could IMRA look to extend the LC league for 2012, perhaps to 7 races with 4/5 to score?
Paul NolanApr 18 2011, 5:04pmA fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Ideally that would be great. Here's a counter suggestion:
Let the races follow the Race Directors. This year we have 4 for the LC, last year we had 4. Incidentally, both years drew from a pool of 5 people.

IMRA doesn't need more Races. IMRA needs more Race Directors.
Brendan LawlorApr 18 2011, 5:16pmGareth...and no RD could be drummed up for Carlingford, leaving the job to Dermot (again!!)

Paul Nolan, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for your twin peaked monstrosity - hope your quads are suffering as much as mine today

Thanks Mick and helpers, very well organised race. Creche facility was a lovely touch!
Paul NolanApr 18 2011, 5:45pmQuad muscles having a taste of burning in hell for my sins.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2011, 1:44pm
Lots of people enjoyed the race which is always a good sign. There must be other race reports waiting to be written so.
Rene BorgApr 20 2011, 12:10pmTeam results up for this event.