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Paul JoyceJan 4 2011, 9:33pmThere will be a recce of this new course next Saturday 8th Jan, meet at the car park of the Gap pub at 10:30am. It's fairly muddy in places, let that decide your footwear choice, pace will be leisurely, the more the merrier. Anyone who's ran the route has given it a thumbs up so far, so lets hope for clear views come Sat.
Paul JoyceJan 23 2011, 12:23pmAfter recce'ing the route this morning with the race marker, the route has been altered slightly, to include a fast grassy downhill, and eliminate any out-and-back sharing of the trails- its now one large loop (updated info in event details).

Volunteers needed for this race, especially someone to do first-aid and laptop operator. Please use the sign-up chart to volunteer- having been assistant RD for the previous two races, I've seen that the sterling work of volunteers is what keeps imra such a flawless operation.
Tamas FarkasJan 23 2011, 11:57pmI would like to volunteer as helper. But I need to know if I could get there via public transport. Any other volunteer travelling from Dublin? Can't sign up online, haven't got username and password yet.
Paul JoyceJan 24 2011, 10:43amHi Tamas,

thanks for the offer. Unfortunately there is no public transport serving this area. Volunteers will need to be here at 9am, so I'll hold off adding you, pending your sourcing a lift from Dublin.
Mick HanneyJan 24 2011, 10:44pmFolks, There is reasonable parking space around the Gap pub but not if everyone travels solely. Please try to make arrangements to car pool where possible. A designated driver policy perhaps so your passengers can have a post-race toast.

For those that are more adventurous, for this or another day there are lots of trails around the Gap - on both the Annagh Hill side and the Croaghan Kinsella side - for MTBing.
Eimear Nic an BhairdJan 25 2011, 10:12amHey, I'd really like to run in this race, but I don't think that I'll be able to get there via public transport - just wondering if anyone knows if anyone will be carpooling? Thanks!
Jeff FitzsimonsJan 25 2011, 11:11amI'll be driving from Templeogue Eimear if that's any good to you. Haven't put it in the car pool yet but should have 1 or 2 other spaces I'd imagine on the day if that suits anyone.
Paul JoyceJan 25 2011, 9:25pmMany thanks to those who have volunteered so far. We are still in need of a first-aider, and could do with a couple more general volunteers to help out at registration and finish.

The mandatory kit for Winter League races includes a Wind proof jacket and Space blanket. I'll make a (weather dependent) call before the off if they need to be carried or not, in the meantime you have ample time to source them before the 6th Feb, please bring them with you to Annagh.

Someone mentioned to me they had seen headphones during a recent imra race. It may well be that some newer runners aren't aware of imra headphone policy, so can I stress that headphones are a danger during mountain races, and are prohibited under imra rules. This is a tough-ish course, runners will need their wits about them, as Race Director I will disqualify anybody wearing headphones during the race.

Its about an hours drive down from the m50 to Annagh, so leave early to get here. No public transport in these parts, but its great to see cars offering lifts in the carpool section, thanks to all those helpful transporters.
Mick HanneyJan 26 2011, 11:40amThe Carpool for this event is looking a bit empty. If anyone is experiencing problems with it you could post your car pool requests directly in the forum. Its worth the trip down, believe me. Cheers.
Eimear Nic an BhairdJan 26 2011, 10:47pmHi Jeff, only saw your response now - if you still have a place I would love a lift - thank you! Appreciate it.
Paul JoyceJan 27 2011, 8:42amWe'll have another recce of the Route this Saturday 29th Jan, meet at the Gap pub carpark at 9:30am, all welcome.
Declan O'DwyerJan 27 2011, 4:08pmPaul

According to your post of 23/1, the route is 1 large loop. Does this mean the route does not go over the peak on the way back? If so, how much lower down the hill is the route back?.

Alan KilbrideJan 27 2011, 4:10pmHey,

I have my car in the car pool section, 1 seat has appeared as accepted but I have not received any mail / details, so if that was you, can you reply on this forum or mail me on IMRA at alankilbride dot com

Go Team!
Paul JoyceJan 27 2011, 4:40pm@ Declan,

Its one large loop- in the mathematical sense that no two points cross each other. Previously, the section at the summit shared a trail between inward and outward runners- this has now been eliminated by the use of a separate (parallel) track, so runners will always be travelling the same direction at all points on the course. You run out along the summit, and return along the summit on a different adjacent path, separated by a wall.
In any case, the route will be well marked, follow the tape markings, and never cross a line of tape, and everyone will get home without incident.


I will be in contact on Monday allocating duties and times etc. Still looking for that elusive first aider :)
Jeff FitzsimonsJan 27 2011, 5:14pmNo problems Eimear. Drop me a mail at jeff dot fitzsimons at gmail dot com next week to arrange. I've one more space at least, maybe two, for anyone else who wants/needs a lift.
Turlough ConwayJan 28 2011, 3:24pmWill be driving down to the Recce from North city centre. Leaving 8 am ish. Anyone wansts a lift, give me a shout. Turlough. 0877527662.

Planning to do a second lap if time permits.
suzanne kennyJan 29 2011, 1:23pmCudnt make the recce today as I work sat mornings...anyone interested in doing a recce any morning next week? If so let me know!
Paul JoyceJan 29 2011, 2:07pm
Hi Suzanne,

I should be free to recce it again on Thurs or Fri morning if that suits you, I'll take any excuse to get up there again :) deliaquad at

Tamas FarkasJan 29 2011, 6:18pmAlan,
That was probably me. I booked a seat through carpool and it appeared as accepted immediately but then haven't received any email or details. Can't mail you on IMRA because I don't have a username and password yet but here is my contact: and my phone is 0872348903.
suzanne kennyJan 30 2011, 5:16pmNice one paul...fri wud be great. :) thanks!
Paul JoyceFeb 1 2011, 11:17am
If we say 9:30am Friday from the Gap carpark? Last chance for a recce, all welcome (all this talk of recce's, Mr. Cnoc must be spinning in Art's grave...:)

We're still looking for a dedicated First Aider for this event, also could do with one more non-running volunteer to help at the finish. I've been in touch with the current volunteers via email, let me know on the forum if you haven't heard from me yet, thanks.

Gerard CunninghamFeb 2 2011, 8:12amAnybody looking for a lift from Dundrum, Balally, Sandyford I have added my car to the carpool but leaving at 08.45 NOT 00.00 which seems to be glitch in the software. If the email system does not work I am on Oh8seven six3six 9four6one
Geraldine O'SheaFeb 2 2011, 9:28amIs anyone else planning to carpool from the northside ? I'm looking for a lift if possible. In Fairview but can get to Clontarf/Drumcondra/City Centre for pick up ? Thanks, Geraldine
Paul WhyteFeb 2 2011, 10:26amHi,

I see that 3 seats have been accepted in my car. I have got no emails so if people could please email me on paul.whyte at gmail dot com or txt me on zero 87six7six57ninesix.

Geraldine O'SheaFeb 2 2011, 11:39amSorted for lift. Thanks Ken.
Brendan CoghlanFeb 2 2011, 9:47pmfor Alan Kilbride, Alan I booked seat with you but got no email. You can contact me on 087-9806516. Thanks, Brendan
Eoin KeithFeb 3 2011, 1:27amThere was a problem with emails being generated by the carpool system. This has been fixed, and everything should be working now.
Paul JoyceFeb 3 2011, 3:58pmRecce for tomorrow morning has been moved to 11am at the Gap, in case anyone else wants to turn up.

Great to see all those cars and carpoolers for Sunday.
Mick HanneyFeb 3 2011, 5:05pmIf you are sitting on the fence wondering whether to run this race or not I'd urge you to take the plunge. Paul has a great race lined up for you here. Its off the beaten track and all the better for it.

And if anyone is owed Irish Champs t-shirts for 2010 I'll have them with me on Sunday.
Eamonn HodgeFeb 3 2011, 6:43pmI'll be there for the recce Paul! See you then.
Alan AylingFeb 3 2011, 10:48pmAs the guy on the Amstel beer ad used to say, "This is gonna be great!"
Mick HanneyFeb 3 2011, 11:08pm@Alan, lets see if you are saying that 10 mins after the off on Sunday :-) I reckon thats the stage when people will start to curse the race director.
ailsa berkeleyFeb 4 2011, 8:41ami was hoping to catch a list to the race, contacted a few people listed in the car pool but didnt get any reply...anyone got any spaces left? based in city center but could get anywhere in dublin - thanks!
Gerard CunninghamFeb 4 2011, 9:21amAilsa - If you can get the Luas out to Balally I can pick you up at 8.45am mobile o87 six3six nine4sixone
Turlough ConwayFeb 4 2011, 10:11amHi Ailsa

glitch in the system last week so maybe it was you?

Anyway Im leaving at 8.20 from city centre, space available. 0877five276six2
turlough conwayFeb 4 2011, 10:14am@alan @mick..... For this one, after a little time has elapsed after, Im sure the sentiment will be..."Ahhhhh, Thats Bass!!!" (as i used say after every glass of milk as a young sprigeen)
turlough conwayFeb 4 2011, 10:24amSorry Ailsa, some of my poast was deleted and re-reading it looks like i was blaming you for teh glitch!

Someone booked with me last week but got no correspondence, obviously duw to glitch. Seat going from city centre 8:20ish number above
Paul JoyceFeb 4 2011, 1:55pm
Just back from a final recce of Annagh hill, where I got to see just how fast the final downhill section can be run, courtesy of someone who will be marshalling rather than running on the day. A few reminders:

Weather on the day looks like being anything from a bag of rain, wind, showers, sun. "Fresh" was the best way to describe today, and it was very windy on the summit. I'll make a mandatory call if wind jackets are to be carried at registration, but certainly anyone who will be out there for more than 90mins should consider bringing their jacket with them. Put a foil blanket in its pocket, too.

I'd imagine winning time will be about 45-50mins, and if we could have everybody finished in two hours, we can have the prizegiving at 1pm. Anyone who feels they would like to do an early start, the course will be fully marked by 10am, so its an option to start then, should you feel you'll take more than two hours to complete the (tough!) 9k. Just come early, and make it be known at registration that you want to start at 10am.

Reminder also that anyone wearing headphones in this race will be disqualified, thanks for everyone's co-operation on this point.

Finally, leave early, give plenty of time to get here, and we'll see you on Sunday. The pub will be serving soup and sandwiches, teas and coffees, etc, from after 12noon. They've been very accommodating in helping us with carpark, opening early, etc, so stick around for a while and enjoy the post-race cheer over a pint.

karl walshFeb 4 2011, 2:20pmhi

i put my name down for a lift with Turlough Conway but did not get email and will not be doing the run now so will not need the lift

turlough conwayFeb 4 2011, 3:43pmHi Karl

There was a glitch in the system I believe which meant emails werent automatically sent out. I saw someone had taken a seat but had no way of finding out who. I kept the seat so its there if you change youre mind today. Ill let it go after today though.

Padraig OConnellFeb 4 2011, 4:56pmfor Gerard Cunningham, I booked seat with you but probably due to system issue I got no email. You can contact me on 085-7653920. Thanks, Padraig
suzanne kennyFeb 4 2011, 5:59pmHa paul u also got to see today how slow, fearfully and cautiously the descents can be run lol!!! Will be tough race but good challenge... lookin forward to it. :)
Paul JoyceFeb 4 2011, 6:06pm Coillte have granted a permit to Leinster 4x4 for use of Annagh Hill as a off-road facility. I wish to thank them for agreeing to postpone their event on Annagh, scheduled for Sun 6th, and to commend them for being very reasonable and accommodating in doing so. Leinster 4x4 will use another nearby hill (also permitted) instead, and will pass out a few flyers about their offroad club at our event. I'd ask that runners recognize these are 4x4 offroaders who are doing things the right way, having set up and permitted their routes, and be courteous in accepting their promotional material.
Paul JoyceFeb 4 2011, 6:24pm
I've no doubt you'll put your new-found downhill skills to good use on Sunday Suzanne! Great to see you and Eamonn make the trip today.
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2011, 6:59pmKudos to our fellow hill users. Fair play lads. I reckon the race director owes that man a pint.
Edward HillFeb 5 2011, 12:44pmJust in case anyone is interested I was on Annagh Hill this morning (Dont Ask)
Underfoot conditions were very wet with a lot of water flowing down the track in the woods and the climb to the wall was very sloppy. Oh their was also a mist on the hill.
Eamonn HodgeFeb 5 2011, 4:26pmThat sounds great Edward. Really excited about this race.

Satnav co-ordinates for The Gap pub are:

Paul NolanFeb 5 2011, 7:55pmCourse was marked this afternoon/evening. All is set for the morning.
As Edward says the course is very wet following last nights downpours which unfortunately are ongoing.
Moving out 5 or 10 metres from the wall on the initial steep climb offers drier ground. In the forest it is very wet and slippy for a couple of hundred metres so gripy shoes and care will be needed.
See you tomorrow.
cormac o ceallaighFeb 6 2011, 3:55pmwell done Paul and team for organising such a super race. Brillant course with loads of variety (and super views i imagine on a clear day)make a great leinster champ race m could extend it out to include croghan!!.
Eoin hope the ankle injury is'nt that serious. mick thanks for administrating the first aid.the hot soup and roll was a real treat at the gap pub and should be a mandatory requirement ( along with the rain jacket of course!)
oscar shorttFeb 6 2011, 6:09pmThis was my first effort at mountain running. Despite a fall on the last descent and very wet feet it was a great experience and look forward to another go in March.
Eoin KeithFeb 6 2011, 7:03pmIt turns out I've broken my Fibula, just above the ankle. Not the worst outcome by any means. Big big thanks to Peter, Keith and Kevin for coming up and carrying me off the mountain. I doubt it would be possible to get a faster rescue team than that! Several different methods were used to transport me along, and I'm kind of glad the photographers weren't around to see some of them :)

Well done to Paul and team. That course is right up there as an all time classic. The conditions on the day only added to the fun!
Eoin KeithFeb 6 2011, 7:24pmAnd also big thanks to Alan Ayling for being the ambulance on the day, and bringing me to the hospital (Not the first time he's helped me out doing that!), and getting me home safely.
martin monaghanFeb 6 2011, 7:31pmtook wrong turn in forest about 1km from finish while in 6th place costly mistake on way back to track meet bernard fortune and two other guys dont know there names after making same mistake looking forward to getting right in next race
Paul JoyceFeb 6 2011, 7:31pmGreat turn-out today, smiling faces at the finish line, event went off without a hitch, what more could you ask for? Imra races are the best in town, because of the hard work of many volunteers, and there was a great and selfless crew behind todays race, I'd like to thank them all, you should all be proud of yourselves. Any runner who has enjoyed the race today, might have a look at the volunteer chart and consider putting their name forward for future races, kharma is what its all about.

Leo and Kelly at the Gap pub were very accommodating, where else would you get free soup to warm the cockles of over a hundred weary runners? Their hospitality very much added to the day. Well done to first home Kevin Keane and Suzanne Kenny (the later only after a vital crash course in "Downhill Running 101" two days previous from Paul Nolan). Everyone seemed to go for the final downhill, Eoin paying the price, lets hope its not too serious a break, and you're at the coalface soon. If you're going to get injured, better it be doing something you love.

(I've managed to take one photo of the rescue attempt on my camera, but the webmaster (whoever he is) on the imra site seems to be blocking my upload. I'll just have to see if the webmaster on Boards (whoever he is) is any more accommodating :)
Zoran SkrbaFeb 6 2011, 7:40pm@Martin, that was Theo and I who also decided to take a left turn on a straight trail! ... thanks to all the volunteers and the race organiser, and the crew in the pub. soup was yum.
Paul NolanFeb 6 2011, 7:51pmEoin
Sorry to hear about your injury hope your powers of recovery still match your race pace.
Goes to show there are always lurking dangers in the hills with the fastest and slowest equally at risk. Well done to the lads for getting you down.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 6 2011, 7:54pmVery well done to both Pauls and all the volunteers on finding and putting together a super race route and venue - I'd say a lock-in in that pub would be mighty!
I'd like to add to the Cormac's plea (and good to see his mammy-in-law up and about) for a longer version for a Leinster Champs someday, great to race in Wexford.
Lucy KellyFeb 6 2011, 8:10pmPaul and co , thank you for today.And to Pual for encouraging me to enter! My first imra experience, actually first ever mountain running race....nothing like starting with a nice small hill, with easy terrain! I really enjoyed the day and hope to compete again soon. Eoin, I hope your break doesn't take too long to mend, sounds sore.
Jimmy SynnottFeb 6 2011, 8:55pmwell done to Paul and his crew on a great day today.Course was spot on had ever thing.Soup was also great.Best regards to Eoin.All the best for a very speedy recovery. Cheers Jimmy
Caitlín BentFeb 7 2011, 12:05pmWow! Sunday's race really blew the January/February blues away. A great course full of twists and turn, ups and downs, with markers spot on. Míle buíochas to route planner and of course all the stewarts plus registration crew - thanks Issy and Paul for encouragement - nice to see you both. Hope to run this course again:) and re-visit "The Gap".
Eoin KeithFeb 7 2011, 3:06pmThanks for all the good wishes. Running in the hills will be sorely missed by me for the next few weeks!
Mick HanneyFeb 7 2011, 3:34pmIt struck me when I was reviewing the photos how compliant people were with the advice to wear a windsheeter given the conditions particularly along the exposed ridge. Good to see the race director's instructions being complied with. And not a headphone in sight this time.
Rene BorgFeb 7 2011, 9:19pmTeam results are up.
Adrian TuckerFeb 7 2011, 10:38pm
In Reply to Rene’s post re Team Placings, and Blowing one’s own Trumpet and all that!!:
It’s great to see that Rathfarnham can post a winning team on a Hill run (well done to Kevin, Peter, and Turlough) while on the same date collect quite a number of National Xcountry medals under arduous conditions at Alsaa, assisted greatly by mountain runners galore:
Womens Masters Team: National Bronze Medal (including mountain runners Zoe Melling, Vanessa Salliner, and Laura Flynn).
Mens Master M40 Team: National Bronze Medal (including mountain runners Padraic Mac Croistal, Mick Bolger, and John Farrelly).
Mens Masters M50 Team: National Gold Medal (including yours truly).
Mens Intermediate Team: National Silver Medal (including mountain runners Jason Reid and Brian Furey).
A number of the above also received County medals.
Turlough ConwayFeb 8 2011, 9:23amCongrats Adrian. Lets hope that Rathfarnham can take more prizes on the uplands and lowlands this year!
Rene BorgFeb 8 2011, 9:58amLads, do you even have any more space in that Rathfarnham trophy cabinet?? ;-)
kevin englishFeb 8 2011, 10:58amDon't forget John Harkin who has a great race finishing 3rd in the Masters race.
John ran in Snowden last year !!!
Rene BorgFeb 8 2011, 11:54amI talked to John after and its fair to say he was a happy man and took to the extraordinarily difficult conditions with absolute gusto plowing through it as others got bogged down(so did the female winner who seemed to be floating on top of the mud).

We'll have an extensive report soon on MST on what a remarkable day of racing. Another Snowdon veteran, Keith Daly, finished a very strong 9th in the senior men's helped a Donore Harriers team which also included Colm Hill take the National Intermediate title for teams.
Gerry BradyFeb 8 2011, 8:22pmI added an event page for the masters/intermediate and will add in IMRA results later. Adrian you had a fantastic run and must have altered your training in some way? We all want to know :) so a race report is required. Colm or Keith, both well done, can we get the inside story of how 10 km in the mud felt? The ladies did well with Helen White the highest placed in 6th in the masters.

Given so many IMRA runners run the masters/intermediate but would also have been sorely tempted by Annagh Hill, our race calendar maestro may take this into account next year?
Jim FitzharrisFeb 9 2011, 11:01amThe last six postings on this thread (all very interesting) have been on a totally different topic well deserving of its own slot. People posting to the Forum should start a new thread in situations like this. Maybe the webmaster could split them off.


Rene BorgFeb 19 2011, 6:29pmOur coverage of Annagh Hill is finally up on MST, apologies for the delay there was a lot of news bulletins coming out in recent weeks.
Rene BorgFeb 19 2011, 6:29pmNow with link: