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Caroline ReidApr 6 2010, 8:53pmGreetings,

I'm back again - and no, I won't jinx the weather for the summer howth race too!

I'm looking for volunteers, in particular a race marker and first aider.
Ideally it would be great if the two latter volunteers were attending the Bray race, so they could take the racer markers and first aid kit. If this isn't possible, not to worry, I can arrange something the week before the race.

Don't be shy - get your volunteering out of the way, so you have more time to spare when later races in the Leinster League go further into Wicklow :)

If you've any queries, just drop me a line to

Thank you.
Caroline ReidApr 13 2010, 12:00amThanks a million to everyone who has voluntered so far.

We still need a first aider - any takers?

Many thanks
Dermot MurphyApr 13 2010, 9:27amCaroline, I put my name for first aider for Howth.
John GreeneApr 15 2010, 12:16amsorry if this is stupid qst but where is the meeting pt? not familiar with area.. howth gaa club?
Caroline ReidApr 15 2010, 9:22amHi John,

There are no stupid questions - for the Howth race there will be carpooling from Howth harbour public parking area next to the Dart station.

The race itself and race registration is from Beann Eidear GAA club in Howth. The following link will give you a map

Parking will be a big problem in Howth, so make sure you get there early and that if you are driving to the race, you have a full car (4 people) or else the marshal will send you back to the harbour to collect people. Parking is so limited, only full cars will be allowed into the car park.

Everyone please keep this in mind - PLEASE PLEASE CARPOOL.

Hopefully see you there next week,
All the best
Caroline ReidApr 18 2010, 11:55pmHi there,

I ran the race route today and it was fantasic out there. There’s a bit of muck at the start (the piece at the side of the golf course) but apart from that, its completely dried out, so should make for a great race.

Sorry the boring housekeeping bit but please read it so things go smoothly for you and me on Wednesday : )

At registration on Wednesday, can you have your money ready before you get in the queue. We ran out of change in Bray so it would be great if you could have the exact change with you.

I know that for many it is difficult to get to Howth early, but please try to arrive early so the stressed late comers won’t have such a big queue.

If this is your first time to attend an IMRA race, please refer to our Beginners section which answers many questions:

The membership form can be downloaded from the IMRA homepage
Please bring this along completed on Wednesday night with the following fees:

The annual registration fee is €10 and race fee is €7 (Total of €17).

For OAPs, students and unemployed the annual registration fee is €5 and race fee is €4 (Total of €9).

The registration queue must close at 7:15pm sharp to allow volunteers to complete registration data inputting before the race finishes.

Anyone not queuing by 7:15pm will not be allowed to race, so please try to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Shower and changing room facilities are available at the GAA club. During the race, gear must be left in cars or in the changing rooms, as the GAA club have asked that no athletes or spectators go into the lounge in dirty running gear or shoes.


PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED compared to previous years. Please car pool from the Marina car park area adjacent to Howth Dart station.

There is very limited off street parking adjacent to the GAA club. When the car park is full, cars will be turned away and it will be some distance to find suitable parking. As registration closes at 7:15pm, it would be easy to miss the race.

Please cooperate with parking marshals....its a hard thankless job :)

Howth GAA have requested that runners warm up along the pitch sidelines and any other areas OFF the pitches (please do not warm up on the pitches).

There will be good route marking, so it will be grand if you are new to mountain running.

Juniors will run 1 lap of the course.

There will be no early start, but if anyone wants to start early, please just take a note of your time and give it to the laptop operator at the finish.

The lounge will be available for prizegiving and as usual, tea and coffee will be provided for a nominal fee.

Anyone who didn’t get their prize, come to me in Howth.

The following items are in the race directors box:

Pair of ladies shoes found in Bray – black with high wedge heel in a black bag with strings
Dark blue Medium Cranealin top with zip up front
White wolley cap
Black fleece ‘Prosport’ hat with tassles
1 black large glove and one small stretchy black glove

Thanks a million – look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.
Caroline ReidApr 19 2010, 10:23pmBrendan Doherty has very kindly offered to shuttle people from Howth dart station up to the GAA club from 6:30pm on Wednesday evening to assist people to make it to the race on time.

Therefore people can park their cars in the car park and (a) take a lift with Brendan or (b) carpool with someone else (remember 3/4 to a car).

Brendan will be wearing a high vis vest and drives a maroon honda 02 D jeep.

I appreciate people can be nervous getting into a car with someone they don't know, but for anyone nervous of carpooling, just have a look at this link for reassurace : )

Brendan is racing, so his last collection will be 7:10pm.

Thanks Brendan.
Caroline ReidApr 19 2010, 11:58pmThanks to everyone who has volunteered.

I have emailed a list of duties to volunteers for Wednesday evening.
Rosalind & Finbar if you could email me on I'l send it on to you.

Many thanks
Billy AlexanderApr 20 2010, 2:18pmHi there,
I'm looking to organise a lift home for James Alexander (Junior) from Howth.
Looking for a lift to the Leopardstown or LUAS green line please
He will make his own way there by train.
Thanks, Billy.
Sarah Ní RuaircApr 20 2010, 11:04pmHi All,

Contrary to the information displayed above I intend to leave Portmarnock at 6.15pm and not midnight.


Paul CullenApr 21 2010, 12:04amImagine being nervous getting into a car with Brendan...
Paul CullenApr 21 2010, 12:04amImagine being nervous getting into a car with Brendan...
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 21 2010, 9:49amJust tried adding my car to car pool for this evenings race but doesn't seem to be showing. I'll be leaving the city centre at 5.30, heading out via Clontarf Road if anyone needs a lift.

Billy, if you still have no lift back to town for James I can help you with that, will be heading as far as Terenure.

Alan KilbrideApr 21 2010, 11:29amHey,

I'm not yet registered on myIMRA so can't add myself to the car pool section. I'll be leaving from Lucan between 6 and half 6 if anyone needs a lift. I can also collect people from the harbour/dart station if needs be.

Looking like another sunny afternoon ;o)

Go Team!
John ShilesApr 21 2010, 11:43amHaving missed the start of this race once myself, and witnessed many runners with no numbers due to arriving at 7.45 or later, I would suggest people take into account that the traffic out to Howth can be very heavy at this time of the evening. Leaving Lucan at 6.30pm Alan might not give you enough time to make the 7.15 cut off for registration.
Alan KilbrideApr 21 2010, 11:57amHi John,

Thanks a mill for the info, would hate to miss the race, it's only my second one! Anyone looking for a lift/carpool, I'll now be leaving before 6pm ;o)

Go Team!
Eva FairmanerApr 21 2010, 12:08pmBilly, I can take James all the way home this evening as I live in Leopardstown. Will be staying for a sociable coke though after the race so if he needs to be home straight after the race maybe he should go with someone else.
john o neillApr 21 2010, 10:47pmHi i left a pair of north face running shoes at the race this evening if anyone picked them up can they mail me at thanks John
Kevin O'RiordanApr 21 2010, 10:50pmProvisional results are up. Corrected results will follow (laptop operators didn't have time to input all new registrations on the night).

A pair of glasses were found in the changing rooms (ladies I think). I'll have these at Hellfire race if you want to collect them.
Caroline ReidApr 22 2010, 12:40amHi there,

I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience this evening - as you saw, we struggled to cope with the massive surge in numbers this year (up 67 on 2009, many of whom were new members).

Particularly I wanted to thank ALL the volunteers who did a fantasic job - many barely got to put their heads up to talk to anyone all evening – you all really were brilliant and made my job much easier. Also thanks to those who rowed in and helped us out at the last minute.

Just a few notes on tonights race:

The finish area – when I started mountain running, there was always a lot of cheering at the finish area. This meant so much to me at the gave me the courage to keep coming to races even when I was coming in at the tail end of races! Tonight there was very little cheering and we had so many wonderful first timers...they all deserved a big cheer.....

Still a problem with carpooling – thanks to the many people who made great efforts to carpool, cycle or walk to the race. (Thanks again Brendan – any feedback on how things worked from your point of view would be appreciated on the carpooling thread).

Any feedback on tonights race can be emailed to me at, so I can complile some notes for future race directors in Howth.

Thanks again,
aisling renshawApr 22 2010, 9:08amGreat race Caroline, thanks a million! Also huge thanks to Brendan for doing the taxi runs from the station to the race- right up to the very last minute. Hugely appreciated!!
Geraldine O'SheaApr 22 2010, 9:14amCongrats Caroline and team on a brilliant race. Great to be back running in the hills (even if I did only manage one lap!).
Paddy CoyneApr 22 2010, 9:43amHi. Can somebody invite me to join myimra please. Last night was my second race, it was class. Really well run, tough, totally different to football trainin!! Thanks a lot.
Geraldine O'SheaApr 22 2010, 10:05amPaddy, if you post up your mobile number I or someone else will invite you. Or if you prefer email me your number geraldine_oshea at yahoo dot ie
Michael StokerApr 22 2010, 10:13amI took a bit of a spill on the first lap and had to retire early due to looking like an extra from Dawn of the Dead. I got 6 stitches and a day off work for my schoolboy error. I just wanted to say thanks to all the runners who stopped to offer me assistance, and especially to the gent who patched me up at the finish. Roll on more comedy injuries!
Brendan LawlorApr 22 2010, 1:11pmTomas Kelly79 is a Sli Cualann member - he may have forgotten this important detail when filling out his membership form
Rene BorgApr 22 2010, 1:38pmHi Brendan, I spoke to Kevin and he's still verifying the results, there's a lot of manual data to transfer from the sign-in sheets, so Thomas' club might be among them.

I posted provisional club results (and have just added Thomas) but they'll invariably change a lot once I can cross-check them against the full results. There's about 40 odd entries to be added I was told and a some data verification on a few early starters as well.
Greg MayApr 22 2010, 3:13pmGreat race last night, fantastic amount of people and well dealt with considering how many new runners there were.

Nice to be running on the trails at dusk, just perfect.
Caroline ReidApr 22 2010, 10:14pmMichael, delighted and relieved to hear you are on the mend....I'm not one for thrillers so I'm still recovering myself from the sight of you walking down the track last night. Thanks to Dermot (IMRA chairman) who was on first aid last night, with nerves of steel! Hope you are back running soon.
Caitlín BentApr 22 2010, 10:39pmOne man size light green jumper left behind in bar at Howth can be collected at Hellfire race if owner is at this race.
Kevin O'RiordanApr 22 2010, 11:01pmUpdated results now up. Let me know if there are any problems.

Rene BorgApr 23 2010, 8:10amClub results now updated as well. No impact on the men's but in the women's Sli Cualann won the night and not Clonliffe as shown.
Caroline ReidApr 23 2010, 9:05amWith 269 finishers, it would be great to see a few race reports to hear about the action during the race :)
John ColemanApr 23 2010, 11:22amHi Caroline -
How do we upload the race reports?
I can't seem to find the requisite link in the Reports tab...
Dermot MurphyApr 23 2010, 1:26pmJohn, you need to be logged on to myImra to put up a report. When you are logged on, go into the report section of the Howth race and you should see a tab to add a report.
John ColemanApr 23 2010, 1:52pmHey Dermot,

Thanks for the response, however I'm logged in alright but still can't see the "Add race report" button...

Paddy CoyneApr 23 2010, 1:52pmHi Geraldine, I sent you an email re the IMRA invite. Thanks again.
Mick HanneyApr 23 2010, 1:54pmWithin the Howth Event, click on Reports and you'll see a Write Reports button to click..
Michael StokerApr 26 2010, 1:04pmThanks Caroline for your well-wishing. Yeah the doc says I can't run for a bit, very annoying! With luck I might get the stitches out Wed morning so perhaps they'll let me come out and play round Hellfire... Thanks also directly to Dermot for a five star bit of first aid.