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Ray LinnApr 30 2009, 10:09am
Arthur / Eoin,, I have all the race equipment (markers, numbers, forms, float etc etc) except the laptop which was collected last night by the laptop operator. I won't be able to make it to Hellfire and Brimstone next week and am away this weekend (Friday to Monday).
Can someone contact me and we can make arrangements to have the equipment collected. Email Mobile 087 238 2051
caitlin bentApr 30 2009, 2:00pmArthur,
I would like to volunteer to help at this event Can I get a run also?
Conor BranganApr 30 2009, 8:54pmHi, I'd like to volunteer for this race but I don't have a myIMRA account, could somebody invite me please? Mobile is 086 8234881, thanks!
Henny BrandsmaApr 30 2009, 9:22pmhi there anybody that can ad my name as volunteer for this race,you can contact me on my mobile 087-7604826 or e-mail
Cheers Henny
Padraig O'DwyerMay 2 2009, 1:57pmHi there
I would also like to get a myIMRA a/c in order to volunteer for one of the upcoming races if somebody could invite me! Mobile #: 0872518995
Much obliged, thanks. Padraig
Padraig O'DwyerMay 2 2009, 1:58pmHi there
I would also like to get a myIMRA a/c in order to volunteer for one of the upcoming races if somebody could invite me! Mobile #: 0872518995
Much obliged, thanks. Padraig
Des O'NeillMay 5 2009, 6:14amCan someone invite me to myimra please.

086 8354969


Brían O'MearaMay 5 2009, 12:05pmHi,

A couple of questions:
Where can i register for this? What time does registration close at?

Is there a race map going up on this site prior to the race, would the one at Coillte Outdoors do?


Dermot MurphyMay 5 2009, 1:11pmNote regarding parking - there is limited car parking at the race start - please car pool up from Buglers Pub.
Peter O'FarrellMay 5 2009, 3:43pmThis race WILL have a different winner to the last two rounds, 24 hours of sightseeing round Bergamo has finally convinced the very impressive Eoin Keith to let someone else win.

Registration will be in the Hellfire Carpark and typically closes sharp at 7pm to allow the overworked laptop operators time to imput your data into the computer.

Only full cars will be accepted unless you can prove you're travelled up from Wexford or down from Louth, please carpool or cycle from the prizegiving pub.

The route will be marked by a man who very recently broke national records for running 100 miles and 24 hours and is also in the top 5 in the world for running 24 hours, none the less it will be short enough to get us back to the pub for a pint.
Robert HickeyMay 5 2009, 3:54pmI'll be coming via Ticknock road so won't be at pub before hand.
If anyone does need a lift from Kilmacud/Stillorgan Luas at around 6:30 I can manage that.

Rene BorgMay 5 2009, 7:53pmHi Brian, we don't have a map at current unfortunately. The route has a good few twists and turns but will be well marked.
Mick HanneyMay 5 2009, 8:45pmI'm on the carpool. Leaving Cabinteely 6ish if anyone cares for a lift.
Paul CullenMay 5 2009, 9:18pmSo registration closes at 7 pm this week. What's for next week - 6.45? And further 15 minutes pullbacks each successive week? Why bother with a race when you can have the race-to-get-there-on-time?

I know I've made this point in previous years but we don't all work 9-5. Especially in the current work environment. We don't all have cars available to us every week. We don't see anyone offering a lift from where we work at a meaningful hour. We don't all live on the southside.

What difference does it make if a race starts 10 minutes late? If we're tough enough to run up a hill surely we're tough enough to wait around in whatever weather chances upon us.

Why not let a person register no matter how tardy they are? What use are all the computers if they make us more inflexible and rules-bound than we need to be?
Eoin KeithMay 5 2009, 10:25pm
I don't have email addresses for all the volunteers, so I'll post out on the forum. Could I ask you all (the volunteers) to be at the Hellfire carpark for as close to 6:00 as you can manage.

We will still be aiming to close registration at 7:00. Anyone who wishes it to remain open longer is more than welcome to volunteer to do the work necessary to facilitate that (which of course would necessitate missing the race).
Eva FairmanerMay 6 2009, 9:06amIam unable to run this evening so would like to volunteer. The earliest I could make it up to Hell Fire would probably be 6.30ish so if it is any help I can take in the markers or do a "finish line" job. (evafairmaner at hotmail dot com)
Eoin KeithMay 6 2009, 10:45am
More updates for this evenings race:

As usual, can everyone please carpool to the race. Buglers Pub is the prizegiving location and you can carpool with other runners there. Parking is limited at the race start, and we will be asking single occupancy cars to return to Buglers to carpool.

We will make a slight change to the registration closing times. We will still close registration for new runners at 7:00. However we will allow runners who have already registered this year (i.e. already have their number allocated for this year) to register up until 7:15. There will be no flexibilty on this.

The weather forecast isn't great at the moment, so bear that in mind when it comes to race gear. Underfoot conditions could be muddy in sections of the course. A water resistant running jacket could be a good idea if it is raining.

Volunteers : It has been suggested it would be a good idea to carpool at Buglers at 5:30 and head up from there, if you can.
Paul CullenMay 6 2009, 11:43amThanks Eoin for showing flexibility.
Turlough ConwayMay 6 2009, 12:20pmJust for clarity the registration for the Bray Head race closed at 7.21. The queue was stopped at 7. Wasnt desirable to delay race due to fading light etc in case of accidents.
Ruth LynamMay 6 2009, 3:52pmI can offer 2 or 3 car spaces from Valleymount/Blessington/Firhouse, but am not in myIMRA - could I get invited please.
Is it the same course as this time last year?
Mick HanneyMay 6 2009, 3:57pmHi Ruth, Need to supply your mobile as the myimra details are then texted to you. Cheers, Mick
Anthony MaloneMay 6 2009, 9:58pmHi could someone please oblige and invite me into the site. I have only run 2 races and would be very grateful. My mobile number is 0eight7 2488six0two. Thanks a mill.
Ps: to the organisers of tonights race I offer my thanks, it was very enjoyable.
Rene BorgMay 6 2009, 11:42pmTeam results are now up for this event.
kevin englishMay 7 2009, 9:35amJust want to say thanks to Vivian for the late entry last night.
Was the best marked out course i have ever ran in an I.M.R.A race.
Cheers to Eoin and the rest of the volunteers who helped out.
Grainne ConnorMay 7 2009, 9:57amJust wondering who has the laptop from last night? and if I can collect for next weeks race. my email is grainne dot connor at
cormac o ceallaighMay 7 2009, 10:17amJackie O Hagan- i left a red top in your car before the race, can you bring it next week.thanks, cormac at soc .ie
Robert HickeyMay 7 2009, 11:39amHi, great organisation last night, fair play.
Can someone add me to the myIMRA please?
Mobile 0879742444

aidan roeMay 7 2009, 1:57pmCan someone add me to the myIMRA please?
Mobile 0879881398
Aidan Roe
Brian CarolanMay 7 2009, 4:19pmGreat race last night - well marked and excellent organisation.

Pity I missed the registration by a few minutes as my stop watch tells me I did 147% which is an improvement. Maybe I can drop it again next week.

I would also like to open my myIMRA account so if someone can invite me @ 087 9136535