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Chris O'NeillApr 17 2009, 11:29amHi i plan to run this one however, will also be available to help with race if required
Paul KellyApr 17 2009, 12:23pmHi Chris,

See Volunteer tab for details on how to volunteer for races.

Martina O'KearneyApr 23 2009, 9:41amRene, Aoife,

Can you let me know where the race markers are please as I am due to mark Howth and forgot to pick up the markers last night after Bray. I think you marked last nights race.
Martina O'Kearney
Mick HanneyApr 23 2009, 9:53amMartina, the marking box went with Mike Long. It'll be there early on the evening in Howth for you to use. The question is what Howth route is being used... the Winter route that was run was quite popular and could do with another go perhaps.
Ray LinnApr 23 2009, 11:48am Mick,, The route for the summer race is two laps of the old course and not the winter route. I'll be putting a mesage to this effect on the broader forum.
Cheers,, Ray
Brenda MalleyApr 23 2009, 1:20pmWould like to volunteer for Howth, also hope to run, but don't have myimra password to log on to volunteer. What do I need to do next?
Paul O'GradyApr 23 2009, 1:42pmJust to agree with Mick - without wanting to start WW 14!!

The winter course was unbelievable - would love another go at it!!
Rene BorgApr 23 2009, 1:54pmWhile it's up to next year's committee and next year's Race Coordinator, its likely the winter route will return for next year's winter league since it was incepted to create variation between Summer and Winter.

as a completely personal observation, I'm in the camp of the "good old route", and hope for another chance to break 40 minutes on it, and have the speedy battles that this course always offers before the strength-drainers on Brockagh and Scarr later in the League.
Ray LinnApr 23 2009, 2:17pmJust to make sure there's no confusion,,, this years summer race next Wednesday will be on the "old route" (two laps).

Opinions obviously welcome with regard to next year as Rene states.
fergus mcgrathApr 24 2009, 2:02pmcan someone invite me to myimra ?
my phone number is 0857575976
Fergus McGrathApr 24 2009, 2:12pmthanks dermot
Ray LinnApr 27 2009, 1:34pmFolks,, a few points to note for Wednesday:

PARKING / CAR POOL: Race parking is limited since the GAA built the all weather pitch. Please car pool from the Howth harbour public parking area next to the Dart station

REGISTRATION: Registration will close at 7-15 SHARP. Please leave in plenty of time - typically the traffic going towards Howth in the evening is very slow so be warned

WARM UP: Please avoid warmimg up on the GAA pitches. We will have them partially taped off but please do all you can to stay off them.

ROUTE: Finally, the summer race is two laps of the "old route" - see course map. It's not the course we used for this years winter league run.
Edward BatemanApr 27 2009, 4:33pmHi, could someone post directions from the DART station to the start of the race if possible? I don't know Howth at all and the maps on the map page don't look like they are very detailed...
Thanks alot!
john ShielsApr 27 2009, 10:13pmif you go to the DTO's web site and use their journey planner,(,)you can trace the route.
Put the start in as "Howth DART Station" in the drop down list and the destination as " balkill road" select the first balkill road on the resulting list and click on "get route".
The GAA club is up along the road near the junction.

Or you can get to the station anytime after 6.00pm and ask anyone who looks like a hill runner!
niamh o ceallaighApr 28 2009, 7:38amCopy below link to see map to start. I think there might be some shortcuts possible.
Your best bet is just to stand out the front of the Dart station looking vaguely sporty and a hillrunner should pull in to give you a lift up the hill.

Ray LinnApr 28 2009, 10:34amFolks,, Looking for a non running volunteer to act as marshall on Howth about half way on the course. Could any of the current non running volunteers (or any new ones) contact me if you are willing to do this.

James HigginsApr 28 2009, 11:19am
The Google map on the website is giving an incorrect marker for the location of the Howth Race.

Unless it is changed anyone who is not familiar with this race should use the route that Niamh has created -

...or the old fashioned way just ask directions to Beann Eidear GAA club in Howth!

Ray LinnApr 28 2009, 1:28pmMarshall for Howth sorted!!. Thanks,, Ray
Paul CullenApr 28 2009, 6:09pmTrains from Tara St. are at 17.23, 17.49 and 18.05.
Does anyone have any idea whether the last train would arrive in time in Howth to allow one to get up to the start in time for registration?
Des O'NeillApr 28 2009, 6:37pmCan someone invite me to myimra please?
mick hanneyApr 28 2009, 8:52pmDes, you need to supply your mobile no. for your myimra details to be texted to you.
Ray LinnApr 29 2009, 10:20amInjured volunteer Nick Davies looking for a lift from Howth Dart station from 17-50 onwards. Anyone passing at that time that could oblige?
Jim FitzharrisApr 29 2009, 10:27amHi Ray,

I hope to get to Howth around the 6 pm mark - could you or Nick send me his mobile number so I can contact him? My email is jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com; mobile is 086-809 0525. If someone gets there before me and picks him up no harm done.


Brian CarolanApr 29 2009, 11:22amHaven't got a chance to get myself a proper pair of trail runners yet. Given the weather will normal road runners be OK for tonight or should I give it a miss?

Sarah SteerApr 29 2009, 11:23amPaul - according to the last train you mention arrives at 18.33. I guess that leaved enough time to walk up. I will be on that train too.
Bruce ShenkerApr 29 2009, 11:44amI guess Ireland has really changed since I left if you are relying on a DART schedule to get yourself somewhere on time. What happens if there are wet leaves on the tracks???
Mick HanneyApr 29 2009, 11:51amBrian - you'll be fine... give it a shot.

I seem to be having a problem putting car details up on the Carpool. I'm leaving town around 5pm from the Talbot St (Amiens St) end, to help pre-race. I've 3 seats available. Text me on 086 8539554 if you're interested.
shane youngApr 29 2009, 1:56pmHey this is my first race, how do i sign up? Cant seem to find anything on the website
shane youngApr 29 2009, 1:57pmHey i want to run this race to i have to sign up before I arrive or can i just turn up?
Rene BorgApr 29 2009, 1:59pmHey Shane,

Just go here to download the membership form:

Fill that out and bring that along with 7 euros for the race and 10 euros for your annual membership fee and you're ready to go.

As you can see in earlier posts no the topic, there'll be no registrations after 19:15, so be there in good time.
Paul MitchellApr 29 2009, 11:46pmHi,

I left my inno8's in the mens changing room in Howth. If any body picked them up let me know (jppmitchell gmail com) and I'll come get them.


John AhernApr 30 2009, 12:46amHi,
My finish doesn't seem to have been recorded. I'd estimate I finished around 30th position. Who do I need to email?
Keith LaceyApr 30 2009, 12:59amTo Paul Mitchell

I was a late arrival and missed the start of the race by 20minutes cause of the traffic :(
Myself and a friend ran it anyway for a bit of training - we had a cold shower after in the changing room(after all you guys used the hot water and left) and before I went I had a quick look round and only saw a gaa ball, pair of gloves and runners (think they where black). They didn't look like Innov8 as I have a pair of these myself. Not much help but that was at about 9:15pm

Check the club about those runners just in case.
They didn't look muddy enough anyway...

Rene BorgApr 30 2009, 8:28amHey all,

Firstly thanks to the woman who bandaged my knees and to Mags for saving myself the trip to the Swift Clinic.

If anyone has seen a Garmin ForeRunner 305 let me know. I may still find it around some where but have a suspicion I left it in the shower room when I was cleaning up after the fall.

It'll be muddy and read 20-something minutes, as long as I lasted...

Eva FairmanerApr 30 2009, 8:45amHope the injury is not too bad Rene. I too would like to thank Moire who cleaned and bandaged my knee - not a nice job standing in the cold but Moire was full of smiles! A huge thank you to Martina and Ben for marking the course - pity it didn't slow Martina down though! We all appreciated the marshalls offering words of encouragement in such dank conditions so well done Ray and the team. To say it was heaven and pure luxury having a hot shower after a hill race would be an understatement - there was enough mud left in there afterwards to fill in any further building works in the GAA grounds.
Moire O'SullivanApr 30 2009, 9:26amRene, I found a Garmin at the race finish and gave it to Ray. I think I saw it on sale on ebay this morning, so you better be quick.
Garrett murphyApr 30 2009, 9:35am
Race results say I didn't run last night. My legs and muddy gear say otherwise.

On one of the written race sheets I was marked as 29th.

Is anyone else missing in action?

Ray LinnApr 30 2009, 10:03am Thansk to all who volunteered last night for all the hard work. much appreciated as always,,,

Rene BorgApr 30 2009, 10:08amHi Moire,

Thanks! I'll drop Ray a line!

Paul CullenApr 30 2009, 11:44amHot showers? Did someone say hot showers? I needed a second shower this morning to remove the grime even after last night's cold wash.

Great photos, John, they really catch the grimness of the night (for anything other than a hill-run).
Chris O'NeillApr 30 2009, 12:27pmHi

Can somebody invite me to myimra. Number 087 9129809
cheers Chris
Chris O'NeillApr 30 2009, 12:33pmCheers Sinead
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 30 2009, 1:26pmHi, I'm also in need of an invite to myimra, 087 6479096.


Brenda MalleyApr 30 2009, 1:44pmRay

I was incorrectly timed for the full course, finishing in 136th place in 50 mins. I only ran the junior course, one loop, so the course placings need to be adjusted.
Can you also invite me to MYIMRA, phone is 086 814 1720.
Many thanks for organising great event.

Brenda Malley
Moire O'SullivanMay 1 2009, 12:11pmCan Sam Mealy please contact me when he gets a chance: email moireosullivan at yahoo dot co dot uk

Moire O'SullivanMay 1 2009, 12:12pmCan Sam Mealy please contact me when he gets a chance: email moireosullivan at yahoo dot co dot uk

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 1 2009, 2:21pmJohn, thanks for the invite.

Jeff FitzsimonsMay 1 2009, 2:22pmJohn, thanks for the invite.

Mick HanneyMay 5 2009, 8:48pmRene, can you give a summary of the club results for Howth?
Rene BorgMay 5 2009, 9:28pmHi Mick, yes I'll get them up late today or early tomorrow. Just catching up with everything after my trip to the Lakes :)
Rene BorgMay 6 2009, 12:10pmClub results were posted yesterday eve. Overall results so far to go up on the Leinster League home page today.
Rene BorgMay 6 2009, 1:58pmOverall club standings are now up here:

Quick summary in text format below for those who can't open the Excel file:

Place Club Pts.
1 Sli Cualann 59
2 Boards AC 112
3 Crusaders AC 118
4 Clonliffe Harriers 145
5 Sportsworld 356
6 Glenasmole 487
7 Rathfarnham WSAF 68
8 Setanta 81
9 Tumbleweeds 288

Place Club Pts.
1 Crusaders AC 70
2 Clonliffe Harriers 11
3 Sli Cualann 14
4 Setanta 50

Note clubs who've run 2 races are automatically counted above clubs who've only run 1.