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Dermot MurphyMay 12 2008, 3:19pmVolunteers requested for Corrig Race!

I am looking for a race marker and a first aider plus a few more general volunteers - please indicate if you want to run as well as help. You can e-mail me at dermot.murphy at
Roger MouldingMay 13 2008, 9:01amI am happy to help doing whatever you need. I have run Corrig several times previously so know the route reasonably well if you need a marker. It would be nice to have a run, but don't mind missing out.

Damian McKeeverMay 15 2008, 8:47amHey Dermot,

I am happy to help out if possible I would prefer to run as well but don't mind if you more need people during the race.

Dermot MurphyMay 15 2008, 11:40amThanks for the offer guys.

Roger - I will let you know on Monday if I will need you for marking - can you send me on your e-mail address? Mine is dermot.murphy at (delete the spaces and put @ instead of at). You can also reach me at 087 7445475.

Damien, should be OK to run as well, I will go through the list of people and see who I need to do what.
Dermot MurphyMay 19 2008, 9:18amThere is very limited car parking space at the start of the Corrig race so we would ask people to car pool as much as possible. We recommend people meet up at Scholars pub beforehand and drive up to the race start when they have a full car.

Parking at the start itself will be along the side of the road. It is very important to park on just one side and leave a gap every 4 or 5 cars so that cars can go through. We will have car parking marshals on duty - please cooperative fully with them.
Loraine CreaneMay 20 2008, 11:22amWhat time are people meeting at Scholars Pub to car pool?
Dermot MurphyMay 20 2008, 11:52amPeople should meet at Scholars from 6:15pm onwards. Allowing for around 15 minutes to get to the start, the latest you should be leaving Scholars should be 7:05pm, in order to make registration in time.
mike gommMay 21 2008, 10:45amhi dermot as you probably know i do the course early and am available for help . can do first aid if required. will be there early p.m.
Mick HanneyMay 21 2008, 11:46amHi Mike,
I'm nominated first aider for this evening. If you are around to assist me that would be great.

P.S. Dermot I have a high vis jacket for the car marshall.

Dermot MurphyMay 21 2008, 12:15pmThanks for that Mike. I'm not sure if you need to follow a marked route, but Peter will be marking the course from about 5:30pm onwards.
Aisling CoppingerMay 21 2008, 3:15pmI'm gonna be at the race this evening spectating with the kids if anyone wants to leave their kids with me (for the duration of the race :-)!) while they run. Call it kid-pooling instead of car pooling!
Jim FitzharrisMay 21 2008, 3:20pmAisling,

You can have my kids (13 & 17) for the evening, the night, the rest of the month, year, decade.............


rene BorgMay 24 2008, 10:22amOfficial team results are now up.
Dermot MurphyMay 28 2008, 8:48amWould anyone like to write up a race report for the Corrig race? Please send on your masterpiece to either myself or Rene.
Jim FitzharrisMay 28 2008, 2:01pmI owe Niamh Ni Cholmain and others a small apology regarding the length of the Corrig route which we discussed after the race last week. While clearly longer than the 5.5km as announced by resident court jester Peter O'Farrell ;-), I said I thought it was 7.1 km based on the Trailmaster profile on the website. I later realised that this profile related to the race this evening, Prince William?s Seat, and that Corrig does not have such a profile for the simple reason that the OSI Trailmaster software does not cover that area. I guess the old CJD kicked in again briefly................... The website shows a distance of 8.2 km for Corrig which I suspect is something of an overestimate based on my own pacing.

Rene?s job for 2009 is to run every route and report back with full stats!