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Laurence BriodyJan 23 2024, 8:52pmHi All.. Mullaghmeen is just a week and half away. We need a laptop operator for race to take place.. Our usually first aider is away this year so if someone would like to volunteer for that role too would be great..
It's a new route this year with a great mix of terrain..
Fergus OFarrellJan 24 2024, 3:17pmHi Laurence,
I dont mind doing laptop operator or helping out. But I would need someone there to help as I haven't done it in over a year.
Laurence BriodyJan 24 2024, 6:53pmHi Fergus.
That would be great thanks. I will sort some help for you..I have a good idea of laptop so we manage. I will try and get a refresher in Howth too.
Jeff SwordsJan 24 2024, 7:58pmLaurence, I've already added myself down as assistant laptop so I can give Fergus a guide on the day and get things set up.
Laurence BriodyJan 24 2024, 8:52pmSuper stuff Jeff cheers. Were nearly all sorted now...
sanita grinaJan 25 2024, 8:58amHi,would you recommend this run for beginners?
Alan AylingJan 25 2024, 5:10pmNew route looks class.
Are you offering a junior route?
Laurence BriodyJan 25 2024, 6:56pmHi Sanita. It's a tough slippy route over 11k. If your able to be out for over and hour and a half you would be OK. We have had a good few first timers on our old route and they loved it.. There is an early start option if you like..

Hi Alan sorry no junior route this year..
Vladimir RusinovJan 26 2024, 1:54pmDo you need more volunteers?

I do a bit of motor race timing so should be able to pick that up fairly quickly, but I'm happy to help with anything else really.
Laurence BriodyJan 26 2024, 5:04pmHi Vladimir. Yes a couple more volunteers would be great. The lads might give you a heads up on the laptop. The more that know the better.. All help appreciated...
Vladimir RusinovJan 26 2024, 5:26pmOk, count me in (again - for anything). Is the a button to formally sign up somewhere or will you add me?
Laurence BriodyJan 26 2024, 10:09pmI added you Vladimir..
Kieran MeeganJan 27 2024, 4:50pmLaurence - I will enter next week, first race ever! My wife can come along as a volunteer if needed, she has first aid qualifications. Thanks. Kieran
Laurence BriodyJan 27 2024, 7:23pmHi Kieran.I good tough race to start.. Your wife can help with the first aid that would be great hopefully she won't have any casualties....
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJan 28 2024, 7:31pmHello,

What time do you want helpers to show up?

Laurence BriodyJan 29 2024, 8:26amHi Eiviltas. If volunteers are here for 10.00. I will have more info a few days before the race..
Laurence BriodyJan 30 2024, 9:59pmWe have enough volunteers now. Thanks all for volunteering. Can volunteers be here for about ten registration open at 10.30 so we have to be ready and know our roles.
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJan 31 2024, 7:24amNo problem
Jeff SwordsJan 31 2024, 9:32pmJust a reminder, anyone who previously ran an IMRA race and has a timing chip from previous years, bring the chip with you on Sunday for registration if you haven't yet raced this year.
The chips are perpetual, it's just your bib number that changes year on year.
Dave DochertyFeb 2 2024, 8:36amLaurence. I plan to be at the race on Sunday. I will get the race kit off you
for Trooperstown, then. Cheers
Laurence BriodyFeb 2 2024, 5:14pmHey Dave that's fine chat then..
Laurence BriodyFeb 3 2024, 8:20amCan you car pool as much as possible please as parking is limited in mullaghmeen Forest car park..It can be very busy with people and lot of Gaa clubs using forest for training...
Keelin HolmesFeb 3 2024, 8:30amGood luck to everyone taking part today !
Freya Guinness-MonkFeb 3 2024, 8:41amHi, will be my first race tomorrow. I know it says there’s an option for early start if you’re 160% of finishing time but I can’t find the finishing time anywhere? Thanks.
Brendan LawlorFeb 3 2024, 9:03amHi Freya, last years winning time was 48 mins so 160% of that would be 77 mins approximately.

But if you’ve never run the course it can be hard to predict that so a better guide would be are you an end of pack runner
Kieran MeeganFeb 3 2024, 9:57amLaurence - I assume you have a first aid kit on site for my wife to use on the day? Thanks. Kieran
Laurence BriodyFeb 3 2024, 10:11amHi Kieran. Yes we have a full first aid kit and d-fib which hopefully we will not need...
Brian FarrenFeb 3 2024, 12:09pmHi Laurence, I think you were saying volunteers should turn up for 10 tomorrow?
Laurence BriodyFeb 3 2024, 12:32pmHiBrian.Yes Volunteers be therefore 10 please..
Freya Guinness-MonkFeb 3 2024, 3:13pmBrilliant thanks Brendan.
Shane O'MalleyFeb 4 2024, 4:56pmAmazing course, so different from the first two races with an unmatched intensity.
Well done to the Laurance for pulling it all together and to the volunteers that made everything run so smoothly.
Vivian O'GormanFeb 4 2024, 5:18pmA great race this morning and well marked.
Mud, sweat and hills!!
Thanks to Lawrence and his volunteers and marshalls.
The tea and sambos afterwards went down a treat...
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2024, 5:31pmWell done Laurence & team.
This was wild fun. I thought Brockagh was slippy but today was on a different level. The twists and turns through the forest required a lot of concentration. What Mullaghmeen lacks in terms of a big hill it makes up for in many other ways.
Thanks to Philip & Andy for the carpool.
Alan AylingFeb 4 2024, 6:14pmEpic route. Really got great use out of the place. Great job by the lads fro Mullaghmeen Mountain Bike Cub for kindly marking it for us.

A great example of how a complex route can work well, providing it's well marked, marshalled and signed. Which, in my opinion it definitely was. Also required runners to remain alert looking for the tapes, but nothing wrong with that.

Really enjoyable event, thanks Laurence and all involved.
Jeff SwordsFeb 5 2024, 9:34amResults up, any issues email imraresults at gmail dot com
Laurence BriodyFeb 5 2024, 11:36amHi All. I would like to thank all the volunteers from St Brigids Ac ,Mullaghmeen mountain bike club and the Imra volunteers with whom all the fantastic races all over the country each year would not happen without... Thank You.. you all make my job so much easier. We had more help this year than ever before.. I would also like to thank the runners for coming to Mullaghmeen whom I hope enjoyed the race with all its twists and turns..Thanks for all the great comments in the forum and after the race..
Joseph BoyleFeb 5 2024, 2:42pmThanks to Lar and all his volunteers, clubmates in St Brigid's AC and the Mullaghmeen MB Club for an excellent afternoon on Sunday. The new course was a definite success, with very little chance to relax, A longer right leg would've definitely helped in one section. I'd like to especially thank Martina in FA for the time she spent patching me up after the race and to whoever found my jacket on the course and brought it back. Always worth the trip to Westmeath.
Andrew HanneyFeb 5 2024, 9:27pmRace report up. Would be great to see others. Thanks Lar and crew, brilliant event.