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John McCannAug 20 2023, 11:54amHi All, Not long to go until the 2023 Luggala event. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up so far to volunteer. I could do with a few more non-running volunteers including a Laptop operator if anyone fancies it. Look forward to seeing you all on the day. Let’s hope for similar weather to last year! I'm on holidays at the moment so won't have details about the route etc. till after August 25th
John McCannAug 31 2023, 4:40pmHi Everyone, Just another shout out for a Laptop operator if anyone is available. Entries will open soon and there will be an update on the route by early next week. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far.
John McCannSep 4 2023, 9:04amHi Everyone, entries are open for Luggala. I will post details of the confirmed route later today. Also, final call for a Laptop Operator. If we have to go old school and do it manually, then I will need a few more volunteers to call out numbers. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday
Ger PowerSep 4 2023, 10:10amIs there an early start?
John McCannSep 5 2023, 3:50pmHi Ger, I would love to facilitate an early start but at the moment it's not possible due to the number of volunteers available and the distance from registration to the start line.
Paula ReaSep 5 2023, 10:49pmHi John, what time would you like volunteers to arrive on Sat.
John McCannSep 6 2023, 9:41amHi Paula, if you could aim for 8.15am that would be great. The car park will be open from 8 and registration open around 8.30. I will have an email out to all the volunteers this evening with more specifics. Thanks
John McCannSep 6 2023, 9:49amHi All, I have added the exact Routes to the photos page for the event including a 3.5km Junior/Short course. Slight changes were necessary due to heather
Angus TynerSep 6 2023, 12:43pmJohn, it was my intention to run, but I can step into laptop role. I wouldn't manage the chip timing without pre race guidance (running volunteer) but should be ok if not using chip timing.
Kevin O'RiordanSep 6 2023, 1:02pmHey Angus, I'm hoping to be at the race so could help out with the chip timing setup beforehand if you like.
Kevin O'RiordanSep 6 2023, 1:03pmI'm not living too far from Conor so can probably pick the equipment up from him before the race as well.
John McCannSep 6 2023, 1:26pmHi Angus and Kevin, that would be amazing thank you both!
Turlough ConwaySep 6 2023, 4:22pmI have the timing mat etc. let me know how best to get to ye.

John McCannSep 7 2023, 10:18amVolunteers, email has been sent with some Info for Saturday. Please check your Spam folders if you have not got it.
Andy KeelingSep 9 2023, 1:59pmThanks to all the crew today. Great race through the heather.
John McCannSep 9 2023, 5:13pmA massive thanks to all the volunteers at Luggala today. It was an amazing day weather wise, so much so that I think we lost a few runners to the beach! Special thanks to John Bell for his excellent course design and marking. Great to see that Graham’s first aid bag didn’t need to be opened. Thanks again to everyone for their hard work.
Gerry McGuinnessSep 10 2023, 10:47amThanks to all for a great day out in the hills, even a prize ( Doughnuts suplied by Lillian)for everyone Thanks to the great feat of Alan Alying passing 500 races.
Alan AylingSep 10 2023, 9:00pmSuper race, thanks volunteers. A perfect day for volunteering, a bit of a hot sticky one for running, but sure we've 8 months of the year to complain about it not being warm enough.

Anyone missing a white and blue water bottle? Nice insulated one.
Brian FureySep 11 2023, 10:12amThanks John and all for the race. Very nice setting for it. Very well marked and marshalled. That Luggala descent is always good fun
Stuart ScottSep 11 2023, 10:48amThanks John and all the volunteers. This is my new favourite race! Thanks to the estate too for allowing us access. It's an amazing location.

Gerry, those doughnuts were actually all for Alan...I can't believe you ate one of them! And don't worry Alan, I'm sure the Celebratory Buckfast will keep you warm for a small part of those winter months!
Mick HanneySep 11 2023, 2:17pmWait, what, there were doughnuts? :-)
Mikey FrySep 11 2023, 2:46pmPeter bell just came to ear them all before you had come down for the top of Luggala :)
Alan AylingSep 12 2023, 12:19pmSorry Stuart, the Bucky is no more. It met its end in the usual manner - in a field on Saturday night :-)