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Mikey Fry

Wow the heat…

We set off I was first and wondering why mmmmm anyway hit the first hill Brian passes me out stay with him but I’m just not fit enough to stay with him a few twists straightish bit Andy passes me I’m really struggling to breathe nicely left onto open mountain tough on the legs decide to pass Andy and try to keep Brian in line of fire he’s slowly disappearing off we hit top of first peak I head after Brian I did land in the heather at one stage keeping Andy behind me boom right turn and try to push hard on the down hill eventually hit bottom still lugalla to do Brian still in front I need to focus on getting up the mountain cause at this stage I’m wrecked so I powered on up it’s never ending this mountain Brian is gone can’t see him just keep lashing up as fast as a can and keep Andy behind whoop whoop I’ve seen mick at the top turn and go go go it’s an amazing downhill just survive and go as fast as I can passed Alan the 500 dude on the way down yes I see the finish line and I fall over the line high fiving Brian on he’s win some great dudes thanks to Lillian handed over by mr Bushe thanks again John and crew for an amazing race it’s one of the best of the year easily jakers the walk back to the car was brutal super wrecked at home legs up boys want to go to beach nice bath for the body….gooday imra