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Paul MahonApr 19 2023, 1:58pmI have updated the event details for Drumgoff on Sun May 28th - 11am start with early start at 10.30 only for those typically over 160% of winner's finishing time.

Main item of note is that we will use the same 5 CP's as previously but will do the route in an Anti-clockwise direction in 2023 to avoid a repeat of the climb up Fananeerin ridge that was used in Aughavannagh recently.

Some key volunteer positions like first aid are there to be filled currently thanks
Mick HanneyApr 19 2023, 3:21pmLooking forward to the downhill Fananerin ridge already
Pierre OLIVIERApr 25 2023, 11:47amHi Paul, wondering if phones are authorized on this race for orientation or only map/compass are permitted? Thank you,
Mick HanneyApr 25 2023, 12:25pmLeinster Champs events are map and compass.
Please don't be put off by this.
If you get the chance to recce the route in question you'll find the navigation between checkpoints is straightforward.
David FaganApr 26 2023, 12:38pmPaul
Happy to help on 28th May.
First aid not up to date but am vet so could help with first aid if needed. David
Paul MahonMay 2 2023, 11:05amThanks for the offer David but think we need someone officially "Certified" for the 1st aid role.
If you want to put yourself down as a helper for the day will find you something to do be assured thanks
Sean ForsythMay 2 2023, 11:12pmHi Paul,
Just a heads up, I was up in carrickshane this evening and there has been heavy deforestation on the summit there, not a tree left standing and the ground is dodgy enough.

Couldn't see any sign of the summit cairn either.

Also some deforestation on Slieve Mann north top but at least the summit cairn is still there
Sean ForsythMay 2 2023, 11:13pmTree felling not deforestation
Clare KeeleyMay 2 2023, 11:49pmSean, the summit of Carrickashane is marked as a collection of few rocks, large bright white one on top, definitely there as up there myself yesterday and today!

David- would you not run this one?!? The nav. In between points is straight forward enough as Paul said, buddy up with someone if unsure! Clare
Sean ForsythMay 3 2023, 8:33amThanks Clare, good to know. I swear I have a blind spot for summit tops:)
Brian FureyMay 6 2023, 6:38pm@Paul just to confirm, the last decent down to the stream, we follow along with fence on the left? (Same path as aughavannagh) Race Description seems to indicate this but map seems to have arrows down the other path the other side of the fence..

Paul MahonMay 23 2023, 10:59amOnline Entries for this Sunday's Drumgoff Race are now open
They will close at 6pm this Friday
No Late or Entry on Day possible

Reg at Drumgoff Recreation Area (GR 094 889) will be from 10am
An early start for runners normally over 160% of winners time will be at 10.30am.
No early start option for typically faster than 160% of winning time for those looking to get away early from event ;-)
Parking at Start is somewhat limited so if possible please car pool from your locality or the field below Glenmalure Lodge Car Park which will be open and available for car pooling on the day also thanks to Dowling family.

Likely to be a warm day so all participants are advised to bring adequate drink and food as most will probably take 2+hours to complete the course (Maybe more if navigation issues!)
There are no readily available natural water sources available on route.
Food / Drink "Drops" or on course external support are not permitted

Prizegiving and some light refreshments will be at the Finish Line.
Anyone that wishes to take participate in IMRA's unofficial year long "Bake Off" Competition can bring their wares for sampling :-)
Mick HanneyMay 23 2023, 12:13pmThose that have recced will know that Carrickshane is a bit messy as the trees have gone but the ground conditions are not very amenable to running. Care needed going across the stacks of broken felling left behind. The peak is there somewhere ;-)
Steven PettigrewMay 23 2023, 3:54pm@Paul - Just following up on Brian's question about the final descent towards the stream and which side of the fence we need to be on.

I've noticed some of the lads who recce'd the route have taken both options and I've heard there isn't a right or wrong choice but wanted to be certain.
Paul MahonMay 23 2023, 5:07pmThere are paths on both sides of the fence coming down from the saddle but to avoid any temptation to cut the corner coming back from CP5 please return to saddle, cross the fence there and then descend to the left of the fence as shown on map
Mick HanneyMay 23 2023, 9:59pmIf you don't enter this race you'll miss out on one of the best ridge runs in the calendar, the downhill on Fananerin. The ground is firming up just enough and its a lovely experience.
Paul MahonMay 25 2023, 9:59amThe closing time for this race has been changed to Saturday (27th) at 6pm
Looking like a good crowd expected so please all bring water / drink and some food to carry with you as it is likely to be a hot day out there with lots of climbing and "interesting" terrain.
There is no Short Course Option

If you are not able to navigate and have not done a recee please don't show up in the hope of following someone.
This can be a confusing place/ race and participants can't realistically be relying on others to show them the route or go at a pace to suit them.
You cannot use phone or GPS devices for navigation purposes for Leinster Champs races - Map & compass only to be used
Anyone that gets lost and uses their phone to "Find themselves" or the route must declare this at finish line and will be marked as DNF.
We are relying on "Old Skool" Honesty as per IMRA Tradition on this

For those that do come we should hopefully have a fine day for a race with free route choice between the CP's and a sociable & scenic "Afters" Location and then adjourning to the local Glenmalure Lodge for further informal rehydration:-)
Mick HanneyMay 25 2023, 1:30pmSome runners, not naming names, have benefitted from pre race hydration the evening before in the Glenmalure lodge. I wonder will tactics repeat..
Maike JürgensMay 25 2023, 3:32pm@Paul - what time would you like volunteers there for, just before 10? will there be an email? :D - thanks. Maike
Louis MulleeMay 26 2023, 4:27pmok Mick, you have me convinced... this better be the best ridge run in the calendar!
Mikey FryMay 26 2023, 4:42pmJust don’t fall off:))
Declan McInerneyMay 27 2023, 7:05amMorning, sorry non IMRA question anyone interested in doing the ROGAINE 24hr on 17th June? Need to join up with someone. I'll be there tomorrow or give me a email Thanks.
Karl BourneMay 27 2023, 12:03pmHi all. Looking forward to tomorrow. Just checking if the early start is available? Cheers
Clare KeeleyMay 27 2023, 4:07pm@Mick Hanney- have you started baking yet?!?!? (Unofficial IMRA bake off :) !!
Paul MahonMay 27 2023, 8:30pmYes... Early start at 10.30 for those typically 160% of winning time
Niall CorriganMay 28 2023, 5:43pmHuge thanks to Paul and crew for a great race a great day great craic.
Graham K. BusheMay 28 2023, 6:18pmA huge thanks to Paul and crew of volunteers for another opportunity to enjoy ourselves on the Wicklow Hills. It's great to see people head off in all sorts of directions... and seeing them reappear around the route.
Paul MahonMay 28 2023, 6:34pmThanks to all who came out to enjoy the great weather and "fun" of this route and those who slaved over hot ovens in advance to provide lots of tasty treats ;-)

Particular thanks to Maike (& Roisin) and Jenni at base Plus Laura / David & Sandra for CP marshal duties and car park directing plus some great pics.

Congrats to top 3 men (Eddie O Connor, David Power & Brian Furey) & ladies (Becky Quinn, Orla Mc Evoy & Roisin Mc Donnell).

Biggest cheer of the day was the public vote for our deserving IMRA Bake Off (Round 2) Winner Clare Keeley :-)
Alistair HodgettMay 28 2023, 6:51pmA massive thank you to today's volunteers. I'm still repeating the check point code words...
Mick HanneyMay 28 2023, 7:20pmThanks Paul & team for a great event today. We had great weather (a feature of Paul's events) and its so much nicer to experience the sprawl of runners heading, in various directions (more of these type of races :-). Good and bad choices which all make for great chats later.
Super runs on the day by those fast guys and gals. A great spread of food for the weary at the finish. Roll on Fraughan Rock Glen.
Linda RowdenMay 28 2023, 7:25pmBig thanks to Paul and his team of volunteers for a fantastic day in the hills. Special thanks to IMRAs youngest volunteer, Roisin, who kept us all well fed after the race. Congrats to the winners and to Clare for winning Round 2 of the IMRA bake-off... bring on Round 3:)
Steven PettigrewMay 28 2023, 7:40pmThanks to Paul and the volunteers for today. Really well organised event and the course itself is perfect.
Róisín McDonnellMay 28 2023, 9:51pmBig thank you to Paul for a well organised event. A lovely run on a gorgeous day...followed by a feast of home baking. Thanks so much to all the bakers !!
Ellen HURLEYMay 29 2023, 9:58amThanks so much to Paul and the wonderful crew of Jenni, Sandra, Laura David & Maike & Roisin. A lovely morning on the hills and lots of fun watching people appear from every direction along the way! Clare's chocolate liathróidí & Dessies Cushbawn strawberries were definitely my favourite!! These IMRA events never cease to amaze me for their inclusivity of all speeds ages abilities and everything in-between... very cool indeed.
liam kennyMay 29 2023, 11:07amthanks Paul and crew for great day on the hills
Brian FureyMay 29 2023, 5:24pmThanks Paul and volunteers for putting on a great race
Mick HanneyMay 29 2023, 11:13pmAnother report added. Peter beat me to the punch with the report title, and my ordering might be distorted from the heat.