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Derek HayApr 25 2023, 9:48pmI've put my name down for laptop operator on this one, if there are any runners that are familiar with the laptop set up and that don't mind turning up a little early to help me get started, Id appreciate it, cheers.
Mick HanneyApr 26 2023, 8:59amHi Derek, I should be able to oblige.
Derek HayApr 26 2023, 11:58amThat's great thanks Mick.
Brendan LawlorApr 29 2023, 2:12pmThis years Scarr race route will be a variation on the route from 3-4 years ago.

Starting on the Wicklow Way opposite our parking field, the route turns right after the second gate and follows the trail with the forestry to the right all the way around to the wall.

We then have a steep climb on some rough ground up to the main ridge of Scarr. Watch out for some wire on the ground in a few places beside the wall.

There will be a marshal on the ridge at the end of the wall( this is the Junior / Short course turnaround point) and the main field will continue straight ( North) to follow the fence line around to the Summit track. Watch out again for barbed wire, pot holes and generally gnarly underfoot conditions.

There will be another marshal at the summit track to guide you right up to the Scarr summit. Here the suffering ends and the glorious descent begins.

Head down along the Scarr ridge ( going West) all the way until the fence corner ( and another marshal hopefully) and then turn left to sprint down the last descent and over the finish line.

Thanks in advance to the Gaffney family for allowing us the use of the parking field to enable us revisit Scarr from the Wicklow Way side.
Brendan LawlorApr 29 2023, 2:17pmMy North’s and Wests are a bit off( I’ll correct on the event page) .. see the photo for more accurate bearings

And shur none of you will have a compass anyhow..
Rene BorgApr 29 2023, 3:17pmThanks for letting the Glendalough AC crew tag along for a course inspection Brendan. Tough climb but well worth it to get the classical descent back and the short rocky ascent at the back is a nice finish to the uphill.
Alan AylingApr 29 2023, 4:35pmCurious Brendan... why did your North's (sic) have an apostrophe but your Wests didn't? ;-)
Brendan LawlorMay 8 2023, 10:57amHi

I'm looking for a few more volunteers for this race.. Running (for car parking) and non running ( route marshals and/or registration)

Conor O NeillMay 8 2023, 9:39pmHi Brendan,
I put my name on the volunteer list as Route marker but happy to do whatever
Brendan LawlorMay 9 2023, 10:56amThanks Conor
Brendan LawlorMay 11 2023, 2:49pmI have enough non running volunteers now for this race. Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far.. two laptop operators and two race markers.. I am indeed blessed.

Please sign up for a future race as a non running volunteer. Remember you should volunteer at least once for every 10 races you participate in . Your volunteering percentage and / or number of volunteering roles will soon be as important a badge of IMRA honour as your percentage of winning time or your place in the Club 100 Wall of Fame. You too can become the next Vivian O Gorman or Mick Hanney...
Alan KennedyMay 11 2023, 3:15pmMust be that photo of Niamh lying on the log, now everyone wants to do race marking! Not as easy as she made out as I can attest to you having helped Peter in Belmont but highly recommended to get a better understanding of the principles & guidelines but also very helpful as a runner in the middle of race too.
Henny BrandsmaMay 14 2023, 12:27pmHi Brendan, as my calf injury has still not fully healed, but I am planning to join the boys to come out to Scar, I don't mind giving you a hand moment I arrive, if your OK for helpers no worries, I just go out to cheer up the runners. Henny.
Brendan LawlorMay 14 2023, 2:58pmHi Henny

That will be fine. See you on Wednesday. I have enough volunteers now after that.

Race entries open in the morning at 9am. Reminder that we have a National Parks limit of 200 runners for this race, so it will very likely sell out given recent Wednesday Leinster League race numbers.

Please sign up early if you plan to race to avoid disappointment. IMRA does not facilitate race entry transfers or refunds.

There will be an early start at 7pm for anyone over 160% of normal winning time. There will be a Junior Race/ Short Course at 7.35pm (up to the main Scarr ridge and back). Short course is recommended for anyone who thinks they might take more than 100 minutes on the long course.
Brendan LawlorMay 15 2023, 11:06amWow.. 102 places sold in the first two hours ! Selling like hot cakes

Final reminder that once we hit 200 places sold, then thats it. So sign up now to avoid disappointment .. the naked warrior dance is no more!
Robert CostelloMay 15 2023, 2:01pmHi Brendan,
What’s the junior distance?
Brendan LawlorMay 15 2023, 2:12pmHi Rob

4.5-5km but with a challenging climb
Robert CostelloMay 15 2023, 5:00pmThanks.
Conor O NeillMay 15 2023, 8:26pmHi Brendan,
What time do you need me there ?
Brendan LawlorMay 15 2023, 8:54pmHi Conor

6 ideally.. can you text me your number.. my number is 0 ate 7 two 432798
Conor O NeillMay 16 2023, 9:06am6pm not a problem Brendan. Just sent you a text
Jenny Uí ShéMay 16 2023, 9:20amHi Brendan I know its ennoying but I had really set my sights on doing tomorrow evening is there any way Aaron and I could run or is there absolutely no space left?
do you need any more volunteers? if so we could volunteer?
Brendan LawlorMay 16 2023, 9:51amHi Jenny

Unfortunately the race is sold out so can’t help you out there. But feel free to come along and volunteer.. we’ll find something for you to do
Niall FoxMay 16 2023, 10:29amHi Brendan, would you have a Google Maps link or Eircode for parking? Thanks
Andrew HanneyMay 16 2023, 10:59amNiall, here is where the parking was for this race previously. I’ll let Brendan confirm it’s the same spot.
Brendan LawlorMay 16 2023, 1:59pmThanks Andrew

Yes thats the correct location for race parking and registration
Mikey FryMay 16 2023, 3:42pmAsk warren:)
Niall FoxMay 16 2023, 4:10pmThanks lads
Ben ConroyMay 16 2023, 6:53pmHey there, I realise the event is sold out and I am disappointed I missed it thought this morning would be plenty of time. I'm sure I'm not the only one but hey that'll teach me! I do though have a Q/suggestion.
Seeing as we no longer accept vouchers I think more folk will naturally tend to book early just-in-case and we’ll see higher drop off whereas in the past they may have relied on their vouchers. I know of two (no names I'll never talk) already who have booked and are tenuous about actually making it.
So wouldn’t it make sense to allow transfers even if they were manual or if folk turn up on spec allow them join if the limit hasn’t been hit. Is the 200 a National Parks limit?
Go on, go on, go on you know you want to…..and it makes sense...
Angus TynerMay 16 2023, 7:04pmOne Scarr entry for sale, €50 ono

Go on, go on, go on you know you want to…..
Brendan LawlorMay 16 2023, 7:47pmHi Ben

IMRA does not allow transfers. Or on the day entry. Sorry you missed out

Hi Angus

Same message but I suspect you have your tongue firmly in your cheek
Stuart ScottMay 16 2023, 8:02pmHi Ben, unfortunately that version of utopia doesn't exactly reduce the workload for the hard pressed race volunteers...! However the committee is monitoring the no show rate closely. Race caps for future races might be adjusted if needs be but thankfully the number of no shows has been fairly low to date. I'd hope that most runners would only enter if there was a good chance of them making it. It's not fair on fellow runners otherwise.
Derek O KeaneMay 16 2023, 10:09pmHave a race entry for tomorrow, unfortunately can’t make it picked up an aul dose
Please mark me off the start list
Many thanks and appologies
Ben ConroyMay 17 2023, 1:41pmThanks Brendan and Stuart for the responses and of course Angus for the kind offer of a ticket..does it come with a number and chip..;0)...
Sreiously though I do get the point and am sure folks don't typically register thinking they won't run but things happen and folk can't make it for whatever reason.. and I do of course appreciate the organisation and work the volunteers and committee put in. I need to do more volunteering myself. I am sure though we could work out a straightforward way to manage it with little extra work needed.. maybe food for thought for the next committee meeting? Anyhoos thanks and I'll try get in early next week.. actually looking and no limit set for Sugarbowl guess it depends on where the race is?
Liam VinesMay 17 2023, 3:56pmHi all..
Corse is marked and ready to go. There is a mixture of tape and flags out as markings let me know which stands out the best.
All turns are marked in the usual IMRA way 3 before turn 3 after. The only turn that could potentially give trouble is at 3k where the route goes LEFT and up hill by the wall look out for the markers don’t just follow the track..
Between turns and junctions there is the odd comfort marker just follow the track..
There is a K or so of new route keep on the left of the wall ground is a bit tough but it won’t take long..
Ground is perfect…
Enjoy and remember
Stuart ScottMay 17 2023, 5:12pmHi Ben. You're more than welcome to submit a proposal for the committee to consider at the next meeting. However bear in mind, whatever 'solution' is used must allow for the need to record such runners in the laptop and the printed sign-in sheets, and take payment, all in the short space between registration officially closing and the race start. For safety reasons it be must be robust. But crucially, it must enable results to be posted without the need for reconciliations and amendments in the days following the race (this was one of the drawbacks of the hybrid system before).

And yes the limit is purely due to licence restrictions from the NPWS. Not all races cover NPWS land so that is why we are luckier next week!
Ben ConroyMay 17 2023, 9:05pmThanks Stuart sounds good. If you could let me know how to submit an idea for the comm to review that would be great
Alan AylingMay 17 2023, 11:30pmRace director extraordinaire Brendan Lawlor took IMRA to a whole new level of classy tonight. Dutch Gold in the raffle. It really doesn't get any better than that.
Conor O'FarrellMay 17 2023, 11:36pmThat was another epic race. I think my legs with be like jelly for the rest of the week. Thanks Brendan and crew for a great race and organising the food afterwards.

Results are up. Please send any queries to

Warren SwordsMay 18 2023, 9:00amThanks to Brendan and crew for a brilliant night of racing. Liam marked out a great course that took in the best of Scarr. Conor also doing a remarkable job of getting the results up so quickly.

The race really shook up the usual placings, Valdas and Gareth Little in particular in fine form. The wall really sorting out who the climbers are.

Great craic, hard to beat dropping off Scarr on a summer's evening.
Alan KennedyMay 18 2023, 9:15amAnother brilliant race, first time on Scarr and well worth the wait. Thanks as always to Brendan and crew, course marking was perfect and great job Derek on the laptop and to Conor for getting the results up so fast, always fun scrolling through them on the same night. And a shout out to the lovely couple who gave us access to their field, they certainly enjoyed the buzz around the race.
James ClancyMay 18 2023, 9:23amThanks so much to Brendan and crew on a really incredible evening. Great route and markings and WOW...What a descent!!
Stuart ScottMay 18 2023, 9:31amHi Ben, contact details for the committee are on the Committee page at Meetings take place around the middle of each month so the next is due mid-June or so.
Brendan LawlorMay 18 2023, 9:40amHi Ben

You say 'I need to do more volunteering myself.'.. and you are correct

Perhaps volunteer at a race or two and then look to make your suggestions to the committee. There are very good operational reasons why IMRA races are run as they are and you will only see that when you get involved as a volunteer

Hope this helps
Brendan LawlorMay 18 2023, 9:54amA big, big thank you to my fantastic volunteer team last night

Liam Vines checked the course a few days ago and then marked it (faultlessly) yesterday morning

Derek Hay, assisted by Miriam Maher did a great job on the laptop. Thank you also to Conor who helped out at various times and got nice clean results up in double quick time

Michelle Hayes did sterling work as our very own Florence Nightingale on First Aid duties. Mike Jordan jumped in to assist with a particularly grizzly casualty and we all wish that individual well in his recovery.

Paul Redmond, Henny Brandsma, Tim Mangan and Jenny Ui She did an amazing job squashing all the cars into our parking field

On registration and start / finish line we had the fabulous team of Alicia Christofi- Walshe, Maeve O'Reilly, Liam Costello and Sean Meehan

And finally out on the route we had Graeme Warren, Conor O'Neill, Maeve Flynn, Sean Meehan, Gordon Douglas (once he found his keys!) and Dee Bohan

I'd also like again to thank Brian and Nicki Gaffney for letting us use their field and attending the race as supporters. And thanks to my great pal Joe Kavanagh and his staff at Kavanagh's pub for the fine spread and looking after us so well.

I am still flabbergasted that the four cans of Guinness Zero remained unloved and unwanted until the very end of my raffle.. yiz are some shower of alcoholics!!

See you all next week at the Sugarloaf !
Peter BellMay 18 2023, 10:07amThanks to Bren & his crew for a great night on scarr. Can't beat the sunny Wednesday racing on the mountains. Nice one!
Brendan LawlorMay 18 2023, 10:57amI forgot to congratulate our race winners, Eoin Flynn (son of our former President Laura, that apple didn't fall far from the tree) and Becky Quinn.. well done to you both !
Richard FoxMay 18 2023, 12:34pmThanks Bren and fabulous volunteers for a super evening on the hills. Brilliant support from all. Really well marked track (I think Liam asked about preference for flag v tape and tbh either worked for me - certainly the way this track was marked anyway). Again it was great to get results out so quickly. Raging I missed the Dutch Gold in the pub after although I’m a bit surprised that the DG was whipped up before the Guinness00. Thanks again to all involved it was brilliant
Conor O NeillMay 18 2023, 4:08pmWell done to all the runners and various crew last night. Looked like you were having a blast !

Summit photos now added
Brian KitsonMay 19 2023, 9:25amCopy deadline missed, but report up.

Thanks to Brendan and team for a great night. My Tyskie raffle prize is more treasured than any category win.
Jeff SwordsMay 19 2023, 1:53pmRace report had everything Brian, quotes from literary greats, creeping tension leading to fear, and a classic bait and switch.
Thomas DonohoeMay 19 2023, 3:28pmthaks Volutneers team for a great race