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Mrs U W GavinMar 15 2022, 1:23pmI’m sorry to be bothering you but I’m wondering when are entries likely to open for above race in June? I’ve just recently become a member an just asking is it likely to be weeks of a few weeks before event,I do keep checking,thank you una
Michael McSweeneyMar 16 2022, 1:14pmWelcome to IMRA Una.
Normally a week or two out. Bigger races with t shirts or hats may open for entry earlier, to allow for ordering. Best advice is just keep an eye on the event details.

From the race details:
"No entry details have been entered for this event yet. Entries for league events usually open a couple of weeks before the event"
Mrs U W GavinMar 16 2022, 2:26pmThank you Michael
Derek KielyMar 28 2022, 9:54amHi,

Is this the route that is being used for the world masters in September?

Patricia RyanMar 28 2022, 3:15pmYes, it is the World Masters route. Great chance to try it out. The race in June is suitable for everyone.
Robert CunninghamMay 29 2022, 9:39pmHi All, MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED, We are going to need at least 30 volunteers for this race as a practice run for the Masters in September. So please if you or anyone you know would volunteer it's greatly appreciated.
Patricia BlackburnMay 31 2022, 5:20pmJust in case there is confusion, even though this is a test run for the
world masters it is open to all ages to give the course a try out.

Keep in mind that there will be an open race on 4th Sep that's the day
after the championships for anyone that is outside the masters category ,i,e anyone that is under 35 and over 80
We would expect this to be a very competitive race as a lot of the international athletes will stay around for it and some of the masters usually give it another go the day after the event.
Log into the masters website if you are interested
Fran SextonJun 13 2022, 9:36amHi everyone. Might be a silly question but what is the distance from the finish to the carpark to get back home? Thanks
Stephen O KeeffeJun 13 2022, 10:39amFrom memory of last year and with a new start location, I'd say it would be around 2.5 to 3km
Patricia BlackburnJun 14 2022, 3:40pmHi lads It;s more like 2k actually.
Its a looped road from where ye enter the mountain
so you won;t be going down the way you came up.
Tj BowdenJun 14 2022, 7:29pmHi. Just a quick query.. I lost my bib over the past few weeks. I am a current member of IMRA . Also I do know my race number. Can I register for races again , having lost the actual bib ?? Best regards
Michael McSweeneyJun 14 2022, 8:25pmHi Tj.
Yes you can get a replacement number at registration on Sunday. I see from your profile your first race this year was in the South East, so there's a chance your printed number will still be in the Munster van. Just arrive early and give plenty of time for reg. Best of luck Sunday.
Michael McSweeneyJun 14 2022, 8:28pmPs. Don't forget to do the online entry before 6pm on Saturday evening.
Tj BowdenJun 14 2022, 10:14pmHi Michael. Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it. Ok I'll follow that plan . Take care and best regards. Tj
Michael FoleyJun 16 2022, 9:14amHi, I have volunteered for the this race but I am showing as a non runner, I have entered the race but am happy not to run if required, regards to all, thanks, Mick.
Patricia BlackburnJun 16 2022, 10:29pmHi all,
Just letting you know that we will have to close registration
tomorrow evening at 6. Thanks and best of luck to everyone.
Patricia BlackburnJun 16 2022, 11:25pmWe appreciate all who have volunteered and it is a credit
to the organisation( imra) that so many are willing to help.
While I hate turning anyone away unfortunately we will not be able to accept any more volunteers for Sunday. Don't be put off and remember that we will need around 150 volunteers in Sep so that will be a great
opportunity to help out while also being part of a great event.
Log into our website and register there
as a volunteer or message me. Thanks again everyone.
Michael KellyJun 16 2022, 11:44pmHi Patricia
Is it a very technical course
Up and down
Mick HanneyJun 17 2022, 7:20amMichael, Its not technical. Starts in town with some road, then a lane up to the hill, then a mix of trail, single track and open mountain. Its more uphill than down as it finishes at the cross on the hill overlooking Clonmel.
Mick HanneyJun 17 2022, 7:23amAlso, if you click on event details you'll see the map and you can opt to see the elevation details there too. There is a route description in the details.
Sarah WhelanJun 18 2022, 11:00amHi Trisha, I have a favour to ask, you might be able to help me. I know you must be very busy with race. I have to judge a gymnastics competition after lunch in moyle rovers clonmel tomorrow. I’m in the female over 40’s and not going till 12.15. Is there any chance you can put me in an earlier male or female group? Every 15 mins helps for me to race and get back down the cross in time. Thank you, Sarah Whelan.
Clara FaheyJun 18 2022, 12:46pmHi, is it possible to enter on the day? Unfortunately I missed the deadline entry
eelco beckersJun 18 2022, 5:27pmHi Patricia, I missed the registration as well, I thought it was by 6 tonight. Is there any way to enter, even on the day? I live in Clonmel and would hate to miss it! Thanks
Simon DugganJun 18 2022, 8:13pmHi Patricia. Just a heads up that I didn't receive the Final Instructions email. It was sent to me by a friend just now. In the event that others didn't receive it either due to a similar technical glitch, I'll post the wave times.


Wave Start Plan
Age Category Wave Start Time
F55, F60, F65, F70, F75 1 11.00am

M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80 2 11.15am

There will be a 15min break here to give wave 1 and 2 time to clear the course.

F45 F50 3 11.45am
M45, M50 4 12.00pm
F, F35, F40 5 12.15pm
M, M35, M40, 6 12.30 pm
Laura FlynnJun 18 2022, 10:50pmUnfortunately Eecko it won’t be possible to enter the race in the morning.
Cathal PriorJun 19 2022, 5:28pmA huge thanks to RDs Patricia and Tom, and the many volunteers today. It was very evident how much planning and preparation went into today by how well it ran. Good setup at the Hillview facilities and start area.

Course markings were superb, every twist and turn was marked (especially in the woods) and marshals in good view at any junctions. Appreciated the bag drop off and collection at the finish line, nice to be able to put on a warm top before the walk back to Hillview.
Christopher MurnaneJun 19 2022, 5:44pmThanks to everyone today, faultless organization and ill be back in September. Great cakes and spread afterwards aswell.
Hazel stapletonJun 19 2022, 7:31pmSuperb!
Emer O'ConnellJun 19 2022, 8:05pmAgree a great event today. Excellently run. Everything very clear. Really enjoyed the hone make baked goodies especially the brownies and the bakewell tart_ very yummy. Many thanks to Tricia, Tom and all volunteers and marshalls for a very enjoyable day out. Mile buiochas
Brian FlannellyJun 19 2022, 8:42pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Anthony CornforthJun 19 2022, 9:04pmThankyou to everyone involved that brought us a great race today. A suitably testing course.
Turlough ConwayJun 19 2022, 9:26pmThanks to Patricia and Tom for putting on a super race and course today. Looks like the dry run was a huge success. Plenty to ponder for September for the competitors!
Stephen O KeeffeJun 19 2022, 9:34pmIs there more results to follow.

Looks like my time wasn't recorded.

I was the sweeper.
Niall O'CeallaighJun 19 2022, 9:53pmWhat a great event today. Congratulations to all involved. I have some photos and I will spend hours messing around trying to send them on so can some one advise me on one link to send 100 photos and all done. Great event.
Mick HanneyJun 19 2022, 9:55pmPhotos can be loaded by anyone with a profile for IMRA.
Click on Photos, and the Event and drag the photos. You can do them in batches.
Mrs U W GavinJun 19 2022, 11:21pmThank you all for such a well organised event.From the minute I went to registration until race ended I was supported and encouraged by organisers and volunteers,(I was so nervous doing my first race with you all) Course was well marked and adequate people along the course.Post race refreshments beautiful and t shirt beautiful.You all will host a brilliant event in September,thank you all
Barry MurrayJun 20 2022, 3:19pmGreat recce race, well done all involved

short report up: