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Joe LalorJul 27 2022, 3:54pmNotice of map required for NC2, 28th August.
East/West 25k series Blackstairs.
Start / Finish 817546
Just to clarify nav challenge events. They are designed mainly for runners interested in doing events like The Mourne Marathon or the rogaine. The short course would suit anyone in trying out such an event. They would not suit anyone interested in sticking to tracks or younger juniors.
Joe LalorAug 19 2022, 11:20amSince I suspect most runners attending this event will be traveling from Dublin area I am putting start back to 11.30. Early start at 11. Allow 2 hours to get there from the capital.

Re map: most of the usual outlets I have checked don't have map in stock,so you will have to order from E/W website. Allow time for delivery.

I am looking for first aid volunteer and someone to help taking in controls.This latter job might suit someone who has competed but would have to be available after last runner in.
Mick HanneyAug 19 2022, 9:56pmSigned up for FA Joe.
Liam VinesAug 24 2022, 7:05pmBarry from East West maps was in touch with me to say that he had a few late orders in for the Blackstairs map which he is doing his best to process.
Said that O’Leary’s Newsagent in Bunclody usually keep them in stock if anyone ends up being stuck for one..
Mick HanneyAug 24 2022, 10:24pmI'll have a spare map if needs be.
Joe LalorAug 25 2022, 9:09amEntries open
Courses slightly shorter than normal (15km & 8km) but times will be heavily dependent on route choice.
Be sure to check "out of bounds" and "map correction" notice at start.
Early start 11. Main start 11.30 Course closes 3.30
I am still looking for one more demarker (1 or 2 controls only), will suit runner not in hurry home
Ruairí ShortAug 27 2022, 5:43pmJust saw the start was moved later. Is it ok to go in the early start even if I'm not going to be slow? I'm under time pressure to get back but would really like to run.
Joe LalorAug 27 2022, 6:00pmNo problem Ruarí, see you for 11. Kites out
John GreeneAug 28 2022, 5:28pmthanks Joe and Nora... nice to have a cold drink at the end
Joe LalorAug 28 2022, 7:29pmAll week I was planning on announcing Gers 400 race but on the day forgot. Congratulations Ger.
There were no DNFs today, it must have been too easy.

Provisional results:

Long Course
Paul Mahon 2:04:07
Ruairí Short 2:07:41
Angus Tuner 2:08:11
Mike Jordan 2:22:52
Kathryn Barr 2:36:14
Liam Vines 3:01:51
Niall McGuinness 3:06:05
Alan Ayling 3:06:20
Terry Lawless 3:17:56
Brendan Delaney 3:42:45
Ger Power 4:05:18
Paul Symth 4:06:42
Hugh Kinsella 4:22:45
James Cahill 4:45:36

Short Course
Andrew Hanney 2:24:37
Sandra Pegman 2:26:36
Tommy Galvin 2:36:39
Vivian O'Gorman 2:36:44
Jodie Boyle 2:32:03
David Jackson 2:37:28
John Greene 2:38:58
Fia Moore 2:48:02
Linda Rowden 2:48:02
Peter Cannon 3:12:50

A big thank you to Nora and Mick at base and all who took in controls
Andrew HanneyAug 28 2022, 10:29pmThanks to Joe, Nora and Mick. Any reservations about travelling so far for a race were definitely without merit. It was really great to get down and try nav skills in a completely different area. Maybe the biker party gives food for thought for an IMRA NAV weekend down there :) of course with the BBQ and all night disco.

A very minor point, some short course times seem to have 30 mins added ;)
Joe LalorAug 29 2022, 9:13amHi Andrew, have that sorted , amend results to Conor..
Have photographic evidence of all at main start, should have checked earlier.
John GreeneAug 29 2022, 5:57pmi think there is a small error in the results. 798 is installed instead of me, 796..... 798 would have got around faster
Joe LalorAug 29 2022, 6:17pmSome issues in results with wrong numbers bring up non runners from the data base. This is being addressed
Done throw away your Black Stairs map just yet
Paul SmythAug 29 2022, 6:21pmHi Joe, I seem to be missing from the uploaded results (IMRA No. 163).
Joe LalorAug 29 2022, 6:35pmPaul, see above I have recorded you as 164. Conor is making correction
Andrew HanneySep 11 2022, 6:41pmNearly three weeks since this event and no sign of James Cahill’s race report…
Mick HanneySep 16 2022, 6:10pmShould a report be lodged on Jame's behalf?