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Gareth LittleJul 6 2022, 11:03amGood morning, good people of IMRA.

With this event only 2 weeks away I am VERY short on volunteers. I currently have only 6 (including myself) but ideally I need about 20 or so in order to make this event possible.

Most importantly, I need a laptop operator and then a lot of general helpers and someone for a summit marshal. Running volunteers most welcome too. Also, if anyone is thinking of doing the RD role in the future, please feel free to put your hand up for the deputy RD role as it’s a great way to see how it all works behind the scenes and on the day.

Here is the route and I will be posting a lot more information late this week or early next week.


Gareth - RD
Lorcan FarrellJul 6 2022, 12:02pmI'm happy to do Summit Marshal. I've my name down as a helper there.
Alan AylingJul 6 2022, 3:33pmNice one Lorcan. Summit is one of several vital marshalling positions if this race is to work well. Course markings alone would likely end up with runners scattered all over Crone... good comedy value but kinda ruins the race. So a few more volunteers are really needed!
Gareth LittleJul 11 2022, 9:31amGod morning all, this event is just 9 days away and I only have half the amount of volunteers needed plus I am still missing a laptop operator and I could also use a deputy RD. Thank you to those that have stepped up since my last post too. In summary, this event is currently not viable at present due to low volunteers. If you are injured, short on volunteering or otherwise free, please do sign up.


Gareth - RD
Anne-Marie FlahertyJul 11 2022, 9:50amHi Gareth,

I'm planning on taking the early start, but can help out at reg, or something similar beforehand, if that's any good to you?

Gareth LittleJul 11 2022, 9:53amYes please. Stick yourself down as a running volunteer. Thanks
Mick HanneyJul 11 2022, 7:14pmGareth, I haven't done the laptop in a while, but if someone could give me a pre-race steer I should be ok, assuming you don't get a better offer.
Gareth LittleJul 11 2022, 7:47pmYour some man for the volunteering, Mick! Barry Hogan has kindly offered his services for this role but if you want to shadow him and scan chips that would be great. And thanks to Brendan Lawlor for stepping up as DRD. I’m almost there now in terms of volunteers but as the course is “marshal heavy” I could still use at least 4/5 more. Thanks all!
Mick HanneyJul 11 2022, 8:25pmNo problem Gareth, done
John ShielsJul 12 2022, 9:54amI can do summit marshal, or whatever you need.
Gareth LittleJul 12 2022, 10:22amThanks, John. We will get you up on the hill somewhere with the camera!

I am just about good for volunteers now but if one or two more are free that would be great.

I'll get the event page updated soon but the map is up in the photos section and the prizegiving is in Plucks.

Thanks all
Ellie KilleenJul 13 2022, 10:39amHi - is there a junior race/route? Many thanks.
barbara murrayJul 13 2022, 10:21pmHi, I live in Tenerife and do trail running. I will be home (Wicklow) for this race and would love to do it. Can anyone tell me how to sign up etc?
Gareth LittleJul 13 2022, 10:41pmHi Barbara, you would need to register for IMRA for 2022 (€10 for the year) and then simply sign up for the event. The details on how to sign up will be on the events page hopefully in the next 24 hours. The cost of the race is €7 which includes post race refreshments and entry the famous IMRA raffle.

Any other questions you may have just post here or shot me a mail at gar little at me .com

Hope to see you next Wednesday!

Gareth - Race director
James HeggieJul 14 2022, 8:53amAre vouchers going to be allowed or is it online booking only ? Thanks
Brendan LawlorJul 14 2022, 9:41amHi James

Vouchers will be allowed. However if you are out of vouchers please sign up online as 'spare' voucher punches are getting very scarce and thin on the ground
Ellie KilleenJul 15 2022, 10:14pmHi is there a junior race/ route? Thanks
Gareth LittleJul 15 2022, 11:57pmHi Ellie, yes. We will get something sorted. More details to follow. Thx
alan ritchieJul 17 2022, 2:13pmHi,

Thinking about making the trip down from the North but haven’t raced this event before.

Has anyone any info on under foot conditions or recommend best suited shoe type/lug size

Gareth LittleJul 17 2022, 6:59pmHi Alan, hot and dry forecast all week so no deep lugs required. Go for an intermediate hill running shoe if you have them as there may the odd shaded section that may have a bit of mud.
Gareth LittleJul 17 2022, 7:03pmI have enough volunteers now. Email will be sent out tomorrow.

Thank you to all who came forward to help out!
Barry HoganJul 19 2022, 9:24amHi Gareth, I have not received an email regarding volunteering, times etc. What time would you like me there at?
Anne-Marie FlahertyJul 19 2022, 10:24amAssume this fire might affect the race tomorrow.

Hopefully not too much damage being done and all stay safe.
James HeggieJul 19 2022, 10:36amThe fire brigade were in my garden last night /this morning filling up their water trucks from our river . The fire does not seem to have affected Maulin at all .
Gareth LittleJul 19 2022, 10:43amHi Barry, sorry for the delay. We are just assessing the situation now RE the fire and will have an update later this afternoon. Thanks.
Roelie SmitJul 19 2022, 11:04amHi Gareth, I have unfortunately had to pull out of volunteering for this one. Sincere apologies. Hopefully you have enough volunteers.
Gareth LittleJul 19 2022, 4:36pmOK folks so we did a bit of investigation today RE the forest fire in the vicinity and I was also able to get up to the area at lunch to take a look for myself.

In short, we are going to go ahead as planned but with one caveat, that being that if the wind direction does not go in our favour, IE blows towards Maulin summit, we will take the summit loop out of the race and keep it to the lower forestry, above the main Crone car park. The race will still be 8 plus kilometres if this is the case. I think its 10 and a bit normally.

Alan Ayling is going to be marking the route tomorrow afternoon so we should have a good idea of what’s what at that stage.

So a couple of the usually things still apply:

Bring a jacket, you don’t have to wear it but one has to be carried. DNF for anyone who does not comply with this rule.
Bring extra water than you normally would due to the current heat
Remember sunscreen
Wear a hat if you have one
No headphones allowed
Early start is at 19:00 and main start is at 19:30
Race cost is EUR 7 or one voucher stamp. Online entries and vouchers only.
Remember your race number and timing chip. If you forget either, a new one is EUR 5 or a stamp from your voucher
Prizegiving will be in Plucks in Kilmac, just down the road
There is ample carparking but it will cost EUR 2 per person. ***THEY TAKE CASH ONLY***

Email going out to volunteers now….

Any other questions just reply here.

See you all tomorrow,

Gareth - RD
Gareth LittleJul 20 2022, 10:20amAs a reminder on the car parking for later, it is EUR 2 per person (not per car) and is CASH ONLY. Thanks
Gareth LittleJul 20 2022, 5:00pmFYI, the full race route is planned for this evening. Enjoy!
Gareth LittleJul 20 2022, 11:19pmThank you to all the runners who came along tonight. It’s quite a challenging route (classic Alan Ayling design!) but most people got around in one piece.

It’s a tough race to organise logistically for various reasons and the forest fire certainly didn’t help matters but overall I think it was successful.

Apologies for being late back to the pub for the prize giving/raffle but the lack of phone coms made it difficult to make sure everyone was safely out of the estate.

Any unclaimed prizes just give me or one of the committee a shout.

To all the people who took a few spills, I hope you heal up soon and get back out onto the hills.

So we’ll done again to all the runners and the winners of the various categories and an absolutely HUGE thank you to all my volunteers, you all did an amazing job.

See you next week,

Sarah BradyJul 20 2022, 11:43pmWell done Gareth and team, that was a lovely route and so well organised. :)
Brendan LawlorJul 21 2022, 8:36amWell done to Gareth and team (especially route marshals) for last nights tough, challenging race.

The forest fire next door complicated the lead up to this race and Gareth was up in the area to check it all out in advance. Ultimately the decision to proceed with the full race was his and turned out to be the right one, so thanks Gareth for that. We all suffered as a result!

If you haven't had a chance to do your two non running volunteering stints yet, please sign up at Ballinastoe or another upcoming race
Lindsey HeppenstallJul 21 2022, 10:34amWell done lads !! You pulled off a great race !! Really appreciate all your hard work to you and all the volunteers. Really appreciate it !!
Mick HanneyJul 21 2022, 10:37amWell done Gareth on a well-run event. Lots of happy runners.

Just an observation from the Finish line in particular. Can runners ensure their Race no. is Visible and Clear (not written in pen), as volunteers at finish line need to see it to be able to record it.
Sean ForsythJul 21 2022, 11:02amHi Gareth and team,Congrats on putting on a great race.

Was a tough climb up to Maulin but worth it for the descent.

Very enjoyable run
Brendan LawlorJul 21 2022, 11:14amThis competitor needs to be DNF'ed

No jacket and not following the correct race route....
alan ritchieJul 21 2022, 11:35amHi, I’m coming up as DNF in the results but finished in 56.44 watch time. Was about 20 seconds behind someone not sure who but it wasn’t Ian.

Great event, great route and good encouragement Throughton the race from runners and Marshall’s. Well worth the 220mile round trip

Big thanks to the two people you got me back to the Motorway when my phone had no signal
Gareth LittleJul 21 2022, 11:39amHi Alan, please send a mail to conor dot ofarrell at imra dot ie to see what’s going on. Did you get your chip scanned at registration? This may be the reason.
Chris CareyJul 21 2022, 12:06pmWell done Gareth and team for putting on a great race last night.

Heart was popping out of my chest for the first half, and in my mouth for the second! First mid-race tumble - on the flattest, smoothest part of the Maulin Trail about a km from the finish line just before Ride Rock - but more damage done to my pride than to my body, thankfully.
Mick HanneyJul 21 2022, 12:32pm@Alan - those 2 people may have been my sons manning the gate. They may have taken a lucky guess what direction Dublin was !
Aubrey O'NeillJul 21 2022, 4:56pmWe should include bug spray as mandatory kit for the marshals going forward... Holy Moly - I was eaten alive last night! :o

Looked like some great running from all involved. Really motivating me to get back to racing injury free!
Richard MoriartyJul 21 2022, 5:20pmThanks to everyone last night

@alan bother getting you back to the motorway...we weren't sure which way it was ourselves, but sure we got there

Young fella did the junior course and loved it, despite missing the right turn dropping down at marshal point 3 and having to turn back after 200 mtrs...I heard talk of a specsavers voucher @Alan Ayling
Alan AylingJul 22 2022, 8:39pmWe seem to have mislaid the Specsavers vouchers Richard. We also mislaid Marshals 2, 3 & 8. Seems 3 was the one that caused all the trouble. Learnings for next year!