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Mick HanneyJul 26 2021, 11:53amMap uploaded for race.
Route description updated.
Initial climb is a bit overgrown at the moment but 'gardening' in progress.
Mick HanneyAug 2 2021, 7:29pmGarmin track of race route:
Mick HanneyAug 2 2021, 7:41pmFor those on Strava, these are the segments worth noting. A few have stood the test of time.

Initial Climb (Unnamed Wall Climb).
1. Luke McMullan from Mar 2018
1. Fiona Byrne ditto

Connahill downhill at back of course:
Luke 2018
Fiona ditto

Wall Climb (on way back)
Andre van Barneveld 2020
Fiona Byrne 2018

Ridge Climb on way back (Unnamed road climb)
Peter O'Farrell 2011
Orla McEvoy 2019

Final descent (to Ballythomas)
Warren Swords 2012
Niamh O'Ceallaigh 2016
Mick HanneyAug 2 2021, 7:59pmGreat list of previous winners of the Annagh Hill race. Who will add their name to this list on August 15th?

2021 ? ?
2019 Robin Bryson Becky Quinn
2018 Tom Hogan Becky Quinn
2017 Bernard Fortune Becky Quinn
2016 Des Kennedy Kate Cronin
2013 Bernard Fortune Niamh O'Ceallaigh
2012 Turlough Conway Karen O'Hanlon
2011 Kevin Keane Suzanne Kenny
Mick HanneyAug 4 2021, 7:57pmA few more volunteers - non running / running would be welcome.
Need a first aider too please.
Mick HanneyAug 5 2021, 7:27pmThe Gap pub at Annagh will host registration and post-race. Registration will open c. 10.50am and close at 11.50am. Lots of parking available opposite the pub. The start line is c. 500m away.

The pub has space inside and outside (under shelter) depending on what weather we get. They have pizzas and toasted sandwiches available which are a nice post-race treat before people travel home after the race.
Mick HanneyAug 5 2021, 7:54pmP.S. Should have said that IMRA isn't hosting a post race gathering. Its really up to people what they want to do themselves after the race.

Any prizes will be given out at the finish line.
Michelle KilleenAug 8 2021, 2:07pmHi - is there a junior route? Thanks a million!
Mick HanneyAug 8 2021, 6:49pm1. A short course / junior route option will be on offer. c. 5k distance.
2. Annagh opens for entries tomorrow evening.
Michelle KilleenAug 8 2021, 7:14pmGreat thanks a mill!
Mick HanneyAug 9 2021, 8:14pmAnnagh entries online now.
Mick HanneyAug 10 2021, 4:05pmPlease note:
Early start, starts 11.30. Race briefing for early start, 11.25 at start line. Early starters should be 160% of normal race winner time.

Main race, starts 12.00. Race briefing 11.55.

Short course / Juniors. starts 12.05. This route will follow same course as main race, up the hill, out the ridge 1k from top of climb to some obvious marker - then turn around and come down the race descent along the zigzags. Thats c 4.5 to 5k of a route.
Mick HanneyAug 10 2021, 6:50pmThanks to the volunteers who have signed up so far.

It would be great if we could get a laptop person signed up.

If not, we'll be admining the race in old-fashioned pen and paper style.
Jenny Uí ShéAug 11 2021, 9:51amHi Mick I need to get away once race starts so can help with registration and or car parking if that helps? My number is 0872799049 if you would like to discuss,
Mick HanneyAug 11 2021, 11:17amThanks Jenny. Thats grand.
Jarlath HynesAug 11 2021, 12:59pmHi Mick, is there a 'water feature' this year?

(asking for a 'friend' who may need to bring a snorkel)
Mick HanneyAug 11 2021, 2:52pmHi Jarlath,

There is a small pond on the ridge, but you'll be glad to hear that there is a new raised path alongside it, so you don't need to get your feet wet, unless of course you want to.


Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 8:55amHi,

2 more days to get your entry in for Annagh.
Weather forecast is looking favorable, but don't forget your jacket which is a mandatory gear item.
Bring your race number with you from previous 2021 races.
If this is your first race you can collect your no. at registration.
If we don't get a laptop operator we'll be working out times old-school with no chip timing.


Jarlath HynesAug 12 2021, 11:15amA 'small pond', formerly known as a BIG PUDDLE.

Fair play to you Mick for your creative thinking :)

Get signed up folks, this is one of the more enjoyable* races...

*open to individual interpretation
Warren SwordsAug 12 2021, 12:11pmReading the old reports and this line from Conor O'Farrell stands out:

"This part was particularly tricky but I managed to make a nice controlled descent on my chest and face."

Which Andrew Hanney captured with his camera:
Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 12:37pmThats brilliant Warren :-)

Jarlath, the pool is a low lower and passable by embankment - see photo -

Also note, the return journey on the ridge, and back to finish line, is helpfully marked by the waymark trail purple arrows. See:
Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 12:38pmAlso Warren, you still have that segment to the finish from 9 years ago. Surely a wiser faster Warren can beat that ;-)
Andrew HanneyAug 12 2021, 12:39pmLooking forward to capturing more interesting downhill techniques.
Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 5:07pmPhoto added shows start line location in relation to Gap Pub (car parking). Start line is just over 600 metres away. Forest entrance on left of back road, and then left on fire road. Start is just in front of you where there are Stone Pillars either side of track.
Con HalpinAug 12 2021, 7:15pmHi Mick,
sorry to trouble you, but was having a bit of trouble with the payment system trying to register.
I tried multiple credit cards, I was just wondering was there an alternative payment method I could use
, thanks anyway, all the best
Neil DowlingAug 12 2021, 8:11pmHi Con, I went through a few cards before double checking the phone number. There was a space in the number that I deleted and then the payment went through fine. That might be your issue?
Mick HanneyAug 12 2021, 9:44pm@Con - can you look at this thread where such issues were raised with responses proposed?

Key points appear to be:
- Have your name and address exactly as it is on your bank statement.
- Don't have your phone/computer auto-fill any details
- Enter a 'pipe' symbol i.e. | to separate your phone number prefix and no. i.e. 087|1234567
I have managed to pay for recent events without any issue using my laptop, an IE browser and my BOI debit card.
Jarlath HynesAug 13 2021, 7:36amNever wear white socks to Annagh Hill :)


Jarlath HynesAug 13 2021, 7:39amOOPS, this one

Mick HanneyAug 13 2021, 8:52amThanks for the entries so far. For anyone else on the fence, the entry window closes at 6pm this evening.
Conor O'FarrellAug 13 2021, 2:37pmIf anyone would like to step in and do laptop for this race, I can do a brief Zoom session on Saturday. It is a lot less complex than it sounds.

Mick HanneyAug 14 2021, 9:07pmThere is a nice 3D preview feature of route available here on outdooractive.
Mick HanneyAug 15 2021, 4:51pmThanks to the team that made today's race happen.
Marshals: Andy Trafford, Mick Byrne & Andrew Hanney (& photos)
First Aid (& baking & photos)): Clare Keeley
Marking: Bernard Fortune
Registration: Ger Power
Registration & Finish line & photos: Derek Hay
Thanks to the Gap pub for hosting our registration and post-race socially distant chats / grub / refreshment.
Judging by the feedback it seems to have gone down well and the weather played ball.
Thanks to all those that participated in the fun :-)
Mick HanneyAug 15 2021, 4:53pmResults were compiled manually, so any errors or omissions are on me. The results have been fed on for upload to the event in due course.
Barry O'NeillAug 15 2021, 4:55pmAh yes, an absolute belter of a course. Really “enjoyed” it.
Thanks Mick and crew.....
Henny BrandsmaAug 15 2021, 6:17pmGreat race today Mick, well done to all involved helping out today to make it for us runners such a enjoyable run.
Great thanks to all of you.
Great aswell to have some after race covid friendly social banter back, nothing more enjoyable than a pint outside a pub afterwards.
Mick HanneyAug 15 2021, 6:44pmThanks Conor for getting results up so quick.
Mick HanneyAug 15 2021, 8:45pmLet’s get some reports in, you know you want to.
Adrian HennessyAug 15 2021, 9:08pmGreat event as usual Mick. Some nice variation on the climbs/descents. Thanks to you and the team today.
James H CahillAug 15 2021, 9:42pmThank you Mick and all volunteers for a great day out on the brute that is Annagh Hill. All the usual challenges - steep ups, steeper downs, muddy bits, slippery bits, technical bits, rocky bits, grassy bits. You name it Annagh Hill has it......all added together to make a great route. I was in the "lost souls" group who sampled an additional out and back section to the road. That bit was particularly unpleasant and not to be recommended for inclusion in future routes. Perhaps in future I should lift my head, open my eyes and look for the tape, which would have saved the unpleasantness! Great day out, thank you.
Alan AylingAug 15 2021, 10:33pmReport up, just to keep Mick happy ;-)
Warren SwordsAug 16 2021, 11:44amThanks to Mick and crew for a great race yesterday.

Brilliant course, it really is a classic.

A great welcome from The Gap pub afterwards for pizzas, well-earned drinks and post race chats.
Mick HanneyAug 16 2021, 1:05pmSo what changes do we have on strava after yesterday? Quite a bit, though all the Women's times are safely locked away for another year.

Initial Climb (Unnamed Wall Climb).
- Paddy took Luke's segment by 2s. Fine margins! Enda not far behind.

Connahill downhill at back of course:
Warren pcked up a crown from Luke by 5s, despite some unusual descending techniques.

Wall Climb (on way back)
Another crown picked up by Paddy, by 5s.from Andre.

Ridge Climb on way back (Unnamed road climb)
Yet another crown picked up by Paddy, by more than half a min. This may be a reflection of improvements in the trail over the years too, including a runnable pond section now.

Final descent (to Ballythomas)
Warren made ah honest attempt to win this but he lost out to previous winner... 2s. This section has changed a bit over the years. The route has changed slightly as has the underfoot conditions. A valiant effort nonetheless, maybe missing the technique used in the other descent!

A check on the route this morning, for any remaining marking, showed that a key way-mark trail post at the ridge, which should have marked the sharp left turn onto the zigzags, had fallen over. Post mustn't have been fixed solid into the ground :-( A point worth marshalling in the future for sure.

Really felt for the 10 or so lost souls that went left off the trail near the back of the course, seemingly searching for some flat ground, but only finding a barrier and more climb back.