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Ricki WynneJan 17 2020, 11:19pmHi ,just wondering apart from Maurice Mullins,which race is a qualifier for the world mountain running championship
Robbie WilliamsJan 17 2020, 11:33pmThese are bring organized at the moment.

The MM won’t be a Worlds qualifier

The worlds is in November so the qualifying will be around aug/September
Mick HanneyJan 25 2020, 4:50pmA week to go before entries open. All the information you need for the moment should be in the Race Details. As the date of the race draws nearer I'll add further info.

Before you post a question, please review the race details and previous forum entries.
Karl MilliganFeb 1 2020, 8:38am8.37 am. Is it sold out
Karl MilliganFeb 1 2020, 8:40amMaybe not...... I bought an entry.
Aonghus CollinsFeb 1 2020, 10:18amHi all, signed up to attempt the Maurice Mullins half on 28th March with afew friends from Co. Sligo. Would anyone be able to recommend any good value accommodation options nearby? Thanks a million, Aonghus
Brian WynneFeb 1 2020, 11:03amHi,I was wondering is the registration open now for maurice mullins because I just cant see where to sign up..cheers
Laura FlynnFeb 1 2020, 11:18amBrian, you should see it available for purchase on the Membership/shop/online entries tab.
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2020, 6:28pmEarly shout for volunteers to support this race and the Maurice Mullins Ultra. Whether you are injured, whether the distance is a bit long for you or whether you simply want to 'give back' and experience a race from a volunteer perspective, any help is welcomed. To sign up for this or the MMU, sign in on myimra, choose your event and click on the volunteering option. Thanks in advance.
John J BarryFeb 1 2020, 7:25pmAonghus,

On a budget:
Knockree Youth Hostel
Lackan House, Lackandarragh, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow•(01) 276 7981

Otherwise any of the cheaper South Dublin / Bray /dun laoghaire Hotels or B&B's e.g.
IMI Residence - Dundrum Hotel
Sandyford Rd, Dundrum, Dublin 16.

Choices are endless such as Tallaght/West Dublin. City West is an option too. Not to far of a drive Saturday morning for registration.
Clare GlanvilleFeb 2 2020, 11:31pmHi. I accidentally paid for the maurice Mullins ultra entry. Rerealised my mistake and also paid for the maurice Mullins half.

I know entries are limited so I was wondering if I could cancel the ultra entry, free up the place and get a refund?
Mick Hanney I think you might be race director, any suggestions?
Mick HanneyFeb 3 2020, 6:51amHi Clare, we don’t have a facility for cancellations / refunds. If we opened the door on that, it would be an admin headache. In the race instructions I did advise that when you are signing up, please ensure you sign up for the right distance race. At least you got the entry for the trail you wanted. Cheers, Mick
Darren WardFeb 3 2020, 12:40pmHi there,

I have left it too late for the maurice mullins half. Can I purchase that spot off Clare??

Or if i buy vouchers for €50 can I use that on the day?

Thanks in advance,

Gordon PlaceFeb 3 2020, 1:03pmHi Darren,

Vouchers definitely won't be accepted, they are only for €7 league and champs races. Don't think transfers are allowed either
Mick HanneyFeb 3 2020, 1:15pmThanks Gordon.

Yes, this isn't your standard voucher race, due to other considerations. Before posting can people read the race details and previous forum posts which might answer your question before you ask. No transfers, waiting lists.
Clare GlanvilleFeb 3 2020, 8:34pmThat's fine Mick. I read the race details alright and I know the no refunds no transfers policy for league races, but it just seems a shame to deny someone a place on the ultra because of my mistake.
But if that's it so be it.
Christopher HeatherFeb 4 2020, 7:09pmIs the event sold out ? Can't seem to find the entry
Richard NunanFeb 4 2020, 7:15pmYes, sold out. It's in the lower half of the purchase page.
Archie O'DonnellFeb 4 2020, 10:20pmHi Mick, Is there a cancellation list for the half?. Asking for a friend.
Richard NunanFeb 4 2020, 10:33pmH Archie, scroll up 3 posts. No waiting lists !
Andrew HanneyFeb 5 2020, 11:49amI had this suggestion after last years race....

"One small suggestion for next year. It would be good to let people leave stuff behind in Ballinastoe that could be brought back to the start. Standing around in running gear for an hour before the race wasn’t fun. Would’ve been glad of a jumper that’s for sure!"

This could be as easy as letting people throw a top into one large bivvy bag which goes back to Glencullen. Nothing fancy. Anything not collected goes to charity.
Mick HanneyFeb 5 2020, 3:01pm@Andy - nothing is ever that simple. In previous years we have supported runners by taking bags from them at the start, which will go to the finish line for them. Some of the bags end up being ridiculously big - like going away for the week big. Multiply that by hundreds of runners and it gets problematic. And space in my car (and it probably would be my car - back to Glenculen would be limited).

Perhaps the easiest thing to support your suggestion would be to have a Sack for Charity donations of any additional layers.
Gordon PlaceFeb 5 2020, 4:04pmGood reminder for people Andy! Practically everyone has a running backpack now and sticking a warm layer into it probably wouldn't kill the majority if they want to keep it?
Mick, you can potter around pulling jumpers out of bushes and filling that sack while you are hanging around doing nothing else after the start .... ;)
Andrew HanneyFeb 5 2020, 5:06pmI think last year was an outlier.... 4 degrees at the start and probably close to 15 degrees by the time we got to Crone.
Mick HanneyFeb 6 2020, 6:40amFrom IMRA news.
Sunday February 2 - Leo Mahon
The Interceltic trail race takes place in Guerladan Brittany on Saturday 30th May 2020 and IMRA will be sending a team. The Maurice Mullins Trail will be the trial race on 28th March 2020.

The first 3 men and women will be considered for selection provided that they will have competed in 6 IMRA races in 2019/2020.
Only those that compete in the trial race will be considered. Qualifying target times are for men 2hrs and for women 2hrs 25mins.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 6 2020, 8:52amWeyhey, loopholes.

1 : I am definitely going for the team and presume I get a place on the start line :)

2: I plan to volunteer in Munster and assume I can take my waiting list place in Leinster ;)
Sharon DickensonFeb 6 2020, 1:05pmJust went to sign up.....sold out....surely there will be drop outs from injury

Pretty please race director there a waiting list :-(
John CondonFeb 6 2020, 1:08pmSuggest you read the thread.
Stuart ScottFeb 6 2020, 2:31pmFor the sake of pure divilment, could the webmaster implement a function that automatically replaces the infamous 'W' word with something else? 'Naked warrior dance' would be my suggestion...
Sharon DickensonFeb 6 2020, 3:42pmI did thanks the realm of disappointment I was chancing my arm
Barry O'NeillFeb 6 2020, 3:43pmAh sh1te.....
Gaelan ElliffeFeb 6 2020, 10:54pmDidn't take long for this to sell out. I guess ill change my plans for that day...
Laura FlynnFeb 7 2020, 9:44amAny runners unfortunate enough to have missed out on a place at this year’s Maurice Mullins I’d ask you to please consider looking at adding your name to the volunteer list for the day.
Our events are run at very low cost to competitors and this in mainly due to the fact that we are 100% volunteer run and lead.
The race itself is named after Maurice Mullins, a man who encapsulated that spirit.
Rosy TempleFeb 9 2020, 3:15pmHi Laura, I’ve followed your advice and as I missed signing up, very happy to volunteer. Looking forward to it, I’ve clicked the volunteer link, so should be on the list.
Mick HanneyFeb 9 2020, 4:01pmThank you Rosy.
Laura FlynnFeb 9 2020, 4:25pmGood woman Rosy. Many thanks
Maeve HegartyFeb 10 2020, 6:37amGreat post Laura. My Dad, Maurice, always appreciated and encouraged volunteering and spoke many times about how events could not go ahead without people giving up their time. Thanks Rosy and all the others who have come forward to help out.
Mick HanneyFeb 11 2020, 9:42am***
Important notice
I have updated the race details with NEW parking information for the Maurice Mullins Half. We will use the same car parking at Leopardstown as per previous years. Sign on and buses to race start from there. While I had initially hoped to do this from Glencullen (xmas tree farm), the no. of entries accepted was such that we needed more space for the parking. As per previous years a shuttle bus service will run afterwards between the race finish and Leopardstown. We will have security monitoring for the car parking too.
Mick HanneyFeb 17 2020, 7:25pmHi,

This is relevant just for the Half.

If anyone booked for the race cannot make it, due to injury or whatever, please don't post here. You can pop me an email at hanneymick at At least then I'll have a better handle nearer the event day in terms of bus seats to book / tweak.


Olivia ClarkeFeb 26 2020, 3:44pmHi
My partner is doing the ultra and I plan to do the half we were going to carpool will there be a bus going from the start of the ultra to registration for the half on the morning of the races
Richard NunanFeb 26 2020, 5:42pmThere isn't any buses between the Ultra registration and the Half start.
Jim FitzharrisMar 1 2020, 4:40pmHi Mick,

James Higgins and I have volunteered for the MM Half.

I was away last year but for a few years prior to that I manned the aid station at Curtlestown. James and I are happy to do that again this year as we know the pack drill.


Mick HanneyMar 1 2020, 4:45pmThanks a million Jim & James. Great to have you on board.
Jim FitzharrisMar 1 2020, 4:48pmHi Richard,

Olivia as asking about a bus to the Half REGISTRATION, not the Half START.

As I read it, they can drive to Johnny Fox's in one car; he registers for Utra and stays there; she drives to Leopardstown to get the official bus to the Half start in Ballinastoe. They both finish at Johnny Fox's and then get the bus back back to Leopardstown for the car. One extra bus space needed at the end but hopefully not a big deal and worth it to keep it it to one car.


Richard NunanMar 1 2020, 5:06pmJim, yes i only answering the question -

"be a bus going from the start of the ultra to registration for the half on the morning of the races"

No Bus from "Ultra Start" to the Half Reg - She can of course travel as you have outlined

Jim FitzharrisMar 1 2020, 7:36pmHi Richard,

Sorry, I misread Olivia's post: you are correct!

BTW, you will have seen that James Higgins and I will man an aid station at Curtlestown. This will, of course, also benefit the Ultra runners as we should be in place before the first of them come through.


Mick HanneyMar 4 2020, 11:11amThanks in advance to Tommy Galvin who will help with taking Gear from the registration at Leopardstown to a room we will be lent at GAA club where race will finish.

At regisration have any bag ready (sensibly sized - not too big!) that you want to be at the finish. Any valuables packed at owners risk.
Mick HanneyMar 4 2020, 11:46amNote re: MM Parking:-
- Parking for Ultra runners in Johnny Foxes carpark across from pub.
- No parking in Johnny Foxes carpark at the pub itself.
- Car parking for Half runners will be in Leopardstown.
- No parking at runners or supporters at GAA club for race finish. Due to normal Saturday GAA activities the car park is liable to be busy already. Any runner found to be parking at GAA risks disqualification.
- No parking on the road itself outside the finish line.
- We have secured parking at the Christmas Tree farm adjacent to the GAA club. If people i.e. ultra runners, race supporters, need parking, this should be your first place to try.
- Alternatively parking available at church but due to potential church events this could be busy too.
Mark KennyMar 10 2020, 11:21amThere seems to be a lot of races being cancelled due to COVID-19. Is this race still going ahead?
Mick HanneyMar 10 2020, 11:26amCurrently yes.
We will monitor events carefully mindful of our duty of care to runners etc.
Keep an eye on the forum as if anything changes we'll post here.
Mark KennyMar 10 2020, 11:37amThanks Mick.
John CarneyMar 10 2020, 11:39amMyself and brother ran the full route on Saturday...met few like minded people on the route....the wind on top of djouce and crossing the boardwalk I reckon covid 19 be afraid to go up there... : )

Hopefully races go ahead
Gordon PlaceMar 10 2020, 11:41amJust thinking out loud, neither distance (I think) is too great for runners to be totally self sufficent, maybe that should be considered to save double dipping on the jelly babies, water bottles etc....... I dunno, maybe that's a stupid idea, but some Coffee shops now refusing keep cups etc.. best place for us is out in the fresh air anyway....
Mick HanneyMar 12 2020, 2:47pmRe-posting Laura's message on this event for clarity.

A new message has been added by Laura Flynn on 12th March:

Hi everyone,

On the back of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s statement this morning, and subsequent statement from AAI, we have decided that it would be sensible for us to Postpone all IMRA activities until after the 30th of March.

The Committee will now need the time to revise the Calendar for the coming month so that we can make the correct decisions. We will issue new Dates for MMU and MM Trail in the coming days to allow people to plan.

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and update as necessary
Thanks for your support and understanding on this matter and please continue to be vigilant with hand washing, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and seeking medical advice if you develop symptoms.

Mark KennyMar 18 2020, 5:33pmIs there an email I can use to request a refund for this event?
Mick HanneyMar 18 2020, 10:25pmHi Mark. This event has not been cancelled. The intention is that it will be rescheduled for a date later this year. For those who have entered and the new date does not suit, refunds will issue. If the race cannot be rescheduled in the current year, we will refund entries. We trust you will understand our position and bear with us through this difficult time. Regards, Mick
Kevin MooneyMar 19 2020, 8:41amHi Mick,
Regardless of the events being rescheduled or not please keep my entry fee.
I think it's best that entry fees are kept with IMRA to keep it going through this time.
Kind Regards,
Mick HanneyMar 19 2020, 10:31amThanks for the thoughtful message Kevin
Mick HanneyMay 8 2020, 11:21amHi,
Laura's update on 6th May under the subject of Corona Virus restrictions refers. Excerpt of that posting here:-

We are currently working on a revised calendar for the period between 10th August and the end of the year. This will be subject to further clarification on social-distancing requirements and the number of participants permitted by the government/Athletics Ireland/Sport Ireland.

Subject to the above and to the necessary permits being issued to us, we are looking at the feasability of rescheduling the Maurice Mullins Ultra and Trail for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th October. However, we can, at this time offer a refund of entry fees to anyone who has entered the events and does not wish to, or cannot, participate on the new proposed date(s). If you would like to have your entry refunded please email your request to and it will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that once a refund is processed you will not be able to re-enter the event.


David MurphyMay 8 2020, 11:50amHi Mick,

Thanks for the update. As I had volunteered for the original event, I will do again in October, should it happen (fingers crossed). I had registered to race but a recurring injury made me switch to volunteering. I am therefore happy to donate my €20 entry from the Ultra to IMRA.


Alan ConnollyMay 13 2020, 4:41pmIs there a naked warrior dance for the half if any spaces become available ?
Alan ConnollyMay 13 2020, 4:45pmDon't know what happened there it should read is there a naked warrior dance ? Ha ha
Conor O'FarrellMay 13 2020, 4:50pmHi Alan

If this event does go ahead, a naked warrior dance is unlikely due to social distancing and potential restricted numbers.
Pádraig DoyleMay 13 2020, 5:04pmWhat about a socially distant dance in full PPE?
Lindie NaughtonMay 21 2020, 2:27pmGuys - been checking fixtures for the Irish Runner and see you're thinking of Oct 3/4 for the Maurice Mullins races. You might be interested to see what's already scheduled for those dates:
Saturday October 3
Run Galway Bay 10km, Half and Full Marathon

Sunday October 4
Dublin Novice Cross-Country
Irish 3/4 Marathon, Longwood, Co Meath
Tarmonbarry 3/4 Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km,
FASTLANE 3/4 Marathon, Clondalkin,
Great Limerick Run Marathon, Half Marathon, 6 mile.
Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh ‘15’
O Dubhda Chellange Marathon, Half Marathon, 20 Mile Challenge, Enniscrone, Co Sligo,
Miriam MaherMay 22 2020, 10:18amHi Lindie

Thanks for the post and for flagging these other events. We think it's inevitable that there will be clashes in the racing calender from August onwards. All the various organisations, including ours, will be doing their level best to get some events delivered where at all possible.

But given the variety of races listed, they would appear to provide plenty of choices open to runners of all disciplines. That could help spread out participants per events in any case, which might not be a bad thing in of itself:)

Hope you're keeping well, all the best

Luke McMullanMay 28 2020, 4:44pmThanks for info Mick.

I see the World Championship Trials are scheduled for the same proposed date of 3rd Oct. In event the Worlds go ahead this Nov, I'll probably run the trial.

Can I 'wait and see' how the Covid-19 continues to affect the Autumn events prior to requesting a refund now (i.e. assuming there is no deadline on asking for a refund).

Either way, it'll be a trial or a trail on that weekend hopefully. Apologies for the inconvenience of the ask.

Thanks, Luke
Mick HanneyMay 29 2020, 8:01amNo problem at all Luke. Keep safe. Mick
Denise KavanaghJun 28 2020, 8:30pmIs there any possibility I can be added to a wait to to run this event?
Mick HanneyJul 11 2020, 8:15pm** Coming soon **
Update in the coming days re: the Maurice Mullins Half.

Thanks to the hard work of the committee. Please read the Covid guidelines, details on the News items on the main page.

@Denise - there is no naked warrior dance, event is sold out, no more entries.
Mick HanneyJul 15 2020, 8:19pmHi Folks,

An update on Maurice Mullins Half - this event will now go ahead on the 5th of September.

Due to Covid restrictions we will be separating the Maurice Mullins Ultra and Trail.

For those who cannot make this date IMRA will provide a full refund which we would ask you to claim before the 31st of July. Refund email address in previous posting on this event thread.

Due to restrictions we are not in a position to offer up additional places, transfers or wait-ing lists.

We will be reviewing this in-line with changes in Government restrictions. But after much deliberation we think this is feasible.

Furthermore, details of the MMH race have changed from what was previously the case - for logistics reasons. More details to follow, some of which is already on the event details.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Mick HanneyJul 15 2020, 8:23pmMore details:

Race will start at Lough Tay, pier gates.
A car park beside pier gates has been secured.
Race will start earlier to avoid traffic congestion in what can be a busy tourist area.

Note: This almost a throwback to the old days when the Wicklow Way trail race used to start on the flanks of Lough Tay.

The race will travel north long the Wicklow way to Crone woods – 11k. And back the same way. So, the start and finish are at the same point, with a total distance of 22k which brings runners past Djouce out and back.

The race is a few km shorter than the original proposal, but it is a compromise we have had to make.

The new route removes the need for buses which are logistically difficult with Covid social distancing requirements.

Sample Garmin link:
Warren SwordsJul 15 2020, 8:38pmNice one mick. Appreciate the effort gone in.
Cian ManganJul 15 2020, 9:10pmThis is great news. Thanks a million to all the people who worked to pull this off.
John CondonJul 15 2020, 10:33pmGreat to hear. Appreciate the work Mick and committee have put into organising this race.
Maeve HegartyJul 15 2020, 10:47pmThanks Mick and all the committee for coming up with a solution, I better get training! Just one question....will there be a mug?!
Robert CostelloJul 15 2020, 11:01pmNice one Micko.
Mick HanneyJul 16 2020, 7:47amThanks for the nice feedback.
@Maeve. Of course! Thanks to Hilary and crannmor pottery in Glenmalure, always worth a visit.
Sarah BradyJul 16 2020, 9:08amThis sounds great! Thanks Mick and committee for all yer efforts.
Mick HanneyJul 16 2020, 9:52amMap with car park highlighted added. Ordinarily this car park is not opened (we have secured access for our event). If you wanted to do a recce the start will be beside here, or back a ways along the road to allow the runners to stretch out before the boardwalks.
David DunneJul 16 2020, 10:57amGreat work getting this up and running Mick & Co, Thanks for all the efforts
Peter O'FarrellJul 16 2020, 1:49pmSuper work getting this up and running. The new old start finish has great views. A lovely place to sit and ponder as you await the returning runners.
Tim ChapmanJul 21 2020, 1:08pmHi Mick,

If there is a wait list....

Only messing. I signed up to help voulenteer. I will have my 2 children with me who are always willing to help. If this isn't conducive to the post covid measures just let me know.

Mick HanneyJul 21 2020, 2:42pmThanks Tim, lets see how we are at the time re: the advice thats to be in place.

If any of the people who had volunteered previously cannot make the rescheduled race can you please remove your name or let me know on hanneymick at gmail dot com. Thanks.
Mick HanneyJul 21 2020, 8:10pmPosting the refunds email address just in case its needed.
Mick HanneyJul 22 2020, 11:43amIts entirely up to the runner, but if there is some out there that cannot do the rescheduled race and do not want to seek a formal refund, can you let me know at hanneymick at, so at least I'm better informed. Thanks.
Melanie LaborJul 23 2020, 8:11pmHi all, thanks for the effort gone into organising this :) I live in Dublin but don't drive. Any chance I could get a lift with someone? Not sure if it's safe though even with a mask?
Alice ClancyJul 24 2020, 1:35pmHi Melanie, I'll be driving to and from the race via Dublin and happy to give you a lift if you're happy to wear a mask for the drive. I'm at clancyalice at yahoo dot co dot uk
Melanie LaborJul 26 2020, 7:20pmHi Alice, thank you so much for your kind offer, I'd like to take you up on it. I'll email you now. Melanie
Thomas DonohoeJul 27 2020, 2:03pmHi - is there a naked warrior dance for entries? I would love to take part if possible. Thanks, Thomas
Mick HanneyJul 28 2020, 7:42amFinal call for any refunds for the MMH race. Any refund request needs to be in by 31st July. After that no refund is possible. Thanks to Pol, our treasurer, for doing the work on this behind the scenes.
Mick HanneyAug 10 2020, 9:51pmTwo additions to the race instructions to note:-
1. An early start will be facilitated for runners who are typically >160% of finish time.
2. Runners are recommended to carry 250ml of water. If you feel you can run 22k in the hills without water that is your decision. With Covid restrictions we need to maintain social distancing and cannot offer normal refreshments or filled plastic cups. We will have limited water in large bottles at Crone. This will be self-fill, runners will need their own drinking vessel / bottle if they want water. Ideally, if you feel you need water to run, you should try run self-sufficient.
Mick HanneyAug 15 2020, 8:58pmRe-posting this as the message has not got through to everyone. Due to restrictions we are not in a position to offer up additional places, transfers or wait-ing lists.

Please, no emails to me directly looking for an entry. There is no entries to be had.
Mick HanneyAug 18 2020, 5:39pmOn race day I am hoping to get access to the car park early to set things up. The plan is to park the IMRA runners cars in the far end of the car park. And to set up a start line / finish line down there.

We are trying (fingers crossed) to open up a link path between the car park and the Wicklow Way to avoid any running on the busy road. The intention to connect the car park and Wicklow way is there, it’s just a question of whether it happens in time.
Mick HanneyAug 22 2020, 8:08pmLaura's update on Covid restrictions from 19 Aug refers. Excerpt here:
The committee have made the difficult decision to cancel or postpone all races scheduled from now until the 13th of September.
We are looking at the feasibility of rescheduling a number of races including the Galty Half, the Maurice Mullins Half, Stone Cross to Lug, the All-Ireland Junior Championship and the Knoclmealdown Half.
Mick HanneySep 10 2020, 8:34amAn email has been issued to entrants. 19th Sep is the new proposed date for the race. This is on the basis that the number of people that can gather for an outside event is moved back up to 200.  A park permit will be issued only on that basis.
Mick HanneySep 15 2020, 8:35pmRemaining optimistic we are good to go for Saturday. We should have confirmation in the morning.
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 7:36amI'm a few volunteers short for Saturday so if a few people are available to help I'd appreciate it. I don't have a laptop operator as of yet. Also, if someone was interested in a long jog/hike, I'd be hoping to have a volunteer follow the race out and back to Crone to act as a tail runner.
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 8:01amIf you intend running this race, please check your IMRA profile/account and ensure you have a contact phone no. entered. Thanks.
Paul BurchmoreSep 16 2020, 8:01amMick. I’m signed up for the 50k the week after but happy to do a hike as tail runner for the half. Will be keen to check trail conditions and journey time from Fermanagh anyway. As long as you don’t need anyone fast for the job :)
Mike JordanSep 16 2020, 9:11amMick, I'll drop over the marking kit early and mark the new section as far as JB Malone if it saves you a job.
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 9:23am@ Paul - that would be great and easy and slow would be just the job!
I'll add your name to the list.

Thanks Mike.
Claire McCannSep 16 2020, 9:41amI’m available on Saturday if you’re still short of volunteers Mick.
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 10:48amThanks Claire, I'll accept your kind offer and be in touch with volunteers in due course.

As per Richard's Ultra notice, we have a green light from the parks, so we are good to go. Thanks to the hard working committee and the various other people behind the scenes who got us to this point.

Race event info has been updated. I'll add further race instructions when I get organised now that we have certainty.
David G FassbenderSep 16 2020, 11:24amThis is fantastic news. Delighted. Well done to all for making this work.

Really looking forward to getting this done and extending the MM mug collection!

Just to confirm carpark the below link correct? Sorry & thanks!,+Sleamaine,+Co.+Wicklow/@53.0953625,-6.2529778,1031m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4867a3084588c855:0xe891917fe6c3beb6!8m2!3d53.0954474!4d-6.250548
Niamh O'CeallaighSep 16 2020, 11:46amHi Mick,
I can help out on Saturday. You can take me off the start list :-(
Happy to do laptop or whatever needs to be done.
Brendan LawlorSep 16 2020, 11:56amHi Mick

I can help with reg and / or set up, but can't stay beyond 10.30
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 11:58am@David - that car park link is spot on.

Thanks Niamh and Brendan.

Ok for volunteers now.
Laura FlynnSep 16 2020, 11:59amWith Maurice Mullins Trail and Ultra going ahead over the next two weekends, we want to remind all participants to continue to abide by the Social-Distancing Protocols we have put in place and any additional or specific Covid-19 guidance or restrictions from the governrment.
Participants should read our Protocols before coming to the event and be aware of the requirements around the wearing of masks, not gathering in groups and not attending if you have or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or any Covid-19 symptons. This is not an exhaustive and you MUST read the full document.
Louis MulleeSep 16 2020, 12:46pmThanks for the update and all the hard work here in ever changing circumstances.

In order to "abide to any additional or specific Covid-19 guidance or restrictions from the government."
Does that mean anyone living in Dublin should not attend or is it up to individuals to decide based on their own comfort level?

From Special Measures in Dublin:

-those living in Dublin should be encouraged to limit travel outside the region, and only meet 1 other household when outside the county
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 12:52pmHi Louis,
It is up to the individual to be honest.
Regards, Mick
Laura FlynnSep 16 2020, 1:24pmAs things stand at the moment Louis, Dublin is not in lock-down. The government has published certain guidelines and recommendations which we've all been asked to comply with. It's a matter for each individual to make their own decision. we have asked our members to adhere to the protocols we've put in place and which reference the government guidelines. The emphasis has always been on personal responsibility.
If a lock-down comes into effect for Dublin or any other county, our position will be as previously stated by Lillian in the Stone-Cross to Lug Solo thread on August 17th, as set out below:

"I'm on to post a reminder message for members based/living day to day in the 3 counties locked down.
With the restrictions in place till midnight next Sunday, if you were hoping to enter, unfortunately the current public health guidelines rules you out of being able to join us for Stone Cross."

Anyone who cannot participate will be given refunds and we would ask that they email us with confirmation of this before race day.
Mick HanneySep 16 2020, 9:42pmI'm putting together my volunteer plan for the race and I'll update those concerned as soon as I have that. Thanks to all that have come forward to help.

I'll provide further information to runners as I have it but for the moment please familiarise yourself with the event details and the IMRA Covid guidelines. Only attend the race if you are feeling well and healthy.
Turlough ConwaySep 17 2020, 12:24pmI think there is an opportunity for IMRA to show how an event can be run safely in the Covid era.
I'm involved with safety protocols around Covid and supressing the virus suceeds with a combination of personal responsibility + keeping an eye out where personal responsibility might fall through cracks which can happen with fatigued runners post race for example.
I am sure the excellent organization skills of Mick and Laura will have covered all bases. Just to put it out there anyway: could I suggest that all volunteers be given politics covid 'reminder' duties and that race goers cooperate in that spirit? I would volunteer to help with this but am unfortunatey buying a car this weekend (Ferrari)
Mick HanneySep 17 2020, 1:43pmAdditional notes for Saturday.
1. Only entries on our list which sold out some months ago should turn up at this race. There is no opportunity to transfer or get an entry if you are not on our list.

2. The usual social distancing protocols will apply and please read the protocols available on our website and be fully aware of all requirements. Everyone will have a face covering in the sign-in area and start line and is recommended to keep this on for the
first 200 metres of the race. When you pass through the finish line please remember to keep your distance, move away from the finish line as soon as possible and use your face covering as appropriate and particularly in circumstances where it is difficult to keep apart from other people.

3. Prizes will be given out at the finish line to the 1st , 2nd & 3rd male and female as well. Unfortunately there won’t be any category prizes, spot prizes or tea/pint for the moment but hopefully this will all come back soon.

4. Please give a wide berth to any of the members of the public on the route.

5. Priority at registration early on will be given to early starters needing to register.

6. If you are driving you'll need a pocket on your kit for your key as we aren't operating a key bag with the Covid restrictions.

7. The route is entirely along the Wicklow way. From the start at our car park to Crone woods, turning at the yellow barrier (no need to touch), before the run back. Bear in mind runners running in the opposite direction and the general rule is to give way to faster moving runners, particularly around Djouce and on boardwalks. If it doubt stay left.

8. Don't forget to carry a light jacket.
Mick HanneySep 17 2020, 4:15pmVolunteers for Saturday.

Thanks to the volunteers for putting their names forward to help. Its a strange situation we are in (and its not easy race directing in a pandemic !). I have the gist of a volunteer plan drafted but can't share it until I know for sure who can make Saturday. That is contingent on Dublin not being locked down given a chunk of the volunteer cohort is from Dublin. I may be giving a last min shout-out for non-Dub based volunteers to fill a few gaps that may emerge. Thanks for your patience.
Vivian O'GormanSep 17 2020, 5:37pmHi Mick - if things do happen and you are looking for volunteers you can
add me to the list...
Denis carriganSep 17 2020, 6:08pmHi
I can be the back-up tail runner/hiker if needed .
Mick HanneySep 17 2020, 6:12pmHi Denis,
I already have an offer to fill that role, thanks.
Mick HanneySep 17 2020, 8:15pm@Denis, I should have said, if you are available to assist in another capacity I'd be glad to have your assistance?


Mick HanneySep 18 2020, 7:45amHi,

Forum post above on Sep 16 2020, 11:24am gives a google maps location for the car park adjacent to Pier Gates.

IMRA runners will be directed to park in the Far car park.

If you have ran an IMRA race this year please bring along your Race No.

We hope to get runner check-in started at 8.15 in the morning. Early priority will be given to early starters who will be off at 9am. Main start 9.30. Check-in will close c. 9.15am

We should have a couple of portaloos delivered to site today.

We will have a hand hygiene table set up for people to clean that hands. Please wear face masks beforehand and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Main start runners, try avoid the initial 1k of the route around 9 when the early starters will be away, as section is narrow. For warm-ups the WW stretch south of the car park is a good option.

Note: Those that know the Wicklow way here will know there is many steps in the Boardwalk. On the way out, leave space between you and the runner ahead so you can see the steps.


Denis carriganSep 18 2020, 7:49amSure - Signed up to help
Mick HanneySep 18 2020, 8:36am@Denis - thanks.
Sandra PegmanSep 18 2020, 2:06pmHi Mick. I am sorry I won’t be able to make the race tomorrow. Best of luck with everything & thanks to yourself & everyone working Behind the scenes to make the race happen. Can’t wait to see all my IMRA buddies back on the hills again. Stay safe
Tara-Louise CreightonSep 18 2020, 4:46pmHi,
I've never done an Imra race before so wondering if I can collect my number at early registration as I'm planning on taking the early start option?
Mick HanneySep 18 2020, 6:12pmNB:

For members based/living in Dublin city and county. As just announced new Covid restrictions are in place from midnight tonight. The health guidelines rule Dublin-based runners, and volunteers for that matter, out of being able to join (or help with) the event. We ask that people are aware of those health guidelines and act accordingly. Any entrants that cannot participate will be given refunds ( and we would ask that they email us with confirmation of this in advance.
Mick HanneySep 18 2020, 6:16pmThanks Sandrda. See you soon hopefully.

Tara-Louise. Yes, new runners to IMRA, can pick up their race no. at the check-in and they can indicate early start. Please read the race info and have mask/jacket as per mandatory requirements.
Roisin O'ConnorSep 18 2020, 6:28pmHi there may I enquire in light of restrictions could dublin based people submit a noncompetitive 22k time as a virtual event as would love to still be able to get one of the lovely mugs rather than a refund thanks
Mark WilloughbySep 18 2020, 8:50pmHi Mick, not able to race tomorrow due to restrictions, is there a email Address to send to inform of not been able to race? I’ve emailed
Mick HanneySep 19 2020, 6:43amThanks Mark.
Best of luck to runners this morning.
Best wishes to those that won't be there.
David G FassbenderSep 19 2020, 7:21amLike Roisin, I too, as a Dublin based runner, would love to earn the famous mug in some virtual /solo run. The mugs hold a special place!

Best of luck to the lucky folk who can do the run today.
Sarah JonesSep 19 2020, 7:45amBest of luck to all finally able to run the Maurice Mullins. Seems like 2020 just isn't a great year for some. Enjoy the hills everyone. I also am a dub missing out on a day I've waited for so long. Can't wait till we can all run that fantastic trail together. Stay safe all and let your hearts bound.
Laura FlynnSep 19 2020, 11:24amRoisin, thanks for your suggestion but we won’t be accommodating a virtual event for the today’s race and, while we recognise the exceptional circumstances which have prevented so many runners taking part today, the mugs will only be awarded to anyone who finishes the race.
John CondonSep 19 2020, 1:18pmMany thanks to Mick and all volunteers for today. Very much appreciated.
Laura FlynnSep 19 2020, 4:57pmWell done to Mick and his team on making this happen today. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the control of all of us many many runners could not attend. Thanks to all of you for abiding by the new restrictions and playing your part for the greater good.
This race wouldn’t have happened today if it weren’t for Mick Hanney’s commitment to it in rescheduling dates, changing the route , securing recent as this week he and Richard Nunan did another recce to make sure this and the Ultra were still achievable.
I’m glad to the runners today got a chance to express their appreciation at the start of the race. Let’s hope we’ll all meet again in early 2021 for this event.
Eugene DuffSep 19 2020, 6:12pmThanks to Mick and all the organisers for arranging such a great event today!

Just a note on the results, I was an early starter so should appear further down the finishers list (1045). Thanks
Andrew HanneySep 19 2020, 6:19pmThanks Mick and Volunteers and the IMRA committee for making this great race happen. As said, people have gone above and beyond the usual in terms of volunteering here, good on you.
Mick HanneySep 19 2020, 7:48pmThanks to the volunteer team today who allowed the event to happen. Many of the volunteers responded at short notice to changing events to give of their team at the last min.
Thanks too to the volunteers who put their names forward but who were unable to make it due to the health guidelines.
It was an enjoyable event for the volunteer team and the competitors seemed to enjoy it too. The new route, the car park base and the nice net downhill finish from Djouce worked well. Our thoughts were with the runners who would have liked to have been here today. The last minute nature of the restrictions made things even more fraught. Hopefully next year we'll have some normality restored. Congratulations to all who showed that even in these strange times we can hold an event and be fully respectful of the guidelines, with social distancing, masks etc being in fully evidence. Behind the scenes the committee played an important role and we are thankful to the assistance from the organisations that support us running in the hills, forests and national park.
Eadaoin QuinnSep 20 2020, 9:48amThanks to the organisers and volunteers for a fantastic race. It was a real privilege to be able to run yesterday, especially in circumstances. A great buzz and a lovely mug. Cheers
Melanie LaborSep 20 2020, 6:07pmCongrats to everyone who ran yesterday :)
Maeve HegartySep 20 2020, 11:43pmWell done to all the committee, volunteers and Mick Hanney for staging the event yesterday. Even though it was disappointing not being able to take part, it was brilliant to see photos of happy runners at a well organised and safe event. Congrats to everyone who took part
Mick HanneySep 21 2020, 4:11pmA brief race report added from the RD perspective.

Some runner reports would be welcome.
Joseph BoyleSep 21 2020, 10:16pmPhotos uploaded on behalf of Dan Geelon.