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Mike JordanAug 1 2019, 10:21pmThe annual IMRA Mountain Rescue Benefit Race will take place on 21st of August and entries are now available online.
Entry is ONLINE ONLY and as all the procedures are going to mountain rescue race vouchers will not be accepted on the night.

Event details are up-to-date and the same as last year but the important stuff is:
PARKING - Trooperstown Carpark
REGISTRATION - Mountain Rescue Base
START - 800m uphill from MR Base
RACE - A oddly runnable loop around Paddock Hill
PUB - Probably Kavanaghs

As there will be a number of mountain rescue personnel marshaling on the night which won't show on the event page, I have enough volunteers so please sign up for other races like Joe's Mountain Meitheal race or Ann- Marie's Circuit of Avonbeg.

Thanks in advance for supporting Dublin Wicklow MRT and Glen of Imaal MRT!!!
Mike JordanAug 8 2019, 5:31pmI had a couple of questions about the MR race last night so just to let you know:
1) Yes, we will have an early start at 19:00. Brendan Lawlor has be off the hill early to man the bar ;)
2) If we have juniors sign up, we will have a junior course. Easiest options are either a 2k or 4.7k route but if we get a good crowd I should have enough marshals to do something in between around 4k

Registration is open so be sure to sign up for the last Wednesday night race of the year!!
Laura FlynnAug 8 2019, 6:56pmAlso, just to remind everyone that if you’d like to contribute but can’t make the race you can purchase still an entry and all money collected from race entries will go to Mountain Rescue.
Gordon PlaceAug 8 2019, 7:56pmHi Mike, looks like you've plenty of volunteers but if you need another I could sweep and demark if that helps
Gordon PlaceAug 9 2019, 7:21amSorry Mike, just remembered I am away on hols that week! Sorry
Mike JordanAug 9 2019, 9:55amThanks Laura and Gordon.

Also thanks to IMRA who are providing prizes for top 3 female and male finishers as well as raffle prizes and post-race food.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 9 2019, 12:10pmOh yay! Another raffle I probably won’t win! :-(
Brendan LawlorAug 9 2019, 1:34pmOh you'll win alright.. you just won't get a prize!! :(
Mike JordanAug 16 2019, 9:03am**********************************************************
1) Registration for this event is ONLINE ONLY with all proceeds going to Mountain Rescue. Vouchers will not be accepted on the night.
2) This is the last IMRA Wednesday night race of 2019 on a fun, fast course. Come on down to Paddock Hill and get your last sip of the summer season!

1) I'm in the extremely lucky position of having more volunteers than I know what to do with for this event. If you're looking to get your volunteering in please sign up for another event. Check out
2) Pub is confirmed as Kavanaghs in Roundwood. Not sure if Brendan Lawlor will end up pulling pints again but there will be food and a raffle :)
3) I've locked in the unofficial return of the Tin-whistle Player role :D :D
Gareth FeredayAug 16 2019, 8:54pmHello, Haven’t done an IMRA race for awhile, how do you register online!? Can’t find a registration tab anywhere.
Jason DowlingAug 16 2019, 9:04pmHi Gareth,

Your name is not on the list of registered runners for 2019 as per You will need to register for 2019 and then you will be able to purchase an entry for the event.

Hope that helps,
Mike JordanAug 19 2019, 8:58amEntries close tomorrow evening Tuesday 20th @ 18:00.
Please sign up as entry to online only.

Annual prizes and volunteer prizes will be available for collection at the race on Wednesday night.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for supporting mountain rescue!
Laura FlynnAug 19 2019, 7:17pmDoting need any more helpers for Wednesday night Mike as I’m not planning to run?
Laura FlynnAug 19 2019, 7:46pmOr even “ do you”?
Mike JordanAug 19 2019, 9:19pmThanks Laura. I think I'm all sorted unless Lillian needs some help with the prizes.
Jenny Uí ShéAug 20 2019, 12:02pmHi mike wondering is
There an early start and
Is there a juniors race?
Thanks Jenny
Mike JordanAug 20 2019, 12:20pm1) There will be an early start at 19:00
2) we have juniors signed up and there will be a junior/short course of approximately 4k. I'll give them a short separate briefing and send them off just after the main start at 19:30.
3) Thanks to the 105 runners who have signed up so far. Remember online entry closes at 18:00 this evening!
Jenny Uí ShéAug 20 2019, 3:16pmThanks mike
I’m afraid I am unable to
Log in my son
Aaron who has a reg
Number. May I please donate
10 euro as I did
Last week for him?
Thanks Jenny
Mike JordanAug 20 2019, 7:19pmHi Jenny,
We'll be able to sort you out tomorrow. There will be a donation bucket available at registration. Just be extra nice to the laptop operators ;)
Mike JordanAug 20 2019, 7:21pmThanks to the 144 runners who signed up. See you tomorrow evening!
Mick HanneyAug 21 2019, 2:36pmHi,
I'll have maps this evening for anyone that hasn't collected theirs yet.
Conor O'FarrellAug 22 2019, 9:30amGreat race last night, despite the weather.

Thanks Mike and his IMRA and MR volunteers.

Thanks John Shiels for what is possibly the best set of photos from a race, I especially like that one of Brendan.

Mikey Fry, another stellar race report,. Up there with the best!

Thanks to Barry and Richard on laptop who did a stellar job, enabling me to get the results up quickly.

I'm of to hibernate in a winter of depression without Wednesday night races for the next 5 months. :-(

Email any results queries to

Brendan LawlorAug 22 2019, 9:32amThank you Mike and all the volunteers and rain sodden Mountain Rescue marshals and helpers for another great and sadly final Wednesday evening's hillrunning fun.

Chatting to a few of the MR lads back at the base they were amazed at how much joy we seem to take from a rain lashed run over wet and boggy trails..its a mystery alright

And Mikey'James Joyce' Fry has nailed the race report again!
Anne-Marie FlahertyAug 22 2019, 11:03amMassive thanks to Mike and your amazing crew of two and four legged volunteers.
Had an absolute ball on such a soggy evening, thanks for being out in that weather so we could all have such a great evening on the hills.

(Con and Barry thanks for getting me sorted with a chip).
Mike JordanAug 22 2019, 11:04amHope everyone has dried out after last night!
Just want to say thank you to everyone who entered the race, to those who ran on what was a damp auld evening, and a special thank you to all the volunteers who made my life very easy in what are tough conditions to be standing around in for hours making sure everyone has a good race.
The support we get from IMRA and it's members is greatly appreciated by DWMRT and GOIMRT.
Mick HanneyAug 22 2019, 6:18pmLoving the race reports. Sorry Graham I didn't realise it was you tin whistling away on the Wicklow way last night. And you are right, the whistling did have a speeding up effect on the runners - nothing personal :-)