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Cormac MacDonnellJan 16 2018, 9:27amIs the Carrigbyrne Hill race in the Carrigbryne Coillte Forest? If so, there is a map available of the forest site on this link and directions to the carpark. Might be useful to people getting there...
Rory LeadbetterJan 20 2018, 10:48pmI don’t know anything about the route, just wondering Is the event Sold Out? I don’t see it on the “purchase” page...
Mick HanneyJan 20 2018, 11:11pmEvents only come up for 'sale' in the week leading up to them, usually..., so keep an eye out nearer the time.
Stefan HamiltonJan 31 2018, 9:25pmNumbers are picking up since yesterday, and looking promising. Hopefully we'll get a few visiting runners from the other Leinster, Munster leagues!
Brendan LawlorFeb 1 2018, 11:28amUPDATE from STEFAN

Hi All,

A quick update on next Sunday’s Carrigbyrne IMRA race !

Registration is at the picnic area/bottom car park at Carrigbyrne hill, and prize giving will be here too after the race. The IMRA emergency number (087 261 7599) will be diverted to the Race Director on the day.

The weather is expected to be dry but mild, but make sure to come prepared for crappy weather.

It is expected all runners to finish between 45-105 minutes

Course will be marked and with marshals at some key locations

Parking will be at the road parallel to main road (N25)

There are two kinds of entrants: Pre-paid event only & vouchers.

Registration is a cashless system now, no cash on the day.

Juniors have to be accompanied on the run by a parent. They will start with the main group but split at the top carpark

No early starts

All entrants must sign in, wear an official IMRA race number that needs to be visible to finish race officials & have a jacket. No headphones please

Looking forward to what's going to be a fantastic morning.

Liam BoweFeb 2 2018, 1:04pmStefan,
I purchased a book of race vouchers 2 weeks ago and haven't received them yet.
Is it ok to register on Sunday morning with just the payment ID?
Brendan LawlorFeb 2 2018, 1:20pmHi Liam

Stefan or Cormac will have the 10 race vouchers.. just bring along a copy of your payment ID as you suggest

Quick reminder that the options for registering for this race are
- register online €7 (after you buy your annual IMRA membership)
- buy a book of 10 race vouchers - transferable from year to year
- buy a voucher stamp from another runner who has vouchers

There is no on the day registration at IMRA races - if you plan to give it a go register today
Cormac MacDonnellFeb 3 2018, 11:15amconfirm that Liam - 10 race voouchers available at registeration on race morning (Voucher sign in deck!)
Dan ComerfordFeb 4 2018, 7:35amHi,

Will new race numbers be given out here? My last race numbers got destroyed!

Thanks a mill - Dan
Stefan HamiltonFeb 4 2018, 3:11pmThanks a million to all the volunteers. It's safe to say everyone appreciates all the time and help today, especially me, but also to some of the guys from IMRA for their help and guidance over the last couple of weeks. Many thanks, my job was a lot easier because of it.

Thanks also to all of the runners, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed organising it.

Best of luck to the rest of the SEL!
Rory LeadbetterFeb 4 2018, 6:21pmThat was savage lads. Well done to all involved in planning and fair play to all the volunteers. On to Crohaun!!!
Karen DevenneyFeb 5 2018, 10:03pmHuge congratulations to Stefan and his group of volunteers on a fantastic race yesterday, the 2nd instalment of the new Southeast League. Conditions were good and it was a lovely route, brilliantly marked and marshalled with a nice sting in the tail towards the end....well worth the trip down from Dublin. Stefan had everything in hand, looking more like a seasoned IMRA RD rather than a first timer!

Results are up now, please email me at Karen.devenney at imra dot ie if there are any issues.
Niamh KellyFeb 5 2018, 11:15pmwell done to all yesterday such a well-organised race, lovely volunteers and a great crowd bonus was the lovely sun and muddy trails followed by yummy cake and tea. really enjoyed it thanks so much everyone