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Mick HanneyJul 4 2018, 3:49pmFYI, looking at route for Downshill with a view to mixing it up a bit and making it less out-and-out traily for the end of league race. Shall post updated route and map in due course when we finalise.

Likely too that we'll try make the BBQ a cashless service by asking people to buy an entry in advance. The 'product' isn't there yet, but once added it will help us have a better idea of numbers for BBQ in advance.

Thanks to those that have volunteered earlier for this. More volunteers welcome in the usual areas.
Mick HanneyJul 11 2018, 8:02pmFinalised route for Downshill. Map and Elevation profile added. Overview:-
1. Starts and finishes at the same start line as last year. Essentially its 2 loop route - the first loop slightly bigger than the second.
2. From the start, its up the technical single track and LEFT at fire-road.
3. c. 600m on, turn right onto a single track which turns back right into the forest. The next 800m or so is through the forest, twisty turny hard-to-pass.
4. When you meet the fire-road, go RIGHT and complete a loop back to single track in point 3.
5. This time when you meet fire-road, go left and follow fire-road downhill, left then onto initial track to the finish line.
Mick HanneyJul 13 2018, 3:12pmBBQ: IMRA is kindly funding the BBQ. A Purchase item for the Downshill BBQ will open up shortly on PURCHASE IMRA PRODUCTS. Please use this option so we can get an idea of numbers for the BBQ. I'll issue reminders about this in due course.

Also, can anyone who wants a vegetarian option provided at the BBQ please email me at hanneymick at gmail dot com, with a Subject: Downshill - Vegetarian Option
Again, this is so we can plan for the food options we need.
Mick HanneyJul 18 2018, 9:17pmPurchase item for BBQ has been added, so please buy early. Thanks to committee for subsidising the event.
Mick HanneyJul 21 2018, 9:55pmA few more volunteers - non-running / running would be welcome.

In particular, a laptop person.

Also, a de-marker. A local runner could demark the next day perhaps if fading light was an issue? After all we don't want anyone to miss the BBQ!

On the night of the race please be sensible in your parking and sensitive to the local community by not blocking entrances etc. That goes for parking around the pub too as non-IMRA customers of the pub will be parking too. So please heed any advice of the parking marshalls.

The start line is c. 1.3k from the pub, so make sure you get down in time to make your way to the start in good time.

Thanks for the BBQ entries so far. Keep them coming so we have sight of numbers as early as possible.
Andrew HanneyJul 22 2018, 7:57pmI can de-mark.
S.M. GriffithJul 22 2018, 11:53pmWhat distance is the 1 loop in the Junior Route? Please and thanks in advance
Mick HanneyJul 23 2018, 7:18amThe first loop including the start and finish section is c 6k.
Mick HanneyJul 23 2018, 8:27amCorrection. I looked at that in more detail. Junior route is 5k.
Fiona ByrneJul 23 2018, 8:54pmHi Mick, Is there no early start for Downshill? Thanks.
Mick HanneyJul 23 2018, 10:18pmHi,

The Downshill route this year is a 2 loop route which involves stretches of single track through the forest. This makes having the usual early start difficult.

If some runners were concerned about taking the 7.30 start, due to fading light or whatever, a possible option would be to do a single loop and declare Short Course at the finish.


Keith McCabeJul 25 2018, 11:21pmEvening all,

I have just signed up as a member and would like to try the race next Weds. What do I need to do to get a number? I can find how to pay for the race online but nothing about numbers.

Thanks in advance,
Gordon PlaceJul 26 2018, 12:17amHi Keith,
Take note of your number and you can collect at race sign in on the night.
Mick HanneyJul 26 2018, 10:11amI am okay for general volunteers, thanks to all those that have put their name forward. I'll post instructions nearer the day.

One last shout out for a laptop operator?

Also, can people you are travelling try to use the car pool facility or carpool themselves informally. Ideally we should cut down on the no. of single person cars arriving at the event. If its possible for people to do so I'd appreciate it. Its important on the night to heed the instructions of parking marshals and to ensure you park with due respect for local residents.
John J BarryJul 26 2018, 10:38amMick,

I put myself down as a running volunteer / shadow laptop volunteer, I'm short a couple of races so I need to run but I'll stay with somebody right up to race start.
John AhernJul 26 2018, 12:38pmI'll do laptop Mick.
Mick HanneyJul 26 2018, 1:38pmMany thanks lads
Mick HanneyJul 27 2018, 6:55pmOnline entry closes the evening before at 6pm.
Alan LawlorJul 28 2018, 1:38pmI registered for the year and purchased the 10 vouchers. Can I just show up on wednesday and collect number like previous years or do I need to also preregister online in advance for the race so that race numbers are final on tuesday evening???
Caitlin BentJul 28 2018, 1:55pmAlan, no need to pre-register if you have are vouchers for this year. If you want a burger go into purchase irma products to 'book' one for €1.
Brenda MalleyJul 28 2018, 3:28pmIs it possible to purchase another burger for my husband Michael who’ll be there with me on Wednesday? I bought one, then the option disappeared from “available to purchase”
Mick HanneyJul 28 2018, 5:50pmBrenda - I'll add to guest list. Taa.
Mick HanneyJul 29 2018, 1:52pmVolunteer update. We have a full roster of volunteers for Weds. Thanks in advance. Don't forget to register for the BBQ too.

If volunteers could make it to the Grove bar on or before 6.15pm Weds that would be great.
Mick HanneyJul 29 2018, 3:47pmAnyone volunteering who would like to take some race photos let me know.
Mick HanneyJul 30 2018, 8:25amReminder re: BBQ. If you intend partaking in the race and BBQ, but haven't booked yet, please do so online through the IMRA shop on myimra. While we will try support cash payers on the night the preference will be via online as it helps give a better handle on numbers and keep it cashless.
Mick HanneyJul 30 2018, 8:03pmFor Weds, trail shoes advised as the single track sections are a bit slippy for ordinary runners.
Karl RichardsJul 31 2018, 9:35amHi Just confirming that vouchers are accepted on the evening of the race and that we don't have to book online for the race?

Graham K. BusheJul 31 2018, 10:28amA sneak preview...
with a few pics for those like me who, if not gasping for air, trying to keep up with or ahead of someone or just afraid to take my eyes off the ground ahead, never actually get to have a look at the views.
Mick HanneyJul 31 2018, 10:39amKarl - if you have vouchers you are good to go.
Mick HanneyJul 31 2018, 3:18pmMandatory gear tomorrow is obviously the jacket.

Given that tomorrow evening is likely to be cloudy and fading light could be an issue for slower runners who opt to run the long route, I would suggest that an optional item to carry could be a head-torch as a just-in-case item.
Mick HanneyAug 1 2018, 9:51amLooking forward to this evening. We are expecting a big turn-out. If people can avoid single-occupancy cars that would be appreciated. IMRA won't have exclusive use of the area so we need to park with due care and attention and not block driveways. Please don't drive from the pub to the race start as that is a cul-de-sac and there is no parking up there.

Arrive in time to register and jog to the race start which is just under 1.5k away. A good way to warm up. Race start 7.30. Race briefing just beforehand.
Conor O'FarrellAug 2 2018, 12:05amThanks Mick and all the volunteers for another great evening of the Leinster League. Tough race with plenty of variety, although I was cursing the eternal fire-road towards the end ;-).

The food was fab, and really hit the spot along with a few pints.

Looking forward to Mikey Fry’s million-mile-an-hour parking report. ;-)

Thanks to everyone involved in organising the league too. Great craic altogether. Some effort getting all those results up before I got home to bed tonight.

John McCannAug 2 2018, 1:56amJust uploaded some photos and they are all sideways. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't mind deleting and starting the upload process again.
John AhernAug 2 2018, 3:02amHere's where I asked about rotating photos last year.
Miriam MaherAug 2 2018, 8:56amMick - thanks to you and all your fantastic bunch of volunteers for a great last league race. It had it all - new route - PBs guaranteed;-) - something for everyone, I had all my kids out last night and the feedback was very positive! Followed by a very tasty BBQ and the ‘chats’ all around - as Mikey would put it - another LL over in style. Karen, you outdid yourself on the turnaround on the results - thanks so much. Would have to second what Tanya said last week - the work that goes on behind the scenes on the results is phenomenal.
Mick HanneyAug 2 2018, 9:28am@Aoife Coffey - you are owed a prize from last night. Also, it would be great if you could put together a race report. Need to balance up the race reports. Not enough reports from the ladies taking part.

& the more reports the merrier!
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 2 2018, 9:31amThanks very much Mick and volunteers on a great race last night. Really enjoyed it all and the bbq afterwards was very well run. Thanks also Karen for getting the results up so quickly and to the committee for everything that goes on throughout the year.
Shane O'MalleyAug 2 2018, 9:59amJust want to echo those views. Another great LL and after so many dry races it was good of you to organise a bit of rain for variety.

I am always hugely impressed how every week and month IMRA keeps running so smoothly and can only imagine the workrate of those that make it happen. Thanks for all your efforts.
Aoife CoffeyAug 2 2018, 10:08amSorry Mick, my dad and I had to rush home yesterday and didn't get a chance to stay after the race. I can't promise that I'll write a report as that wouldn't be my strong point ! Thanks for organising a great race and to all the volunteers.
Barry MinnockAug 2 2018, 10:21amWell done to Mick&Co. Great evening.

Also a particular thank you to whoever got results up before we got home - Kudos
Brendan LawlorAug 2 2018, 10:32amBig well done and thank you to Mick and his volunteers plus the IMRA committee for a great end of Leinster League race and BBQ. Hard to believe its over already.. where did those 13 weeks go?!!

I hope Mikey Fry is taken to task over Busgate.. when I saw him he was doing far more chatting than parking marshalling.. ha ha !!

Handicap time now..
Stuart ScottAug 2 2018, 10:47amThanks Mick and volunteers for another expertly organised race. The forest section was lovely but I spent the whole time plodding around cursing Barry Minnock for asking for more roads :-) But that's just me. The best thing about IMRA is the variety and it's great how the league can cater for all types of runners. The bbq and Guinness was very tasty too. I must stock up on elastic bands for next year!

Thanks also to the Committee and especially Karen. With so many races on the calendar it's not an easy job getting those results up and there's so many jobs the Committee do behind the scenes that get no credit whatsoever. Well done!
Caitlin BentAug 2 2018, 11:53amAnother thank you to all Marshals, helpers and especially Mick Hanney for a great night. Thankfully I didn't have to use my head-torch which I brought on stand-by:)
Gordon PlaceAug 2 2018, 12:10pmThanks Mick and the volunteers for another grea race. And thanks to Karen on results and everyone else for all the hard work
Andrew HanneyAug 2 2018, 1:32pmThanks Mick and volunteers for a great race, the mtb trails were a great addition to this course. Super work by Karen to get the results up on the night, fair play! Well done also to the league winners.
Brian FureyAug 2 2018, 5:19pmThanks Mick and all for the great BBQ race. Also thanks to everyone who organised the races over the series. Good fun with every course in the league different in its own way. Back to the Wednesday night movie :)!