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John FitzgeraldJul 13 2018, 11:36amHope you are all looking forward to Ballinastoe on
wednesday week.I have a full house of volunteers at
this stage just a first aid person needed.
So if logged on to volunteer look ahead and see what
race needs your help.
Many thanks for volunteering.
John FitzgeraldJul 18 2018, 4:06pmFirst Aid Officer still needed
for race to go ahead next week.
John FitzgeraldJul 19 2018, 10:22pmThanks Becky for stepping in as First Aid Officer.
Anthony AlexanderJul 20 2018, 5:46pmHi, does anyone have a KML, GPX or Strava link to the route in Ballinastor? I’d like to maybe go out over the weekend or just be mentally prepared for the race. Thx
Gordon PlaceJul 20 2018, 9:11pmThis should be it
Check out this route on Strava: — IMRA Ballinastoe
S.M. GriffithJul 20 2018, 9:59pmAny idea what distance the Junior race is? Please and thanks in advance
John FitzgeraldJul 20 2018, 11:54pmJunior
John FitzgeraldJul 20 2018, 11:59pmJunior race and also the short course
is around 8k.
S.M. GriffithJul 21 2018, 7:04amOk cheers John
Pavinee KavanaghJul 23 2018, 6:16pmHi, will there be early start for this? Thx.
John FitzgeraldJul 23 2018, 6:46pmThere will be an early start at 7 o clock for those who expect to finish 160% or more of the winners time.
Eoin SyronJul 24 2018, 8:25amRoute is 90% marked.
Some of the final parts require more Bushwhacking and using a machete after dark is not advisable so it will be finished off early on Wednesday.

Despite the long dry summer there is still lots of muck on the route and runners should be very careful if using the wooden bridge on the river crossing as there are some rungs missing. Also are the route crosses the mountain bike track several times runners will need to be extra careful at these points.
John FitzgeraldJul 24 2018, 11:13amCould all volunteers be at registration at 6pm.I will give you your duties then.

Pre entry closes at 6pm today.
There is a Junior short course.
This will be marshalled.

The early start is at 7pm for those typically more than 160% of the winning time.

Car parking in Ballinastoe Golf Club just across the road from registration at a charge of 3 Euro per car.There is no parking on the road.Please follow marshall instructions.

Please bring your mandatory jacket and official I.M.R.A. race number.

Good luck to everyone running this cracker of a course tomorrow and above all enjoy and have a safe run.
Tim MurphyJul 24 2018, 4:05pmHi, I have not raced (IMRA) this year. I have 2018 membership bought and have my jacket. I have race vouchers purchased (in 2017). I can just turn up at Ballinastoe tomorrow ? Thank you. Tim
John FitzgeraldJul 24 2018, 4:59pmTim,you just need to pick up your race number for 2018 and you have membership for 2018 you are all set to run.
Roger TegartJul 24 2018, 7:11pmAnyone driving out from the city centre?
Anna HeffernanJul 24 2018, 7:55pmHi, I haven't raced this year (and need to purchase my 2018 membership). The descriptions says to be aware of the new guidelines - I can't seem to find a link for these, can anybody send it on? Bar that, if I purchase my 2018 membership this evening, as well as some vouchers, is it fine to just show up tomorrow evening?
Mikey FryJul 24 2018, 8:15pmUnfortunately Anna Reg is closed now to get ready for race tomorrow so you wont be able to race tomorrow without membership :( you should sign up tomorrow for next weeks downhill race if you want to do that...
Mick HanneyJul 24 2018, 8:24pmAnd next week has the bonus of the BBQ. See entry for that for a whole €1.
Joseph BoyleJul 24 2018, 10:46pmRoger,
I've a spare seat available from Stillorgan Luas stop if you want it, meeting at 18:00. About 25 minutes from city centre.
Roger TegartJul 25 2018, 7:23amThanks John. That saves me running from the Enniskerry bus stop! I'll be at the stillorgan Luas stop with my bag at 6. Roger
Emmet WardellJul 25 2018, 7:26amAnyone know who to remove a carpool spot? I someone booked two spots for myself in the one car and need to remove. Thanks!
Joseph BoyleJul 25 2018, 9:18amRoger, see you around 18:00, my mobile is o ate 6, ate o 9 for to ate tree, if you need to contact me.
Emmet, forget about deleting the carpooling spot, Roger is going to take it.
Conor O'FarrellJul 25 2018, 9:41amSaid with a proper Dublin accent Joe! ;-)
Anna HeffernanJul 25 2018, 11:01amHi Mikey, thanks for the reply. I'm still slightly confused. Myself and a friend purchased membership yesterday (after 6pm), and we have vouchers (which means we don't need to register for the race if I understand correctly). But our membership has to have been purchased before 6pm?
Peter O'FarrellJul 25 2018, 11:09amYou have a 2018 race number so I would think you are good to go. With the voucher entry.
Emmet WardellJul 25 2018, 11:35amOk, fair enough Joe! At least you can see I was trying at least :)

See you later on anyway.

Mikey FryJul 25 2018, 12:26pmSorry Anna I thought you said you couldn’t purchase membership and it was after if you’ve got it turn up with your vouchers and your good to go:))
Paul KevilleJul 25 2018, 2:52pmIs there anyone driving past or near saggart. I am in need of a lift if there is one going
Tim MurphyJul 25 2018, 3:18pmThank you John Fitzgerald
Martin BagnallJul 25 2018, 3:29pmI'm driving from Rathcoole via the Sally Gap and can go by Saggart if that suits, Paul.
Anna HeffernanJul 25 2018, 4:08pmBrilliant - thanks Mikey and Peter for clarifying.
Paul KevilleJul 25 2018, 4:34pmMartin that would be great. I can meet you where ever suits. My number is 086 3547433. Thanks for that
Brenda MalleyJul 25 2018, 10:35pmHuge thanks to everyone who helped when I got a head injury on the trail tonight. Thank you John and Mike, and Gordon and Ronan who drove me home to Greystones, and Caitlin who delayed her race to phone for help and escort me downhll. I’m in Vincent’s A and E waiting to get stitches - feeling fine. Thanks everyone for the superb organisation, help and support
Richard NunanJul 25 2018, 10:47pmGreat race tonight - what a course- well done on the marking Eoin and thanks to John and his band of merry Volunteers tonight.
Martin BagnallJul 25 2018, 11:02pmThank you John and Team for organising a great race. A very challenging and testing course, it's got a bit of everything including an Indiana Jones style rickety bridge!
Siobhán LyonsJul 25 2018, 11:13pmOh gosh Brenda,
Wishing you a speedy recovery xx
Really enjoyed the race tonight, great fun. What an adventure. Thanks to Race Director, Volunteers and fellow runners for a great evening.
Conor O'FarrellJul 26 2018, 9:37amThanks for a great race last night, John and all of the volunteers. It's my favourite race of the Leinster League, despite its mixture of every sort of obstacle; overhead branches, fallen trees(I could dip under them without breaking my stride :-)), styles, collapsed fences, tree stumps, bog and the odd hill. Still buzzing after that. Thanks a million for all the hard work.

Glad to hear that Brenda appears to be OK, albeit with a few stitches.
Stuart ScottJul 26 2018, 3:42pmThanks John and volunteers for yet another excellent run. And huge thanks to Eoin and Daniela for the many hours of marking and pruning. I hope you enter it in Bloom next year - it'd win for sure!
Tanya SheridanJul 26 2018, 5:11pmAnother fantastic race, so much fun – John and team, thanks so much for all the work you put into it. Like Con, I am also still buzzing after it :) Impossible to choose a best race from this League but Ballinastoe is definitely up there. We just need some race reports to cap it off :) Thanks again to John and his team. The race marker of Ballinastoe has to get a special mention as it’s such a long and tricky one so thanks Eoin!

Brenda, it's really good to see you are ok ... Speedy recovery.
Mick HanneyJul 27 2018, 8:25amLooking to get in contact with John Fitzgerald, to track down the IMRA gear. Thanks.
John FitzgeraldJul 27 2018, 9:04amContact made with Mick.
John FitzgeraldJul 27 2018, 1:02pmWell i hope everyone enjoyed your race in Ballinastoe.
Huge thanks to Eoin with his hacksaw and machete for
making this much talked about course possible at all.
Thanks to Daniela and Brian on laptop,Becky first aider,
and to Patsy,Dan,Mandy,Neilus,James,Hazel,Alan,Shane,
Andrew,Gordon,Ronan, Barry and to Vivian.
Thank you all for your great commitment and co operation.
Thanks again to Gordon and Ronan for taking care of Brenda
and to Caitlin and Mike for bringing her back to base.
Speedy recovery to you Brenda.
Karen DevenneyJul 28 2018, 1:39amThanks to John, Eoin, Daniela and co for another great race. Results are now up, please email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie with any issues.

Hard to believe that last race of the league is next week at Downshill...don't forget to register for the bbq!