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Brendan LawlorMay 29 2018, 4:46pmHi

I'm looking for a race marker, first aider and laptop operator for Scarr.. I said I better shout before David Rouse beats me to it !
Brendan LawlorJun 4 2018, 9:57amHi

I still need a race marker, a laptop operator and a first aider for Scarr please.

Also the National Parks limit of 200 runners will be in place for that race.
Liam VinesJun 4 2018, 11:48amI will do race marker and sweeper/demarker if nobody else has taken it..
Brendan LawlorJun 4 2018, 4:05pmLovely , thanks Liam. One down, two to go ..
Kim MagnusJun 4 2018, 9:45pmHello! I'm visiting Dublin from Canada for work and someone let me know about this race on the 13th. I'm wondering if there is a chance I could participate and carpool with someone as I don't know my way around. I'll be staying at the Trinity hotel at the city center. Any help would be fabulous! Thanks
John CondonJun 5 2018, 10:02amHi Kim. If you haven't already, you need to pay the annual fee of €10. Once you've joined up you can then pay the race entry fee. This needs to done before 6pm this evening. Bring a copy of your purchase confirmation email to race registration and you'll receive your number.

With regards to carpooling, you can check out the bottom of the event page. Normally, lifts will start appearing the day before or day of race, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding one from the city centre.
John CondonJun 5 2018, 10:29amSorry, got my dates mixed up. Thought Scarr was this week. Sign up before 6pm, Tuesday 12th June
Brendan LawlorJun 5 2018, 11:56amHi all

The Scarr race will be at risk of cancellation if we cant get a laptop operator and first aider soon. We need a few general helpers as well.

Miriam has offered to do some laptop training before or after tomorrows race at PWS if that was a factor to anyone thinking about giving the laptop a go
Brendan LawlorJun 6 2018, 4:36pmThank you Martin, Torben and John.. one or two more general helpers and then we are good to go
Gordan WoulfeJun 6 2018, 7:13pmHi i can volunteer as general helper. It 'll be my first volunteer event so just tell me what to do ! Gordan

As the Leinster League enters its second week we would like to alert our members than in some races run on National Parks’ land we are subject to a 200 runner limit.

There’s races are as follows:

Sorrell Hill
Circuit of Avonbeg

This is one of the conditions of the permit we get annually from National Parks and we have to return the race figures to then at the end of the year.
Unfortunately in recent years to ensure compliance, we had had to turn a few, though not many, members away which is very difficult for all concerned.
In order to give people a fair chance this year, we will be placing a cap of 125 on pre-registered entrants with the remaining 75 places being allocated to entries on the night using your vouchers.
If people who have pre-entered arrive late, the Race Director for each race will also have a discretion on the night to transfer their entry to someone waiting to enter on the night.

Note we didn't have problem this year at Glasnamullan and I think we should be ok again next week

I am sorted now for volunteers - thanks to everyone who has offered their help. Please volunteer at races later in the year
Kim MagnusJun 7 2018, 5:42pmif this race is still on I'd love to attend! I can't figure out how to register online though. Help?
Conor O'FarrellJun 7 2018, 5:46pmHi Kim

Once you login, go to "Purchase IMRA Products". In there you can buy an annual membership for €10, and then the race entry for €7.

Brendan LawlorJun 11 2018, 1:05pmFEW REMINDERS for SCARR next Wednesday

-car parking is in a field beside race start.. gate entry goes to a charity chosen by Brian and Nicki Gaffney, owners of the field
- Early Start at 7pm for > 160% average time people
- there will be a Junior Course
- remember your race number and jacket
- you wont need your chip but keep it safe, leave your headphones at home too
- please carpool from Roundwood (Coach House)
- prize giving in the Coach House afterwards
- reg will close at 7.20 or whenever we reach 200 entries

Heres hoping the break in the weather holds off for us. See you all on Wednesday !
Liam CannonJun 12 2018, 11:00amAny more non-running volunteers needed for this, or should I get the lead out and run the thing?
Brendan LawlorJun 12 2018, 11:39amHi Liam

We are sorted for help thanks.. sharpen up your running shoes..
Liam CannonJun 12 2018, 3:45pmWill do! Thanks Brendan.
Brendan LawlorJun 12 2018, 8:26pmAround 40 online entries received

Cian Rea and his band of Merry scouts will be selling delicious flapjacks in the parking field after the race- please support!
Kim MagnusJun 12 2018, 9:51pmAnyone coming from downtown Dublin able to take a passenger? I’m at trinity city hotel. Able to chip in for gas if that helps!
Conor O'FarrellJun 13 2018, 9:02amHi Kim

If you are still stuck this evening, I will be leaving from Sandycove station around 5:45/6pm, just not 100% sure when I’ll be leaving yet. You can get the DART train to there from Tara street. Approx 25mins journey from the city.
Liam CannonJun 13 2018, 10:44amConor, would you possibly have room for one more please? I can be at Sandycove at 17.45.
Kim MagnusJun 13 2018, 10:59amThanks Connor. I’m all sorted now. See you there!
Conor O'FarrellJun 13 2018, 11:07amOK, great. I assume that means you got sorted with someone else. I only have 1 passenger seat in my van, so I will offer that to Liam.

Liam, it will be "around" 5:45, so don't be too worried if you are waiting a bit beyond that. :-)

My no. is : 0 eight 7 two 7 oh 0 four 8 two
Liam CannonJun 13 2018, 12:14pmGreat stuff Conor! See you there around 17.45. Didn't want to spend too long licking my wounds after the weekend, haha.
Aideen LynchJun 13 2018, 3:04pmHello

I have been running for awhile but new to trail running. I'm signed up for tonight s run.Just looking at tonight s route, just wondering is it suitable for someone with little trail experience? I have the shoes.
Thank you
Rachel CinnsealachJun 13 2018, 3:43pmHi Aideen, Can you run 10 km flat? /Roads. If yes you should be fine. If your 10 km road time is longer than an hour, get to the race early and start at 7.00 with the early starters.. Relax, enjoy, walk bits of the up if you have too and don't forget your jacket, it may rain tonight.
Aideen LynchJun 13 2018, 3:53pmYe i can, Great ill start early. Thanks so much, appreciate that advice.
Kevin MarnaneJun 14 2018, 12:14amWell that was class!! Thanks to all the team, especially the two psyched marshals getting blown off the top, smiling at the elements and the panting plodders!
Peter O'FarrellJun 14 2018, 12:38amThat was super, a class course on a real live Irish Wicklow Mountain.
Thanks to all, especially the marshalls!
Lorna WilsonJun 14 2018, 7:55amYes, thanks to the marshals, especially the two up top, and for the jellies at the start!! A great race.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJun 14 2018, 8:50amThanks very much Brendan and all of the volunteers for organising a great race on Scarr last night.
Barry MurrayJun 14 2018, 9:17amMikey got his mojo back ;-)
Brenda MalleyJun 14 2018, 9:18amHi Brendan, I just noticed that my self timed result was incorrectly recorded, if it could be changed please. My time was 1 hour 46 minutes, 47 seconds but recorded as 2.14.47. Many thanks.
Paul GrantJun 14 2018, 10:01amThanks to Brendan - and especially to the marshals braving the elements out on the course - for a great race in vintage winter conditions last night.
Brian ButlerJun 14 2018, 10:15amThanks to Brendan and all involved. A great night in awful conditions which in a weird way made it better. Also, results up in what must be record time!! Brian
Tiarnan JohnstonJun 14 2018, 10:27amThat was a very enjoyable race even with the conditions. Thanks to all the volunteers, especially the marshals. That was a tough night to be standing on the top of Scarr.
Ger PowerJun 14 2018, 2:16pmHi My time for last night is incorrect it should be 1.13.15
The time you gave me is actually Brenda Malley's time I would appreciate if it could be corrected. Thanks
Martin BagnallJun 14 2018, 2:38pmApologies to Brenda & Ger. Your times accidentally had the early start (+28 minutes) added on; I hadn't noticed this last night when the results were being finalised.
Brendan LawlorJun 14 2018, 4:05pmA big thank you to my super volunteer crew from last night.

Special shout out to Liam Vines, who marked, demarked and ran the course. Some man for one man ! And even bigger shout out to Diarmuid, Roisin, Eoin and Karl who foolishly agreed to be marshals in advance, not knowing that Storm Hector was getting started around 7pm. Diarmuid and Roisin in particular bore the brunt of the weather so well done and thank you both.

Martin and Torben did a great job on the laptop and John Condon earned his money on first aid - get well soon to our walking wounded.All the other helpers were great too.. Liams jellies and crisps kept spirits up when the rain started.

As usual a thank you also to Brian and Nicky Gaffney for the use of their field (I did report the dead sheep as requested...) and we raised €304 for Mountain Rescue which I'll pass on

Please email any result queries to karen.devenney(at)

Good luck next week in Howth!
James H CahillJun 16 2018, 8:20amBrilliant evening in the hills, thank you Brendan and all volunteers especially Roisin, who was dancing enthusiastically in an attempt to stay warm at the wall gap, and Diarmuid atop The Summit who had succumbed to hypothermia and was standing frozen to the spot when I reached him. Great evening, great route, great picky out prizes. Well done Becky and Des who both set new records for the new route on the night despite the buffeting winds.