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Mike JordanApr 11 2017, 11:51amJust spotted this challenge on the Events page. Unfortunately I'm away but should be a fantastic event.

A 12-hour endurance run with a start time of 7am and limited to 50 entries.

The route is in a loop format and each competitor must run the loop in 1 hour or less. Competitors must then be ready at the start line to go again every hour on the hour for 12 hours, i.e. the gun goes at 7am, 8am, 9am etc. for 12 hours. The final loop will start at 6pm

All competitors must line up for the start at 7am. (i.e. you cannot join in the run half way through the day).

The loop measures approximately 5.3km in distance. With ascent & descent of approx. 300M.
•Failure to complete a loop in 1 hour is an automatic DNF. Failure to start a loop on any given start time i.e. 7am, 8am, 9am etc. is an automatic DNF.
•Pacers are not permitted. Use of a pacer in an automatic DNF.
•Use of a Watch, a Garmin, any Nav system or any time keeping device is not permitted. Use of any such device or system is an automatic DNF.
•The route will not be marked in the usual IMRA manner.

There will be a series of Orienteering Kites (possibly 6 or 7) set out at the extremities of the course. A marked “Master Map” of the course showing the location of each kite will be provided for viewing at the start line. It would be recommended that Competitors provide their own map and mark out the kite locations on their maps themselves.Navigation should not be required, it’s a reasonably well know route, just a few tricky bits. Each Kite must be visited in the sequence either (1 through to 6) or (6 through to 1) as announced at the start of each loop. Each kite will have a punch attached, and competitors will use a control card to show that each of the kites have been visited in the correct order.

Not all loops of the course will count towards a competitor’s final finishing time. A combined time from possibly 8 loops will be used. The loops that are to be used for the final finishing time will be announced at the start line of the particular loop. The final loop; i.e. loop number ‘12’, will certainly be a scoring loop.

Race fee in the usual IMRA format (€7 pre-reg, or €5 voucher).

Prizes in the usual IMRA categories.
Brian PhelanApr 12 2017, 1:11pmThis is limited to 50 entries so is there a way to sign up or how can a place be booked?
Derek CharlesApr 18 2017, 4:35pmEntries for the Ticknock Tick Tock event are limited to 50 places.
Cost of entry to the event is either €5 with a voucher, or €7 with Pre-Entry purchase on IMRA products.
Entries will be accepted from 6pm on 18th April and will close whenever the limit of 50 places has been reached, or by 6pm on 10th May.
A list of the 50 competitors will be compiled in the order that entries are received.
To be eligible to enter your name on the list, you must first be a paid-up member of IMRA for the year 2017, and with that you will have a race number.
To have your name entered on the list you must email the RD of the event to his IMRA email address using the following heading: “Tick Tock Entry”.
You must include the following details in the email:
(1) Your Name.
(2) Your Race Number.
(3) The method you intend to use for Payment of entry (i.e. either the €5 Voucher of Pre-Entry Purchase).

The Pre-Entry Purchase option will open for a short time in the weeks leading up to the event in the “Purchase IMRA Products” page on the IMRA website, but do not purchase this item unless you have received an email to inform you that you are on the list of 50 competitors.
Time is now ticking!!
Lorcan FaganApr 18 2017, 11:22pmWhat is the RD's email address?
Adrian Tucker RIPApr 20 2017, 10:28amLorcan, have a look at the "contact" button at the end of this page. :-)
Dave DochertyApr 26 2017, 4:10pmDo you need volunteers? What kind of rolls? Don't think I can help for the full duration, but would like to be involved.
Adrian Tucker RIPApr 26 2017, 7:49pmDave, thanks for the offer of help and yes we will need more volunteers.
I don't expect that people will be able to give up their full day, but it would be great if a number of people could volunteer and identify what hour/hours might suit them and the role that suits them.
I could then make up a rota to try suit everyone.
Mostly the roles required will be for time keeping throughout the day and also for First Aid. Some "Roving Reporters/Spotters" (if people wanted to do a short run) would also be great.
If anyone is interested to help out they could please email me (email address can be found at the "contact" button at the bottom of this page). just use a heading of "Volunteer Tick Tock" on the email.
I'll then get in contact with you and get a list of the volunteers uploaded to the event page.
Eamonn HodgeApr 28 2017, 11:36amCould you have a Garmin with the screen covered with tape or something for the nerds who want to upload it to Strava later?
Pádraig O'ConnorApr 29 2017, 10:45amHi....I sent a mail to the RD about entering this event...been having a few issues with my email so not sure if Adrian got the mail or there a confirmation or anything....don't want to be cluttering up his email by resending multiple emails but don't want to miss out if there are slots still available for this?
Thanks very much in advance - Padraig
Greg ByrneApr 29 2017, 1:52pm@Padriag and other recent entrants, the RD is off on a junket exploring the course for next years IMRA novelty race "Camino al Commando". As soon as he gets back to these shores you should have a confirmation of your entry. Adrian will also post here so say that confirmations are sent.
John MacEnriMay 5 2017, 11:16amThis is a great idea. Our very own Barkley Marathons, without all the nasty thorns and a small bit shorter. Just signed up. Hope we get the weather so we can lounge in the sun between loops :-) Thanks Adrian.
Greg ByrneMay 7 2017, 1:55pmWe uploaded some photos taken during a 'pitch inspection' of the proposed course yesterday... taken while walking in the clockwise direction.
Justin ReaMay 8 2017, 1:05pmI notice you took photos of all 12 laps. Well done!
Brendan LawlorMay 8 2017, 1:18pmDid Andy Warhol help with presenting the photos?!
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 11 2017, 8:00pmEntries to Ireland's (and possibly the World's) cheapest Ultra trail, at 11c per Kilometer (8c/km if you pay by 5 euro voucher!), remain open for a few more days.
Send your entry request to the RD ASAP.
For those that have chosen the 11c/km option the Pre-Entry Purchase for the event should become available in the next few days.
For anyone that feels the full 12 loops might just be a step too far, why not come along and see just how far you can go. The DNF stipulation is under review based on feedback received so far and "Penalty time" may be deemed a more appropriate format to use in totting up final scores on the day.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 11 2017, 11:40pmOpen now...
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 18 2017, 9:37pmThere's no such thing as an early early start in the Tick Tock!!
Every start is an early start, the first one being at 7am, the next at 8am, then 9am etc. etc. etc. :-)
For those who want a shorter event, it's there, just come along and see how many loops you can do. That'll be a shorter version!
The rule re DNF is changed. If you drop out at loop six you will be credited with a minimum of one hour per each loop you miss out on, so every entrant will have a finishing time. No DNF's just because you didn't do 12 loops.
Some places still available - even at this late stage.
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 22 2017, 10:53pmSome changes have been made to the Tick Tock loop.
A full explanation of the event can be found at the following link:

Entries will be fully closed at 6pm Wednesday 24th.
Race registration on the day will be open at 6:30am at the start line.
Race briefing will be at 6:45am.
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 22 2017, 10:57pmplease ignore that last link.
it should read:
Greg ByrneMay 26 2017, 8:55amFor those making any final preparations:

Sunday (28/05/17): A dry day with sunny spells. Fresher than recently with highest temperatures just 15 to 20 degrees in light breezes. It will cloud over during the afternoon and evening with perhaps a few showers scattered over Leinster and Munster. ( @ 09:00, 26/05/17)

Weather Updates

Ticknock Info
Trail Map for the Mountain
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 27 2017, 12:39pmFor those who have entered Tick Tock, could you please ensure to bring along your race number at Sign-In.
Anyone who has yet to collect their Race Number, we will have it there for you.

The Master Map has been prepared and provided by John McCullough and 3Rock Orienteers. Thanks to John and 3rock for permission re use of the map.
Some copies of the map will be available, but people are also encouraged to plot the route on their own map if they wish.

Control Kites and Punches have been provided by Mike Long and UCD Orienteers. Thanks to Mike and UCDO for that.

Control cards have been provided by Pat Healy of CNOC Orienteers. Thanks to Pat for that.

For anyone unfamiliar with the use of Control Cards and Punches etc. an explanation will be given at Race Briefing.

will commence at 6:30am.

Race Briefing will be at 6:45am

Start will be at 7am.
Hopefully we get a good day on the hill.
John MacEnriMay 28 2017, 8:57pmGreat day out. Thanks to Adrian and the team for a really well organised and fun event. Weather great, such a relief given yesterday.
Tough though, struggled to maintain any pace over the final few laps.
Well done on a great new idea for an event.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 28 2017, 10:36pmWell done to Adrian on a great event today. Managed to get down for a while to see the action. Excellent idea for a race and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. A lot of work goes into organising an event like this so massive thanks to Adrian and also to all the volunteers who gave many hours today. Hopefully this event will be back again next year and in time will grow in numbers. Well done to all who managed to hang on till the end and fair play to the others who toed the line to start.
Greg ByrneMay 28 2017, 10:50pmResults File is available to download and interrogate
Pól Ó MurchúMay 28 2017, 11:07pmAdded the File to the IMRA Site just to keep it safe ;-)
Justin ReaMay 29 2017, 11:20amA carefully crafted and precisely orchestrated event. The Ticknock Tick Tock beat out a hard rhythm of tough mountain trail running. Well done to Adrian and Greg for the conception and delivery of this race. The overall distance may have put some people off, but the challenge was to see how far you could go. Thanks to all volunteers who put in extended service over the day, and thanks to Greg for the socks! ;-)
Gill McLoughlinMay 29 2017, 2:13pmA big thank you and well done to Adrian and his team for a fantastic, really enjoyable event. A great concept for a race, I hope it’s back on the calendar next year. And a big thank you to all the volunteers who came out and gave so generously of their time on the day.
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 29 2017, 4:41pmSome Photo's have now been added to the event page.

A big shout out to all the volunteers who helped out before, during, and after this event.
It was a long day for both competitors and volunteers and without the tremendous assistance from all the volunteers there's no way a long event like this can even be considered to be undertaken.

Well done to the small but very determined crew of competitors. This event must be ranked up there with some of the most difficult and challenging events on the IMRA calendar this year, and it was great to see such a well balanced field of competitive running and dogged determination to finish the job.

Thanks also to the IMRA committee for letting this event get the go ahead as a late entry onto the Calendar of events for this year. It was just a teaser to see was there an appetite for such an event, and judging by the feedback yesterday it seemed to be getting the thumbs up.
That may all have changed by this morning when the aches and pain really began to kick in!!

To the competitors: Enjoy the recovery, as they say!!
Fergal DownesMay 29 2017, 5:08pmGreat event Adrian. Seriously enjoyed it while I lasted. Next year hopefully I'll join the doggedly determined finishers. Thanks to you and all the volunteers
Peter O'FarrellMay 29 2017, 6:05pmThanks to Adrian and Greg for the planning and all the volunteers for the day. It's a fantastic event and a great challenge - and that's just for the volunteers. 13 hours of a Saturday is a long time to give up and so thanks again.

I knew I was in something a bit different when the three year old children easily ran past me as we started a later lap :)

On a personal note I have to say the support teams went above and beyond to fulfil the food requests so thanks Orla.
Zoran SkrbaMay 30 2017, 9:22am+1, yes greatly enjoyed the event. Big thanks to all the volunteers and Adrian and Greg for organisation and planning.
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 30 2017, 12:30pmTwo great "Race Reports" by Peter and Greg up for viewing on the event page now.
Thanks for that guys, and I'm getting the sense it was all too easy!? :-)
Brendan LawlorMay 30 2017, 12:51pmThis sounds like it was a really great and unusual event - perhaps a Half Tick Tock 6 hour event as well next year (assuming it was going to be organised again) would draw in more people and hence more help and support?

Well done to Adrian and Greg for organising this- and even bigger well done to the several hardy folk who took part
Alicia Christofi-WalsheMay 30 2017, 2:17pmHuge thanks to Adrian, Greg and all the volunteers for making Sunday happen. You gave me the opportunity to see what I was capable of. I could thank you a million times for that, but I'll just thank you once (or twice) more...thank you and thank you. The course was perfect and everyone was supportive and helpful. I learned a lot and I was inspired. Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to the start line. Recover well folks and hope to see you all again.
Giraud SebastienMay 30 2017, 10:53pmMany thanks to Adrian and all the volunteers for looking after us all day long. I won't look Ticknock in the same way now. Really enjoyed my first IMRA run!
Adrian Tucker RIPJun 3 2017, 5:01pmAnother great race report on the Tick Tock event, and this time written by 1st placed female - Alicia.

Can be found here:

Thanks Alicia