Irish Mountain
Running Association

Ticknock Tick Tock

A 12-hour endurance run
Sunday 28 May, 2017
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
7 (1,3,3) - Easy Terrain, >500M ascent, >10Km
Race Marking:
Route not marked - Route not marked
GPS Allowed:
Entry opens:
2017-04-08 00:00:00
Entry closes:
2017-05-26 18:00:00
Entry limit:
Entry cost:
€7 for seniors, €5 for over 65s and under 18s
Vouchers Allowed:
No. Online entry only for this race.
Route Description:
The Route will be a loop variation of the Ticknock Winter League route but not be an exact copy of it. The up ∧ down section toward Lamb Doyles pub as used in the Winter League route will not be used. Also, the MTB trail through the forest at the southwest corner of the winter loop will not be used. The route will instead initially skirt the outside of the forest before re-entering onto an old Way. A full explanation of the event and route can be found at the following link:
Getting There:
Start /Finish of the loop will be at the roadway barrier at the upper carpark of Ticknock wood. See photo's page to view map with GPS coordinates.
Organisers Instructions:

A 12-hour endurance run with a start time of 7am and limited to 50 entries.

The route is in a loop format and each competitor must run the loop in 1 hour or less. Competitors must then be ready at the start line to go again every hour on the hour for 12 hours, i.e. the gun goes at 7am, 8am, 9am etc. for 12 hours. The final loop will start at 6pm

All competitors must line up for the start at 7am. (i.e. you cannot join in the run half way through the day).

Runners who fail to finish 12 complete laps will be credited with a minimum of one hour per lap not completed, and will be recorded in the final result sheet but will not be eligible for any prize.

The loop measures approximately 6.4km in distance. With ascent ∧ descent of approx. 200M.

  • Failure to complete a loop in 1 hour will attract a penalty time. Failure to start a loop on any given start time i.e. 7am, 8am, 9am etc. will attract a penalty time. If a runner is lapped, i.e. does not exit the start line to begin a loop before the lead runner arrives back in, during any given loop, then that runner must stop and resign from the event or await the next mass start but will also incur a penalty time.
  • Pacers are not permitted. Use of a pacer in an automatic DNF.
  • Use of a Watch, a Garmin, any Nav system or any time keeping device is not permitted. Use of any such device or system is an automatic DNF.
  • The route will not be marked in the usual IMRA manner.

There will be a series of Orienteering Kites (possibly 7) set out at the extremities of the course. A marked “Master Map” of the course showing the location of each kite will be provided for viewing at the start line. It would be recommended that Competitors provide their own map and mark out the kite locations on their maps themselves. Navigation should not be required, it’s a reasonably well know route, just a few tricky bits. Each Kite must be visited in the sequence either (1 through to 7) or (7 through to 1) as announced at the start of each loop. Each kite will have a punch attached, and competitors will use a control card to show that each of the kites have been visited in the correct order.

Not all loops of the course will count towards a competitor’s final finishing time. A combined time from a set number of loops as determined by the RD will be used. The loops that are to be used for the final finishing time will be announced at the start line of the particular loop. The final loop; i.e. loop number ‘12’, will certainly be a scoring loop.

Competitors are expected to be fully self sufficient for the full duration of the event. i.e. have their own supply of food, liquids, extra clothing, shelter, etc.

Race fee in the usual IMRA format (€7 pre-reg, or €5 voucher).

Prizes in the usual IMRA categories.

Due to the nature of the event, a junior race will not be facilitated.
Prizegiving Location:

At finish line

2017 Results

Volunteers (Non-Running)

You need to have done 2 non-running volunteer roles in a calendar year to qualify for end of year prize

Current Volunteers

Volunteers (Running)

Check with race director if they have a need for people volunteering and running. Race directors need a minimum number of people available throughout the race to make the race work so non-running volunteers are preferable. While it can be helpful, volunteering in a volunteer and race capacity does not count towards qualifying for end of year prize

Current Volunteers
Deputy Race DirectorGreg ByrneYes
HelperZoran SkrbaYes