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Mike JordanAug 10 2017, 1:18pmEntry for the Mountain Rescue Benefit Race in support of Dublin Wicklow MRT and Glen of Imaal MRT is available to purchase in the 'PRURCHASE IMRA PRODUCTS' section of the website for €10. All of entry fee goes to mountain recue and even if you can't make the race we still get your donation so please sign up!
Small note on the route: There's a recently upgraded section of track that we'll use on the day which changes the route very slightly. It's now about 100m shorter both out and back. The route previously went up a short steep rocky track after the initial ~600m of fireroad. This year you'll ignore this track and take a gravel track about 20m past this turn which leads all the way to the stile where you cross the Wicklow Way. The newly upgraded section is gravel with some wooden steps and a set of sleepers just to ensure there are at least a few slip/trip hazards.
Thanks for your support.
Brian FennessyAug 14 2017, 6:10pmHi everyone

Just looking for a lap top operator for the race as well as a couple of extra volunteers for parking and to help assist at the start and finish of the race.

MR people from DW and GOI will be there as marhsalls on the route to cheer you on and provide first aid if needed but hopefully not.

And just to reiterate what Mike was saying both teams do really appreciate the support that we get from IMRA and all the runners who make this event.

All help most welcome.

Many thanks.
Gordon PlaceAug 14 2017, 9:02pmHi Brian, just stuck my name down but will be close to 6.30 before I get there if that's ok
Brian FennessyAug 15 2017, 6:54pmThanks Gordon have added you there and 18.30 is grand.

Still require a laptop operator for this race please.

Thanks in advance
Mick HanneyAug 16 2017, 11:37pmHi,
I have the IMRA gear for use at the Nav race on Sunday. I can be there early next Weds for your race set-up.
Brendan LawlorAug 17 2017, 9:29amOnline Entry for the Mountain Rescue Benefit Race (the last Wednesday of the year) is now open. Please note this is an online entry race only (NO VOUCHERS) as all the proceeds go to Mountain Rescue. If you cant attend but want to make a donation just enter online - all donations very appreciated

We still need a laptop operator - it would be an ideal opportunity for someone new to try their hand at the laptop as theres always plenty of help around on the night
Caitlin BentAug 18 2017, 1:08pmApologies if this question has already been dealt with: Does a person have to be registered with IMRA to enter on line for Benefit Race? - my daughter is home on holiday and interested in running.
Brendan LawlorAug 18 2017, 1:13pmCaitlin, as its the last race of the year IMRA usually allow us to take one off runners without a need for annual registration fee, but I'm not sure you can do that online. Get her to come along and see me or Brian F on Wednesday
Caitlin BentAug 18 2017, 1:19pmGo rabid math agat a Bhrendán.
Caitlin BentAug 18 2017, 1:21pmpredicted text messing with my gaeilge!
Laura FlynnAug 21 2017, 1:56pmI have volunteered as first aid for this race but it's Zoe Melling who Wil be doing it. She's not registered with IMRA this year as is in Australia for the year . She's home on holidays at the moment and kindly offered when I met her last night. What time will you need her there st?
Mike JordanAug 21 2017, 2:25pmLaura - Mountain rescue team members will be providing medical/first aid cover on the night but we'll find another role for Zoe if she still wants to help out any time from 6pm. Thanks.
Laura FlynnAug 21 2017, 8:55pmThanks Mike. I'll let her know
Gordon PlaceAug 21 2017, 10:29pmI can marshall / demark and take a few pics if it suits, as reg will have started by the time I get there.
Jenny Uí ShéAug 21 2017, 10:37pmHi there perhaps this question was answered already
But wonder can my 2 friends who are visiting and
Not Imra members run the race on Wednesday?
Thank Jenny
Brendan LawlorAug 22 2017, 6:36amJenny, get them to come along and see myself or Brian - we'll sort something
Brian FennessyAug 22 2017, 5:24pmhi all

Weather for tomorrow looking promising, some showers in afternoon but the sun might even make even appearance :-)

Its the last Wednesday run of the year so all welcome.

There will be a junior course as well for any of the juniors wanting to run.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
Paul O'GradyAug 22 2017, 6:36pmHave you already closed registration for this well deserving cause???
Brian FennessyAug 23 2017, 9:29amHi paul

Looks like registration is closed but if you want to run come along and just see myelf or Brendan we'll sort something out.

Karen DevenneyAug 23 2017, 9:42pmWell folks, that's a rap for the Wed nights unfortunately. Well done to Brian & co on putting on a great race to round off the summer season. Results are up, email me with any issues (thanks to a great job from newbie John Bell, there shouldn't be any!!).

For the die hard among you, there are still the Nav Challenges, Glendalough Clover, Dublin Peaks and Powerscourt Ridge still to look forward too so don't despair!

See you all on the hills soon:)
John GreeneAug 23 2017, 10:48pmThanks Brian & volunteers for tonight's race....thanks Brendan for the t-shirt, i hope i enjoy the next 100 races as much and make it around in one piece!
Michael McCarthy81Aug 23 2017, 11:48pmsuper efficient with the results!! thanks for organising!
Anne-Marie FlahertyAug 24 2017, 12:22amThanks to Brian and all of the volunteers, for a great race! Really enjoyable route.
Barry MurrayAug 24 2017, 11:17amThanks to Heno, Mike, Brendan and mountain rescue guys. Last of the big Wed evening races so an equally last big report added ! enjoy
Barry MurrayAug 24 2017, 11:17amThanks to Heno, Mike, Brendan and mountain rescue guys. Last of the big Wed evening races so an equally last big report added ! enjoy
James H CahillAug 24 2017, 4:12pmThank you Brian and all your helpers for an enjoyable route through the hills yesterday. Great fun
Brendan LawlorAug 28 2017, 10:00amOn behalf of Brian, Gareth, and myself a big thank you to everyone who helped us to organise the Benefit Race on behalf of Mountain Rescue last Wednesday. And of course to everyone who can along to support it or donated online - its all much appreciated.

And finally thank you to everyone who showed great patience and forbearance when we had to switch the prize giving at the last minute - you'll all be delighted to hear that I was sacked from my good barmans job by Joe Kavanagh at 11pm that night for not being appropriately dressed for serving customers- It made it a memorable night after a great race..!