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Damien CoyleApr 27 2017, 4:28pmHello IMRA members, hope you are all keeping well and not too sore after last night's run at Howth. Well done to all who ran the course and huge kudos and congratulations to Kieran Crowley and his team for putting on a great event.

I am still looking for a person who knows the Carrick course to want to volunteer to be Race Marker. If any one fancies it, please do let me know.

Just a reminder to give yourselves reasonable time to make it to Carrick Mountain. Last year presented a few obstacles for people in terms of traffic but ultimately make sure yous get yourselves there safe and sound.

My wife is making sandwiches for refreshments afterwards for runners who come back to King's Pub in Glenealy Village. I am fundraising for Croi Heart and Stroke Ireland / Holles Street Maternity Hospital Dublin. So please donate what you can in exchange for the delicious sandwiches made by the lovely Jessie Coyle

Look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to ask.

Damien (Race Director Carrick Mountain)
Derek CullenApr 30 2017, 4:06pmHey Damien
looking forward to the sambos...just wondering if there is s short course for the juniors this year.. cheers fella
Jim DurhamMay 2 2017, 10:38amWould be very grateful if anyone heading down to Carrick Mt tomorrow evening could offer me a lift from anywhere near Dublin airport.
Damien CoyleMay 2 2017, 6:02pmHi All

Hope this mail finds you safe and well.

Everythings is coming together nicely for tomorrow evening's race at Carrick.

I am planning to be at King's Pub in Glenealy Village around 5.30 / 6pm all things going according to plan with traffic. If you all could arrive for 6 - 6.30pm that would be great.

So duties are as follows

Race Director: Damien Coyle

Deputy Race Director: Angela Flynn

First Aiders: Paul Nolan / Tanya Sheridan / Martina Nolan

Race Marker: Paul Keville

Laptop Operator: Angus Tyner

Chief Sandwich Maker and Bun Baker: Jessie Coyle

Summit Marshall: Paul Mahon and Syl Ivers

Midway Marshall: Martina Nolan and Barry Murray

Car Parking: Michael Devine and Gary Doyle

Greeting Runners: Angela Flynn

Pre Reg Table: Vivian O Gorman

Voucher Table: Laura Flynn

Numbers Table: Brian Kitson

Chip Table: Peter Gorman

Finish Chute: Cathy Wyse / Donal Mc Kiernan / Brian Kitson

Demarking / Sweeping: Paul Mahon / Syl Ivers / Martina Nolan / Barry Murray

Note to Cathy / Donal - I may also assign you to help out at the Pre Reg Table / Chip Table / Numbers Table also to assist. Some roles/duties may change depending on last minute people dropping out.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask or if I have left anything out then do let me know.

My number is 0863873497

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Kind Regards,

Damien CoyleMay 2 2017, 6:05pm@Derek - apologies for the delay in gettin back to you. Only seeing this message now as I wasnt gettin the notifications. There is no short course for the juniors. Due to steep technical nature of the course I am erring on the health and safety of our young runners.

@Jim - if you go to the Carrick Event page you should see a carpooling option. I hope it helps you out and I look forward to seeing you there if you make it.


Pádraig O'ConnorMay 3 2017, 12:49pmHi Damien, I wasn't sure if I could make it there this evening...and only about 80% sure at the I didn't purchase entry on line...I don't have any vouchers so just wondering if would it be possible to buy a voucher from someone there this evening so I could take part?
Thanks in advance - Padraig
Niall McGuinnessMay 3 2017, 12:55pmHi Padraig,

If you do make it I can give you a stamp on my voucher. I'll be there this eve before 7 assuming traffic's not too bad.

Pádraig O'ConnorMay 3 2017, 3:03pmThanks Niall, appreciate that- Padraig
Damien CoyleMay 3 2017, 3:30pmFair play Niall for sorting Padraig out.

@Padraig, I assume you have your membership paid which covers you from an insurance point of view.
Pádraig O'ConnorMay 3 2017, 3:46pm@Damien, yep...was in Howth last week, just haven't got around to buying the vouchers, because of work stuff I end up deciding fairly late so usually register online a few days before hand and between one thing and another I missed the boat on this one...thanks lads - Padraig
Niall McGuinnessMay 3 2017, 3:57pmPadraig, I'll be wearing a black "Run the Line" tshirt with yellow writing, race number 78!
Stuart ScottMay 3 2017, 4:05pmNiall, an excellent choice!

You won't have any problem, if you have your fiver ready just ask the first person you see and you'll be rewarded with a voucher 'hole' - it's all the same really!
Anne-Marie FlahertyMay 3 2017, 11:41pmThanks to Damian and all the volunteers!
Damien CoyleMay 4 2017, 7:32amWhat a spectacular race evening at Carrick Mountain.
Fantastic conditions, great vibes and wonderful volunteers. Thankfully we got everyone of the mountain in one piece.
Congratulations to Niall Lynch & Becky Quinn on being the first male & female across the line.
Huge kudos to everyone else who participated and won their respective age groups.If anyone would like write a race report please feel free, I'll have mine written in the next few days.
I'm delighted to announce that 250 EUROs was raised for Croi Ireland Heart&Stroke and Holles Street Maternity Hospital. Thank you for your generosity. Big shout out to the impressively lovely Jessie Coyle for providing the sambos & buns.
Thanks for all the great feedback and I'll sign iff by saying that "Success is no accident, it is hard work, perserverence, learning, studying, sacrifice amd most of all, love of what you are doing!"
Mind Yourselves.
John ShielsMay 4 2017, 8:32amThanks for organising a great race Damien again this year.

Did anyone find a set of house keys in the pub or on the road up near the shop to the south end of the village last night? I seem to have lost mine and definitely had them in the pub.
Mick HanneyMay 4 2017, 9:26amJohn, if you check with the pub and find they were handed in, I can collect them for you.
Peter O'FarrellMay 4 2017, 9:56amGreat race last night, flawless organisation and even a hint of summer sun. Thanks Damien and all the volunteers.
Angus TynerMay 4 2017, 10:25amWow, what a turn around in 2 weeks, this from the offices of the laptop operator. Here's what James typed after Sugarloaf.

"However, all of those issues can be overridden by the written registration sheet on which runners are asked to print their names and race numbers at sign in.

This is clearly within each runner's control. However, a large number of runners appear not to know their own names (or at least be unable to write them legibly) and a very large number seem to regard their race number as a random selection of digits to be guessed at like the lotto. Some didn't even bother making a guess. An x as your signature and a blank as your number make you very difficult to identify.

The illegibility of the entry sheets was the single factor which made our job the most difficult and slowest last night.

I would ask all runners for future races to please write legibly (invest in a name stamp if you can't write) and memorise your race number (tattoo it on your forehead if you can't remember it) This small contribution by each runner will make future laptop operators jobs easier ( or indeed possible!)."

2 weeks later and it was the 3rd sheet of entering numbers before my first minor issue *cough*BLawlor*cough* incorrect number, but the name was legible so merely a hiccup, there were other minor transgressions such as upside down number :) but again name was legible so could easily correct.
Then at the finish line I was presented with the numbers of the early starters and the time they started at and there were far less issues than usual with hidden numbers, so really laptop operator has changed from worst nightmare to dream job in couple weeks.
It was helped by those managing registrations actively encouraging legibility and this is an essential component. Pity there was no shadow operator I could train in.

Finally well done Damien on a masterful RD performance, it was a pleasure to serve under you.
Warren SwordsMay 4 2017, 10:55amBlues skies, sunshine and the N11. The Leinster League is in full flow.

Great race last night. First time doing the course and really enjoyed it. Can't beat that feeling of the sun in your eyes as you hit a summit.
Damien CoyleMay 4 2017, 11:36am@Peter O'Farrell - just read your superb race report. Absolutely top notch and a fantastic read. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Much appreciated. Damien :)
Bronagh CheethamMay 4 2017, 11:46amlets just hope theres an endless supply of that crème dé Carrick!
Great race, super organising as always, tks Damien and team and entertaining report there Peter.
James H CahillMay 4 2017, 1:56pmThank you Damien and volunteers for a great evening in the hills yesterday. The sweet words of encouragement from the marhsalls spurred me on ......words like "lazy ass" and qustions like "what are you doing back there?" remind me of the lovely time I had in Carrick! I am happy to hear from Angus's report that both literacy and numerology has returned to the ranks of IMRA making the laptop operators job more straightforward. A great day on Carrick, followed up by delicious cakes from Jessie (my slow progress on the route left me, not only, open to abuse from all marshalls but also late for the sandwiches!)
Mick HanneyMay 4 2017, 2:19pmReport added - thanks Damien & team.
No thanks to whoever parked his car in the car park opposite the pub in such a way as to block us in afterwards. A little more consideration in your parking please.
Michael DevineMay 4 2017, 2:51pmFantastic race, thanks Damien.

That car park seemed fine before the race with space enough to enter/exit. I would hazard a guess that a member of the public took a place vacated while we ran, without consideration of the cars on the inner circle. An easy mistake since they probably assumed the exit was farther up.
Maria Elena PlacidoMay 4 2017, 3:00pmBeautiful race, thanks to all the volunteers.
Damien CoyleMay 4 2017, 3:51pm@ Mick - super report and a brilliant read, thank you very much for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it and sorry to hear you got boxed in with parking at the end. As well as the evening went there is always room for improvement. Until next time Mick :)
Alan AylingMay 4 2017, 11:15pmFabulous racing last night - great course, super organisation, dry trails, no midges, it had it all. Massive well done to Damien & crew, with a special mention to Paul Keville on race marking.
One of next year's volunteer roles might have to start a while before the race - to sneak in there with a brush cutter and an ample supply of petrol and 2-stroke oil... the start of the climb up the back of the hill is in a bad way, so runnable last year and so overgrown now.
An alternative would be to lengthen the course by some 400 metres. Drop onto the fire road after the flat bit and join the mountain bike track (Slasher!), climb that up to Ayer's Rock and rejoin original route. Or if a bit of adventure is really wanted, we could add another few hundred metres and take in the actual top of the hill :-)
Plenty of time to think about it anyway.
Damien CoyleMay 5 2017, 5:11pm@Alan - thanks very much for your great comment and recommendations. Glad you thoroughly enjoyed the race. Sorry you got savaged by the overgrowth. Will certainly look into getting that sorted for next year.
Karen DevenneyMay 5 2017, 7:32pmWell done Damien & Co on a great evening. Thanks too to Jessie for the yummy post race refreshments!
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