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Henny BrandsmaMar 23 2017, 5:20pmHi all as I am race directing this event in 4 weeks time and would hereby ask for some more volunteers for this race,as it's the first race of the summer league,I expect a big turnout for this evening,so far quite a view people have come forward,but need still a laptop operator and a couple of running and not running volunteers for registration and Marshall duties,please put your name forward asap,so I can make a list for the duties required for a smooth and successful running of this race,thanks in advance.
Mick HanneyMar 23 2017, 5:48pmWhat event Henny? The Event didn't come through on the Subject line.
Henny BrandsmaMar 24 2017, 11:12amSorry Mick,this is for the sugarloaf race,on the 19th of April
Regards Henny.
Henny BrandsmaApr 3 2017, 12:31pmHi all,thanks for the people that volunteered so far for the Sugar Bowl race in two and a half weeks time,as this going to be the first summer league race and there usually a big turnout,with many new runners I would like to ask for a experienced laptop operator who can assist the shadow operator on this knight,I think we are ok for the rest of volunteer jobs,but if you are injured and want to help don't hesitate and help out for this event.
Regards Henny.
David FarrellApr 10 2017, 10:50amHello,
I'm new to IMRA, so apologies if this is obvious. I don't see an option to purchase a slot for this run when I log on and go to "purchase IMRA products". Is there another method to pay?
David FarrellApr 10 2017, 10:50amHello,
I'm new to IMRA, so apologies if this is obvious. I don't see an option to purchase a slot for this run when I log on and go to "purchase IMRA products". Is there another method to pay?
John J BarryApr 10 2017, 11:07amDavid,

There is normally two methods to enter a race.

(i) Purchase a 10 race Voucher than one can use for any of the Leinster League/Championship races (not the charity races). This is the best method since one can decide on the day if they fancy running and it's also great value.

(ii) Purchase a "one-off" entry for the next race coming up. Disadvantage here is the entry must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

I've purchased these "one-off" entries myself and come Wednesday was unable to go so it's my loss.

The option for the 10 race will be back up soon and the One-Off entry will probably go up after the Killinney Race this Wednesday.
Henny BrandsmaApr 13 2017, 11:15amHi all,one more week to first summer league race op the sugarloaf,have enough volunteers,but would like the help of a experienced laptop operator for this event
To help shadow laptop operator.
If anyone could help it would be really appreciated,regards Henny.
Vivian O'GormanApr 13 2017, 12:41pmHi - will someone please change the name of this thread to The Sugar Bowl - thanks
Trevor KerleyApr 17 2017, 7:30pmHi. Has anyone got a spare seat from city centre/DART route to race? Cheers in advance.
Liam VinesApr 17 2017, 7:42pmHenny do you plan on using the walkie talkies on Wednesday night at the race? I have them and can get them to you if you are otherwise I am helping at the race on Saturday and will put them back with the race kit then.
Vivian O'GormanApr 17 2017, 10:19pmHi All,

Some reminders for Wednesday night.

Pre Entry will CLOSE tomorrow night - Tuesday - at 6pm.

NO money will be taken on the night.

Race Registration will open at 6.15pm and close at 7.15pm

This race will have Chip Timing.

If you have run either the Howth race or the Hellfire race in the Winter League you already have the Timing Chip.

So if you have run either or both of these races you should bring with you - your Timing Chip - Race Number and mandatory Jacket.

Everybody else will collect their Timing Chip at Race Registration.

Also please don't fotget your Jacket. This is mandatory and has to be either carried or worn during the race. No jacket = DNF...

So three things to bring with you - Timing Chip ( Howth / Hellfire races), Race Number and Mandatory Jacket..

Don't forget to Car Pool - the car park at Plucks is small.

Can all our Volunteers be at Race Registration as close to 6pm as they can - Henny will give you your duties when you get there.
Juliana RodriguezApr 18 2017, 11:13amHello, i have purchased the 10 vouchers pack and will be running this race tomorrow for the first time. could you specify how i can pre-register for it? also, i have seen that wearing a jacket is mandatory...what can of jacket should i buy? many thanks
Henny BrandsmaApr 18 2017, 11:39amHi Juliana,if you signed up for the yearly imra membership you're been given a race-number for the season,bring computer printout for this lurch age plus that for the vouchers to race-registration on Wednesday and you will be given your race number,chip and vouchers there,any light-weight jacket will do
Henny BrandsmaApr 18 2017, 11:49amHi all,except a experienced laptop-operator I have enough volunteers for this race,thanks to everyone that signed up for this event,as Vivian mentioned if you could you be at Plucks pub in Kilmacannock at 6 o clock or as near as possible,will assign the different jobs there and then,will need art least 4
Marshals on the course itself ,so anybody that's interested in the marshalling job bring some warm clothing and a windproof jacket.
Cheers Henny
Alan LawlorApr 18 2017, 12:25pmI have races on my 10 race voucher card from last year. Can I still use this card for this race even though I have a new number for this year?
John J BarryApr 18 2017, 12:42pmYes you can.
Ian HarrisonApr 18 2017, 2:06pmWhere is registration? At Plucks?
Angus TynerApr 18 2017, 2:10pmI had intended to run this race but will do laptop if no-one else steps in. I haven't seen any info on how it integrates (if at all) with the timing chip system, so in that regard I've no experience, but I'm doing laptop at Carrick in couple weeks, so I'll need to know either way.
Vivian O'GormanApr 18 2017, 2:26pmYes Ian Registration is at Plucks...

Please don't forget Race Registration closes this evening at 6pm. There will be no entries after that or at the race...

So enter NOW...
Ian HarrisonApr 18 2017, 7:20pmHi Vivian - thanks for the reply. Do you mean that I have to pre-register? I have race vouchers that I was planning to use...for the winter league I was able to just show up and register on the day with the vouchers?
Henny BrandsmaApr 18 2017, 8:01pmHi Ian,
If you are all ready registered for the year,you can use your voucher on the night and don't have to pre-register.
Graham K. BusheApr 19 2017, 4:25pmStarting on the new Sugarloaf way, following this through 2 gates (which will be open) for around 2km before turning left onto open mountain (all uphill). After a further short steep climb, the route leaves the Sugarloaf Way and follows the circumference of the mountain before taking a sharp left to the very steep climb to the summit. Runners going to and from the summit should KEEP LEFT at all times. There will be marshals and it will all be very clearly marked. Please be aware that the first 150m of descent is HAZARDOUS. Having left the summit the route continues downhill as if heading towards the main Sugarloaf car park. It then takes a left turn (clearly marked) to an open grassy descent, which lasts several hundred meters before being followed by more technical descending. It then rejoins parts of the previous route, albeit by running in the opposite direction to last year. Near the pylons there is a sharp LEFT then RIGHT turn. Continue down to the bottom of the valley and along the narrow path. When this rejoins the original route again turn RIGHT THEN LEFT. This is to bring the finish back around the back of the GAA pitch as before and to avoid the narrow roadway where some runners encountered vehicular traffic last year.
Juniors (16-19) can run the full course. There will be a shorter course for under 16s, who will start further up the Sugarloaf Way and will not go to the summit, but will instead turn for home before the steep climb.
Gordon PlaceApr 19 2017, 10:52pmThanks Henny, Graham and all the other volunteers for a great start to the league
Henny BrandsmaApr 20 2017, 12:21amHereby a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped out in last night's race up and around the sugarloaf, specially Graham for the marking,Vivian for guiding me what turned out to be a long night and James for helping out on the laptop and Poll for the chip Timing
Thanks all: Henny.
John CondonApr 20 2017, 10:00amThanks Henny and all volunteers for a superb race last night.
Bob ColeApr 20 2017, 10:13amGreat race last night - thanks organisers.

It appears that a number of junior runners and those who may have been allowed an early start have been mixed in with the main results. This has pushed some people back several places from where they actually finished. Thanks.
Alan EddieApr 20 2017, 10:20amHey there, thanks to all for a great race. Was wondering about the chip, is it ok to have it in a pocket or it needs to be on runner to be near the mat on finish ? Does it matter, thanks Alan.
Laura FlynnApr 20 2017, 10:24amThanks Henny for a great job last night. The first race is not an easy one to take on as it's so busy so well done. The first two women appear to be incorrect as I think Ger did the early start and the junior the short course.
Peter O'FarrellApr 20 2017, 10:46amThanks for a great course and a great race there on the Sugarloaf last night. Great job Henny and team.

One of the fantastic aspects of IMRA races is the low-key friendliness which is always welcoming of those who have away from the hills for a time.

The new course is fantastic although with the encroaching darkness in April should this event be first up on the calendar next season perhaps we could all do the short course and leave out the cone section for a shorter event?

The final finishers were using "the force" to see their feet :)
Caoimhin MacMaolainApr 20 2017, 10:56amThanks very much Henny and helpers for a great event last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Gareth LittleApr 20 2017, 11:42am@Alan Eddie, your chip needs to be attached to your laces. It will not read if it is anywhere else.

@Peter O'Farrell, agree with your darkness comment, we were treating some minor first aid stuff under torch light, which was not ideal.
Gordon WilsonApr 20 2017, 11:56am@Gareth re chip position. What do you suggest for runners with quicklace system (eg salomon). I tied it into the drawstring on my shorts last night so not sure if that worked or if time was manually entered by the finish-line team.
Henny BrandsmaApr 20 2017, 11:57amI have some items left over after last night's race,we're left at starting area,one yellow and black windbraker(make karrimor),blue Ron hill leggings,grey long sleeved Craft running top and two items probably belonging to Alan Lawlor being a blue t-shirt +sweatshirt with Dublin fire brigade logo
If you recognize any of the items give me a call at
Regarding the early starters and mix up with junior runners,this can be sorted by results person.
I agree with Peters comment about the length of the race and early darkness,maybe move race a bit further on the calender or allow a early start,as well due to the large amount of new runners and this being the first race of the league start was delayed by ten minutes,this are factors the committee has to take into account for next year.
Hope everyone had still a great race ,thank you for coming out and participating.
Hazel ThompsonApr 20 2017, 12:09pmThanks for a great start to the league.
Perhaps the person who recorded the early/short course starters hasn't had a chance to send the list to the results sec to update the results yet but I think the following all either did a short course or early start.

3 Lara Greene F14
20 Ger Power F60
25 Samuel Carr MJ
35 Jake Somers MJ
81 Emer Murphy F14
84 Beverley Colton F14
104 David Carlyon M14
124 Caitlin Bent F70
126 Aine Murphy F14

Should this list simply be forwarded to Karen or will the person who was recording the early/short course starters?

Thanks again to all the volunteers!
Gareth LittleApr 20 2017, 12:17pm@Gordon Wilson, I believe cable ties are supplied and should be at the table that are giving out the tags.

Have a look at this video which may be useful too


Stephen WalshApr 20 2017, 12:26pmThanks for organising a great race on a great new route. I did not have a confirmation email so missied out on tag and the results. I do have a confirmation number, 10114, from 18th. however I do not seem to be listed as a 2017 runner. Please text me any instructions on 0877656000, thanks.
Gordon PlaceApr 20 2017, 12:30pmI think the cable ties had run out last night. I just tied it on to my Salamons with a bit of string/lace. There's a series of loops down along the tongue that you can tie on to as well crossing under the laces.
Mike JordanApr 20 2017, 1:11pmRE chips: I saw someone last night take the novel approach of carrying the chip in their hand and flinging it onto the mat at the finish :D :D
Gordon WilsonApr 20 2017, 1:35pmThanks Gareth and Gordon.
Will keep some small cable ties in the car in future.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 20 2017, 2:12pmThanks to Henny for organising last night and to all the other volunteers as well. Just to reply to a few of the comments above and a couple of observations from last night:

- Chip needs to be on your shoe or certainly no higher then knee height so basically not in pockets, jackets, bags, cars left in the car park, at home etc.
- System worked well last night and have a good set of results. Results posted are from the laptop/manual results. Chip system is still a work in progress but we will get there very shortly I think and would hope to roll out training on this this to more people.
- There were certainly some cable ties about but may have run out last night. We will order some more for those of you with "special shoes" with the "fancy laces"... ;-)
- Results: Thanks to James on Laptop last night. I have a few results to change that I will hopefully get around to tonight. I have amended the Juniors to short course. As there was no official early start last night I don't have times for Ger or Caitlín but if anyone does please post here and I'll pick up and amend.
- Late start/ Darkness: This was certainly a problem with some of the last runners in last night. I was at the finish when they came in and even putting the kit in the car in the dark proved somewhat difficult. Thankfully we had no problems last night but we were very lucky in many ways. We will get the message out to Race directors about starting races on time. Traffic was particularly bad getting to race start yesterday and a lot arrived late for registration. We need to be stricter on this in particular races early on where we can encounter problems like this. The timing and distance of this route may need to be reviewed by next years committee when looking at the calendar.
- Stephen Sorry about the confusion. I have allocated you race number 1405. Let me know if you were given a different number last night. If you have a finish time I will add it in for you.
- We had an issue last night with 3 (unrelated) people collecting numbers and not running. All three had signed in for the race and this caused some confusion at the finish as it was believed that they were still out running. We had to call these people to confirm they were indeed not stuck out the Sugarloaf. We would ask people to only sign in if you intend to run and if you sign in and then don't run let Race Director/ Laptop operator know so we are not sending out search parties or calling Mountain Rescue unnecessarily.
- @Mike this will work also. you could also have in your pocket and roll over the mat at the end although IMRA does not endorse this or accept any responsibility for people injuring themselves in this way... :0)
James H CahillApr 20 2017, 2:52pmI had the “good fortune” to be on the laptop last night for the first race of the Summer season.

An incomplete database, online registration remaining open up to the race start, runners registering for the race up until 7.25pm and the general mayhem of the first race of the Summer League conspired to put those of us handling the laptop under severe pressure.

As a result we were late getting to the start line and the race started late. The race was always going to be tight for time and the 13 minutes delay ate into whatever leeway there was. I apologise to those finishing in the dark as a result.

The issues mentioned above are out of the control of individual runners.

However, all of those issues can be overridden by the written registration sheet on which runners are asked to print their names and race numbers at sign in.

This is clearly within each runner's control. However, a large number of runners appear not to know their own names (or at least be unable to write them legibly) and a very large number seem to regard their race number as a random selection of digits to be guessed at like the lotto. Some didn't even bother making a guess. An x as your signature and a blank as your number make you very difficult to identify.

The illegibility of the entry sheets was the single factor which made our job the most difficult and slowest last night.

I would ask all runners for future races to please write legibly (invest in a name stamp if you can't write) and memorise your race number (tattoo it on your forehead if you can't remember it) This small contribution by each runner will make future laptop operators jobs easier ( or indeed possible!).

A secondary factor is that a number of runners collected numbers / chips / vouchers and signed into the race sheet, but did not run in the race. This left us believing those runners were still on the hill when in fact they never crossed the start line. If you are not running in a race please do not sign in on any entry sheet.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the laptops, deciphering of lists and cross checking last night especially Paul Grant, Pol O’Murchu, Deborah Meghan, Miriam Maher,Grace Egan and everyone who assisted long into the pitch dark at the finish line.
Angus TynerApr 20 2017, 3:24pmJames, thanks so much for volunteering for lap-top and thus enabling me to have a lovely run. It seems this meant I dodged the bullet and thanks to lessons learned and your instructions, that bullet will not appear when I actually do lap-top on Wed evening in couple weeks time.
Brendan LawlorApr 20 2017, 3:27pmWell done to Henny and all the helpers for a great event last night - it sounded like a tough night at the Race Directors / Laptop Operators office! Early start might have been the way to go (or have this race in May next year)

I was speaking to an IMRA old hand last night and we were very much in agreement that some IMRA members need to do far more to help out race organisers (by signing their names legibly, arriving at races in good time and the other things which James and Pol have alluded to above) and to pipe down with the customer service requests (where are my results? why did I get lost ? etc etc)

Ask not what IMRA can do for you but what you can do for IMRA as Donald Trump might say...or was that Douglas Barry??
Graham K. BusheApr 20 2017, 3:54pmAt just after 9:30 last night, having driven the length of the Quill Road, I took to the hill again; this time equipped with a head-torch and whistle in search of 'missing' runners.
Thankfully, as I was about half way up the first descent from the summit, I got confirmation from James that all people had been accounted for.
Val JonesApr 20 2017, 3:59pmThanks Henni, James, Pol, and all the other volunteers for a great run yesterday evening. The only small complaint I have was the extra climb at the end, the loop that wasn't in last year's race. I thought I was just about finished when I got to Jim but that last bit really finished me. In view of the fading light if this is going to be kept in April I think that loop could be left out
Andrew HanneyApr 20 2017, 5:04pmThanks to all the volunteers on what was a tough night at the office, finding solutions to problems on the fly with the pressure of the race start looming isn't a good combination. I would suggest that an absolute cut of time for all races be made clear in the race instructions. It is simply not fair to turn up to a race a few minutes before it starts and expect to run.
Lillian DeeganApr 20 2017, 10:18pm.
I have gone through and sorted the RD kit for Adrian this w/e. I note, we seem to have a new, lovely little neat waist held FA kit bag. Perhaps, since the most recent RD trainer evening, this little red bag is a new addition to the gear collection. Otherwise, owing to the darkness by the finish line, did someone, Gareth or Tanya have their own 2nd lot of first aid gear. You had to leave in a hurry Gareth - are you missing a FA kit bag maybe? The same will be with the RD gear regardless.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 20 2017, 10:46pmHi Lillian, This was purchased towards the end of last year if I recall or certainly was sitting in my Garage since around then... It's a great piece of kit if someone did have to go up the mountain to give assistance. We have Brian McGuckin (Safety officer) to thank for this.
Lillian DeeganApr 20 2017, 10:54pm.
Cool - thanks Pól. It's very dainty. I'd suggest a head torch and a few glow sticks be added :) :) going on last nights gig. Aoife will be pleased your cleaning out that garage too.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 20 2017, 10:59pmHaha yeah except I ended up with a boot full of stuff from last night...
Tim ManganApr 21 2017, 2:38pmThanks for a great race!
Question: I don't seem to be listed as a runner for this event even though I registered and ran, race number 1635. Is there anything I can do?
Tim ManganApr 21 2017, 2:43pmErmm, just noticed my race number is 1365 - this may the problem.. :)
Stephen WalshApr 23 2017, 5:38pmPol, thanks again to all for organising a great event. Thanks for the new race number. I ran/walked/ran under 1613. The final corner took the very last of my energy and I did not notice my time or who finished with me. I did call out my number as I crossed the line. I saw Vivian finish shortly after me, so my time was around 65?
Pól Ó MurchúApr 25 2017, 2:23amUp now Stephen,Tim same problem...corrected now...
John CondonApr 25 2017, 1:00pmUp, correcting finish times at 2.23am! Now that's dedication.
Graham K. BusheApr 28 2017, 11:35amHi All, I finally found the cable and uploaded some photos of the Sugarloaf Run. I hope you enjoyed the route.
Unfortunately some of the pics are a bit blurred.
You were running too fast!!