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John MaherJan 1 2017, 11:15pmHi, would like to know when entries will open for this race?
Archie O'DonnellJan 28 2017, 5:51pmHi, is there a cancellation list for this race?
Dermot MurphyJan 28 2017, 7:13pmArchie, no, because entries gave not opened yet. Not sure if I understand why you are asking, can you explain your concern?
Graham ColmerJan 30 2017, 8:31pmHi,

There are a few of us doing a full course recce this Saturday, 4th Feb. Leaving from Glencullen golf club between 8.30am-9am.

I have space for 2-3 people in my car and passing through Connolly station etc. if anyone needs a lift
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 7 2017, 12:58pmIs open now...You can stop all the emails and calls ;-)

Cost: €20
Registration will close 20th of March...6 weeks to reg...No excuses...No last minute registration requests please!

Please see event details on event page and keep an eye on event page/forum for any updates or changes.

Thank you,
Mary CollinsFeb 7 2017, 3:54pmI accidentally entered the Maurice Mullins ULTRA on line today. I meant to enter the TRAIL race.
Can anyone help to change my entry to Trail race? Apologies.
Many thanks Mary Collins
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 7 2017, 3:57pmAh Mary...and so it begins...leave it with me I'll sort...
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 7 2017, 3:58pmOr you could just up the training a bit! :-)
John Keane77Feb 9 2017, 11:01amHi, what time will the bus leave Leopardstown race car park? Or, I guess more importantly what time does registration close?
Tony DaleyFeb 11 2017, 10:24pmhi Pol,
trying to enter trail run but cannot find link any where. Sorry, but my first event with IMRA,
Dermot MurphyFeb 12 2017, 6:33pmHi Tony, you may need to register for the year first - 10 Euro option.
Dermot MurphyFeb 12 2017, 6:36pmJohn , on the busses, they will be leaving between 10 and 11am. Will be looking to finish up registration by 11am or shortly afterwards and the last bus will leave then.
Elio MacukaMar 4 2017, 12:15amIs possible to pay the race fee with the IMRA Vaucers?
Dermot MurphyMar 4 2017, 6:33amNo, you cannot use the vouchers to enter this event. The price of this race is different to regular IMRA races.
Elizabeth WheelerMar 6 2017, 9:11amHi Pol,
Is the Maurice Mullins Trail sold out? The option to purchase is not online, only for the Ultra.
Elizabeth WheelerMar 6 2017, 9:14amPol,
Sorry, I already entered that's why I cannot see it! *feeling really stupid!*
Hilary JenkinsonMar 9 2017, 11:56amI have an injury so unable to do race if there is a waiting list for trail entries please give mine to someone in waiting.
Dermot MurphyMar 9 2017, 12:58pmEntries will be open until March 20, and no transfers allowed after this, so no waiting list. If you get your entry in before March 20, you are in!

Looking for volunteers for this (thanks to those who have volunteered so far).
Running volunteers - can help with registration and parking at Leopardstown
Non Running volunteers - will take as many of these as we can! Plenty required for the finish, marshalling and we will need a first aider.

We were able to take bags (for dry gear to change into at end of the race) at Leopardstown last year and hope to do so again this year. But this is dependent on a volunteer to take the bags at Leopardstown and leave them at the finish. A big car/van would be needed for this - can anyone help out? The finish this year is at the Glencullen GAA - so back to the old finish line, but we should have the use of the GAA club so we can have the finish line off the road.

There will be a shuttle bus running from the finish back to Leopardstown after you have finished.

Any further questions, feel free to ask!
Inigo AlanaMar 9 2017, 1:38pmI have an estate car and would be happy to take as many bags as I can fit in the boot. I'm running the race though. How would I get from the finish line to the start?
Dermot MurphyMar 9 2017, 1:43pmThanks for that Inigo. I do not know how that could work if you are running the race - once registration is finished (around 11:15am), the car would need to be driven back to the finish at the GAA club and unloaded there. You would not have time to do this and make the start of the Trail (12pm). It would really need a non running volunteer to take the bags back to the finish.
Mick HanneyMar 9 2017, 3:44pmDermot - I've pencilled myself in to help.
My car should be available to drive gear up to the GAA.
However, people should limit the among of gear they realistically can expect to be transported. There is only so much space after all.
Dermot MurphyMar 9 2017, 8:54pmThanks Mick, that would be great!
Anne-Marie FlahertyMar 12 2017, 11:26amCan't offer car/driving services, but have signed up to help out on the day.
Shane O'MalleyMar 16 2017, 8:37amI am out injured for this race.

Is it possible to switch to volunteer and have my race entry transferred to someone else.

Dermot MurphyMar 16 2017, 8:48amHi Shane, sorry to hear you are out injured.

There are no transfers allowed. Entries are still open until March 20.

Shane, much appreciate that you want to sign up as a volunteer - you should be able to sign on as a volunteer on the event page.
Mick HanneyMar 19 2017, 7:22pmReminder re: car parking. I think last year some people were at the wrong car park in Leopardstown waiting in vain for the buses. The car park is NOT the one immediately inside the Sandyford entrance. The parking is on the far side, the Carrickmines side. Just off the M50 at junction 15.
Mike LynchMar 20 2017, 3:59amHi, thanks for the info on parking. I'm doing the Ultra and my gf is doing the Half. Can I drop her off at the parking around 9am and be on time to the Ultra start at 9:30? Thanks!
Dermot MurphyMar 20 2017, 8:57amHi Mike, a better option would be to go straight to the Ultra start - I will have room and can give her a lift to Trail registration and the buses to the start.
All - arriving after 9am might be leaving it a bit tight for registration and getting yourself ready. You will have a 10 minute walk from parking to the registration area - so please bear that in mind.
Aidan McManamonMar 20 2017, 9:50amHello,

I meant to register for the trail last night and got caught with something. It looks like only the Ultra is available now? Any spots on the Trail going?

Dermot MurphyMar 20 2017, 12:53pmFor the Trail race - registration will open at Leopardstown at 10am (please note Micks reminder - the parking is on the Carrickmines side, just off the M50 at junction 15) and will close shortly after 11am. The last bus will need to leave at 11:15am latest. The other buses will leave when full - so sign on, get ready and jump on the bus when all set.
Dermot MurphyMar 20 2017, 2:30pmTrail entries were closed in error earlier - open again now. Online registration will close at 9pm this evening.
Mike LynchMar 20 2017, 6:00pmDermot, Thanks so much! I'm guessing we will be easy to spot, we are probably the only Americans. My 3rd time and her 2nd time at this race. Its just great! See you Saturday.
Mike LynchMar 20 2017, 6:00pmDermot, Thanks so much! I'm guessing we will be easy to spot, we are probably the only Americans. My 3rd time and her 2nd time at this race. Its just great! See you Saturday.
Elio MacukaMar 20 2017, 11:09pmi would like to ask if this are the right cordinates of the parking ( 53.258584, -6.183847 ) ,and if the Green Line Luas stop is near this place? thank you
Ben WhiteMar 20 2017, 11:50pmHi guys,will 2017 race numbers be distributed at leopardstown car park for those running first race of 2017,on morning of Maurice mullins, thanks ben
Mike LynchMar 21 2017, 5:00amDermot,

Based on your advice, Kathy and I will get to Ultra registration at the Golf Course before 9am. Kathy has offered to help you with both Ultra and Trail registration before she gets on the bus to the Trail start.

Is there anything we can bring to help? We will have plenty of time on Thursday and Friday to get provisions. Thanks again for your kind help.

Mike & Kathy
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2017, 9:09amThanks Mike. Any help is much appreciated! We should be OK for provisions, thanks for the offer.
Jim DurhamMar 21 2017, 10:13amI'm not clear on the venue for the registration or the parking. I don't know the area but where in 'Leopardstown' is the registration? Parking appears to be somewhere near J15 (Carrickmines side = south side of M50?). Is this a different location to the registration? Thanks.
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2017, 11:03amJim - yes, parking and registration are the same place. The car park is just off the M50 - Junction 15. Take the road running parallel to the M50 so you are heading north (beside southbound traffic on the M50 and the car park is just on your right.
Jim DurhamMar 21 2017, 11:49amDermot, great. thanks Jim
Michael DonoghueMar 21 2017, 1:07pmWould anyone be able to point me towards a Strava record or similar of the race so that I can see what I am letting myself in for?
Adrian RocheMar 21 2017, 1:32pmLink to last years trail race:
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2017, 2:47pmMap of parking and registration added to the event page now.
Robert FarrellMar 21 2017, 7:18pmWell folks just wondering do we use our IMRA number for the race.
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2017, 8:41pmRobert, yes you will need your IMRA race number. You can collect it at registration if you don't have it already
Mayor Olivan JeremiasMar 22 2017, 10:08amHello, everybody, My name is Jeremias. I'm going to run the half this weekend. I've already run two IMRA race, but this time I don't have transport to arrive the place. Have anybody room in their car? I'm in Dublin Center. Thanks in advance :)
Robert FarrellMar 22 2017, 11:16amCheers Dermot see yez Saturday
Mick HanneyMar 22 2017, 12:55pmJeremias, the Registration is taking place near to the Carrickmines Luas stop on the Luas Green line. Might be an option coming from town.
Mayor Olivan JeremiasMar 23 2017, 8:01amThanks, Mick. See you on Saturday.
Mick HanneyMar 23 2017, 10:58amThe weather forecast is looking ok for Saturday.

In any event, for the buses, please bear in mind that no gear can be left on the buses. So only carry with you on the bus what you intend to run with from the start at Ballinastoe.
Dermot MurphyMar 23 2017, 11:04amPlease see race instructions below. Parking for the Trail is at Leopardstown race course - for location, please see the map section on the event page. There will be a shuttle bus service to take runners back to the car park from the finish line. No early starts allowed.

Race Instructions

1)Route is strictly on the Wicklow Way. Please did not use any short-cuts ie cutting out zig-zags etc - this will be considered cheating and will result
in disqualification. Safety point - runners might consider running in groups, especially if you are unfamiliar with route. See who is at a similar pace.
Finish will be at the GAA club. Be careful of the road sections, as there may be traffic on them.

2) Mandatory kit requirement - JACKET, this will be STRICTLY enforced. Mobile phones are not mandatory but are recommended.

3) Please note the cut off times at Ballinastoe (1pm) (not relevant for Trail), Crone wood (2:45pm) and Curtlestown (3:30pm) - please cooperate with the marshals if
you do not reach the cut off in time.

4) Strictly no littering - please leave any litter at the water stations or bring it with you. If you see anyone littering, call them up on it.

5) Dont forget to have your number visible/at hand at the finish so your time can be recorded. Your race number should be kept - do not hand it
back at the finish. Also dont forget to pick up your mug!

6) Strictly no headphones on this race - if you see anyone with them on, dont be shy about telling them to take them off.
Michael DonoghueMar 23 2017, 12:08pmWhat would the well attired gentleman wear this weekend: Asics Fuji trail runners or innov8 Mudclaw? I thought the Mudclaws might be too aggressive for the boards, but then read a review from a previous year that mentioned sliding down Djouce? Any advice gratefully accepted. Thanks
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2017, 8:08amEntry list for the Trail:

537 Abeyta, Niamh
529 Alana, Inigo
845 Barry, Conor
181 Barry, Maeve
1041 Beggs, Amy
688 Bell, Colin
1109 Bell, David
777 Bell, John
518 Bell, Peter
1023 Bell, Rozanne
775 Bidet, Caroline
967 Blake, Aidan
328 Blighe, Aidan
644 Bradish, David
799 Brennan, Yvonne
609 Bright, Aileen
1097 Brown, William John
1130 Browne, Clarke
883 Burke, Sandra
1090 Burns, Adrian
981 Byrne, Bernie
1095 Byrne, Greg
1114 Byrne, Mark
22 Byrne1972, Mick
945 Cahill, James H
151 Callanan, Olan
19 Carney, Robert
1151 Carnus, Tim
1059 Carroll, Hannah
1103 Caulfield, David
669 Caulfield, Raymond
246 Challoner, Avril
346 Cheetham, Bronagh
1086 Clarke, Linda
1065 Coffey, Donal
295 Collins, Mary
149 Conroy, Ian
1134 Corrigan, paddy
1019 Cosgrove, Antonia
590 Cotter, Eimear
913 Coyle, Barry
122 Cronin, Damian
868 Daley, Tony
770 Darren, Marshall
324 Dave, Halpin
980 Dempsey, John
1014 denise, kilkenny
538 dermot, o'brien
1080 Devine, Michael
259 Dickenson, Sharon
982 Donoghue, Michael
293 Dottino, Connie
604 Douglas, Gordon
27 Doyle, Padraig
1158 Driscoll, Paul
1160 Duane, Colin
261 Duff, Eugene
1018 Duff, Niall
9 Duffy, Gavan
1159 Duke, Conor
637 Duncan, Hilary
576 Durham, Jim
1038 Earle, Andy
1142 Earley, Mark
709 Egan, Aidan
532 Elwood, Barry
1021 Fairmaner, Eva
270 Falvey, Kieran
924 Farrell, David
764 Farrell, Robert
1050 Fassbender, David G
1033 Feeney, Anthony
513 Filan, Sean
383 Flood, Donal
985 Foley, Patrick
876 Frayne, Thomas
968 Geoghegan, Basil
1037 Gilmore, Dominic
541 Gleeson, Alex
277 Gonnelly, Paul
290 Grant, Paul
809 Gray, Alex
284 Griffin, Lar
1144 Griffin, Roland
287 Griffin, Steve
841 Grimes, Eric
2101 Hallahan, Michael
326 Halpin, Con
791 Halpin, Niall
1108 Hanna, Richard
1112 Harnedy, Tim
822 Harvey, David
1009 Hegarty, Maeve
146 Heppenstall, Lindsey
1133 Herron, Beverley
305 Higgins, James
17 Higgins, Justin
83 Hodge, Anne
643 isherwood, mark
491 Jackson, Kathy
565 Jenkinson, Hilary
596 Jeremias, Mayor Olivan
201 Keane, Brendan
202 Keane, James
1137 Kelly, Diarmuid
406 Kerley, Trevor
21 King, Ronan
657 Kirwan, Aisling
1035 Lee, Stephen
1148 Leith, Rose
539 Linehan, Donal
7 Little, Gareth
6 Livingstone, Derek
1034 Locke, Keith
774 Long, Mike
1138 Lord, Peter
432 Macuka, Elio
264 Madden, Gerard
679 Maguire, Enda
879 Mahon, Paul
846 Mathers, Dermot
877 Matthews, Maura
294 Maughan, Fergie
182 Mc Cabe, Stephen
578 Mc Cafferty, Hugo
172 Mc Hugh, Maola­osa
906 McCallum, Tristan
292 McCarthy, Kenneth
20 McDonagh-Craig, Marie
1157 McDonald, Maria
1143 McGregor, John
829 McKenna, Frank
1102 McKenna, Luan
147 McKiernan, Donal
1149 McManamon, Aidan
1096 McNeilly, Stuart
361 McParland, Damien
850 McShane, Eithne
563 McTrusty, Kirstie
672 Meghan, Deborah
759 Molloy, Avril
909 Mooney, Darren
42 Morrissey, Sinead
549 Muldoon, Padraig
482 Mullee, Louis
1006 Murphy, Catherine
1087 Murphy, Ciara
257 Murphy, Edward
71 Murphy, Patricia
317 Murray, Barry
1011 Murray70, Ronan
89 Noone, Sean
752 O Cearbhaill, Caoimhin
838 O Driscoll, Laura
1128 O sullivan, Michael
169 O' Malley, Shane
964 O'Brien, Ann Marie
1031 O'Brien, Oliver
2016 O'Callaghan, Luke
750 O'Callaghan, Rachel
357 O'Ceallaigh, Cormac
840 O'Connor, Justin
2052 O'Connor, Linda
765 O'Donnell, Archie
1013 O'Dwyer, Declan
37 O'Flynn, Ciaran
244 O'Gorman, Vivian
56 O'Malley, Eoin
901 O'Meara, Conor
886 O'Reilly, Anthony
233 O'Sullivan, Ciaran
1106 O'Sullivan, Eoin
120 Oflynn, John
905 peters, Andy
786 Phelan, Audrey
249 Philipps, Ulrich
28 Place, Gordon
29 Pollard, Brendan
166 Powders, David
1004 Power, David
583 Quinn, Becky
1020 Quinn, Laurence
581 Rea, Justin
753 Reynolds, Donogh
592 Robinson, Richard
379 Roche, Adrian
833 Roche, Thomas
164 Rogic, Renata
153 Rowland, Eileen
262 Russell, Keith
1052 SBARAGLI, Veronica
4 Scott, Stuart
325 Sharkey, James
309 Sheerin, Fiona
978 Shelley, Stephen
506 Sheridan, Mark
53 Smyth, Paul
520 Snee, Emma-Jane
921 Stephens, Beth
957 sumner, vanessa
904 Thompson, Andy
915 Tighe, Ian
828 Tonge, Mark
207 Tyner, Angus
847 Waldron, Dylan
919 Wallace, Christopher
860 weir, brian
382 Wharton, Philip
507 Wheeler, Elizabeth
355 Whelan, Damian
844 White, Ben
2062 Windross, Mark
1152 Wood, Steven
418 wyse, cathy
Thomas RocheMar 24 2017, 9:26amHi, I am unable to race tomorrow so if there is a waiting list my place can be used up
Ian ConroyMar 24 2017, 10:08amI'm also not racing and have to pull out. If my place can be used it would be great as it's a fantastic course and is probably one one of my favourite races. Good luck to all and enjoy.
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2017, 10:22amNo transfer allowed, as previously advised.
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2017, 3:06pmPlease note - the GAA club will have an underage match until 2pm. Please do not bring down any cars (supporters) until 2:15pm - please park at Glencullen and walk down (5 minute walk). There should be adequate parking after 2:15pm.
John J BarryMar 24 2017, 4:17pm@Michael Donoghue

Mudclaws would be a little extreme for Trail or Ultra.
Mick HanneyMar 25 2017, 12:34pm191 runners signed in
David BradishMar 25 2017, 7:13pmThanks to everyone involved in the organisation of this race. Such a great day all round. First time doing this distance in the mountains and was really really enjoyable Great support from everyone running too! Such a great community of runners! Thank you!
Gordon PlaceMar 25 2017, 10:03pmThanks Dermot and all the volunteers for a great day. Sorry the few photos flipped when uploaded
Mike LynchMar 25 2017, 10:14pmDermot,

Thanks for a great race and thanks for taking care of Kathy today. She enjoyed helping with the Trail registration and says thanks for the ride to the start. Great volunteers and great weather.

Colin BellMar 25 2017, 10:30pmThanks to all for a great day!

I left a bag on the bus from Glencullen back to Leopardstown - does anyone have the name/number of the bus company please?
Mick HanneyMar 26 2017, 11:49amColin. Email is:
David G FassbenderMar 27 2017, 8:26amHi,

I seem to have lost my oh-so-valued mug. In collecting them the last 3 years. Are there any spares? (Or was the run all for nowt?! :P)

Many Thanks,

Mick HanneyMar 27 2017, 9:50amDavid - you have to run it again ;-)

In seriousness, I believe there weren't enough mugs to go around due to the surge of entries for both races, so more mugs are probably being ordered for those that missed out. Replacements would have a cost factor though. For individual replacements its probably best to go to source (Crannmor pottery).
Lillian DeeganMar 27 2017, 11:16am.
Lost & Found - A few t-shirts, base layer t's, x2 vango sleeping bag covers, one plastic lunchbox and a number of swag bags have been put aside from the finish line of Saturday's run-out. If you have mislaid any of the above, pls get in touch on 086 820 9861. A photo of the items will be posted on the IMRA Facebook page.
Barry MurrayMar 28 2017, 12:27pmrace report up
Dermot MurphyMar 28 2017, 12:40pmThanks Barry, and David, for that race report - always a great read.
If anyone else wants to add a report, please feel free - the more the merrier.
Brendan PollardMar 28 2017, 7:24pmFolks,

Any idea when trail result will be available? Ohh and pictures?

Karen DevenneyMar 28 2017, 9:02pmResults are now up, email me at Karen.devenney at imra dot ie if there are any issues
Nicolas MejriMar 29 2017, 2:10pmHello,

First, thanks the organisation, it was a nice run (and thanks for the sun ;) )

I see that my time for the race is 8h43 (#965). Did I miss something on race day? Or is it an error? It took me a bit less than 5h25 acording to my watch.
Paul GrantMar 29 2017, 3:05pmThanks to Dermot and the all the volunteers for a great run Saturday. The organisation of the buses, the water + food stops at Crone Wood and Curtlestown and bag drop offs was very impressive. Really appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes that made the run possible.
Dermot MurphyMar 29 2017, 6:50pmHi Nicolas, you were running the Ultra. I checked your result on our finish sheets and you are down for 5 hours 23 minutes and 40 seconds, so an input error when I was putting in your result. I have sent an email to Karen to correct which she will due when she gets a chance.
Pól Ó MurchúMar 29 2017, 10:06pmAs per Dermot's post on the Ultra Page unfortunately We had a problem with our emergency phone on Saturday which caused issues for a few runners. IMRA use a third party service to divert our emergency number for each race to the Race Director on the day. The phone was diverted to Dermot on Friday lunchtime and tested and was working at that point. However, we have since found out that an IT issue on Friday afternoon meant that the phone was redirected back to a helpline that had nothing to do with our race. I expect they were equally confused to be getting a number of calls from runners.

We only found out about the problem when a runner came back to the finish to tell us that the emergency phone was not working and he had to make his own way back to the finish. Unfortunately this was quite late on in the Day.

The committee discussed the matter at our recent meeting and I have spoken to the company involved and we are looking at ways to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

This is the first time that this has happened and we apologise for that. For anyone unfortunately affected I can assure you that this is not what you expect from on IMRA race. Thanks to those who made their way back to the finish to inform us of their difficulties and sorry for the inconvenience which it caused.

IMRA Committee
Neil DawsonMar 30 2017, 1:58pmHi I Did the Maurice Mullins Ultra, It was My first Imra Race.
At Registration My number was not in the box ( No. 659)
I got a Hand written number.
I now see in my history that I am in doing the Brockagh Burst, Who should I contact about this ?
Caroline BidetApr 24 2017, 7:40pmHello Dermot and the organising team,

Thank you for the race, it was great!
Are you still going to organise a mug for those who did not get any at the finish line? Like David, I collect them.
Thanks for letting me know.
I'll sign up again in 2018 for the 2018 mug! :-)
Pól Ó MurchúApr 25 2017, 2:02amHi Caroline,

I have received the Mugs. I will have them at the next few races for anyone who needs to collect one and we can hopefully make alternative plans for anyone who is unable to collect.

I will be at Howth on Wednesday with them.
Paolo GirolamiMay 22 2017, 5:27pmHi Paul, sorry Caroline missed your message and she away in France. If you still have mugs, I can pick the one for Caroline up wherever is most convenient for you! Just let me know.
Keith MulveyMay 23 2017, 12:02pmHi Pol, if I could collect an Ultra mug at Trooperstown it would be great. I'll be Summit Marshall there. You needn't bring it to the summit for me though!! Thanks, Keith
Pól Ó MurchúMay 24 2017, 1:23amMugs Mugs Mugs...last of the Mugs!

I will be at the race tomorrow with MUGS! Anyone looking to collect some please make yourself known to me.
Caroline BidetMay 29 2017, 11:05pmHi Pol,
I'm very sorry, I know it's a lot to ask, but so far we've missed you. I'm going to be at the start of the Wicklow Way Race,will you be there? I'll be there at least from 11pm to 12am on 10 June (Saturday). If not, Paolo can come at the race in Trooperstown Hill on wednesday if you go there.
Please let us know.