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Mick HanneyFeb 26 2017, 2:54pmShout out for volunteers for Annagh hill in 2 weeks time. Any assistance appreciated.
Anne-Marie FlahertyFeb 27 2017, 5:22pmI can volunteer as a helper, if I can grab a lift down. Will confirm later if that's okay!
Anne-Marie FlahertyFeb 27 2017, 9:52pmI'm in!
Mick HanneyMar 2 2017, 9:57pmThanks for the volunteers so far.
Still looking a bit sparse volunteer wise if others could come forward please, specifically for help with:
- registration
- laptop
- start/finish
- marshalls
- de-marking
- and if anyone was interested in taking photos that would be a bonus.
Mick HanneyMar 3 2017, 10:19pmRepeating a message from last year. This race is not for beginners. The difficulty rating is there for a reason.

Also I am encouraging anyone that is normally > 160% of the first finishers time - check your recent results - to use the formal early start (30 mins before main race start).
Paul JoyceMar 5 2017, 10:44amIt's an awful shame you're directing this race Mick, otherwise everyone could rely on the usual Hanney 11th-hour volunteer bail-out ;)

I should be free to help anytime until 1pm or so.
Mick HanneyMar 5 2017, 11:19amThanks Paul, much appreciated.
Caitlin BentMar 5 2017, 1:44pmThis a call for lift to Annagh Hill run. Branagh if you are travelling I could meet you wherever is best in Taillight. I live off the Old Bawn Road. Or anyone travelling down, from my area?
Paul SmythMar 5 2017, 9:55pmHi Caitlin,

I'm going to Annagh Hill and I live in Citywest (so quite close to you). You're welcome to a lift with me if you wish. Oh ate seven too 6 won six fore O 7ven.

Caitlin BentMar 6 2017, 3:01pmThanks so much for that Paul. Will ring you during the week re pick-up spot and time. Caitlin.
John McCannMar 7 2017, 12:48amHi guys, Annagh Hill will be my first race of the year and just wanted to double check. Can I pick up my race number and chip on the day (registered already) and can I use a voucher from last year?
Mick HanneyMar 7 2017, 8:05amNo problem running John. Chip collection might be another day as I don't have that stuff in the race director kit for this weekend.
Henny BrandsmaMar 7 2017, 11:31amHi there, anybody going to Annagh hill this Saturday traveling from Ratharnham,
Churchtown area,as I find distance to race a bit far to travel on my own,would appreciate lift or otherwise could offer lift to other runners from this area,please give me a call at 087-7604825.
Mick HanneyMar 8 2017, 8:24amThanks for the volunteers that have come forward. I'll be in touch with them before Friday. On the day we'll start registration c. 11am at the Gap pub.

Can I suggest people make use of the Car Pool. It makes sense given the longer than usual journey from Dublin to avoid single driver cars if possible and to assist our non-driving colleagues. Obviously helps with the parking at Annagh too.

I am encouraging runners to take an early start if they are >160% of a winner in recent races. Also, if you ran the race last year you'll have an idea of your total time, which can be a consideration.
Fergus LynamMar 8 2017, 8:58amHi Mick ,i look forward to your wishes Fergus Lynam, contact 0894623701
Mick HanneyMar 8 2017, 12:45pmIn terms of the route, we have tweaked it slightly to make it easier logistically. We won't ascend by the wall. Rather we'll ascend by the trail and zigzag that we will descend later in the race. In theory there should be more running. In theory!

Long term forecast for Saturday is encouraging. Don't forget your mandatory jacket and I would strongly suggest grippy trail shoes. Expect terrain to be wet and muddy given the recent rains.

We have sufficient volunteers in place. If anyone else wants to volunteer subsequent races will offer opportunities.

I encourage runners to drop into the pub afterwards for refreshments. The pub has a basic menu of soup, sandwiches and pizza which is just what the doctor ordered after a race. And some drink for the non driving people :-)
Lillian DeeganMar 8 2017, 2:52pm.
Hi Mick - doing a little forward planning this end. I am thinking of trying to sort a plan to get the RD kit from your gig brought back up by some kind eventer or volunteer if possible.

Hi All,
Might anyone have boot space available after the Annagh Hill run out? I am looking to get the RD gear returned for the next race. I live outside Bray and would be most grateful if anyone could assist.
Many thanks in advance.
Dan GeelonMar 8 2017, 3:54pmLillian, I am volunteering at Annagh, and as I live in Bray, I can take the gear back.
Lillian DeeganMar 8 2017, 5:44pm.
That's wonderful Dan, thanks a lot. I'm on 086 820 9861 - let me know where suits to do the drop off. Cheers.
Mick HanneyMar 8 2017, 9:05pmThanks Dan.

In relation to a thread raised elsewhere climbing poles allowed on Annagh too ;-)
Andrew HanneyMar 9 2017, 8:20amJoe Lalor improvised:
Bronagh CheethamMar 9 2017, 8:24amsorry Caitlin just reading your message now, wont make Annagh Hill but great to see you sorted with Paul for a lift. enjoy.
Mick HanneyMar 9 2017, 9:27amIf you want to run Annagh you need to be a registered IMRA runner. No registration on the day.

No cash entries on the day. Annagh entries still available to buy online but not for long as we need to finalise the database for the race. Failing that, buy a voucher or do a deal with an IMRA friend to buy a voucher from them.
Mick HanneyMar 10 2017, 3:02pmFinal instructions for race tomorrow:-
1. Registration from 11 at Gap pub.
2. Early start 11.30 recommended for runners > 160% of normal winning time. No faster than that please as we need to ensure any marshals are in place on the route.
3. Everyone doing the race should sign in and please verify your race no. so its correct.
4. A record of those doing the early starts will be kept.
5. Expect mild but muddy conditions so trail shoes are vital.
6. A jacket - worn or carried - is mandatory.
7. If for any reason you need to DNF in the race you need to notify us at the start. There is an emergency phone no. on the back of your race no. if you need to call the race director. The first aider will be at the start/finish line.
8. Have a look at the map in advance. In the event of any incident the quickest way back to the start is via the fire road along the middle of the hill heading north.
9. The chip timing system is not being used tomorrow.
10. Full race start is 12 noon. Winning time last year was around the 60 mins mark.
11. Prize giving / refreshments can be had in Gap pub afterwards.
Thanks and looking forward to a nice day.
Mick HanneyMar 11 2017, 4:26pmThanks to all the volunteers today who helped put on a well received event. In particular I'd like to particularly thank Andy Trafford and Keith O'Shea who helped with marking. Keith did some marshalling and demarking too.
The Gap pub looked after us very well. There was a great buzz back there afterwards. Well done to the winners, Bernard and Becky.
John McCannMar 11 2017, 4:36pmWell done Mick and all the volunteers. It was a fantastic race and the pub afterwards is a massive bonus.
James H CahillMar 11 2017, 5:30pmThank you Mick and all the volunteers for a great outing on Annagh Hill today. A mix of everything - steep bits up, steep bits down, flat bits (not many of them),rocky bits, grassy bits, muddy bits, hip deep puddles, I even involuntarily "tested" one puddle with my arm and found it to be shoulder deep........all in all a perfect mix for a great route!
Mick HanneyMar 11 2017, 7:35pma splatter of race reports to match the splatter of mud?

James - sorry Annagh broke your Salomons. I'm sure the company would be interested in the take :-)
Alan AylingMar 11 2017, 11:22pmA few words of nonsense added in the reports section.
Fabulous event. Loved it.
Liam CannonMar 12 2017, 8:33amExcellent read Alan!
Caitlin BentMar 12 2017, 10:42amWell I survived another Annagh Hill with all it's challenges. Thanks to all involved. Like to thank Hillary for retrieving my belongings near the start & to Paul Smyth for the lift down. The mist really added mystery to the course.
Fergus LynamMar 12 2017, 12:26pmHad a great time meeting you all yesterday, i have loads of photos which will be added to my facebook page,Sports Therapeutics Ireland ,well done to all ,best wishes and see you all soon ,fergus lynam.
Fergus LynamMar 12 2017, 12:28pmHad a great time meeting you all yesterday, i have loads of photos which will be added to my facebook page,Sports Therapeutics Ireland ,well done to all ,best wishes and see you all soon ,fergus lynam.
Ian HarrisonMar 12 2017, 1:35pmGreat writeup Alan. The point about the mudclaws definitely rang true for me.

Big thanks to the race organisers and volunteers.
Karen DevenneyMar 12 2017, 6:33pmWell done to Mick & Co for putting on what sounds like another great event. Results are up now, please email me at Karen.devenney at imra dot ie if there are any not post here
Peter BellMar 13 2017, 10:43amThanks to mick and his crew for a great tough race. It really did have it all. One of the best and fun routes of the year. The lads race reports explains it very well.
Mick HanneyMar 13 2017, 10:46amGreat reports lads. Very vivid!