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Laura FlynnJan 29 2017, 8:19pmRace Director and at helpers URGENTLY needed for Brockagh next weekend. Please sign up soon so we are sure this event can go ahead.
Elio MacukaJan 30 2017, 12:33amIs there anyone who will carpool and have a plan to be back in Dublin in 13h? Elio
Laura FlynnJan 30 2017, 12:16pmDue to the fact that we do not yet have a race director for Brockagh this weekend and a low sign-up of volunteers, we have decided to change the date of this event to the following Sunday , the 12th of February, when Rene and his team at Glebdalough AC have kindly come forward and take charge .
Inigo AlanaJan 31 2017, 9:54amUnfortunately, I won't be free on the 12th, so I'm removing my name from the list of volunteers.
James CurranFeb 3 2017, 6:57pmSorry Rene, cannot make the 12th so I have had to withdraw my name.
Rene BorgFeb 6 2017, 7:53pmThanks to those who have volunteered so far - we are short a laptop operator and a first aid officer at this moment.
Andrew HanneyFeb 7 2017, 12:34pmRene, if you can put me down to help at registration, and then I'd like to go take race photos at the summit like last year if there are enough volunteers. Hoping for more snowy pics!
Rene BorgFeb 7 2017, 6:14pmThat's perfect Andrew.

Volunteers: you'll receive a first email regarding likely roles tomorrow.
Rene BorgFeb 7 2017, 6:33pmNote parking has moved to Cullen's Field instead of Brockagh Centre and registration will be in the car park (read: field!) rather than the centre which is unfortunately booked out for another event.
Rene BorgFeb 8 2017, 2:13pmLast year had snow and we still got two new course records by Des Kennedy and Niamh Garvey. With a slightly drier day another record could be on the cards, the marks to beat are:

27:04 (men's record)
36:33 (women's record)

Des record run can be seen here:
Rene BorgFeb 8 2017, 3:01pmPlease note we are still missing a laptop operator. Without one the event cannot go ahead.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 8 2017, 3:33pmIt would appear we are also missing a First Aider for this race unless someone on the volunteer list is able to do this.
Rene BorgFeb 9 2017, 12:40pmJUNIORS AT THIS WEEKEND'S RACE

As Brockagh Burst full course is 6 km and the short course just under 4 km, the following junior age groups can race the two races under IMRA policy:

4 km: U15 accompanied by an adult
6 km: U17 and U19 can race

Separate from the IMRA event, Glendalough AC are also putting on a 1 mile 'super-short' race for the younger juniors. Juniors in this event should not run accompanied by an adult but should be under adult supervision.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 9 2017, 12:50pmURGENT REQUEST FOR LAPTOP OPERATOR...

I will be around before and after the race to help anyone out with this and will have race set up and ready to go. If you are available to help with this it would be very much appreciated.
Angus TynerFeb 9 2017, 9:13pmPost race cool down suggestion... I know there are some of us mad enough to consider this, but there is Orienteering at Djouce woods on Sunday and with the last start at 1pm, there is time to easily make it from Laragh in time. There is a 4.3km long novice course on offer as well as more technical courses. Follow link for further details.
Google maps location

And yes I'd do Laptop if I wasn't helping at the Orienteering. Sorry to be missing this as last year's race was epic and snow can't be ruled out again on Sunday!
Owen FletcherFeb 9 2017, 11:18pmAnybody going to this from the Dublin 15 area? Looking to carpool but there's nothing on the carpool page
Shane O'MalleyFeb 10 2017, 6:53amHi Owen,

I will be going from D15. I have to pick someone else up in parkgate st at 9 on the way.
Give me a call at 086 0607120 and we can arrange a location if that suits.

Rene BorgFeb 10 2017, 1:23pmLaptop operator situation sorted - thanks to Miriam Maher for stepping up to tutor one of our guys/gals on the day.

All we need know is a first aider :)
Rene BorgFeb 10 2017, 5:20pmIMPORTANT NOTICE

Please note the proposed 1 mile kids race will NOT go ahead this Sunday. So the 4 km short course is the only option for the U15.

U17 and older can run the full course.
Ian HarrisonFeb 11 2017, 10:41amIs registration closed? I thought I had more time but the option to purchase event entry isn't there..
Rene BorgFeb 11 2017, 10:45amhi Ian, I think registration now always closes 6 pm on the penultimate day before each race.

You can buy a race voucher off a fellow runner on the day IF you are already pre-registered for IMRA for the year.
Rene BorgFeb 11 2017, 10:46amIt looks like tomorrow could be frosty - so remember as always mandatory kit bag. A lot of the route is sheltered but you'll spend probably at least 10 minutes 'in the wind' over Brockagh East.
Ian HarrisonFeb 11 2017, 10:52amThanks for that Rene - now I know!

I am registered with the IMRA, so I'll try to buy a race voucher tomorrow. If anyone that sees this and has one to spare I'd appreciate it if they could let me know here.

Or if I can buy the race vouchers from the IMRA products section can I collect them tomorrow?
Snjezana FrketicFeb 11 2017, 11:17amHi Ian, I bought online registration for myself, but I will not be able to attend the race, maybe you can go instead of me, maybe names can be changed?
Andrew HanneyFeb 11 2017, 11:29amRace transfers are not allowed.
Rene BorgFeb 11 2017, 11:37amIf you bought online you can collect on the day.
Ian HarrisonFeb 11 2017, 11:42amOk thanks all
Rene BorgFeb 11 2017, 11:44amUPDATED WEATHER WARNING
A very cold night ahead with lows of -4c in inland counties to -2c in coastal counties and 0c along coasts.
A widespread frost with the usual black ice risks overnight and tomorrow morning. A bitter windchill tomorrow and Sunday especially along the eastern seaboard making it feel sub zero by day.
Our snow risk has not altered since our initial advisory was posted on Thursday for east Ulster, Leinster and east Munster with the coming 36hrs the highest risk.
50% CONFIDENCE; risk of sleet/snow showers over lower ground
80% CONFIDENCE; risk of snow showers over higher ground
Next 24hrs/36hrs will be a nowcast situation if streamer activity increases over the Irish Sea on a brisk E to NE wind.
Our upland and climbing/hiking warning also remains in place for the weekend with a severe windchill on exposed ground of 300m+ with the 80% risk of heavier snow showers leading to low visibility.
Trevor DavisFeb 11 2017, 1:22pmI have bought €50 worth of race vouchers.Do I need to do anything else before I go to reg tomorrow morning.
Also,are there any mandatory rules regarding gear and would trail runners be a must?
Shirley HartyFeb 11 2017, 2:14pmI have just bought race vouchers online. Can I pick these up tomorrow and register to run Brockagh burst on the day ?
Laura FlynnFeb 11 2017, 2:25pmProvided you have registered for the year Shirley you run tomorrow using a voucher and pick up the voucher tomorrow also.
Laura FlynnFeb 11 2017, 2:30pmTrevor, if you haven't already done so, you can pick up your 10-race voucher card tomorrow at registration. Please bring your confirmation email. You can then enter the race in the morning using one of the vouchers, provided you have registered for 2017 with IMRA.
If this is your first race this year you will also need to pick up your 2017 number and chip, both of which you will keep for the year.
Shirley HartyFeb 11 2017, 2:30pmBrilliant - I registered a week or two ago. See you tomorrow
Laura FlynnFeb 11 2017, 2:35pmTrevor, re your query on rules and equipment , you will find most of the answers on the website and in particular the ' beginners' tab on bottom lhs of home page. Given the weather forecast tomorrow' though I would strongly recommend studded trail shoes and lots of warm layers. There is also a mandatory jacket rule.
Trevor DavisFeb 11 2017, 4:21pmThanks for the info guys.Much appreciated.
Conan TraynorFeb 11 2017, 6:13pmIve never run with imra before, can I just register on the morning?
Jason DowlingFeb 11 2017, 6:17pmHi Conan,

If you've haven't yet registered with IMRA for 2017 then you won't be able to run tomorrow. Registration normally re-opens on the Monday or Tuesday following the race.
Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 12 2017, 3:16pmThanks very much Rene and his team of organisers today. Brilliantly organised. Really enjoyable race.
Mick HanneyFeb 12 2017, 3:34pm+1 to that. Thanks Rene and helpers. Particular thanks to those who had to brave the weather on the hill.
Rene BorgFeb 12 2017, 3:38pmThanks everyone for coming out for a cold, mostly clear, day of racing and good to see a big turn-out in Lynham's after as well.

A high level summary before official results and reports come up:

- we had just over 150 runners competing - just a bit less than last year but another good showing for this route.
- Bernard Fortune and Becky Quinn both won the race by breaking the existing course records which is now in the 26ish minutes and 32ish minutes for men and women respectively
- Mickey Fry and Torben Dahl took the final two podium spots on the day
- Keen observers noted that last year's course was slightly different -> runners took an earlier right on the return journey on the high trail below Brockagh East. The course run this year and in 2015 is the 'official' course
- There were no major incidents to report except a few errors in the ladies results during the prize-giving. Please await final results for the 'real' top-3
Gareth DonnellyFeb 12 2017, 3:42pmThanks to all the volunteers. Really enjoyed my first race.
Elio MacukaFeb 12 2017, 3:56pmA big thank you for the Marshals on the Route,a very
unpleasantly time to stand still on that weather :)
David BradishFeb 12 2017, 5:40pmThanks everyone involved, especially those up top. Really enjoyed it!
Stephen RoeFeb 12 2017, 6:50pmHello Keith Mulvey,

I found a couple of great photos this evening with myself in them that you took, Is it ok to put the up on twitter?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen #bravo20_roe
Keith MulveyFeb 12 2017, 8:16pmHi Stephen, no problem at all, all my pics on IMRA are for free distribution and unlimited non-commercial use! Glad you liked them, regards, Keith #keithmulvey
Keith MulveyFeb 12 2017, 8:16pmHi Stephen, no problem at all, all my pics on IMRA are for free distribution and unlimited non-commercial use! Glad you liked them, regards, Keith #keithmulvey
Ian HarrisonFeb 12 2017, 8:32pmWas there any keys handed in? I lost a set today, I think down in the car park. Went back to have a look after and didn't see them.

Also thanks to the organisers, was a great race!
Stephen RoeFeb 12 2017, 8:35pmMany Thanks Keith
Seán FitzgeraldFeb 13 2017, 2:51amMany thanks to the race director, the race marshals, photographer and other volunteers.
Frederique van BuurenFeb 13 2017, 10:40amThanks for organising a great race; my first and I'm looking forward to joining more this year!
Brendan O'KeeffeFeb 13 2017, 3:25pmGreat race yesterday, cold, wet and wild, the way it should be. Any idea when the results will be up?
Miriam MaherFeb 13 2017, 3:47pmHi Brendan

The committee member who looks after posting the results -Karen - is away at the moment. Results will go up after she gets back, so I'd guess it will be later this week.
Brendan O'KeeffeFeb 13 2017, 3:48pmThanks for the update.
Rene BorgFeb 13 2017, 4:57pmSince results will be a few days here are the category winners etc.
Rene BorgFeb 13 2017, 5:55pmOVERALL - MEN

1. Bernard Fortune, SBR
2. Mikey Fry
3. Torben Dahl, Glendalough AC

1. Becky Quinn
2. Catherine Devitt, Glendalough AC
3. Cathy Wyse

M40/F40: Caoimhin MacMaolain, Greystones AC and Aisling Kirwan, Parnell AC
m50/f50: tbc AND Roisin McDonnell, Setanta
M60/F60: Joe Lalor, GEN and Jane Porter, Slaney Olympic
M70/F70: Patsy McCreanor and Jean O'Neill, Fingal Orienteers

1. Jack Kennedy, Glendalough AC
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 13 2017, 7:26pmHi I have posted provisional results. I'm aware of a number of errors so if you can email me with amendments, including times, positions etc I will change. Pol.omurchu at
Robert FarrellFeb 13 2017, 9:29pmThanks everyone for a great race on Sunday from race directors to marshalls. Much appreciated standing around in the cold. My 1st IMRA race n defo not my last
Andrew HanneyFeb 13 2017, 9:56pmDon't be shy with the race reports... for such a good race there must be a few stories to tell!
Rene BorgFeb 14 2017, 10:01amRecords survives another year...

After speaking to the podium finishers, it seems an error was made in the recording of Bernard Fortune's time as 26:22. It seems it should have been 28:22 meaning Des Kennedy's record of 27:04 would stand.

we're just confirming this and will update the results once it is.
Joseph BoyleFeb 14 2017, 11:45amIn reply to Andrew Hanney's request for race reports. I used a GoPro to record the run and will upload a link if that's okay with the committee. To be clear also this was my first time to use the GoPro and only my second run. Thanks to all the volunteers and the committee for a great event. I can't wait for the next one and the recent posts on footwear were very helpful.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 14 2017, 9:33pmHi Joseph, Sounds fine.
Robert FarrellFeb 14 2017, 11:24pmJust on trail runners and what is the best?? I have a pair of Asics Kayano and i might as well been wearing slippers I was sking down the mountain. What in everyones opinion are tge best trail runners.?? Are the innov8 mudclaw worth getting ??
Jason DowlingFeb 15 2017, 6:49amHi Robert,

Check out the following thread with regards to footwear:

Good advice in there. The runners you decide upon would generally be dictated by the type of ground you intend to run on, so you could end up with two or more pairs to cover all eventualities but there are plenty of good all round runners out there.

Hope that helps,
Joseph BoyleFeb 15 2017, 9:36amAs per yesterday's post the following is a link to the GoPro video of the event, you may need to copy this to your browser. Please remember it's my 1st attempt and the files are very large so it will take some time to download or even preview. The recording split into 3 automatically.
Graham ChampFeb 15 2017, 1:13pmHi Joseph,
Fair play on the video. I tried a GoPro once myself & instead of a video I had it set to take a photo every 5 seconds. Then you can use the GoPro software to make all the still photos into a video. The added benefit I found of this is the video is not shaking (but it is only made of many photos). The other benefit is that if there is a good view or shot that you have the full size photo & not just a video screen grab.
Just my 2 cents.
Joseph BoyleFeb 15 2017, 2:11pmHi. Graham,
Appreciate that, it's what I intend to do at the next race as the video files are far too big for storage purposes.
Robert FarrellFeb 15 2017, 10:55pmThanks very much Jason. Great help
Bill HarrisFeb 16 2017, 12:19pmI think that there needs to be a proper debate on the use of 'gopro' and similar technology at mountain races. I am not sure that the consensus would be that hillrunners really want to be in races where other competitors are going about with cameras on their heads. I may be wrong on this, but I think it will take something away from our great events. Whatever happened to just living in and enjoying the moment for what it is? Interested in other views.