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Bronagh CheethamFeb 25 2016, 8:26amAnyone considering Race Directing Trooperstown can you contact me on tks
Laura FlynnFeb 25 2016, 11:27amThe Race Director slot is still not filled for Trooperstown. If anyone is interested can they please volunteer and also make contact with Bronagh to take the gear from her after Ticknock.
If anyone is thinking of volunteering for the first time but would like a hand or guidance I will help you out as I plan to be there on the day anyway though I hope to run.
The role has become easier now with the pre-registration system.
Brian O MurchuFeb 29 2016, 11:33pmWant to get your volunteering in ahead of the Leinster League? Opportunity for one of you non-running roles this Saturday! Also, did you know that taking on the role of Race Director fulfils your volunteering requirement for the Leinster League prize? So many reasons to sign up:)
Paul V MitchellMar 1 2016, 12:11pmRace time is given as 1030 but it also states that registration closes at 1045?
Can someone clarify, please?
Brian O MurchuMar 1 2016, 12:15pmThat's amended now, 10:15
Angus TynerMar 1 2016, 12:33pmI've put myself down for laptop, but would like to run. Just putting the word out in case someone else may step forward to do laptop and that there are enough volunteers, the latter looking unlikely at moment!
Mick HanneyMar 1 2016, 12:57pmJeff, I'm not sure I'll make it to the race itself. But I hope to make it to Roundwood afterwards to take on the gear for the next race.
Jeff SwordsMar 1 2016, 1:57pmNo probs Mick.

Angus has kindly volunteered for laptop operator but if anyone would like to step in and relieve him he'd be grateful. The procedure is much simpler these days in comparison with previous years.

More importantly, there's no First Aid Officer so can we have a volunteer for that.

Thanks to the rest of you guys who have already volunteered, we won't turn away some more non running volunteers though.
Paul V MitchellMar 1 2016, 2:26pmWhat is the surface like on this one?
Would normal road runners do or would you want trail shoes?
Angus TynerMar 1 2016, 2:42pmFrom the event page

"It's likely to be muddy and slippy up on the hill, so grippy shoes are recommended, flats will definitely put you at a disadvantage. And please keep in mind this race takes in more exposed open hillside than most of the other winter league races, so come prepared - windproof/waterproof top (mandatory), hat, gloves (recommended)."
Paul V MitchellMar 1 2016, 2:45pmThanks
Brendan LawlorMar 1 2016, 2:52pmHi Jeff

Can you give me a call 0h87 243279ate
Jeff SwordsMar 1 2016, 4:38pmRoisin McDonald and Dave Doherty (or someone with contact details for them), can you drop me a mail, jeffsswords at gmail dot com, so I can organise getting the race equipment you have from you. Cheers.
Brendan LawlorMar 2 2016, 8:47amHi

Can someone from the committee please clarify when online registration for Saturday's race will close?

Thank you very much to Jeff Swords who has steeped in late to Race Direct this race- all whingers will be sent to Mayo!
Jeff SwordsMar 2 2016, 3:03pmJust a quick reminder that this is the winter circular route and not the out and back summer one.

Here's a Strava link that I have from a while back,

Note that as described in the Route Description, at the start of the 10k split in the above Strava activity, runners will not be returning down that fire road at the gate as shown on the current route map. They'll continue straight past that point and further down the road turn right onto the single track through the forest and to the finish.

There'll be marshals anyway at the relevant points to point you in the right direction.
Richard NunanMar 2 2016, 8:17pmJeff - just checking did you get a chance to speak with the coachmans , the prize giving pub. They have a Staff Party, so will have low numbers available on the morning fo the race.
Tanya SheridanMar 2 2016, 8:25pmI spoke with the Coachman. It is sorted.
Jeff SwordsMar 3 2016, 11:07amGuys, we still don't have enough volunteers for this race on Saturday.

We need a few more non runners, a first aider and a laptop operator would be appreciated, but there's also a need for general helpers.
Mick HanneyMar 3 2016, 8:36pmJeff, I can take a handover from Angus if that works, before the start and man the laptop during the race?
Angus TynerMar 4 2016, 7:04amMick, thanks for stepping forward with what seems a good solution, but I'll stay with laptop throughout as I won't have time for pre race essentials such as taping ankles. There may be room to slot you in as marshal near end of race or join the finish crew.
Mick HanneyMar 4 2016, 8:24amWhat weather like near Trooperstown? Its snowing steadily where I am. I'll only be able to drive if roads are okay in the morning.
Brendan LawlorMar 4 2016, 8:28amWeather forecast -Tomorrow, Saturday, will be mostly dry with just isolated showers, again some wintry as temperatures remain low. Winds remain moderate to fresh northerly and temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees.

So we should be ok - just bring you hat and gloves!
Pól Ó MurchúMar 4 2016, 8:41amAhem and your Jacket Brendan! ;-)
Majella GeraghtyMar 4 2016, 9:17amHello there, will there be an early start tomorrow?

Thank you
Jeff SwordsMar 4 2016, 9:35amThanks for the offer Mick, as Angus says, he's in there for the long haul now.

Hi Majella, there won't be an official early start, if you're normally finishing within a reasonable time of the pack there's no need to start early. We will cater for the regular early start guys once they check in with us.
Jeff SwordsMar 4 2016, 10:02amHowever, given the distance, I'm sure we can facilitate an early start. Just make sure that when you sign on you note an early start on the sign on sheet.
Jeff SwordsMar 4 2016, 12:36pmReminder that anyone without a race voucher, or not already registered with IMRA, that are interested in this race should enter before 6pm this evening as online registration will be closed from that point on. If you miss the deadline but are already registered you can use someone elses voucher as payment on the day.

For all your registration queries visit this thread, where Brian posted a comprehensive set of guidelines towards the end.

Remember the newly introduced penalty for forgotten race numbers, at the runner’s option, an extra punch on your race voucher or to run the race without a number and not get a result. Runners in this situation without a race voucher can attempt to barter with another runner for use of his/hers for that purpose.

Prize giving and sandwiches will take place after the race in the Coach House, Roundwood. Bearing this in mind, where possible can people car pool from here. Be aware when parking at the race start not to hinder access to, or cause obstruction on, the roads around the mountain rescue base, it's also an access route for local residents. There'll be a marshal around to give a hand.

To help those working the finish, can you ensure race numbers are visible at the front as you approach the finish, and don’t forget the rain jacket requirement.

I have a number of year books for those who’ve paid for them online which you can collect before or after the race.
Mick HanneyMar 4 2016, 12:48pmAngus, if you are keen to run I'll get there earlier still and let you off the hook completely laptop-wise.
Killian MooneyMar 4 2016, 9:08pmHi, myself and my brother both registered for the race tomorrow however we will not be able to run. Would it be possible to transfer our entries to another race in the league? Thanks, Killian Mooney.
Karen DevenneyMar 5 2016, 1:58pmResults are up. Any issues, drop me a mail at karen.devenney at imra dot ie

Well done to everyone who ran today, a lovely morning for it! A special thanks to Jeff for stepping up to do Race Director for the first time, it's greatly appreciated. Remember folks that IMRA runs solely on a voluntary basis and without volunteers, races cannot go ahead. So with that in mind, please get volunteering!
Brendan LawlorMar 5 2016, 2:07pmGreat event today - very well done to Jeff and all the helpers. As deputy race director I had almost nothing to do which is the way I like it - Jeff had it all in hand! The new system is settling down well and should be very slick when we all get the hang of it
James H CahillMar 5 2016, 3:32pmThank you Jeff and all you volunteers for a great race today. Very well organized and marked and a race with everything (even some sunshine). Great day out
Jeff SwordsMar 5 2016, 10:26pmThanks to everyone that turned out today, from volunteers to runners, all who helped things go smoothly.

And thanks again to Barry for following up the prize giving with his second talk on performance nutrition.
Anne HodgeMar 5 2016, 10:56pmGorgeous day, great run!!
Thanks for everyone who helped me when I had to hobble down Trooperstown hill on a sprained ankle. Thanks to Maike, the two Mikes, the two Brendans,Rachel, Fiona, James and the guy who gave me his jacket (sorry I can't remember your name). And yes, I did have my own jacket too!!
Paul KevilleMar 6 2016, 4:17amIs there a chance my time can be included in the results. I know I did take the wrong turn at the end. But I ended up doing an extra half kilometre so the wrong turn didn't work to my advantage. Barry murray came in just ahead of me who also took the wrong turn. My time was 49.56. Thanks for a good race
Richard BrowneMar 6 2016, 4:43pmHi, that was my wife's & I first Imra event. We have done some of the adventure races before but were so impressed with how well this was run. Thanks very much to all the friendly people we met on the way and to all the organisers. Looking forward to the next event.
Kind regards.
Pól Ó MurchúMar 6 2016, 6:49pmThat's very good to hear Richard. Lovely feedback! Well done to Jeff and co. Very positive feedback. Especially given it was Jeffs first time as Race Director.