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Ryan PaetzoldFeb 16 2016, 2:34pmcan anyone let me know if there are entries available / open for the Wicklow Way Trail - pretty keen to do this one.

Niall CorriganFeb 16 2016, 2:50pmSee this thread.
Ryan PaetzoldFeb 16 2016, 2:57pmawesome, thanks
Colin DoyleFeb 17 2016, 11:32amHi there, I logged onto MyIMRA and Tried to enter the WW Trail, but there is no option to buy Trail entry only Ultra, Can anyone help?
Brian O MurchuFeb 17 2016, 11:35amHi Colin,
Entries are frozen at the moment and will go back live shortly (some work is going on in the background)
Dermot MurphyMar 4 2016, 9:17amPlease note parking and registration details for 2016 - event page also updated.

Can we rename this thread - Maurice Mullins half?

PLEASE NOTE FOR 2016 - There is no parking available at Johnnie Foxes - parking will be at Leopardstown race car park (just off the M50 at junction 15). You will need to register here and collect your race number (if you dont have one already). There will be a bus to the start at Ballinastoe. Please note that there will be no parking available at Ballinastoe - it is expected to busy with a full car park from regular users. At the end of the race, there will be a shuttle bus service from the Glencullen Golf club back to Leopardstown. The finish line will be at the Glencullen Golf club - a few hundred meters past the old finish line outside the GAA club.
Jeff SwordsMar 4 2016, 4:10pmIn case anyone was wondering who Maurice Mullins is, here's a link to the short documentary about him,

Logistically it's most likely a pain, but is there potential for a bag drop for a change of gear near the finish in order to get out of damp or wet gear when you finish and keep the shivers away while waiting for the shuttle?
Pól Ó MurchúMar 4 2016, 4:39pmI'm sure we can arrange something on that Jeff leave it with us...
Jeff SwordsMar 4 2016, 5:12pmCheers Pol.
Mick HanneyMar 6 2016, 3:45pmJust to reiterate the parking arrangements for the Trail.

There is no parking available at Johnnie Foxes - parking will be at Leopardstown race car park (just off the M50 at junction 15). Registration is here! You will need to register here and collect your race number (if you dont have one already). As per previous years we have 3 buses lined up to take runners to start.

This parking is at the southern end of the Leopardstown racecourse. Best access point is from the Leopardstown access road from the south, from the exit 15.

After the race there will be shuttle buses to take runners from Johnny Foxes back to the car park.
Jonathan DolanMar 7 2016, 6:55pmHi what time dose registration open at

And what time bus Leave also is there a bag drop
Dermot MurphyMar 7 2016, 8:25pmRegistration opens at 10am. Buses will leave from 10:30 to 11:15. Make sure you are there for registration before 11am.

No bag drop organised yet - I will need one or two volunteers to come forward to help organise this - can anyone help? Will provide an update on this closer to the day.

Could do with 2/3 running volunteers to help with parking and registration as well.

Will need a few non running volunteers to help with marshaling and the finish.
Mick HanneyMar 7 2016, 8:51pmDermot - I can help at Leopardstown.
Dermot MurphyMar 7 2016, 8:58pmCheers Mick.
Paul V MitchellMar 13 2016, 6:49pmCan you use two race vouchers to pay for this race?
Dermot MurphyMar 13 2016, 8:19pmNo - vouchers cannot be used for this race - online entry only (as stated on the event page).
Dermot MurphyMar 14 2016, 11:11amA quick reminder that entry closes on March 20th (this Sunday).
Still looking for more volunteers (both running and non running).
Donncha WalshMar 14 2016, 2:00pmI can help out at Leopardstown, im already registered to run but can help out beforehand. Will i just volunteer as a helper or what?
Dermot MurphyMar 14 2016, 2:09pmThanks Donncha - just volunteer as a helper and make sure to change yourself to a running volunteer (the default it non running)
William John BrownMar 18 2016, 10:20pmHi, I am trying to enter the Maurice Mullins half but it is not appearing on the purchase list. I think entries close on Sunday 20th so I am hoping it will re-appear? Thanks very much.
Pól Ó MurchúMar 18 2016, 10:24pmMaurice Mullins is still available...Membership is however temporarily closed until tomorrow but will reopen again then. If you have not paid your annual membership yet this is why you can't see it otherwise you should be able to purchase as normal.
William John BrownMar 18 2016, 10:30pmThanks Pol. I had just joined and hadn't been asked for any membership fee. I'll try it again tomorrow.
Patricia MurphyMar 20 2016, 8:02amI can't see the entry option on the website at the moment. The Ballyhoura races are up there. I can will again later. Thanks.
Karen DevenneyMar 20 2016, 11:09amApologies Patricia, that should be back online fore entry now and will be available until 9pm tonight
Patricia MurphyMar 20 2016, 9:08pmThanks Karen. Booked in now.
Anthony AlexanderMar 21 2016, 11:42amPerhaps this is covered elsewhere, but I cannot seem to find it: are there any refreshments being provided on the route? This will help me decide what I'd need to carry. Thanks.
Anthony AlexanderMar 21 2016, 11:45amAnd secondly: is the event self-navigation, or are there marshals on the route at key points? I was out on the wicklow way and noticed a minority of arrows are vandalised
Dermot MurphyMar 21 2016, 11:52amAnthony - there will definitely be refreshments as Crone Wood. No-one yet for Curtlestown, if anyone is available please let me know - will confirm by Friday.
Please ensure that any litter is not discarded on route - either hold on to it, or discard at aid stations.

On the navigation side, there will only be a marshal were you leave the track up from Ballinastoe and onto the Wicklow Way. You are expected to be familiar with the route, or carry a map with you if you are not. Please follow the way marked signs.
Thanks for pointing out damaged signs - if anyone is aware of damage down to the way marked signs - please post here to let people know. Please describe were the problem is and is it could lead to people going astray.
Anthony AlexanderMar 21 2016, 11:59amThanks Dermot.
I was around the Knockree area, and noticed someone had sprayed yellow paint over the yellow arrows in 2 places, confusing which way to go. This could have been intentional, as I wouldn't normally expect a vandal to carry paint around with them.
Nigel ShekletonMar 21 2016, 12:29pmHi guys and gals.

I hope this post is more appropriate for the Trail/Half forum.

I'm having a bit of difficult with logistics as my girlfriend is doing the Trail and I'm doing the Ultra. We're coming over from Scotland and will be borrowing a family member's car on which only I am insured.

I'm going to ask a big favour. The Ultra starts at 9.30am near JFs, but the registration for the Trail takes place at Leopardstown between 10am and 11am. Would some kind soul be driving down to Leopardstown Trail registration after the Ultra start, and have a spare seat to give my girlfriend a lift?

Open to suggestions on another way of organising.

Dermot MurphyMar 22 2016, 10:48amIf there is anyone else out there in a similar situation to Nigel - one person doing the Ultra, the other the half, please post up here and we can arrange car pools down to Leopardstown - you will need to go the the Glencullen Golf Club first anyway.
If that does not sort it out for you Nigel, I can give her a lift down to Leopardstown, as I should have one or two spare seats.
Lorcan FarrellMar 22 2016, 5:49pmHey Folks, two inputs here. I'm doing the half and looking forward to it but wondering if there is a chance to drop a bag off to the finish line for the people doing the half? Finishing up, it'd be handy (and comfortable!) to have a change of clothes food etc. Just wondering if there's any provision for this.

I can also volunteer before in the Leopardstown if you need an extra hand there? Just let me know and I'll put my name down.

Mick HanneyMar 22 2016, 7:58pmsmall drop bags can be accomodated for minimum after race gear. Ideally a tagged plastic bag. No valuables as this is at your own risk. I'll have my car in Leopardstown and can drive up the golf club.
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2016, 9:23pmThanks Lorcan - I should be OK for running volunteers at this stage. If you can be there shortly after 10am, I can let you know if I am short handed. If not, no need for you to do anything.

I still need some non running volunteers - for Curtlestown and also for the finish.
Stephen BrennanMar 23 2016, 1:56pmExcerpt from last year's discussion:

Can you clarify the convention in relation to Ultra and Trail runners going in opposite directions along the boardwalk and the fireroad up from Ballinastoe?

Richard Nunan Mar 16, 9:20pm From Dermot 2013 ......

The descending runner should get priority, so on the boardwalk this would mean the Trail runners giving way to the Ultra runners - but given the number of Trail runners v Ultra runners on this section, this may not be practical. The boardwalk is a bottleneck, especially so when you have runners going both ways at the same time. If the ground is dry, it should not be a problem for one person to go to one side, but it can be much harder to manage if the ground is very wet - the boardwalk is over boggy ground anyway.

The best approach would be for all runners to go to their left if they need to go off the boardwalk. So one Trail runner going up, should give way to one Ultra runners going down by hopping off to their left, one Ultra runner meeting a group of Trail runner, hop off to their left. A sensible approach on the day would be needed.
Paul O'GradyMar 23 2016, 9:09pmPublic Transport/Blackrock Pick Ups gone up on the Carpool section of the website.
Nigel ShekletonMar 24 2016, 12:54pmDermot,

Thanks for the offer. I'll come find you at registration for the ultra.

Ronan MurrayMar 24 2016, 8:20pmHi Ryan,

I can't do the race anymore. You're more than welcome to take my place but I'm not sure how to transfer my place to your name?


Ronan Murray
Dermot MurphyMar 24 2016, 8:28pmNo transfers allowed.
Andrew HanneyMar 25 2016, 8:14pmI'll be taking race pics around the JP Malone stone tomorrow, hope the weather clears up!
Vivian O'GormanMar 26 2016, 7:39pmA hugh thank you to Dermot and all the volunteers at today's trail and ultra races. The amount of time and effort it took Dermot and Co in the organising of these races was fantastic. Despite the weather everything worked. The car parking, the buses to Ballinstoe and the shuttle bus back to the car park in Leopardstown. Well done....
Ian LoughlinMar 27 2016, 12:02amI can only echo all the above,fair play to the Dermot and the team,brillant event and superbly organised considering the logistics involved.really enjoyed today,although thought that last big climb would never end and finsih line never come :-). Fair play to the ultra runners aswell.
Pól Ó MurchúMar 27 2016, 12:41pmHaving some temporary problems uploading the results to the event page so just going to post here for now. Will get updated on event page in the next few days.

1 Killian Mooney M Dundrum South Dublin 1:51:25
2 Brian Furey M Rathfarnham WSAF 1:55:25
3 David Power M Rathfarnham WSAF 1:56:31
4 Samuel Herron M Mourne Runners 2:02:31
5 Gerard Clerkin M Civil service harriers 2:03:02
6 Ben Mangan M Setanta 2:04:18
7 Mark Sheridan M DSDAC 2:04:22
8 Sarah McCormack F Clonliffe Harriers 2:07:04
9 Nigel Lucas M 2:07:29
10 Justin Maxwell M East Coast AC 2:08:04
11 Martin Brennan M 2:08:29
12 Brian McGuckin M40 crusaders ac 2:10:01
13 Damien McParland M 2:11:00
14 John Bell M 2:11:07
15 Eoghan Carton M DFAR 2:11:24
16 Richard Bell M40 Mourne Runners 2:11:32
17 Karl Maguire M 2:12:01
18 Stephen Perry M Tinahely tri club 2:12:19
19 Kate Cronin F Raheny Shamrocks 2:13:10
20 Edward Murphy M 2:13:11
21 Donncha Walsh M 2:13:35
22 Kieran Rice M50 Slieve Gullion Runners 2:14:31
23 Donal Byrne M 2:14:33
24 Gary Bailey M Mourne Runners 2:15:22
25 Justin Higgins M DLPR 2:16:32
26 Paul O'Connor M 2:17:23
27 Richard Hanna M Mourne Runners 2:17:32
28 Mel Casserly M40 Sligo AC 2:18:30
29 Shane O' Malley M40 Dublin Runners 2:19:00
30 Becky Quinn F40 2:19:08
31 David Barry M40 2:21:11
32 Daniel Morrogh M 2:21:31
33 Dylan Waldron M Granola A.G. 2:22:00
34 Damien Byrne M40 2:25:10
35 Maeve O'Grady M DFAR 2:25:11
36 Kieran Lynch73 M40 2:25:23
37 mark isherwood M 2:26:00
38 Raymond Caulfield M40 tinahely tri club 2:26:18
39 Lorcan Fagan M40 2:27:21
40 Thomas Roche M 2:28:12
41 Peter Bell M 2:29:12
42 Damian Cronin M40 Portmarnock Tri 2:29:15
43 Cormac O'Ceallaigh M40 Sli Cualann 2:29:27
44 Kieran Little M 2:30:05
45 Niamh O'Ceallaigh F Sli Cualann 2:30:08
46 Robbie Williams M Leevale / Fitnessworx 2:31:35
47 Donal Flood M DLPR 2:33:01
48 Scott Watson M DCC 2:33:16
49 Roland Griffin M40 Tinahery Tri Club 2:34:00
50 Brendan Pollard M40 2:34:06
51 David Harvey M 2:34:22
52 Ross Vickers M 2:34:25
53 David Bell M50 Mourne Runners 2:35:14
54 Gerard Cunningham M40 3ROC 2:36:06
55 William Marks M40 Mourne Runners 2:36:09
56 Hazel McLaughlin F40 Lagan Valley 2:36:15
57 Padraig Somers M Gap Trail Runners (GTR) 2:36:19
58 Amy Capper F Fulham Running Club 2:38:08
59 John Byrne M40 2:38:17
60 Dermot Maguire M40 Tinahely tri 2:39:00
61 Inigo Alana M40 2:40:13
62 Stephen Mc Cabe M Active MultiSport 2:40:18
63 Liam Lenehan M50 2:40:30
64 Sean Filan M 2:41:00
65 Tom Melligan M 2:41:18
66 Luke Greene M 2:41:33
67 Thomas Galvin M40 Glenasmole 2:41:35
68 william toomes M50 south o hanlon 2:42:03
69 Gerard Keating M40 N/A 2:42:09
70 Fergal Downes M40 2:42:21
71 Colm Howlin M 2:43:09
72 Padraig Thompson M Fitwest 2:43:18
73 Patrik Albertsson M40 2:43:27
74 John Kearney M40 Piranha Tri 2:44:06
75 Ian Loughlin M 2:44:12
76 Michael Langan M40 2:44:18
77 John P O Sullivan M40 DLPR 2:46:16
78 Gerard Madden M 2:46:29
79 Eddie Cousins M40 2:47:27
79 Niall Halpin M40 North East Runners 2:47:27
81 Brian Bell M50 2:47:30
82 Orla Jennings F DFO 2:48:00
83 Michael Hallahan M50 Middleton AC 2:48:08
84 Mick Byrne1972 M40 GTR (gap trail runners) 2:48:34
85 David G Fassbender M 2:49:01
87 Jeff Swords M40 2:49:12
88 Neil Brewster M40 2:49:18
89 Gavan Doherty M40 Crusaders AC 2:49:19
90 Thomas O'Brien M 2:49:29
91 Shane Carroll M40 dublin runners 2:50:04
92 Anne Sandford F50 LAGAN VALLEY AC 2:50:11
93 brian weir M40 2:50:31
94 Ruaidhri Fernandes M 2:51:34
95 Ruairi Mallon M 2:52:10
96 Laszlo Ora M40 Dublin Runners 2:52:12
97 Barry Breslin M 2:52:20
98 Dermot McNamara M 2:52:29
99 Peter Lord M 2:53:01
100 Liam Doyle M 2:53:23
101 Kenneth McCarthy M50 2:56:00
102 Shane McArdle M None 2:56:18
103 Philip Doyle M 2:56:25
103 Graham Doyle M 2:56:25
105 James Keane M 2:56:28
106 Brian Farren M40 Fingal 2:56:34
107 Mary Collins F50 2:58:08
107 Noel Farrell M 2:58:08
109 Maider Gaston F 2:58:10
110 Bronagh Cheetham F40 2:58:19
111 Maria Smith F 2:59:21
112 John Higgins M40 Dublin Runners 2:59:25
113 Adrian Roche M40 2:59:31
114 Patrick Dolan M 3:00:25
115 Vivian O'Gorman M60 3:01:03
116 Emma-Jane Snee F St. Cocas 3:01:07
117 Eugene Duff M40 3:03:16
117 Niall Duff M 3:03:16
119 Ben White M40 121 fitness 3:03:34
120 Stacy Masterson F 3:04:04
121 Dermot Mathers M The Running Coaches 3:04:15
121 Frank McKenna M50 Newry City Runners 3:04:15
121 Gareth Kelly M40 3:04:15
121 Kealan Curran M Running Coaches 3:04:15
125 Trevor Kerley M50 fingal orienteers 3:05:07
126 nicola cleary F40 3:07:17
127 Catherine Maxwell F East Coast AC 3:08:35
128 Kevin McCabe M 3:09:26
129 samantha kelly F40 coral runners arklow 3:09:31
130 Anne Marie O'Brien F40 3:10:29
131 Diarmuid Kelly M40 3:12:16
132 Eithne McShane F40 3:13:00
133 Connie McCann F40 3:14:17
134 Matthew Branch M40 3:14:25
135 jonathan dolan M40 dublin bay runners 3:16:33
136 Sarah Mc Eneaney F 3:17:04
137 Morgan O'Halloran M40 3:20:01
138 Justin Rea M50 3:20:32
139 Lynda Talbot F50 3:21:10
140 Gavin PJ Murray M40 Dublin Runners 3:21:13
141 Patricia Murphy F40 Le Cheile 3:22:23
142 Ronan Halpin M40 None 3:25:18
143 Melanie Labor F 3:28:17
144 Michele Geoghegan F50 Coral Runners 3:30:09
144 Tina Kealy F40 Coral Runners 3:30:09
146 Maeve Hegarty F40 3:30:16
147 Aidan Blighe M DSDAC 3:34:00
148 Dave Kane M40 3:34:33
149 Lorcan Farrell M 3:35:00
150 Mark Tonge M40 DSD AC 3:35:22
151 Eileen Walsh F40 Serpentine 3:35:33
152 Deirdre Bohan F50 Le Cheile 3:37:21
153 Grace Egan F40 Le Cheile 3:37:24
154 Paul Smyth M50 Ajax 3:42:25
155 Elaine McCormack F50 NONE 3:43:14
156 Gordon Douglas M60 4:07:23
157 Sara Hayden F 4:08:14
158 jim shanahan M40 N/A 4:15:30
159 Catherine Murphy F40 4:22:19
160 Helen Weir F40 north Belfast harriers DNF
160 Conor O'Meara M40 DNF
160 Paulette Thomson F40 Newcastle ac DNF
Pól Ó MurchúMar 27 2016, 2:11pmResults up on the event Page now. Any problems let Karen know... karen.devenney at imra dot ie
David BellMar 27 2016, 4:49pmThanks to all the organisers for a marvellous event from the Mourne Runners contingent. A major logistical exercise which ran like clockwork!
Mary CollinsMar 28 2016, 3:23pmThanks Dermot, Pol and all the team of volunteers, for all the effort pre, per and post race. It was so well organized, ( as always) due to huge amount work in background. Thanks. Mary Collins
Dermot MurphyMar 28 2016, 7:33pmI hope everyone has recovered at this stage and enjoyed the day on Saturday! The wind and rain made things difficult at times, but that makes it all the more satisfactory afterwards.

I would like to thanks all the volunteers who helped out on the day - the race cannot happen without their help - thanks to Lindie, Richard and Brendan at the half way point, Mary and Diarmuid O'Colmain at Crone wood, Jim Fitzharris at Curtlestown, Henny Brandsma for marking and Mrshalling at Lough tay, registration and parking - John and Peter Bell (parking), Brendan, Adrian, Donncha and Liam at registration, and at the finish - Roisin and Alan, with further help from Angela.

Thanks to Mick Hanny for arranging the busses and the bag drops - further help here from John Shiels (and photo's)with the bags.

Also thanks to members of the Mullins family for supporting the event this year - Fiona spoke before both the Ultra main start and the Half, and Maeve ran in the Half as well.

Also thanks to Matt for providing the facilities at the Golf Club - it was great to have them.

Thanks also to anyone else who helped out on the day not mentioned above.

Hope you can all make it back next year!
Dermot MurphyMar 29 2016, 10:24amThere have been a couple of race reports posted up for the Ultra in the race reports section - does anyone want to put one up for the Half? The more the merrier!
Luke GreeneMar 31 2016, 9:19pmHi there,
Thanks to all organisers from last Saturday for putting on a great event.
Does anybody know if there are photos of the event anywhere?
Mick HanneyMar 31 2016, 9:23pmPhotos up on IMRA Facebook page or so far.
Luke GreeneMar 31 2016, 9:55pmCheers Mick
Andrew HanneyMar 31 2016, 10:03pmI've just put most of mine up on this site. The upload kept failing so I may have missed some.