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Vivian O'GormanJul 5 2015, 10:31pmHi Folks,

Volunteers needed namely a First Aid person and Summit Marshalls.

This race starts at 11.00am

Race Registration will open at 9.30am and finish at 10.45am

Early starters can go at 10.00am

Car Parking is in the car park beside Campbells Pub in Murrisk.

The race starts beside Campbells in Murrisk and finishes in Lecanvey. There will be a bus to bring all runners back from Lecanvey to Campbells.The bus will be at the finish in Lecanvey from 12pm.

Anything you want at the finish - clothes - food - water into Maike Jurgens or Paddy Lords car. There is extremely limited parking on the narrow road at the finish so please use their cars.

The end of this race will be marked from the cairn down to the finish.This is the only part of the course that will be marked.

We have permission to use the field for the race finish on one condition - please leave the field by the gate and NOT by climbing over the fence!!

The kit requirement for this race: Longsleeved rainproof jacket - hat/gloves - bumbag with biscuits/chocolate or whatever suits you and water. Also Map - Compass and Whistle and /or your mobile phone.The Map can be downloaded from the events page.

Please don't leave any rubbish behind in the field.
Vivian O'GormanJul 5 2015, 10:45pmApologies everybody this race starts at 12pm.

So Race Registration will be at 10.30am and finish at 11.45am and the early start will be at 11.00am.
Tadgh MCgintyJul 6 2015, 10:44amHello
Is it up and down croagh Patrick?
Maike JürgensJul 6 2015, 11:00amthe route goes up Croagh Patrick by the main track and the downhill then goes north from the top of Croagh Patrick via a less worn path/open mountain. You can check the "Map" tab under event details to check the route
Tadgh McgintyJul 6 2015, 11:08amOkay so the downhill won't be as steep?
Maike JürgensJul 6 2015, 11:27amthe downhill still is fairly steep and the initial downhill is on a scree slope. this is followed by a rather flatish downhill section on bog, a short uphill and the final decent is steep on grass with the odd rock thrown in. i am not a huge fan of downhilling especially on scree, so that's why i am not running this one.
Stuart ScottJul 6 2015, 11:32amAh Maike! It's actually a really enjoyable downhill and more than makes up for the misery of the climb.

Tadgh, you'll find people tend to go at whatever speed is safe for them so provided you're not crawling down barefoot you'll be grand!
Dermot McNamaraJul 6 2015, 5:29pmHi Maike, I can do Summit Marshall for Croagh Patrick.
Maike JürgensJul 7 2015, 10:20amthanks Dermot, Karen. that makes Karen and Dermot summit marshalls, thanks for stepping up. we have enough running/non-running volunteers now but still need a first aider.
George FlynnJul 8 2015, 7:53amHow do you register for this event?
Mick HanneyJul 8 2015, 8:08amYou can register on the morning of the race, Race Registration will open at 9.30am, usually held in the car park at Murrisk.
Have you raced an IMRA race before? If so great. If not then Croagh Patrick may not be the ideal first race particularly if the weather is down.
Maike JürgensJul 10 2015, 12:18pmJust a reminder for Sunday: please bring a hat and a showerproof jacket, these are mandatory. Map and compass are also mandatory especially given that the weather forecast is not too good at the moment. Registration will open at 10.30, race start is at 12.00.
Maike JürgensJul 10 2015, 1:13pmalso, with respect to the map it might be worthwhile printing the map under event tab since Croagh Patrick is on 4 different OSI map sheets.
Karen DevenneyJul 12 2015, 8:52pmProvisional results:

M1 Bernard Fortune 55:30
M2 Gerard Heery 56:18
M3 Jason Kehoe 56:47

M40 Des Kennedy
M50 Martin McDonald
M60 Joe Lalor
M70 Patsy McCreanor
MJ Tadgh McGinty

F1 Becky Quinn 70:09
F2 Geraldine Gill 75:30
F3 Deirdre Finn 78:01

F40 Ann Hunter
F60 Mary Mackin

Full results sent to Pol so will hopefully be online soon. Any issues, drop him a mail. Well done everyone who ran and a special thanks to Maike on her debut RD and Vivian and Paddy Lord for all their fantastic organising
Kathryn AikenJul 13 2015, 4:27pmHi I'm not in the results, I was number 963 and did a high 1.18, can you add me in please?
Vivian O'GormanJul 13 2015, 9:25pmA big thank you to everybody both runners and volunteers
for a great weekend. Everything went well despite the weather
on Saturday for Mweelrea.
Vivian O'GormanJul 13 2015, 9:41pmAlso congratulations to Becky Quinn and Bernard Fortune
who are Connaught Champions for 2015...
Anne HodgeJul 15 2015, 8:52amGreat weekend! Thanks Vivian and Maike for organising two great races - and even sorting out the weather for Sunday. Croagh Patrick much more exciting when you belt down the far side instead of trudging back the pilgrims way! The holy BBQ was amazing - thanks Stuart, Eoin and Daniela etc. Looking forward to next year!
Maike JürgensJul 15 2015, 11:45amthanks all for a great weekend, thanks a million to Vivian and Paddy for all the organisation, thanks Karen for a great laptop job and Dermot as summit marshall.
it was great to see the difference in how people attacked the last decent and some spectacular finishes
i am also very pleased to note that noone climbed the fence :)

get well soon to all that took a tumble.

congratulations again to Bernard and Becky

Kathryn, if you newly registered on the day, it might take a while to appear in the results. if there are any problems, you can drop an email to the results secretary (Pol.omurchu at imra dot ie)
Stuart ScottJul 15 2015, 2:47pmMany thanks as always to those who made the weekend a success and highlight of the running calendar as always. Particularly Vivian, Paddy, Maike, Eoin, Daniela, Karen and also Rachel for organising the campsite again. The scenes of devastation post-tornado were quite entertaining but thankfully the majority pulled through!

A small request to the incoming Race Coordinator though - the second weekend in July seems to be cursed for weather so please choose another. That's the third year in a row that Mweelrea's lost its summit!
Val JonesJul 16 2015, 8:41amStuart
I think Mweelrea is similar to Brandon, more than 50% chance of being covered in mist. I was hiking there the last weekend in June and it was 10M visibility above the cliffs
Mick HanneyJul 16 2015, 11:37amIf not Mweelrea then what other peak is worth a look? Perhaps something that hasn't been done, certainly in recent years?
Maike JürgensJul 16 2015, 12:37pmI saw Ben Gorm has been done previously, it s a lovely hill, i think mountainviews says that the farmer wants groups of more than 2 people to tell him they are coming. parking at waterfall
lackavrea seems to be an overlooked hill, it s quite lovely if you do a loop, steep ascent, rocky top, boggy downhill but comparably short and parking might be an issue.
leenane hill might be an option but i haven't done that yet. parking in leenane village?
not sure the maamturks would be the best for running on or some form of nice sort of circular route.