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Johnathan McgraneJul 24 2015, 11:34pmHi looking for a bit of information, i took part in the kippure run there on wed it was my first run with the imra. I had joined imra a few days before kippure and paid the annual fee i was asked for my runner number but forgot it and was issued with the number 1367 but after logging into imra site i noticed ive a different number??
Joe LalorJul 25 2015, 12:59amJohnathan, We issued you next available on Wed., not knowing your already issued number. Results are with the results sec., this situation will cause complications when he tries to enter runner with two numbers. This will take someone IT team to resolve, could take a few days
James H CahillSep 1 2015, 12:51pmThe Dublin Peaks Race route has been altered slightly as the summit of Cruagh is located on private land.

I will put specific location details of the checkpoint on Glendoo on the forum in due course.
James H CahillSep 1 2015, 12:59pma new route map will be put up in due course.

The new course is available on the race details page
James H CahillSep 1 2015, 1:24pmMap is now up showing control locations.
Dimitri MEFFRESep 14 2015, 5:36pmHi I've just joined IMRA and i'm volunteering as helper for this race. I am looking for some infos as to where and when am I expected to show up please? as well as all other infos you could throw at me so I can organize myself and be as useful as possible. Thank you.
James H CahillSep 15 2015, 12:35amHi Dimitri, welcome to IMRA. I will let everyone know their responsibilities the week before the race. The race start will be at Ticknock Woods which is marked as Three Rock Woods under the maps tab on the race details page. I will be in contact with more details in due course
Dimitri MEFFRESep 15 2015, 6:46pmHi James, Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to the event.
James H CahillSep 17 2015, 10:29amThank you for all the volunteers so far. I could do with a couple more running volunteers to assist at registration, and a laptop operator and first aider. This is quite a lengthy race so there is an opportunity for the non- running volunteers to get out for a run themselves whilst the runners tackle the challenges of the Dublin Peaks.
Inigo AlanaSep 18 2015, 6:20amJames, I'd like to volunteer for this. I've never done it before. I'm not a first aider but anything else you need will be fine. I'm planning on running on the day. Cheers!
James H CahillSep 18 2015, 7:52amHi Inigo, thank you for volunteering and I will be in contact the week before the race with more details.
James H CahillSep 18 2015, 7:54amI should enough running volunteers now. Thank you to all who responded. Still looking for a laptop and first aider.
James H CahillSep 18 2015, 2:23pmSome further details about the Glendoo Summit Control. Glendoo has two summits in close proximity to one another. The more Southerly Summit is the higher and is the control point for this race. On some maps this summit is indicated as Glendoo Summit, on others Glendoo South and on others Glendoo South Summit. This Summit does not have a cairn or trig point. However, passing very close to (South East and South) or possibly through this Summit is a fence line. The control will be located on the highest fence post in this fence line. For ease of location during recces the top of the fence post has been painted Jasmine (Yellowish White). This post also currently sports a child's shoe on top of it and a dogs leather collar around it. A location map of this control is on the map page and on the photos page.
Stuart ScottSep 18 2015, 2:37pmJames...a child's shoe, leather collar and jasmine paint are a strange combination of things to have in one's possession!!
James H CahillSep 18 2015, 3:17pmHa! Stuart - for clarification, the child's shoe and dog collar were already in place before my arrival. Most would have chosen a dollop of white paint, but I wanted to show some style and felt Jasmine was what was needed atop Glendoo!
James H CahillSep 22 2015, 11:43amPicture of Glendoo Summit Fence Post, the location of the Glendoo Summit Control, now included on the photos page. It is the most obscurely decorated (paint, child's shoe, leather dog collar), best identified by map (included in maps and photo page) and grid reference (O141204)fence post in Ireland - so no excuses (I couldn't find it / it wasnt clearly marked) will be accepted on the day!
Warren SwordsSep 22 2015, 11:55amThat photo of the fence looks like something out of the Wickerman. Along with the description.

That said, I feel jasmine was the right choice.

I'm hoping to get up for a reccee this weekend if anyone fancies it.
James H CahillSep 22 2015, 11:57amThank you to all volunteers so far. I now have enough running volunteers, non-running marshals and a first aider. However, I could do with one more non-running volunteer (ideally a laptop operator). It is a long race and there is an opportunity for the non-running volunteers to get in a run themselves and assist with collecting controls from Fairycastle and Tibradden whist the race is taking place (or to tag onto the back of the race till Tibradden). What better way to enjoy yourself? Any volunteer? - I will resort to conscription / press-ganging as required.
James H CahillSep 25 2015, 10:54amSome reminders: Reminder: There is a short course option comprising - Ticknock > FairyCastle > Tibradden > Glendoo > Bog Road Junction > Free Route Choice Back to Ticknock

This shortens the race distance by approximately 10km

An excellent option with the opportunity to run on tracks / trails / open mountain, without the extra challenge of ascending Kippure
James H CahillSep 25 2015, 10:55amReminder: Time Cut off at Bog Road - This race will have a cut-off time. 2.30pm at checkpoint at the start of bog road up to Kippure. This is standard practice in long distance races. This time is generously set at over 200% of the winning time. Runners failing to meet this cut-off must turn back and complete the short course.

This is a condition of race entry.

There is an early start at 11:00am for runners normally in excess of 160% of the winning time in long distance IMRA races.
James H CahillSep 25 2015, 10:55amReminder: - there is a kit requirement for this race: "A basic kit will be required to be carried, irrespective of weather, and will be checked at start and checkpoint Bog Road, failure to produce the required kit here will lead to disqualification. The kit will comprise of water/wind proof jacket (double top will not suffice), hat, gloves, emergency food (gels, sweets etc) map or copy of route, phone (with the IMRA emergency number saved)."

It is important that a phone be carried. Because there is free route choice back from Kippure we need to able to contact you / locate you in the event of injury.

Kit will be checked at the start / finish and may be spot checked by marshals anywhere en route.

No Kit at the start = No race for you

No Kit en route or at the finish = Disqualification
dimitri meffreSep 25 2015, 8:10pmHi, this is my first event. I am volunteering as first aider and I would like to find a lift to get there. I live in Dublin 1 but i could take the dart to anywhere on the line handy for anyone who would have a seat for me? Any suggestions welcome please. Thank you.
James H CahillSep 29 2015, 8:31pmForecast is good for Saturday. Some low cloud may add to the navigation challenge on Glendoo and Kippure
Keith MulveyOct 1 2015, 4:45pmHi, I'll be doing the Dublin Peaks race on Saturday. I haven't collected my IMRA league prize yet (eligible). Any chance, if there are some left, that I could collect mine then please? (XL). Thanks, Keith :)
Rachel CinnsealachOct 1 2015, 9:58pmAnyone. Living near Palmerstown that is going to Dublin Peaks race? I need to get the vouchers to the race. I can call out to you with them tomorrow night.
Gerard KeatingOct 2 2015, 7:10pmRachel - I'll be passing through Palmerston tonight approx 8 if you still need the vouchers collected?
Dimitri - if you can take the luas to rialto in the morning I can give you a lift? I'll only be running the short course but I'm sure there will be plenty if lifts into town afterwards
dimitri meffreOct 2 2015, 7:18pmHi Gerard, That would be great thank you. What time would you like me to be at Rialto?
Paul O'GradyOct 2 2015, 7:34pmDimitri

I am coming from Blackrock - so I canert you at the Dart Station or the Green Luas at 10am if that suits you better?
dimitri meffreOct 2 2015, 7:55pmHi Paul, Blackrock dart station is great too. I can be there for ten no problem.
Dimitri MEFFREOct 2 2015, 8:10pmPaul, I have to leave my house now so I won't have access to the forum until much later. I will go to Blackrock dart station for 10am if that's ok with you. If there were any problem, please let me know. my mobile is 0860887705. Thank you very much.
Rachel CinnsealachOct 2 2015, 11:40pmThanks to everyone you got in touch, Ciara now has vouchers and EOL tops.
Keith MulveyOct 3 2015, 6:36pmThanks a mill I got my EOL top :)
Gerry BradyOct 3 2015, 7:27pmExcellent course today James and very well organised. The details on the IMRA web page are sufficient to let every runner know that a huge amount of planning has gone into managing the race. Thanks also to Joe Lalor for creating the event and to the volunteers on the day.

The course has many route choice options creating continuous uncertainty in the runners minds as to whether they are getting it right!
James H CahillOct 3 2015, 10:06pmThank you to everyone who came out to “enjoy” the excursion onto the Dublin Peaks for today’s race. Weather conditions made navigation very manageable and it may be a very different course in tougher weather.

Well done to everyone who ran and particularly to the Long Course Winners Laurence Quinn & Siobhra O’Sullivan and the Short Course Winners Gerard Keating and Karen Johns.

Thank you to the running volunteers and a special thank you to the non-running volunteers and marshals who gave up their entire day so that the runners could enjoy the mountains - thank you Ciara Ni Mhurchu and Dimitri Meffre at the start/ finish and to our on course marshals Liam Vines and Leo Mahon. Thank you also to volunteer photographer (although he may have been press ganged into the role) Brian O’Murchu. Joe Lalor is the original designer of this great route and Joe helped me hugely with the route alterations and reccies. Thank you Joe. Also thank you to Rachel Cinnsealach who did lots of “behind the scenes” work with permits, vouchers, equipment, end of league prizes - you name it Rachel did it! Thank you Rachel.

Being race director gives you a little insight into just how much unrewarded and in many cases un-thanked work goes on behind the scenes by all the IMRA committee members - thank you IMRA committee!

Results are with the results secretary and should be on the website over the coming days, just let me know if there are any errors or corrections required.
James H CahillOct 4 2015, 12:22amGreat race report by Gerry Brady on the reports section. Also have added the Bog Road splits in the reports
dimitri meffreOct 4 2015, 2:13pmHi everyone, although I did not run the race, I really enjoyed volunteering at this event. Great bunch of people all round. I am looking forward to running Powerscourt ridge!
James H CahillOct 6 2015, 10:42pmExcellent race reports up by Gerry Brady (short course), Andre Van Barnveld (long course) and Laurence Quinn (Long Course Winner). Laurence's report details his winning route. Laurence's pre-race recces paid off handsomely with a 25 minute winning margin on the field.
Gavan DohertyOct 7 2015, 6:47amFrom my vantage point I managed to get nearly everyone on their way back from Kippure.... photos up on

I also put a picture up of Laurence's winning route here:
Laurence has covered much of the Dublin Peaks terrain orienteering over the years, as described in his report:

If you're interested in finding out more about navigation, you can go to Three Rock Wood and try orienteering this Sunday (Oct 11th). The area is ideal for beginners and there's a range of course lengths/difficulties available. The Red course is aimed at hill runners (5.7k, all on trails, easy navigation).
Parking is at the Johnnie Fox's side of Three Rock wood, details on

I think Dimitri is the first person I've met who decided to volunteer for a race before ever actually running one himself! Hopefully he'll make the time to get out to Powerscourt Ridge.
Brian O MurchuOct 7 2015, 1:38pmBoth Dimitri and Ciara hadn't run with IMRA, which beats my running 3 races before volunteering
Inigo AlanaOct 7 2015, 1:45pmAnd my 2 races...
Dimitri MeffreOct 7 2015, 2:45pmI have that week end off of college for Powerscourt ridge. I am really looking forward to it! I also think volunteering is a good way to see how these events go, you get an idea of what to wear or what kind of equipment mountain runners have, to do a race. Pretty useful for a beginner like me for example!
James H CahillOct 10 2015, 3:15pmThe full long and short course results are in the reports. The results secretary will post them on the system in due course. In the meanwhile if there are any errors, please let me know and we can get them corrected