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Gerry BradyMar 8 2015, 3:17pmEntry form is available on event web page.
Rachel CinnsealachMar 11 2015, 9:37pmThis is a fantastic event.

If there are people out there looking to run a leg of it, but are not on a team and they would like to be... Post here or email me at rachelcinnselaach at gmail dot com and I'll do my best to sort you out.
Mick HanneyMar 12 2015, 5:41pmIf anyone was interested in forming a team I'd be happy to do a leg. Preferably leg 1 or 4.
Paul O'GradyMar 12 2015, 10:01pmHi Rachel, I'm available for a random team also. Preferably Leg 1.
James CurranMar 18 2015, 9:22amI would like to run a leg.
Andre Van BarneveldMar 26 2015, 7:44amI would be keen to run a leg, any leg but prefer leg 2 or 3
Juju JayApr 2 2015, 8:30pmhi all.
does anyone know when the last date is for sign up?
Gareth LittleApr 2 2015, 9:40pmJay, as per entry form, it's says 4th Apr. Thx
Juju JayApr 3 2015, 4:30pmThanks dude. Just wanted to be sure.
Looks like am out so.. As planned to run leg 3 Monday and then sign up...
Thanks anyhow.
Richard NunanApr 3 2015, 6:57pmJuju, you can still enter Monday
Gerry BradyApr 4 2015, 11:55am30 teams entered. An early start option at 08:00 has been added as well as the 08:30 early start. Can runners synchronise their watches with internet time on Friday evening.

All first-timers should read through previous race reports and take heed of the advice to bring enough gear with them if they are running it solo.

A few volunteers welcome to work as time-keepers at a handover point.
Gerry BradyApr 6 2015, 9:49pmThings to think about:

Teams should generally be self-sufficient and able to take care of each other;

This is a big challenge for a solo runner. Solo runners need to be ready for a wide variety of weather and an abundance of wet boggy ground on leg 2. The mountains can look very inviting from the hotel (in the shelter from the wind).

For each leg, runners should have a Plan B for if things go wrong and you want to abandon. Look at the map and identify options for the early, middle, and late stages of a leg.

My number is 087 617 4021. If you cannot reach a volunteer please leave a message at the hotel reception in Glendalough. The IMRA help number is on the back of your race number. Much of the course will not have mobile coverage.

If you want something brought to a handover, please write your name and the handover leg on it.

Make sure the marshals record your name at each handover point so we know what legs you have completed.

36 teams entered.
Juju JayApr 8 2015, 2:42pmthanks Richard am there now.. roll on race day..
see you there.
Warren SwordsApr 9 2015, 11:47amHi,

Regards: 'If you want something brought to a handover, please write your name and the handover leg on it.'

While ensuring to bring adequate clothing and food for all weathers, is it possible to leave water/energy drinks at each handover?

Read previous solo reports of the race which mention picking up bottles at hand overs.

Looking forward to it. Weather forecast is looking OK at the moment with "good sunny spells" for the morning at least.
Brian O MurchuApr 9 2015, 4:06pmHi,
Wondering if anyone is traveling from Dublin with a spare seat?
Warren SwordsApr 9 2015, 6:04pmI have a spare seat Brian. Sent you an email to your gmail.
Gerry BradyApr 9 2015, 9:55pmWarren, you have both options: you or someone can leave it at the changeovers but note that marshals will be aiming to get to a handover point around 20 minutes before the first runner. The alternative is that you give it to me at registration but make it simple for us to know which handover you want it brought to.
Solo runners will get a complimentary gel at registration. There will be 18 250 ml bottles of water at each handover point but bear in mind the slowest solo runners may have more need of these and you have to carry the empty bottle to the next handover point!
Deirdre O'RiordanApr 10 2015, 11:44pmMy apologies, I didn't realiSe I had clicked on volunteer for this event. ...small keypad, big fingers. Sorry again, I do intend to volunteer in the future but can't make it for this race.

James ClancyApr 11 2015, 7:14pmMany thanks to Gerry Brady and his team of incredible volunteers for an absolutely amazing well organised event today. Really recommend this event in the future, brilliant team or solo event covering some of the most beautiful terrain in Ireland. Congrats to the winning team and all finishers, also a new course record and new solo record for course!! A great day out in the hills.
Melanie WalshApr 11 2015, 8:00pmThanks to Gerry Brady and all those who helped to organise this unique event. Our team all enjoyed being part of this race, from the recce's in fog and driving rain to race day, a mixed bag of weather depending on the leg! Well done to all the runners, teams and solo's, and to the winners and record breakers.
Richard NunanApr 11 2015, 8:59pmSuper event today, thanks again Gerry, Leo and the marshals who stayed out there today. Well done to all the Team and Solo participants. Cracking run from Adrian Hennessy smashing the Solo record today !!
Brian O MurchuApr 11 2015, 9:56pmRace report up!
Adrian HennessyApr 11 2015, 10:06pmBig thanks to Gerry and his team today for another great WGL. The weather mostly co-operated this year. Well done to everyone who took part.
Paul SmythApr 12 2015, 8:33amA big think you to everyone who helped to make this great race possible.
Sam HuntApr 12 2015, 10:00amBrilliant day out. A fantastic race, the route is spectacular. Big thank you to Gerry, and all the other really helpful volunteers I met along the way. Great organisation and enthusiasm. I will be back next year for sure! Many thanks. Sam
Juju JayApr 12 2015, 3:16pmhey Gerry. great event and super day for it too!
thanks to all the helpers and Gerry for an super race.
and well done to everyone who took part, the solo has to be one very tough race but I really loved it all!. roll on next year!...
Rachel CinnsealachApr 12 2015, 5:36pmThis is definitly one of the best events on the calander. Wicklow is so beautiful. It's great fun, waiting for your team mate to come in, and chatting to all the other competitors... Each of the four legs is challanging, so for people who ran all four RESPECT. A huge thanks to Gerry, Leo, Aoife, Paul, Geraline and Damien, it was mighty cold standing around.

Well done to the team who got first (Our president Richard included) and broke the course record which they held for 15 min!
Well done to Roisin and Joe on getting second! Ye are savage!
Well done to the team who got third who broke the course record (including our Safety officer Gareth).

Well done to Adrian Hennessy on breaking the solo record!

And well done to yet another committee member Daniela for being the first solo women home.
Gerry BradyApr 13 2015, 12:13amAll results in race report, lots of records.
James H CahillApr 13 2015, 8:52amThank you Gerry, Paul, Damian, Leo, Geraldine and Aoife for giving up your entire day so we could "enjoy" our day in the hills. Navigation conditions were the easiest they have been for the past number of years but easy navigation didnt flatten the hills and the climb to Arts Lough and on to Cloghernagh is still a "leg jellier". My watch ran out of battery on leg 4, so Sunday was spent logging on to IMRA watching the leg results waiting for exam results (my end result " tries hard but limited ability will always keep him bottom of the class"). Watching the results appear during the course of the day highlighted that Gerry not only gives up his time on the day, but in advance organizing and the following day sorting through organizing checking rechecking and publishing the results. Thank you Gerry and all the volunteers for putting on one of the very best races on the IMRA calendar.
Daniela BoehmApr 13 2015, 9:15amJust want to add to the list of big THANK YOUs to Gerry and his great team of helpers for all the hard work and long day of waiting around - it is hugely appreciated! Sorry for making you get set-up even earlier by taking an early-early start. What a spectacular day and magnificent race (even if the legs may not have agreed with this statement every step of the way)!!!:)
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Apr 13 2015, 12:30pmAlso wanted to add my thanks for a great event on Saturday, and to say sorry to Gerry and the checkpoint marshals for making them wait around so long. 5 of us tackled the full course as a group and for a few of us it was a baptism of fire but my main aim for the group was to test their mental strength and to kick-start their training for the year and the course certainly did that. Now I've got a very motivated group of lads looking to improve their hill work :)
We'll definitely be back next year and we won't leave ye waiting around :) Well done to all the other competitors, there was a great buzz and banter among everyone involved.
Stephen BrennanApr 13 2015, 4:11pmIt's a brilliant event. So well run!

I still can't believe I missed my turn on table track. It's not like I didn't do a dozen Art O'Neill recces. Must look different in daylight!
Jason DowlingApr 13 2015, 11:31pmRace report up. Route taken can be viewed here:

A big thank you to Gerry and all the volunteers on the day for such a brilliant day in the hills. It was very much appreciated.
James H CahillApr 14 2015, 12:24amGreat reports Jason, Brian and Adrian, very enjoyable reading. I have added a few words also.
Ken CowleyApr 14 2015, 6:51amGuys, these race reports are great, everyone should read them. They show the fun, travails and all that is good about IMRA. And they are funny too.. here's a good line from James Cahill's WGL report - ' Heading down the trail all the way the paparazzi (A.K.A. Gerry Brady) sprung from behind a rock and helpfully informed me that there was a runner about a minute and half behind me (I didn't want to admit that given my early start I was more likely 58 and half minutes behind the runner behind me!).'
Niall CorriganApr 15 2015, 2:49pmRace report added.
John CondonApr 24 2015, 9:48amHi, Would it be possible to get the solo results up on the site?