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Sam ScrivenApr 22 2014, 10:12amThis race is currently listed as taking place on Saturday. Can anyone confirm that this is correct? I think it was held on the Sunday the last couple of years.
Peter O'FarrellApr 22 2014, 10:45amYes I believe this race will be on the Saturday in an initiative to generate a festival weekend of hillrunning with a new and exciting race to be announced for the Sunday.

I would ask if it is feasible to delay the start time by an hour or two to allow travelling down on the day.

With the Slieve Donard race opening the champs it would be fantastic to continue the encouragement of our northern brethren.

The Slieve Donard race begins at 2pm and it would be a huge help for on the day travel to have the Carantoohill event start at 2pm also.

thank you.
ps : even 1pm would help :)
Brendan LawlorApr 22 2014, 10:49amHere here Peter !

Wouldn't want you missing your fry up...
Rachel CinnsealachApr 26 2014, 9:19pmThis year there will be a munster w/e in IMRA. Carantoohil will be raced on the Saturday and the famous John Lenihan is organising a 8 km trail race on Sunday. We hope to make a social weekend out of it. Book accomodation somewhere in Kerry and get lots of people down to run and socialise. Any suggestions or comments or where to stay are welcome.

There will be more details shortly and we will add Johns race to the IMRA Calendar.
Gareth LittleMay 8 2014, 10:53pm
I need to be back in Dublin on the Saturday after this race. Is anyone planning on heading down and back on the same day? Thx
Conor MurphyMay 21 2014, 10:04am
Got news last week that no surgery needed on knee so on the comeback trail but think this might come a few weeks too soon - just on an exercise bike really. Will see how physio reacts to the idea!

If can't run or at least jog it, think I should be okay to volunteer anyway. In fact a walk to the top or to Caher might be what the knee needs.
Vivian O'GormanMay 21 2014, 4:44pmHi Conor - I am looking for Summit Marshalls for both Carrauntoohol and Caher so if you are sure about your knee just let me know.

I will be posting more info tomorrow evening
Niamh O'GormanMay 25 2014, 9:08pmHi, Vivs My IMRA is acting up so he asked me to post the following?

Hi Folks - More Info


Summit Marshalls - Carrauntoohil - Caher - Curraghmore

First Aid Person - Non Run

Laptop Person - Run

2/3 for Race Entry
1/2 for Finish

The Race will start at 1pm

Race Registration will open at 11am and close at 12.30pm Sharp

Early Start at 12pm - just let me know before you go

There is a kit requirement for this race - longsleeved rainproof jacket - hat/gloves - bumbag with chocolate/biscuits or whatever suits you and water

This is NOT a beginners race,mountain running experience IS required. If you want to try mountain running go for an easier race first.

Car Parking

There is absolutely NO parking on the road.ALL car MUST park in the place provided for 3 Euro per car.This area will will be clearly marked.Try carpooling from the Climbers Inn.
Conor MurphyMay 27 2014, 10:16amYeah, I'll volunteer. Think the knee would be okay for uphill, but think milling down Carrauntoohil full tilt might be a bit unwise. Can do summit marshall on Carrauntoohil itself, might jog up and get to stretch the legs a little anyway.
Sam ScrivenMay 29 2014, 4:17pmhi,

Would anyone have a spare seat from Killarney to race start on Saturday?


Stuart ScottMay 29 2014, 4:30pmJust to be pedantic, I presume a map and compass should also be on the mandatory kit list? Route finding can be tricky in places as several runners can attest!
Eoin KeithMay 29 2014, 4:39pmBeing equally pedantic, getting people to carry some coloured paper and a funny pointy thing up and down the mountain is more likely to reduce the safety if they don't know how to use the items. Nothing is gained by getting people to carry extra weight and/or bulk.

Re-orienting yourself on a map after you've gotten lost is not a straightforward skill. It's pointless carrying a map and compass on a mountain run unless you have that skill, or are going to track yourself on the map the entire way through the race. So in the real world a map and compass are of limited use the the majority of runners (and the remaining minority are the ones who are less likely to need them in the first place).
Stuart ScottMay 29 2014, 5:03pmThat's a fair point Eoin, particularly if it causes someone to become over-confident and take risks they wouldn't normally take.

But I'd never say a map and compass is of limited use. It's not that hard to see where north is... And a quick glance at the compass would've prevented a few veering off to explore the dangerous cliffs to the east of Curraghmore last year!
Eoin KeithMay 29 2014, 5:11pmA quick glance at a compass would only work if you knew that there were cliffs to your east, and therefore that you knew where you were in the first place. And if you knew that then you probably didn't need a quick glance at the compass in the first place, and you certainly didn't need a map.

It's exactly the same thing Stuart. Unless you have the skill to orient yourself using the map and compass when lost, then they are just bulky colouredy things that you have to carry around. Your example is a perfect illustration of that if you think about it.
Peter O'FarrellMay 29 2014, 6:04pmBest of luck to all racers and thank you for the 1pm start time, it should hopefully help those Northern runners Brendan! :)

Eoin - No harm carrying a map and compass on the open mountain unmarked courses. The more reflective souls amongst the competitors may even decide to learn how to use them if forced to carry them.

The powers that be - In this day and age of good mobile phone reception (and everyone owning one) it might make sense to insist all runners carry their mobile phone so that if that poor map reading skills lead them off into the wrong valley they can at least attempt to assuage the fears of the race director and prevent any unnessessary callouts.

Ronan HickeyMay 29 2014, 6:13pm
Worth it for the selfies alone.

Vivian O'GormanMay 29 2014, 9:46pmI agree with all points:

Bring - Map - Compass - Whistle and if in doubt your mobile

Don't forget the mobile number on the back of the race number when used goes
directly to the race director - in this case me

But you MUST ring the number NOT text it

Weather looking good but bring kit as listed anyway

See you all Saturday
Sam ScrivenMay 30 2014, 9:46amhi,

I've had a couple of offers for a spin down. Thanks very much.

Just a reminder aswell that Bikefest is on in Killarney so give it a few extra minutes if you're travelling via Killarney.

See you all tomorrow :-)

Dermot MurphyMay 31 2014, 8:48pmResults from today - web results up in the next day or two:

1 2849 Tim O'Donoghue M 75.16
2 242 Bernard Fortune M40 86.12
3 752 Paul Cornforth M40 86.15
4 1838 Jason Kehoe M 90.28
5 2582 Tom Blackburn M40 90.3
6 2061 Kevin O'Brien M 91.52
7 2848 Anthony Cornforth M40 97.16
8 749 Oisin Doyle M 98.5
9 2594 Mike Cunningham M40 100.38
10 2690 Brian Flannelly M 100.51
11 1759 John Bell M 101.23
12 1528 Paul Deane M 102.48
13 754 Joe Pittam M40 104.02
14 751 Diane Wilson F40 104.12
15 2820 Ger Griffin59 M40 104.18
16 36 Alan Ayling M 105.12
17 1850 Kevin Murdock M40 105.18
18 746 Roland Eagar M40 106.2
19 2023 Brian O'Meara M 106.33
20 1520 Mick Hanney M40 106.48
21 2684 Mark Horvath M 107.09
22 559 Sam Scriven M 107.23
23 1722 John Ryan (Scotland) M 110.12
24 2879 Roger Derdowski M 111.53
25 2828 Keith Ryan M40 112.13
26 2614 Mark Murray M 113.11
27 23 Eamonn Fitzsimons M 113.2
28 743 Paul Kelly57 M50 114.35
29 2557 Richard Murphy M40 114.53
30 742 Aly Raw F14 114.59
31 1555 Dermot Murphy M40 116.2
32 87 Eoin Syron M 117.07
33 753 Greg Cornforth M40 117.12
34 744 Anthony Russell55 M50 117.55
35 1839 Mark King M50 118.1
36 2658 David Bosonnet M40 118.13
37 330 Dominic McInerney M40 119.2
38 2628 Robbie Williams M 119.22
39 2554 Kieran Lynch73 M40 121.24
40 2726 Kevin Wilkinson M 122.13
41 745 Michael O'Donoghue52 M60 123.27
42 747 Gerard O'Sullivan M40 123.4
43 4 Stuart Scott M 124.59
44 2840 James O'Keeffe79 M40 125.07
45 2839 Michael McSweeney M40 125.19
46 9 Mike Jordan M 125.54
47 1709 Declan Murphy M 126.08
48 2567 Mike Sheehy M40 126.43
49 2886 John Cronin M 127.37
50 2553 Mark Morrissey M40 128.59
51 1648 Daniela Boehm F 129.02
52 1789 Joe Lalor M60 131.57
53 750 Paul Linehan M40 133.12
54 39 Thomas Galvin M40 133.42
55 2350 Martin Brogan67 M40 134
56 2541 Stephen Harvey M40 136.51
57 1814 Gerard Down M50 139.45
58 755 Terence Hoare M40 139.52
59 624 Ercus Stewart M60 141.04
60 1730 Helen Dixon F40 141.35
61 496 Maik Erler M 149.03
62 726 Michael O'Neill77 M 150.3
63 2821 Patrick Cleary M60 151
64 2736 David Higgins58 M40 153
65 2728 Ted Feehan M70 153.31
66 2717 Denis Allen M40 163.3
67 206 Angela Flynn F40 167.42
68 1794 Fergie Mohan M40 169
69 748 Janka Sobekova F50 175.17
70 207 Paul McRedmond M50 179
71 201 John Shiels M40 183.42
72 202 Eithne McShane F40 194.2
73 1758 Brian Fennessy M 202
Mick HanneyMay 31 2014, 9:30pm75.xx winning time? Pretty stunning if its right.

Great day on Carrauntoohil. The sun came out. The clouds lifted. And all was good.
Dermot MurphyMay 31 2014, 9:42pmWinning time is correct alright - smashed the record for this version of the Carrauntoohil race.
Great weather - perhaps too warm on the initial climb - enough to make me suffer anyway!
Sam ScrivenMay 31 2014, 10:16pmUnbelievable time. Love to see his km splits!

Great great day in the sunshine. What an awesome place. "One day like this a year would see me right"
Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2014, 11:17pmThank you to all the volunteers today and to those who brought the race gear to the race start and back down again. It was a great day and a great race. Congratulations to Tim on a fine win and a great new record - 75.16!!
Mick HanneyJun 1 2014, 1:05pmreport added
Mark KingJun 1 2014, 8:04pmVivian, Thanks to you and your team for yesterday's race. It was a long day, but well worth the journey.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2014, 9:45pmResults up on page. Missing a few new runners who will need to be added into DB first. Also two runners appear to have been given numbers which are already registered to runners so Will need to do a bit of reassigning numbers here. Will fix shortly.
Daniela BoehmJun 2 2014, 11:56amFabulous day out - what a difference to last year when you can actually see the mountain (not to mention the fantastic views)! Thanks a mil, Vivian!
Martin BroganJun 2 2014, 12:14pmA big thanks to all IMRA organizers,runners and volunteers for a great day out.Glad I made the journey from County Down.
Roger DerdowskiJun 2 2014, 12:21pmHi my starting number is 2879. I have ran the carrantuohill at Saturday but I can't see my name on the result list. Is anybody know why. Thx roger
Dermot MurphyJun 2 2014, 2:26pmRoger, read Pol's note - will be sorted later in the week.
Terence J HoareJun 2 2014, 4:04pmLads, great race Saturday. It was my first IMRA in a very long time. I was well off the pace but enjoyed the challenge and the track and the difficulty. I am happy with my (slow but arrived un-injured) time. I read Pol's comment above, but if it helps, my race number was 755 and I came in at 139 mins. I am on the results section on this page but not the "results" page. Thanks for the event. See you all next time. Terence.
Dermot MurphyJun 2 2014, 5:19pmTerence, I should also have mentioned that my earlier note with the results is correct - you (and Roger) appear on that, and when the web results are corrected, that is what they will show.
Paul CornforthJun 2 2014, 8:43pm Hi
Thanks to the organisors for putting on this cracking race. This was the first time I'd done it with the new course and I thought it was fantastic. A bit gutted to go arse over tit with about 2 metres to go and miss out on 2nd after such a hard descent but well done to Bernard, it was neck and neck from the summit.
Just one small mistake in the results-I'm down as a V40 and I should be V50 as should my brother Anthony.


Paul Cornforth-Borrowdale Fell Runners
Mark KingJun 3 2014, 12:27pmAny photo's ?
Stuart ScottJun 3 2014, 3:27pmThanks Vivian & co. for yet another really enjoyable and well organised race, and particularly Conor for acting as summit marshal (though if the weather was always like that there'd be no shortage of volunteers!). Nice report too Mick!

Stuart ScottJun 3 2014, 3:50pmSorry, forgot to ask too - would there be any summit times available? No worries if it's any hassle though. Thanks!
Pól Ó MurchúJun 3 2014, 11:37pmAll above changed with the exception of Anthony's age cathegory. Having some trouble around this for some reason. I see Anthony has two profiles set up also one under the name of Anthony and one under the Name of Antony, so think this is something to do with it...Will refer to Eoin and see if he can sort something out on this one. Thanks.
Brían O'MearaJun 4 2014, 8:19amPol,

Grateful if you could do something similar for me. I seem to have two profiles, and it's be great to get them merged, thanks.

Re the race, thanks to Vivian and volunteers for what was a lovely couple of hours out in the hills.
Conor MurphyJun 4 2014, 10:19am
I'd recommend doing summit marshal to anyone. Let's be honest, I'm never gonna get to see Tim O'Donoghue's class and form by trying to stay on his shoulder in a race!
Conor MurphyJun 4 2014, 11:11am
Got a couple of messages about ascent times.

Didn't really take them. I noted the time on my mobile when the first few arrived, and jotted them in Vivian's notebook - so he may have them somewhere in the boot of his car! But was going by my phone, so only noted the actual time of day, plus (i) the clock on my phone was slightly fast and (ii) not sure that runners set off on the stroke of 1. So it really would only be of interest to tell the gap between the first few runners as opposed to the actual time of ascent. I guess in future the start could be synchronised with the summit marshal, but presume walkie talkies may be needed, coverage in the Bridia Valley can be poor until one gets near the junction on the road in.
Richard NunanJun 5 2014, 3:34pmGo to here,

Hit the upload photos button
Mark KingJun 5 2014, 6:03pmRichard, No photo's to upload.
Mick HanneyJun 6 2014, 8:19pmSome terrific photos loaded by various photographers. Thanks guys.
Mick HanneyJun 6 2014, 8:49pmAnyone got a contact email or no. for Charlie O'Donovan? Cheers.
Richard NunanJun 6 2014, 8:57pmIn your mailbox Mick !!!
Richard NunanJun 6 2014, 9:01pmAlmost had Vertigo watching this .... great work Maik Erler.

In case anyone missed it - the Carrauntoohil race .....