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Ann TobinMar 23 2014, 8:45pmCurious to know when will registration for WWR be open. Getting close to last yrs date!
Stuart ScottApr 2 2014, 7:42pmHi all,

As far as I know, no-one has volunteered to direct the WWR this year. Would you consider it? Unfortunately I'm away that weekend but my 'directorship' was only ever an interim measure and it's too good a race to let fall by the wayside. In terms of organisation, the majority of the work is done in the week leading up to the race, leaving very little to be done on the day itself bar maintaining a presence and enjoying the atmosphere!

If you'd like any more information, just give me a shout (scottst1 A-T gmail D-OT com) and I can run through what's involved. I'm sure Joe and Nora would gladly help explain too, how they so ably directed it for so many years I've no idea!

Paddy DariganMay 5 2014, 11:43amwhen I recced leg 6 last week there was a detour on it ( because of tree felling although it looked like there hadn't been any tree felling for a while), looked like the signs had been there for a long time, I recced it not using the detour, next weekend I will recce it using the detour if it is still signed as I have no way of knowing if the detour will still be in operation on the day of the race! it says on the IMRA race details all detours on race day are to be followed, correct?
Mick HanneyMay 5 2014, 1:35pmI believe the detour is still in operation and it has been the case for over a year. Its unfortunate as it means a couple of k along the road in the middle of the leg. Driving towards Glenmalure on that road this morning I could see the WW signs along the road.
Rene BorgMay 5 2014, 5:11pmAs in previous years detours will be considered the official route if they are active come the day (essentially follow the signs). This does risk that you may recce a route with a detour that is then gone come race day.

there used to be a parallel track to the road on the grass which is what the Wicklow Way signs pointed into - I have someone recceing leg 6 again this week so will get their update on it.
Shay FoodyMay 12 2014, 10:59pmIf your team need maps, I recommend the East West Wicklow Way Guide Map which you can pick up in any of the outdoor shops or online:

It pretty much has each leg on a separate page which you can cut out and runners can carry on the day.

The start of leg 3 has been modified (possibly since last year?). The official route now is:

It cuts out a bit of road which is always welcome.

I think the pub where the race finishes in Shillelagh is usually the Parkview House.

Caitlín BentMay 13 2014, 12:44pmHi Rene/Jeff, I need to give name details plus dob for Tom Galvin's team plus payment. Can't find anything on line to enable me to do this. Help!!
Jeff SwordsMay 13 2014, 2:26pmHi Caitlín,

Is this what you're looking for ?
Richard NunanMay 13 2014, 2:41pm
To Pay the Team entry for the Wicklow Way Relay of 120euros on behalf of Tommy

Please login to MyIMRA.

Click on the link to "Purchase IMRA products" and you will see it listed as a Product to purchase.

Add it, buy it and pay online.


Caitlin BentMay 13 2014, 9:13pmAll done and dusted. Go raibh maith agaibh.
Mick HanneyMay 13 2014, 9:15pmAttention: Captains & Leg 6 runners.

I ran this this evening with fellow Tinahely runners and the leg 6 diversion from last year is NOT in place. Its back on its old course. Unfortunately on the road heading south to north the WW markers are still out (they must have forgotten to take them back in), but the diversion south is gone and the usual markers are intact.
Jeff SwordsMay 13 2014, 10:17pmCheers Mick, was going to ask if anyone ran it lately and if it was back to the original route.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 15 2014, 9:13amTest, ignore!
Aoife JoyceMay 15 2014, 9:41amHi all - I've been asked to post a request for a 2 x leg 5 runners and 1 leg 2 runner. One is for Crusaders team and one for team Jinka.
James BradyMay 15 2014, 11:03pmHi Aoife, do you still need someone for leg 2 or 5? My preference is probably for leg 2! But let me know if there is still runners needed. Thanks.

Paul CampbellMay 16 2014, 11:29amQuick question about the changeover points - are these all at the car parking areas closest ? e.g. Does the Curtlestown changeover occur at the parking area ? Does the Lough Tay changeover occur at the Ballinastoe car park etc. ? Just trying to get these places programmed into the SatNav

Rene BorgMay 17 2014, 12:58pmHi Paul, the marshals will be at the right spots so the runner won't miss it but it's not as easy as 'the car park' for each spot unfortunately:

Leg 1 start: Kilmashogue car park (tick)
Leg 2 start: Curtlestown car park (tick)
Leg 3 start: At the Coillte gate at the back of the upper car park at Lough Tay
Leg 4 start: Right at the t-junction at Oldbridge just before the Wicklow Way turns left (no car park directly on this route)
Leg 5 start: At a bench slightly up the Green Road after you have crossed the bridge. This location has changed from time to time (by 50-100m) so just watch out for the marshal on the day (not car park)
Leg 6 start: Just before the junction next to the Glenmalure Lodge
Leg 7 start: Middle of Iron Bridge (just next to car park)
Leg 8 start: Just as the road turns back onto trail (at a grassy trail just in front of a gate) - no car park here (car park is well down beyond this)

BUT - the official changeover will be wherever the marshal is standing on the day - it goes without saying we'll try to put everyone in the right spot but on the day that rule applies (for instance - the Glenmalure Lodge may ask us to move further down the road as two other events are happening that day - we're working on that).
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 19 2014, 11:42amJust to be sure on this, does the ww relay start in Kilmashogue car park or at the start of the WW in Marley Park? Thanks!
Aoife JoyceMay 19 2014, 12:09pmJames Brady, apologies for the delay in responding, I did not see your message until now. I believe the team have filled all the roles but if there are any changes, I'll post here again. Thanks for coming forward though.
A.T. KellyMay 19 2014, 3:06pmRene
Could I have an early morning marshalling slot please? If you could email me (volunteer email addresses are available to RDs I think?) that would be great.
Thanks, Aisling.
Rene BorgMay 19 2014, 5:29pmhi Aisling, unfortunately I cannot see the email for some reasons ( a technical error I assume)< so I need you to send your email to me at .

We have lost Ger Lawlor to other commitments, so the marshalling spot on Leg 3 (starts 9:20) has opened up - let me know if that suits and I'll pen you in for that.
Aoife JoyceMay 20 2014, 9:33am@James Brady, if you haven't been snapped up, a new vacancy for leg 5 has arisen on the same teams. If you are still interested, let me know. Or if you aren't, and anyone else fancies a last minute slot on a team, let me know

I'll keep an eye on the forum this time!

Stephen BailieMay 20 2014, 8:56pmWhere is the link to leg maps and descriptions gone. THANKS
Dermot MurphyMay 21 2014, 9:18amStephen, you can get a copy of the leg descriptions on the 2011 event page for the Wicklow Way Relay - just click on events - choose 2011 from the drop down menu for year and find the Wicklow Way Relay. Please bear in mind there may well be some small changes to the route on some of the legs.
Can this link be added to the 2014 event page?
Ian ConroyMay 21 2014, 11:48amHi Aoife, I replied to your email, sorry for the delay - just saw it today! If there's a place still going I'd love to run for the Cru! If not, no worries. Thanks.
Rene BorgMay 21 2014, 4:49pmTeam list is now available:
John McAuleyMay 22 2014, 1:17pmHi, if anyone is driving down from Dublin for leg seven (or even leg six) and has space for my goodself, can you let me know. Coming from South Dublin but can get to somewhere convenient to be picked up. Thanks, John 087-62zero7664
Sharon LuceyMay 22 2014, 2:43pmSOS flare: Last minute call for a Leg 7 runner for our team. Unfortunately, one of our members is injured. We have the correct number of vets and ladies so no gender/age requirements to fill. Thanks
Gerard CunninghamMay 22 2014, 5:56pmAnother call for a last minute replacement due to injury. 3ROC need a leg 1 runner (Kilmashogue to Curtlestown) - male or female is fine once you know the route. Text to O ate 7 - 6 tree 6 9 four six 1.
Sharon LuceyMay 22 2014, 7:14pmRunner found
Gerard CunninghamMay 22 2014, 9:21pm3 roc team sorted as well thanks Angus
Ken CowleyAug 5 2014, 2:00pmHere is a slightly belated race report of the Wicklow Way Relay (and the WW Race/ultra solo)